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Discord Roles

Steam Gamers

As of 10/24/2020, SG has setup an easy-to-use forums -> Discord integration! Once set up, you can:


1. Sign into the forums using Discord as your login method

2. Have your roles automatically synced on the main Discord server (


Here's how to set yourself up:


1. Join our Discord server at

2. On the forums, click your profile menu on the top-right, and select "Account Settings"

3. Click "Discord", and then click "Login with Discord"

4. Select "Authorize" when prompted

5. Adjust your settings if you'd like


And you're done! If you purchase donor or your ranks change in our community, if the ranks change on the forums then your rank on Discord will change automatically. Synchronization between the forums and discord happen every hour as well. If you encounter any issues, reach out to a Director!

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