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    "I just lag, not toggle" or "okay" has been once again permanently banned for karma farming while under a one chance basis. Almost made it a month .
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    dvd. has been permanently banned for doxxing a staff member.
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    Introduction The management team has been looking to move away from the strike system for quite some time. This system suffers in a few ways. Firstly, it is rather restrictive in how punishment is handed out. Because the only two options are warn and strike, there is little flexibility from situation to situation. Secondly, because of this, the system lacks consistency. It is difficult to say what situations warrant a warning, a strike, or even an early demotion without ever reaching three strikes. And thirdly, it lacks transparency because of this lack of consistency. Management is unable to clearly state what situations will warrant what punishment as the situations are always different. For these reasons, management has been working hard to develop a system that gives us the flexibility to adapt to every situation while staying consistent and being transparent about what kind of punishment a staff member can expect for different situations. Summary To achieve this, we have developed a point based system, dubbed the Infraction System, in which every "infraction" an admin commits in a situation will incur a point value on their record. Each infraction has been given a point range which is on average a range of 4 point values; more severe situations where the infraction occurs will receive a higher point value and less severe, a lower point value. The list of infractions and their ranges are shared below. Furthermore, repeating an infraction in a second, or third situation, will incur a point addition that is predetermined and applied after the decision within the point range for the infraction. Warnings have also been done away with. Because of the point ranges allowing for us to punish according to severity, warnings aren't needed. When an admin commits an infraction a point value will be put on their record following a discussion with the admin. However, if an admin handles a mistake with maturity and ownership, or it is a genuine mistake, they will avoid receiving and infraction. The point ranges and demotion threshold also support moving away from warnings as the ranges are lower than you would expect from a direct conversion of the strike system. Finally, there is a point threshold which when reached, the staff member in question will be up for demotion. At this point a discussion will occur between the staff member and management where all infractions will be discussed, the time frame in which they occurred, and their severity, and it will be decided if that staff member should be demoted. Details on the values and the overall process are below. Infractions Below is the current list of all infractions and their point ranges. [10/7/2021] Infraction List Point Range Point Range [SM] False Slaying 1-4 3-7 Banning an entire server (intentional) 4-8 (Demote) 6-10 (Demote) Displaying behavior unbecoming of staff 1-4 3-7 Banning yourself 1-4 3-7 Not following Ban Protocol 3-7 5-9 False Banning 2-5 4-7 Kicking for an incorrect reason 2-5 4-7 Breaking server rules 2-10 4-12 Failure to deescalate a situation 1-4 3-7 Ignoring Rulebreaking 1-4 3-7 Misuse of admin powers 2-5 4-7 Ignoring warnings from higher ups 1-4 3-7 Falsely labeling ban reasons 1-4 3-7 Posting in a ban appeal they are not apart of 3-7 5-9 Punishing a fellow Admin 1-4 3-7 Encouraging players to break the rules 2-5 4-7 Disrespecting a fellow admin 1-4 3-7 Breaking the racism rule 1-4 3-7 Disrespecting Players 1-4 3-7 Impersonation of other admins 3-7 5-9 Lack of responsibility for own account 5-10 7-12 Going against a server Vote 2-6 4-8 Ban for longer than 3 days 2-6 4-8 Leaking 2-10 5-15 Inappropriate ban reason(s) 1-4 3-7 Targeting Players 1-4 3-7 2nd repeated infraction +3 - 3rd repeated infraction +7 - 1 Past Strike 5 - 2 Past Strikes 10 - Accepting bribe Demote Demote Giving out personal information Demote Demote Right off the bat there are several things to note; It would be very difficult to fully explain every infraction but most are taken from situations in the past. Any questions should be brought to any IA+ member and they can elaborate if need be. Point ranges for SMs are, on average, 2 points higher. SMs are leaders in the community, having moved up through the ranks and eventually running some of our servers. As such we expect more from them and making mistakes is punished more severely. If an infraction is repeated an addition of 3 points is added to the staff members record. If the same infraction is repeated a 3rd time, an addition of 7 points is made. These values are separate from the infraction range decision and repeated infractions DO NOT influence the range decision. The range is decided purely on a per situation basis. Some infractions may appear like duplicates but this is purely to allow us to be flexible and specific in different situations. If two similar infractions apply to a situation, the more descriptive will be used. There will not be any double dipping of similar infractions. However, if two separate infractions apply to the same situation, then both infractions will be applied accordingly. ie: Encouraging players to break the rules and False banning in the same situation/report. Lastly, past strikes have been converted to the point system at a point value of 5 per strike. While this value may seem high in relation to many of the point ranges present, it was decided based on the doing away with warnings as well as the demotion threshold discussed earlier. A disclaimer; We reserve the right to go above these predefined point ranges if the situation calls for it. We will always try and work within the ranges however it is impossible to account for everything and significantly severe situations call for a more severe punishment than was ever expected. Additionally, this list is not exhaustive, new situations may arise that call for a new addition to the list and we will act accordingly, updating the list as we go. The Process When management is informed of a staff member committing an infraction, whether its from a complaint or a private report, information will be collected and a conversation with the staff member in question will occur. This is no different from how the strike system is handled. It is then that the exact infraction(s) and point value will be decided. The staff member will then receive a message with the infraction(s), point value, and total points received so far. A conversation will occur with every situation and infractions are not handed out on an automatic basis. The point value in which a staff member is at risk for demotion is 15 points. If a staff member reaches, or passes, this point another conversation will occur with the staff member. All the infractions the staff member incurred as well as the timeframe in which they happen will all be considered. If it is decided that they are unfit to be a staff member they will be demoted. Alternatively, the staff member may be allowed to continue on a last chance basis. If a staff member reaches or surpasses 20 total points they will be demoted. Outro This system was designed to be flexible in any situation while maintaining a level of transparency with the community. Regular discussion with our staff is important so that they can understand what went wrong. This system also allows us to keep track of risk factors in our staff and is more punishing against bad staff and less so against generally good staff. Months of discussion went into ironing this system out to make sure we are doing what is best for the community going forward. We will try and answer any and all questions anyone has about the system as it can be a lot to digest. Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this as it is important everyone fully understands how this system functions going forward. Infraction Appeals We are currently working on a system to allow staff members the opportunity to appeal their infraction and have it removed off the record, more details will be released when we finalize the system. TL;DR Warnings and Strikes are no longer a thing Staff members can avoid getting an infraction by being mature and owning up to a situation Points will be given for any staff that commits an infraction Multiple infractions can be applied for just one situation Exact point values will be decided after a discussion with the staff member Repeated infractions incur a set point increase separate from the decided range SMs are held to a higher standard, however they are no longer demoted on their first infraction Staff members will have the opportunity to appeal their infraction, more details soon. Demotion evaluation will occur at or above 15 points Demotion is guaranteed at 20 points Past strikes are converted at 5 points each Please read through the whole post to familiarize yourself with this change
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    Mel has been banned for two weeks due to her having some kind of a psychotic break and blaming SG for all her problems. Please seek therapy.
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    Alright, here we go. For starters I'd just like to say that I do not appreciate the hostile attitude and attacks on regulars for leaving their opinion. If you are in a bad mood or can't listen to what other people think you should not respond at all. I do however appreciate bringing this up for discussion. But if you can't even spend 10 minutes on doing some actual research on the server, then I'm already going to take your arguments less seriously. I'd suggest trying to provide proper feedback that could help the server, rather then just throwing stuff out there without any logic. Awp Bhop: This gamemode was introduced a few months ago and did very well as it was released. Brought in a lot of players and had a constant flow of regulars who enjoyed it. Worth mentioning is that this gamemode, is only playable when 6+ players are on the server and needs a majority vote. This was an experiment that worked well in the beginning, if it does not work anymore, then yes it will be considered for removal. Deathrun and battle royale: Battle royale has not been on the server for over 2 years. Perhaps you should do some actual research on what you are talking about. Deathrun is only playable with 12+ players on the server and has been generally well received. If you had any actual feedback on the matter that would be great. Simply saying remove them is not much of a reason and sounds dumb. Spawn protection: Already available on set DM maps and Minigame maps. Can always be adjusted and would be a better suggestion on map to map basis. Point farming is also not allowed in our rules, if this happens the players doing it are punished and always have been. Supertower: If this is the truth and people really do enjoy this version more, then that is news to me. But if it is the case then I'd gladly change back to it, as long as somebody recompiles it into HDR since we only run HDR maps to prevent client crashes. Course maps: I'd like more elaboration on how a timer that is fully optional to all players ruin the fun of course maps. When this was introduced, a lot of people did not care about their time per say. But rather they enjoyed the timer as it kept count of what maps they completed, and added to their course rank. That this would somehow make course super competitive is not really true. You can still play at your own pace and even disable the timer entirely if you really are bothered by it that much. Then again, having more feedback from a larger pool of players would be better for this suggestion. Duration of maps: How long each map is played already depends on what gamemode they belong to. Minigames have the longest duration by default and then followed by DM and Course. You not being able to kill someone during a grenade game is not really a good example of the round time being too long. What happens if you pick another minigame mode and it ends too soon because the roundtime is too short? That would ruin the entire minigame on plenty of multigames. Not an option at all. Would have to map specific. Minimaps: Useless on about 95% of the entire map pool. Could be added on a map to map basis. Should not be something to rely on, as almost not a single map on MG requires some insane team coordination or map awareness to plant the bomb. Map makers usually even mark these spots with huge decals/props since they don't want to include a minimap themselves. Velocity tower: Broken map. If recompiled with fixes, sure thing. Map pool replay: Already super short. After 1 hour and 30 min you can play the same maps all over again. I'd suggest playing the server to figure this one out. Scramble teams: Interesting suggestion. This could be looked into for sure, we'd just have to make sure it could not be abused by players to ruin the fun for others. General information: For those in this thread that claim I have done nothing for this server, I think you should reconsidering what you're saying. I've provided this server with over 20 maps, custom plugin setups for minigame systems, events and reformed the entire server. Fixed broken gamemodes and brought back a lot of what made minigame popular in CSS. I am open to try and improve things as much as possible, but proper feedback and a professional approach would be appreciated. Random shit: Mr. Andrew has since the new IP change played a total of 248 hours, I've played 194 hours. Only difference is, I've been away for almost 2 months due my personal life. He has not. So in all this time he is still not significantly more active then me, and yet shit talks me. I've got to say I'm impressed, especially if you've been here for six years. I thought you'd be better at talking about MG by now. Perhaps you could enlighten us with some actual feedback on how to improve the server next time.
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    Hello everyone. Lately we've been having a recurring trend of giving manager's Staff of the Month. This guy is not receiving Staff of the Month for his main role but for his work in assisting his colleagues with edits for their server's plugins. He's also editing a plugin to make it easier for Server Manager's to arm maps. He's a normal guy, he's a swell guy, he's a nice enough guy, he's a cool kind of guy, he's a pretty groovy guy...but then he gets a little SUGAR in him and start to go KOO-KOO. Please join me in congratulating @20 scrolls for achieving Staff of the Month!
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    Thanks @crazedkangaroofor the banner! PUSH THE BUTTON EVENT Here is a short video on how push the button works if you have never played it before HOW CAN I PLAY? You can participate in this event by joining the discord when it's time for the event, watch my Jackbox stream in the channel the event is going to be in, and type in the code on: https://jackbox.tv when the code pops up. Should look something like this. WHEN IS THE EVENT? October 3rd @ 8:00pm est! WHERE IS THE EVENT? We will be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord! (Also, don't worry, there definitely will be a Jackbox Party Pack 8 event!)
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    Fellow Discord nerds, it's time to come together and help boost the SG discord to new heights! The Discord Staff have a few things to ask of you, and those that do have a chance of winning a prize! For all those that complete the following steps, we will enter your name into a raffle that will be drawn one month from today (11/8/21) and the winners will receive a custom Discord rank for a year* (First & Second Draw), one month of Premium Supporter (Third & Fourth Draw), and one month of Basic Supporter (Fifth Draw)! This is a great opportunity to earn some free prizes for less than one minute of clicking. Here's what you need to do... *1. Write a nice, 5 star, review on Disboard.org (Make sure to use your SG Forums Username) *2. Type !d bump successfully in the #bots chat as much as possible (+1 entry for every 10 successful bumps) *3. Join & Stay in the SG Rust, Squad, and Hub Discord Servers. Full list: https://steam-gamers.net/servers/discord/ 4. (Optional, +1 Entry) Invite one friend to the Discord server by creating your own invite link 5. (Optional, +1 Entry) Boost the Discord Server Want to make sure your entries are recorded? Click on the spoiler below and find your name. Remember, doing the first three tasks is mandatory, and the last two just give +1 entry (Non-repeatable). *Barring any bans or kicks from the Discord/Community, you will be able to keep this rank for a year under current and future management's approval.
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    Uh oh @the baconator, you're in jeopardy!
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    I'd like to start out by explaining who I am and why I am so passionate about this topic. My name is Mel and I was once a server admin for SG MG. I decided to step down because of this same topic. This was around sometime last year. There were many things that were being changed with minigames that I believed to be unnecessary. There were a number of active players who agreed with this, but because they were not on the forums their opinions were never heard. I tried my best to advocate for these players and their suggestions, but people chose to ignore it. The higher ups (and other admins from TTT/JB) would argue with their own thoughts and ideas about MG, but never played on the server actively themselves. From my point of view, the server managers wanted to fix something that was never broken. I truly believe this was the downfall of the SG MG server. People who were once actively on MG agree with this as well. I would like to reference this post because it is a good representation of what I mean. At the time, the server was doing very well. However, the player base began to decrease after the server made an IP change with little to no warning. After everything that happened I chose to take a break from SG MG. With that being said I believe these changes can help bring back minigames . Removing AWP Bhop Maps; This shouldn't be involved with MG at all. There are servers dedicated to this game mode and only this game mode for a reason. People do not want to mix the two. I have yet to see anyone actively play these maps. From my past experiences playing MG and AWP Bhop, the communities are very different. They should not be mixed the way that course and MG maps are. Remove Death Run Maps And Battle Royale; I have never seen any of these maps being played, but I was told earlier today that the server should remove them. If there are Deathrun maps please remove them. I am not sure if BR maps are even on the server anymore, but if they are please remove them. Add Spawn Protection; This is a suggestion for maps like Velocity Tower, South Park, Sky Tower, and all other DM style minigame maps. I believe this will help with newer players who can't buy items fast enough. This can also help with people who aren't able to run away fast enough from more experienced players. Another thing this can help with are players who farm points from killing AFKs. (AFK players aren't able to move to spectator automatically if they are killed too early to be detected.) Bring Back The Old Supertower; Certain maps should not be taken out for newer versions. This map is the perfect example of this. For me and many other players the new version of Supertower is unbearable. I believe this to be unplayable because the map is too bright. There were no issues with the original map so why change it? Many MG players do not mind playing the same map over and over. OG maps should be left alone. Course Maps Do Not Need A Timer; There are many things to talk about when speaking of course maps. One of the bigger issues for me is the timers. I do not believe timers are needed. It ruins the fun and makes things more competitive when they do not need to be. There are many fun course maps (Kohztec, Minecraft, Saw), but there doesn't need to be an overwhelming amount of maps on the server. I can elaborate on this more in the future. With that being said course deserves to stay on the server. If things need to be changed I would suggest how long course maps stay on. I do not believe course should last the entire 15 minutes as a regular MG map should. How Long Each Map Is; I do not know what the perfect time is, but I do believe certain map game modes should be shorter than others. For example, DM maps and course maps should be shorter than actual MG maps. To explain better, these maps should not be 15 minutes long before the map changes. Rounds should also be shorter. While playing today I felt like many players were forced to sit and watch other players play. An example of this would be how players were forced to watch me 1v1 another player in a grenade game mode that took a very long time. This can also help with people who like to delay on DM maps (intentionally or unintentionally) as it forces people to stop camping/do objectives. For regular MG maps I thing 20 minutes would be a good time. We Need Minimaps; We need the circle minimaps because it shows us where the bomb is on certain maps like Velocity Tower. I understand some maps do not have this working, but this was never an issue before so I do not know why it is an issue now. Bring Back Velocity Tower; The server got very populated today while it was on Velocity Tower. We needed an admin to change the map to Velocity Tower as it is not in the normal map list. I was told it was removed because it crashed the server. Please get that fixed because it is a very loved map! Lower The Wait Time To Replay A Map; Not sure if this is still a thing, but before I left sometimes it would take all day for us to be able to play the same map again. I do not want to be forced to play a map no one has heard about because all of the good maps are unplayable (played earlier that day). With that being said please stop forcing players to like new maps! It is okay to replay the same maps. There is an RTV option for a reason. Speaking of RTV, (if there isn't already) can there be a command in chat that will show new players they can change the map with that command. Add Scramble Teams; Sometimes one team is way too stacked and I think players should be allowed to vote to scramble them. It is not fun for people to lose over and over again. This can also help with newer players so they do not get dominated every time. These are just some of the suggestions I can come up with at the top of my head. Of course there are more things I can list, but I do not have the time to go over it right now. I mean no disrespect to the higher ups of the server, but I will say this again. Please listen to the people who play on your servers! Just because some players do not wish to write out an essay like I do it does not mean their opinions do not matter. That being said, there can also be a better way to communicate with your community in addition the the forums. I suggested this before, but polls on the server when it is active can be a good way to get opinions from your community.
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    Pretend you're reading a witty description =D Map List ze_castlevania_64_v1_3_b9_go ze_timesink_v1_2 ze_serious_sam_tfe_v2_4 When? Sunday, October 3rd @ 7pm EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Apparently you can copy and paste the like button ==> 6 1
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    Just wanted to say br has been removed for 2 years and deathrun can only be played with 12+ on. Dont see a reason to remove dr as we have very few maps for it and each map is liked. I think mg's issue mostly lies in the gamemode itself. I use to seed every day and we would barely get any new players even if we had 10+ on. There is no us mg servers below rank 1000. And only 3 worldwide. Can our server still be successful sure but it will require lots of admin/reg support. I dont think theres anything wrong with the server itself. Yeah we might have too many course maps or our minimaps aren't working but that dosen't bring in players. People will join if theres a constant flow of players and admins.
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    Thank you @michefor the banner! Chess Tournament Hello and welcome to the first Official SG Chess Tournament. Sign ups will last until Monday October 11th at 12:00pm EST. You can sign up by filling out this form https://forms.gle/N4KqJxzRBaodbWg88. This thread will be updated with matchups each day. If there are scheduling issues let me know and we'll try to work things out. All games will be played on https://www.chess.com/home When Monday October 11th - Sunday October 17th The first match of each day will start at 7pm EST. Each match will take place in the SG discord at the scheduled time. Spectators are welcome as long as you are not disruptive. The first round will take place between Oct 11- Oct 14 with up to 4 matches per day (if needed). The 2nd round will take place between Oct 15 and Oct 16 with up to 4 matches per day. The remaining matches, including the semi-finals and finals will take place on Sunday October 17th and may or may not be streamed on Twitch. Rules Single elimination bracket with seeding being based on rating. Each game will be 10 minutes long. If you lose you are eliminated. For the semi-finals and finals it will be a best of 3 match. If the score is tied after two games, there will be a sudden death tiebreaker that is 3 minutes long with 2 seconds of added time per move. The player with the higher accuracy score from the first 2 games will play white in the tiebreaker. If you fail to show up to your match you will be eliminated. Prizes 1st place: Contest winner award Runner up: 2nd place contest winner award 3rd place: 3rd place contest winner award
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    Figglebottom raid has concluded. For now.
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    Weekly Scheduled Scrim Event 10/16 shoutout @Nate.and @michefor the banner This event will be scheduled every weekend, and each game will be streamed. We plan to have casters for matches played. also big shout out to @Boryafor being my co-host What to expect? With this being streamed on twitch, keep in mind to be within the ToS parameters. Casters will be me, Strayyz! Keep in mind I might bring some guest casters to cast with me down the road! Where? SG Scrim server: connect scrim.steam-gamers.net:27015; password 321sg When? 10/16 Saturday Starting at 3:00 pm EST I WILL BE STREAMING THE GAME @ https://www.twitch.tv/steamgamers
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    Shoutout @LampShadefor the awesome banner! This TTT event is a Halloween map themed event surrounding the spooky season. With this event we are also adding a fun Jigsaw model, this model is smaller than the regular models so on top of the maps and model, throughout the duration of the event players will be given 1.5x speed! Maps ttt_deadfarm ttt_haunts ttt_closequarters_spky_v2 When Sunday, October 24th @ 7:00 PM Where IP: ttt.steam-gamers.net Models Jigsaw
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    Yeah it's the only the female models that have this weird glitch that puts skirts and clothing over themselves, could that be removed? For fps and lag reasons.
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    I see the infraction points but where is the list that shows how to get the good boy stars?
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    I might be against the majority here ,but the main issue that really killed the TTT server in my eyes/experience has nothing to do with the actual gameplay of TTT. When I first joined SG TTT, the first thing that really made me wanna come back were the admins/regs that were honestly enjoying themselves and having a good laugh. The atmosphere and culture SG TTT had in 2017/18 was just about having fun without the unnecessary toxicity to get comedic response/recognition. You guys could add all the coolest mods/new buy menu items ,but it wont change shit unless the server regs/admins change the culture from the ground up. Its great to have an abundance of feedback and changes that can spice up the game mode ,but the real reason the servers survive is because of the regs/active staff that are on it. The passed 2 years have literally been a shit show and decline in player base. More toxicity and egging on shitty behavior slowly seeped into the culture and what do you know, the servers are pretty much dead now. Of course luck also has a part in keeping the servers alive as retaining regs that actually have a positive impact to the server is hard to find in general. This is exactly why we should be focusing on keeping an engaging/non toxic environment. Not only should the regs be accounted for a higher standard ,but the admins also have to as well. There's been so much shitty mob mentality/playing favorites in recent memory of TTT that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. No one wants to rejoin a server where the regs are getting away with shitty behavior even if they're not breaking the rules, people need be held at a higher standard. Throwing events, adding more !menu items, and changing up rules may affect the number of players in the short term ,but if were looking at the big picture sustainability is what everyone wants. TLDR: Focus on the big picture in really pushing out a new culture for TTT if you wanna actually see numbers that'll stick.
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    9/24/21 Added custom user title options for Premium and Elite Supporter. Premium - Color, Text Shadow, Rainbow, Font-Weight Elite - Font, Text Decoration, Picture/Gif Insert Refer to the request threads in Premium/Elite sections for more info.
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    sick banner, idk who made it, feel free to take credit JB Halloween Event Halloween is approaching so we're switching things up on the JB server. As per usual there will be Halloween themed maps thanks to our enslaved modding team. We'll also have a little RTD action during the second half of the event. You definitely wont wanna miss the 2x credit multiplier that will be enabled on the weekends. Make sure to check the Models subsection for more information on the models that will be available during this event. Lets boost that JB rank to top 200 Shoutout to @Strayyzfor helping out with the event. When? October 17th - 31st, 2021 Where? Jailbreak IP - jb.steam-gamers.net Models For the next 5 days this thread will be updated with a NEW model each day. Be sure to check back daily to find out which epic models we're adding. Prisoners: Day 1: Zombie | Public | FREE Day 2: Chris Walker | Basic Supporter | 10,000 Credits Day 3: Dr. Trager | Premium Supporter | 15,000 Credits Guards: Day 4: Chris Redfield | Public | FREE Day 5: Rick Grimes | Basic Supporter | 10,000 Credits Day 6: Indiana Jones | Premium Supporter | 15,000 Credits While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    During this map themed event, we're going to be playing all our Minecraft maps on the server! During the event, we'll be using a custom model Minecraft Steve! that will be available for the whole duration of the event! Maps ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v5_2 ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v10 ttt_minecraft_2018b1_karma When Monday, October 11th @ 5:00 PM EST THIS IS TOMORROW Where ttt.steam-gamers.net:27015 Model: Thanks to @thuxysfor the banner and @Wesker for the model.
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    Thanks @ThRzafor the awesome banner! Minigames: Battle Royale! Battle Royale returns to MG after almost a year! The rules are simple, players spawn in a large map and have to find guns to survive and kill others. As always, the best guns will spawn in the middle and the zone will close in, making combat more close-quartered. We hope to see you on! When? October 9th @ 6:30 PM Where? MiniGames - mg.steam-gamers.net Maps br_electrified br_bridges_v1 br_quarantine While you're still on this thread, you should join the SG discord server!
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    Testing some maps because we need to test maps >_> Map List ze_oblivion_castle_v6 (Oct 23rd) ze_offliner_v2_csgo1 (Oct 23rd) ze_skill_escape_v09 (Oct 24th) ze_games_v2_1(Oct 24th) ze_oot_shadowtemple_b10 (Oct 24th) When? October 23rd @ 6:30pm EST October 24th @ 7:30pm EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net
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    _________________________________________________________________________ TIME FOR SOME NEW JB MAPS! Maps: jb_crypt jb_garden jb_vice _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info: How does it work At the end of the event there will be a vote to see what map will enter the official pool When Saturday October 23 @ 4:30 pm EST Where Jailbreak - jb.steam-gamers.net:27015 _________________________________________________________________________ SG Official Discord
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    due to the horrific cheating scandal, the final standings have shifted a little. @Izzwill keep 1st place, @the baconatorfinishes 2nd as he beat @f0xwho gets 3rd place. thank you all for participating, lets hope the next chess event goes better
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    Shoutout to @miche for this banner! We are bringing back Jailbreak in Outer Space! This is a map themed event that a lot of people have been waiting for to come back. We're also adding some special player models for this event! Have fun! Maps jb_moonjail_sg_fix_1 jb_lost_planet_redux_v7 jb_space_jail_sg_e2 When Sunday, October 17th @ 6:00 PM Where IP: jb.steam-gamers.net Models Guards Dark Voyager Prisoners Xeno Soldier
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    We're diving back in time to handle Voldemort for the last time. (Hopefully) When? Saturday, October 16th @ 6PM EST Where? Steam-Gamers Zombie Escape Server IP: ze.steam-gamers.net:27015 Map List ze_harry_potter_v2_1_csgo Models
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    Hit the nail on the head. Now that I see a lot of others regs agree, for the time being it looks like the coast is clear, so I'm gonna try publicly shit talking and calling out some grade A retards without being smite by the hidden hammer. I just lag, not toggle! is the most offensive and obvious example of a fairly recent regular who has openly shit and spat on the rules and environments of our servers. The mere CONCEPT of someone like this being unbanned FROM HIS FIFTH PERM IS FUCKING LUDICRIOUS. He's banned now (Minimum a year, still not permed LOL), but I don't doubt this happens again, and sorry, but I'm really not convinced the ones above us have learned from this. He's far from the only one. He Who Shall Not Be Named, who is still very much active and among us, is also notorious for mic spamming and has consistently shown himself to be a babbling troglodyte incapable of a basic conversation. It's a miracle he hasn't been banned at the very least for mic-spamming. Y'all know damn well who I'm talking about. I'd give more examples but I'm already stroking my crystal ball and can foresee a higherup responding to this with the tried and tested formula of "make a player complaint" so I'll spell it out for them: most of these annoying/toxic/asinine regs don't always outright break rules (even the ones that do it in the face of the admins mostly get away with it). What the ones in power should be doing is regulating a better environment by taking action on these neanderthals, because black and white rules surrounding micspam & harassment aren't working with the new wave of retards. Only cherry pick new staff members you're confident are gonna make these split second rulings on the server in real time right as often as humanly possible. That's genuinely the only way I see light at the end of the tunnel. While you're at it, do the same thing to JB too. It'd be much appreciated.
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    Thank you @LampShadefor the amazing banner! A little show of appreciation for all the people that helped us out during the last major event. Come vibe with us on Zombie Escape this Sunday and play Leon's and Neko's favourite maps! Map List ze_naruto_p (Leon Mordercai) ze_lila_panic_v3 (Nekomancer) When? Sunday, October 10th @ 6pm EDT Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Our current map completion list can be found here. An archive of our prior completion list can be found here. If you have any good event ideas you can propose them in the #suggestions section on the Official SGZE Discord! If you are not already in our Official SGZE Discord, below is the link to join. Just click the image and you will be redirected automatically.
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    Won't respond to every single suggestion but I'll respond to some. First, the IP change did not come with "little to no warning", there were several, and I mean several chat announcements with bright green text so in no way shape or form were people able to miss it. The IP change happend because we switched to a different dedi with better performance. Spawn protection is already a thing, if there are issues with it, make a bug report When course was first added, people absolutely loved it. I think we had 20 players on when it was added, and throughout last and current year we had atleast 8 players on the server. If you simply wanna play course maps casually, then do that, I have no idea why you think course maps can't be played otherwise. If players wanna go fast and beat a time, then they do that, if not, they can play the map casually Minimaps not being an issue? What? You have to realize that minimaps are NOT server side stuff, they are map sided, so any issue with minimap (apart from there just not being a circle radar) is a map issue. Was there ever a fix request for velocity tower? Because if there wasn't modding team was never aware and could not fix the map. If there isn't one please make one now. Also I can't help but notice that there is a lot of hostily towards damon for some of the changes he made. Before damon came onto MG the server was very dead, to the point that there wouldn't be a player on for weeks. He was able to revive MG and get it to where we are now. If you seriously think hes not fit for MG because he doesn't play everyday then you were not here a year ago. Also some of these changes you mentioned, you weren't even here for, no offense but like, you're talking about something that you have no experience with.
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    Dear Prisoner's We are so happy that the Server is doing Amazing, and everyone is enjoying themselves. We just wanted to let everyone know about some of the upcoming changes within this month. All Gang Wars & CT Rank Race 1st Place Winners will be losing their custom model's, only previous season winners will keep their custom model until future winners are crowned. This season's winners will have an extra month added to their time with the player model's due to delays in crowning this previous season of winners. If they're any question or concerns feel free to drop a comment down below! Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Thanks @miche for the banner! Scrim event? Awesome! For this event we're going to be playing on some "de_not" maps. de_not maps are the competitive CSGO maps, but with a twist and some fun changes to the maps. This event is for our favorite mute @BloodBlades When? Sunday, October 3rd 5:00 PM Where? connect scrim.steam-gamers.net Maps de_not_mirage de_not_inferno
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    Thanks again to Crazedkangaroo for making this amazing banner! Well... it's as simple as it sounds, the admins will be on the Counter Terrorist side and the regulars will be on the Terrorist side. We'll be playing a variety of maps, but mostly minigames and multigames. Where? MiniGames - mg.steam-gamers.net When? Saturday, October 2 @ 6 PM EST ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to join the Steam-Gamers discord click here!
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    Edited stripper configs for the following map(s): ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 Lowered delay time for when doors close on zombies Made shuttle ramp hold longer from 8 seconds to 25 seconds Extended airlock holds after cantina from 5 to 15 seconds so more people make it if there are bhoppers Lowered zombie knockback hitgroups slightly (testing) Increased tagging time and tagging scale slightly (testing) Increased map exclusions from 13 to 22 Added ze_timesplitters_p2 to Medium category Updated ze_potc_p3 to p4 Updated ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v4_2_p3 to ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_p3 Added entwatch cfg for unlimited ammo item Added stripper cfg for map fixes and balance tweaks Temporarily removed zm_fubar_towers_csgo until fixes have been made Players will no longer switch to their custom zombie model when becoming mother zombie to better help humans identify who is mother zombie (Thanks @BoTo) Added a plugin that MAY fix ghost knifing issues
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    10/19/21 - Removed two maps (caused errors for people when trying to join): surf_mesa_revoGO surf_garden_go - Disabled AFK kick until server population reaches 35 players. - Removed spectators from RTV count, and spectators can no longer !rtv. (thanks @BoTo )
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    No more European dates from Damon 10/15/21 -New Rules Added: Intentional suicide to obstruct your team's chance of winning is prohibited. Do not intentionally delay rounds. Both teams should be actively pursuing either the objective, or trying to kill the enemy team.
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    VSH Map Testing Event Overall testing maps below. We will vote at the end of each map to get your input on whether or not it should be added. If population gets to 25 players I will be doing a premium supporter giveaway. When? Saturday, Oct 9th @ 8 PM EST Where? arena.steam-gamers.net (or copy paste this URL in your search browser: steam://connect/arena.steam-gamers.net:27015) Maps? vsh_dirtmound_final vsh_egyptyspot_reworked_b2c vsh_guerrilla_v2 vsh_croc_lab_b5 Join the SG discord if you haven't already!
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    I'm not mainly a TTT player, but my suggestion based on the main fun factors of other game modes is to make the main fun role (Traitor) even more fun. JB's ruleset was at its best with rule changes that geared towards making playing prisoner the most fun. Bring back the random teleporter, buff jihads again, buff breach charges, and buff the silent AWP. I also have a hunch that the actual main issue is a handful of "special" regulars that massacre the vibe, one of which has already been permed for the 5th time, but you didn't hear that from me.
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    Added/edited stripper cfg for following maps: Updated the following maps: Added ze_potc_iv_p3 to Easy category Added Zack Halloween for human free models for Halloween Replaced Hatsune Miku with Vampire Hatsune Miku for Halloween Replaced default zombie model (slasher) with zombie scientist Updated toggle gun sound plugin to include option to lower/mute own gun sounds (thanks @BoTofor plugin edits) Updated forum map list with download links
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    Hey everyone. As a little PSA I am just reminding both new players as well as regs about a little known rule on the JB server. When coming across the rule of no special orders in chat it can get a little confusing about what you can and can not say. When looking in the rules you will see the rule for special orders being "guards cannot abuse Special Orders or give them in text chat; Special orders must be given in voice chat and can be overridden without counting as a conflicting order". An example of this being typed in chat "DabOfGravy go to iso". To further avoid confusion there is a post about special orders going further into depth in the FAQ section. The post asks "What are special orders? I still don't understand the rule", the answer to this being "Special orders are orders given that don't address all of the Prisoners and asks them to go to a location. This can include telling a portion of the Prisoners (not all) to go play a deathgame, go to bottom of cell stairs, etc.". When it comes to dropping weapons the rule is "Name the Prisoner they are asking to drop their utility or pistol/zeus". The little known rule when it comes to this is under the definitions of common terms. The definition is "Special Orders - Any order given to a subset of Prisoners, with an exception of ordering prisoners to drop a weapon or throw utility". Going off of what I have said for giving special orders in chat, telling a prisoner to drop there gun is not a special order and can be said over chat. If you have any questions feel free to ask them down below.
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    10/5/2021 Removed AWP BHOP Added maps mg_fallguys_hexagone mg_headshot_machine_multiarenas_v7 mg_thc_lego_multimap_v5 mg_longroad_2_v4 (keeping both this and old version for now, very different) mg_dr_minis_course_rc
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    Greggy is a homosexual so its not a joke.
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    not only are you playing a game but you are playing roleplay cop simulator and are getting mad about being killed once and having to wait 2 minutes to respawn just go watch a youtube video or something to cool off lol
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    It's upsetting that a tournament with a prize of a forums badge gets several people cheating. Just learn to have fun without having your masculinity threatened. Disappointing.
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    I won't go into much depth on this thread as I agree with a lot of the points made here. I agree pretty much with what @meland @illiterate101alex have said. I agree with what @ThRzasaid since we were managers at the same time. I agree to an extent and wanted to clarify on this. ThRza and I knew what was gonna happen if we put a timer on MG, like how Alex said it sucked out the fun and made it more competitive. We had many people complain from the community saying add one. The plan was to add a timer that was able to toggle on and off and it would come default set to off. So players wouldn't join in, see zones + a timer, and think they were on a bhop server. This had to be custom made. Thrza and I both didn't know how to make a timer so we held off, we had a friend of ours Retro, working on a timer for us. Retro got into some beef with the community so the timer got scraped and around that time I was thrown out of office and thrza stepped down. Another plan to be added was to have course maps on a rotation each week or bi weekly. Once again, Thrza and I didn't know how to do this and nobody from SG cared to help us out or MG so that was scraped. It's gross the amount of course we have on the server now. This will be the last thing I hit on. Andrew while this may be true for some higher staff that wasn't the case for ThRza and I. I really hope one day you understand that I did everything in my power to help out MG. I was more involved in that community then you were at the time. The main issue was that ThRza and I had these ideas but nobody to help us out with it. Like I said I agree with what those people have said already even though I haven't been on the server in a long time. @Damon @Dom Although they might be coming off a bit aggressive I would seriously listen to these two @mel@illiterate101
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