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    Join the SCFC Discord today @ https://discord.gg/t6ScPP7seH Direct links to all of their socials will be under the #welcome channel. https://squadclanfightcommunity.com/ Overview At Steam-Gamers, our goal is to provide the best experience possible within our game servers. Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Squad Clan Fight Community, or SCFC for short. SCFC is a platform and organization created in 2021 to organize events and tournaments for Squad, a game that we have been showing love and care to ever since the start. I and a few other members of the community (whom I will give special thanks to later on in the thread) have been doing so much to make this happen, and we are finally ready to announce it. Tournament Details - €100 prize pool. (Roughly $120 USD) - 16 teams in will participate, 4 teams in each group. - Each team will participate with 20 people. (20vs20) - The first team from each group will advance to the next round. (Best Of 1) - Matches are limited to 1 hour. - The prize money will be delivered to the team leader, it is up to the teams to divide between them. - Each round will be live streamed by SCFC's dedicated stream team. We at SG will host them on our own Twitch channel. Rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fAka2gmIotf5LXMprsecgyZXVtJDVMIM2uuzbUno3-s/edit?usp=sharing Sign-Ups & Team Leader Information If you are the leader of a clan and interested in participating, please sign up using the form below. The deadline for registration is July 31st, as the start of Season 1 will begin on August 7th https://forms.gle/ZHwVt6JPNfUXihh88 Other Information I want to give @Cautiona huge shout-out because without him this wouldn't have happened. That doesn't go without saying that @BoM, @Mace, and @thuxys have also been a great help ranging from the nitty-gritty partnership details to graphic design and branding. I encourage all of you to spread the word even if you aren't too involved within the Squad community. It's a great game and everyone is extremely supportive. If you don't own the game already I suggest you pick up a copy and play with us!
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    Alright alright I know it's nearly August and I am just now getting around to announcing Staff of the Month June but I was real busy. I feel really bad but I hope this gentleman understands. This guy has been working on a new Anti Cheat plugin, built a new plugin for Jail Break, and has been editing plugins non stop. He's an absolute legend. I think he's probably gotten Staff of the Month 9 times? Maybe 12? If it were up to me he would be getting it every month. Please join me in congratulating @BoTofor achieving Staff of the Month!
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    Let me preface by saying thank you to everyone who participated and we hope you had a blast in this year's race. We had some great banter this time between our 4 main servers and hopefully many more races in the future to come. I thought it would be fun to share some stats about this year's race since it hasn't been done in the past. This year was the first time we put four servers in the competition. Jailbreak, Minigames, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Zombie Escape are what we refer to in SG as "The main four." We had a total 127 people representing a team on the forums! Below is the breakdown of players per team. Team JB Team MG Team TTT Team ZE 59 players 10 players 31 players 27 players Team JB, Team TTT, and Team ZE had a huge portion of players while Team MG had only 10. I got nothing but respect for those 10 guys because they believe in MG and that server deserves nothing but love. I expect more people representing MG next time and overall many more people wearing a server ribbon next time. I see y'all out there Moving on... As of July 31st, Team JB ended the race with the server rank of 445th! Congratulations to the Team JB for winning this year's Race to the Top! Since Team JB won, we have 10 awesome prizes to give away to the members in the group. These winners were randomly chosen. To keep things fair, all Directors and banned members we removed from the drawings. We're all about giving back to the community; we will never ruin the integrity of contests by taking prizes away from the community and reducing your chances of winning by entering contests funded by Steam Gamers. Team JB Winners @EvilEye ★ Hydra Gloves | Case Hardened (Well-Worn) @Link Five-SeveN | Berries And Cherries (Factory New) @carrollton P250 | Bengal Tiger (Field-Tested) @the baconator P250 | Mehndi (Field-Tested) @Fahd SSG 08 | Big Iron (Minimal Wear) @Paige M4A4 | Cyber Security (Minimal Wear) @LowkeyMoshi AK-47 | Cartel (Minimal Wear) @dafty 1 month of Elite Supporter @Dank. 1 month of Premium Supporter @iBirb 10,000 Store Credits The runner-ups Team MG, Team TTT, and Team ZE aren't leaving empty-handed! Although Team MG, Team TTT, and Team ZE did not win the contest, we still felt that you guys deserve to be rewarded for the work you put in for your teams. We decided to give out 5 prizes randomly to each team for their participation in RTT. Here are the lucky people that won a sweet, sweet prize. Team MG Winners @BloodBlades Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm (Minimal Wear) @ThRza MAC-10 | Stalker (Well-Worn) @EricTheGamer 1 month of Premium Supporter @Kieran 1 month of Basic Supporter @gween 5,000 Store Credits Team TTT Winners @Mark Rober M4A1-S | Cyrex (Factory New) @Luugo StatTrak™ M4A4 | Evil Daimyo (Factory New) @Mace 1 month of Premium Supporter @Justin 1 month of Basic Supporter @Dexterr 5,000 Store Credits Team ZE Winners @Cept For Her SSG 08 | Dragonfire (Well-Worn) @Auto AK-47 | Orbit Mk01 (Battle-Scarred) @Greggy G 1 month of Premium Supporter @Roddy 1 month of Basic Supporter @LennyChu 5,000 Store Credits Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your winnings. If you have won a CS:GO skin then shoot me a private message with your Steam trade link. If you have won Supporter or Store Credits then I will be handing those out manually.
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    Thanks, @Phoenix_, for organizing this. Hello everyone, We are interested in seeing what games our community plays outside of CS:GO. We ask that you fill out a quick, 5 question survey so we can do better to keep you guys engaged here at Steam-Gamers. We are always looking to improve our community to give you guys the best experience, and we hope that this survey can provide information on how we can do that. As a thank you to those who give us their time to do the survey, a week from the posting of this thread, we will be randomly selecting someone who responded to win a free month of Basic supporter. CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY
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    Guess we woke up in the past. Come join us where we will attempt to beat some all time favorites! When? Saturday, July 31st @ 6 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_v5 ze_Pirates_Port_Royal_v5 ze_Bathroom_v2
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    Lmfao imagine being an admin and trying to enforce this (ALL) [SG] 20 scrolls : daft why did you shoot baconator for 23 damage retard? that's against the rules its 50-75! guess who's getting slayed next round!
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    Hey everyone, we've had a lot of complaints about jb_clouds since it was re-added so we thought it might be time to make the advice we gave on its re-instatement rule. Giving a freeday on only one island This is disallowed because it promotes camping, and that's not how the gamemode works frankly. While yes, you're technically enforcing the area you restricted, you're also quarantining the prisoners off to not have to deal with them; letting rebellers on that island get away scot free. We will not allow this to get by anymore, it shouldn't've been allowed in the first place and now we are putting our foot down and telling you all it is not allowed. We hope you all recognize that your playstyle on Guard side directly impacts Prisoners gameplay experience, and whether or not they want to stay on our server or not. So, do us all a favor and make the server a better place for everyone. If we can't come together and increase the quality of orders on the map, we'll have to re-open the discussion to remove the map from the server (again 3x).
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    I don't think this will happen because A) you're talking about the jailbreak population, it won't be used as intended and B) effectively giving the server backseat admin in a plugin is a bad idea.
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    7/9/2021 Added models for Summer. Reyna Viper Phoenix T Side Addict CT Side Addict Spiderman D.va Summer Changed Star Wars models. They're now higher in price but will still remain on the server. Added maps. ttt_cyberpass_v2_3 ttt_nukehouse_remaster_v1_1 Removed maps. ttt_nukehouse_hdr Added CT-Only Detectives. If you're a detective, you will be automatically moved to the CT team.
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    SG-chan~~~ (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)(˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
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    In attempt to be as transparent as possible, I've decided to post the PSA originally meant for just the Squad Admins to the public to show you all what we have planned for the server. @Squad Administrator hi there we are still here and stronger than ever The Discord has grown an exponential amount as some of you may noticed. Our recent partnership with SCFC has been exploding throughout the entire Squad community. There are some pretty big competitors but SCFC is increasing by the hundreds each week. I have a lot of trust in those eastern euros ( @SilentGuns ) With this, I'm going full swing and pushing focus back on the server before my first semester starts. I have lots of plans and I had to put them down somewhere. All 3 servers have been delicensed due to what I believe is low player count. This can be solved simply by popping the server more. We have many active Squad players in our Discord compared to a few months ago. We should definitely have more turnout making seeding easier. Converting 2 of our servers (24/7 Heli + 24/7 Fallujah) into competitive spaces for scrims and tournaments. More info coming soon on this, still very early in planning phase. Repurpose our Best Maps server into our "spotlight" server Focusing on just one server makes more sense than trying to maintain a consistent 300 pop with a small number of admins. Change name to something along the lines of [SG] Steam-Gamers | New Players Welcome (has a nice ring to it ngl) Create a map vote system, I'm pretty sure these exist already just have to ask around. I'm sure some communities would be nice enough to share. Squad Gamers Cup / SCFC Partnership Coordinate with the @Streamer team to host all of the matches being casted by the guys over at SCFC. I'll post the stream dates of the upcoming matches in the next couple of days. Continuing the growth of our Discord Keep posting our recruitment message in the discord.gg/squad server Utilize the Disboard bot & other server listing websites often Provide incentive for people to join such as boosting the server for priority queue within the Squad server, etc. I'm still thinking of more ideas, if anyone reading this has suggestions feel free to drop em below With an increase in players, we are gonna need some more admins. I'll do a little shout later on in the weekend to gauge new interest in admin.
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    First place wins the COTM award please enjoy
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    Massive thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the banner Movement Challenges Event Welcome to the Movement Challenges Event, let me explain how this will work: We give you set of challenges in our movement servers (Bhop, Surf & KZ), and it’s up to you to complete them, first to complete the most challenges through all servers and submit them will win some special prizes. Winners will be ranked through who has the best times / most completions from 1st place to 4th-10th place. (Keep in mind that we don’t want you to exceed the limit of maps we want you to complete.) When will this event start/end? From July 8th to July 22th Where? Surf Server Bunnyhop Server KZ Climb Server Prizes: 1st place: “Contest Winner – 1st place” Award + Choice: 1 Month Elite Supporter or Custom Model on 1 of the movement servers + 10K Credits 2nd place: “Contest Winner – 2nd place” Award + Whatever didn’t get picked by 1st place + 7.5K Store Credits 3rd place: “Contest Winner – 3rd place” Award + 5K Credits 4th Place – 10th Place: 3K credits Challenges: Surf: Bhop: KZ: Important Note: Please link screenshots or videos of you finishing the challenge through this form right here. If you have any questions feel free to ask me through discord (Asher#4214) Good luck!
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    Hmm I have nothing prepared for this great honor. All I can say is
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    Thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the banner TTT Unlocked is a brand new event being brought to the server. The main idea of this event is that the Detective and Traitor menus are going to be expanded with some newer and older items. Even some old items like the random teleporter will be brought back for the duration of the event. Where: Trouble in Terrorist Town - ttt.steam-gamers.net When: Friday July 9th (6/9/21) @ 5 PM EST Maps: ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5 ttt_dolls_sg_v1 ttt_community_pool_2017_v1_7 We also have a Discord that you should check out if you're not in it already : - )
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    Welcome to July's Monthly Art Contest! This month's theme is going to be SG LOGO Make an SG logo your own way.You can use windows paint, photoshop, etc. Winners will get to choose where their SG logos will end up in for a whole month (Forum/Discord) 1st - SG Logo on Forums/Discord + Art Award All troll/joke posts will be deleted and only serious entries will be entered in the contest at our discretion. Deadline for entries will be July 31st, winners will be announced in the new thread
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    Huge Thanks to @thuxys for the amazing banner! Rainbow 6 Siege Scrim! Hello everyone! This time, instead of the normal R6S Tournament we have for you a R6S Scrim! This is for all the people who just want a quick one day R6S event! We will be playing 2-3 matches depending on the how long each takes! There are no signups required, just be in the voice channel we're playing in!! Where? The Event will be hosted in our discord in the event voice channel! From there all you will have to do is add me on uplay to get an invite! When? Saturday, July 10th @ 5:00 PM EST
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    I forgot what inspired me to make these, oh well
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    JB Protect the President You know how this works, one "President" is elected at the start of the round, given increased HP, a P250, and a beacon on them at all times. All the Prisoners and libtards are tasked with killing him while all the Guards must attempt to maintain the order in the Prison while protecting the Presidents life. If the President dies, the Guards lose the round and a new rule will be added requiring Guards to ask Prisoners what their pronouns are before addressing them. Where? Jailbreak - connect jb.steam-gamers.net When? Saturday, July 24th @ 7:00 PM EST Models: Orange Man Secret Service Agent Radical Socialist While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord! Make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group!
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    https://pasteboard.co/K9Rj20s.png Took an 1hr and 15 mins working on it. Majority of time was learning the controls are
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    #TEAM JB ON TOP LETS FUCKING GO BOYS GOOD SEASON 2nd WIN OVERALL BECAUSE OF THIS HISTORIC AND COURAGEOUS WIN, we'll be adding more prizes to the Gang Wars & CT Rank Race competition. Shoutout to @Dom @Easterpink @20 scrolls @dafty @Strayyz @Fahd @Phoenix_ and my other fellow Jailbreak members on their work
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    There are a few big problems with this. 1. It's unreasonable for players- Most people who play JB have silver aim and couldn't control hitting between the thigh and the torso if their life depended on it. If they're using a deagle, imagine the amount of crying if someone got hit for 76+. It's a lot easier to control simply not killing someone as compared to trying to do less than 75 damage. 2. It's unreasonable for admins- This would be the most annoying and persistent thing to enforce. It would feel really stupid yelling at someone for damaging someone for 2 more damage than they are supposed to. Also, I can't really imagine many admins rushing onto JB for rampant too heavy warning shots. I would honestly see that in calladmin chat and laugh. 3. It doesn't bring much effective change- What will this really do? All it does is add more complexity of rules to follow, but you'll still die in 2 shots if you get hit for 51 twice. I understand awp/deagle stomach shots/etc. warning shots are annoying that leave you at 2 hp, but it's really a problem with no solution. I think the fact we allow warning shots is generous enough. Overall, an unneeded change.
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    26/7/2021 Saxton Hale mode is here! The Arena server has had Saxton Hale mode added to it! It is now available to nominate and play directly on the server. Saxton Hale puts all red players against one solo super powerful blue player, equipped with insta kill melee weapons. There are multiple random champions to try as Blue. Arena mode is still available as a separate mode while voting. New maps added: vsh_apg_v2 vsh_barnyard_b2 vsh_citypeak_v1 vsh_foreststation_b10b vsh_frogworks_b5 vsh_manncohg_sg vsh_mariokart_v5 vsh_minegay_b3
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    SORRY for the late thread because I forgot this premieres Friday This movie is the SG movie event of the year because it gained the MOST votes on the poll in the other thread. That being said... WELCOME TO SPACE JAM I have a poll up for the date and time and will go with the choice that has the most votes. In the event of a tie, I'll toss up another poll for you all to vote on. The current poll will close on Thursday, July 15th so please make sure you vote in time! I'm sorry for the short notice on the poll When? Friday, July 16th @ 9 PM EST Where? We'll be using Discord to watch the movie and hang out in the voice chat. If you aren't in the SG Discord, click on the icon below to join! Don't forget to join our official Steam group for updates on events by clicking on the SG logo below!
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    7/27/21 A few small changes for today Decreased the number of people required to enable !votetmute from 30 to 25 Increased !votetmute time from 15 seconds to 25 seconds Added new team logos thanks to @BoTo Changed team names to Guards and Prisoners Changed the default start map to ba_jail_electric_razor_go_pb
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    I will keep this updated as each team joins the tournament.
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    I think you're starting to realize that the issue lies with the type of people that enjoy playing CT side Jailbreak 6+ hours a day for months on end. Sorry, but annoying kids who talk too much and are clearly not told to shut the fuck up by their peers/parents enough aren't going away. I'd compare it this way; you wouldn't necessarily call the annoying reddit kid in your school who says Skyrim skill memes out loud "rude" would you? No, because ignorance/stupidity/whatever you wanna call it isn't the same as consciously knowing you're a pain in everyone's ass and still carrying out the asinine behavior. CT's who actually mic spam with the conscious intent to troll get more than enough of their fair share of admin attention and if you feel differently type @ in team chat followed by whatever you wanna tell them and 9 times out of 10, they'll address the problem. If the issue is severely bothering you but it's not bad enough for admins to get involved, make your voice as deep as possible, go in VC, and burst the kid's bubble yourself. While that option usually works and shuts them up for a few days (maybe even convinces them to make a goodbye post and take a 2 week hiatus), the side effect is that it makes you an asshole. Choose wisely.
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    (ignore the fact its low quality, its less than a mb big) I made a bunch of variations, as I do not know if its only the logo getting replaced, or the text included (and there are also animated and still versions, if the animated sizes are an issue) https://imgur.com/a/2STAgEv
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    Thanks to @thuxysfor the banner! Do YOU like sitting in a corner of a map hard scoping and making children mad? Do you live in your mother's basement? This event is for YOU! Call of TTT is going to be four maps from COD games and you’re only allowed to use scoped weapons like the AUG, Krieg, AWP and more. AWPs will be on the map for everyone to use. This will only be for the duration of the event. When Saturday, August 7th @ 5 PM EST Where / ttt.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maps de_firing_range ttt_terminal_sg_v1 ttt_highrise_mw2_sg ttt_nuketown_sg_v1
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    SUPPORTERS 1v1 TOURNAMENT Hello Steam-Gamers Supporters! For the supporter event this month, we will be hosting a 1v1 tournament for you guys. The tournament will in a double elimination bracket, meaning if you lose once you still have a chance to win the entire tournament. We will decide each matchup as first to 8 round wins (Best of 15 rounds). A PRIZE?!??!? The winner of this tournament will be receiving the equivalent of a $10 Steam gift card, where they can choose anything on steam that is $10 or under as a prize (games, cosmetics, etc.) WHEN & WHERE The tournament will begin on 7/23 @ 8PM EST. It will be hosted on the MGT server (IP will be given at event time) HOW DO I ENTER? Entry is open, meaning that all you need to do is show up at event time. Reminder that this is our SUPPORTER event this month, so only enter if you have a supporter role, please. If you don't have a supporter role, you can both support the community and enter in this tournament for as little as $5 through buying a rank on our donation page. Hope to see you guys there! While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    @Strayyz and I will be collecting our prizes in blood Thank you @Black Rain for doing this amazing event!
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    Reported your post for being off topic and player harassment
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    Thanks @crazedkangaroofor the banner Admins vs Regs Hey, were back with another Admins vs Regs. Admins will be on ct side and Regs will be on T side. We might even switch sides so regs can boss around our admins! Where? jb.steam-gamers.net When? Friday, July 16 @ 7 PM EST Make sure to join the SG discord Make sure to join the new and improved JB steam group
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    This was just put in effect, so I'd like to get others opinions before we revert anything. What's unoriginal and what isn't doesn't matter. Most TTT servers use the same if not similar plugin, that is going to happen. All models can be equipped on both teams. if you were on CT before the round started, you will get your CT model on T side. I'll look into a way to force player models but it isn't a big deal. Your third reason doesn't really make any sense, all models are able to be equipped on each side. So there isn't a less amount of models you can't go off of. in the end, this doesn't bring much if not any negative effects, it makes the leaderboards look a lot nicer and it just cleans some things up.
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    7/28/21 Changed CT rank times for the upcoming Gang Wars and CT Rank Race event because people were unable to reach the highest ranks before the next event/wipe. Old times: Rank 1, Private - 0 mins Rank 2, Sergeant - 180 mins, 3 hrs Rank 3, Officer - 720 mins, 12 hrs Rank 4, Lieutenant - 2160 mins, 1.5 days Rank 5, Captain - 4320 mins, 3 days Rank 6, Major - 8640 mins, 6 days Rank 7, Colonel - 14400, 10 days Rank 8, General - 21600 , 15 days New times: Rank 1, Private - 0 mins Rank 2, Sergeant - 180 mins, 3 hours Rank 3, Officer - 360 mins, 6 hours Rank 4, Lieutenant - 1440 mins, 1 day Rank 5, Captain - 2880 mins, 2 days Rank 6, Major - 5760 mins, 4 days Rank 7, Colonel - 11520 mins, 8 days Rank 8, General - 14400 mins, 10 days
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    Just relaxed on the patio w my cat n dog while grilling steak. good night so far
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    i hope you're happy with my submissions
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    7/24/2021 Disabled CT only Detectives. Due to map arming being designed for both CT and T use, we thought it was best to revert the change. Fixed kicking after map switch. You should no longer and/or see a lot less of getting kicked with the reason "You must connect to this server from a lobby". We have some TTT events coming very soon, so stay tuned for them !
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    We discussed this in the JB meeting and decided to not go through with it, as we don't think there will be a benefit to doing this. We also discussed changing the amount of people to 5, but we do not think this will fix the problem, and the issue will stay the same. You're simply stating the nature of the server, and we don't currently see an issue with it at this time.
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    Im bad at art its not a troll
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    people voting for 1 are below the average iq
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    FUCK THE 2016 VERSION THIS SHIT GONNA BE FIRE If you haven't voted on the new movie thread yet, please vote here on upcoming movies you'd be interested in seeing. The list includes new movies to watch from. As usual, vote for the dates and times you prefer to watch, and we'll go with the choice that has the most votes. In the event of a tie, I'll toss up another poll for you all to vote on. The current poll will close on Monday, August 2nd, so please make sure you vote in time! When? TBD Where? We'll be using Discord to watch the movie and hang out in the voice chat. If you aren't in the SG Discord, click on the icon below to join! Don't forget to join our official Steam group for updates on events by clicking on the SG logo below!
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