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Hello all,


Unfortunately, I feel it is necessary to give a warning out to everyone...even though this should be common sense.


Twice now, I have had individuals use an entire month of subscriber, then open up a dispute with Paypal on the charges. While I am very open and tolerable towards giving refunds within the few first days if you are not satisfied with subscriber, you do not get to wait the full 30 days and then demand a refund.


The problem with this as well is I have to manually check and make sure that each person is either paying for sub, has won it, has somebody else paying for it, or any other legitimate manner towards receiving subscriber benefits. So when someone demands a refund and does not at least send me an email or a PM explaining why they feel they are entitled to a refund, it is very shady.


I will say this now: if there is SHADY activity involved with demanding a refund after you have already used your subscriber benefits, you will be permed, regardless of rank. If you feel you deserve / want a refund at any point in time, you can send me a message. I am typically very open about refunding money if someone is not satisfied or if someone has made an error, by chance (within a reasonable timeframe). What I do not tolerate is people scamming the system; this isn't fair for the community, and it especially isn't fair for those who pay for subscriber legitimately.


Additionally, if you are found using somebody elses credit card, paypal, bank account, etc, WITHOUT their authorization, you will be banned (including family members). Essentially, if I see "unauthorized charges" linked to your paypal account, you will be banned.


As an ending note, any type of shady subscriber ordeals, such as cancelling your sub and not alerting myself or another BD (remember, part of this is a manual adding / removing process) within a reasonable amount of time but knowingly continuing to milk the benefits, or anything that is deemed 'shady, but not bannable', I will more than likely not allow you to become a subscriber in the future. We appreciate everyone's donations greatly, but it is not worth the headache of dealing with someone like this.


All of this is directed towards everyone, regardless of rank.


Hopefully I don't come off as negative here. I just do not like people scamming the system to receive benefits that others pay for. It is not right and it is something I will not tolerate as the owner of SteamGamers.


Ending on a positive note: thank you all who continue to donate and make this community run. We all greatly appreciate your contributions and are consistently doing everything we can to strive SG forward.



- Caution


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