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    (Banner Credit goes to: @Nate.) So here I am just minding my own business and this ruthless dictator Gator comes in calling me out for not donating enough, As seen here: In order to prove him wrong, I will be sponsoring a small playtime event this weekend WITH MY OWN MONEY. Starting at midnight tonight and ending at midnight on Sunday I will keep track of the playtime in the servers for anyone who thanks this post. The people with the top two total playtimes at the end of Sunday will each receive $50 in gifted items (i.e.premium supporter, elite supporter, credits) of your choosing. If collectively we amass over 500 hours between the people who thank this post I will see to it that Gator is demoted. Thank you for your time. Fuck you @Gator All Ts 34.0 ya boi 26.3 A Frantic Potato 21.8 Jackson 17.7 carrollton 15.0 spook 13.7 D4NK 12.1 TheZZL 11.2 3ni 10.6 BloodBlades 10.5 Happy Cat 10.4 oSen 10.1 kura 10.0 Asuna 7.5 Mace 7.4 Spy. 7.4 Nate. 7.3 Mark Rober 6.7 cook1e(realone) 6.1 R3Flex 6.0 Byte 5.9 Asher 5.4 20 scrolls 5.4 Error. 5.2 Easterpink 4.2 Takuto 4.0 cnb 3.8 Clamor 3.8 Shawty 3.8 Strayyz 3.6 the baconator 3.6 Tethys 3.5 BeetleAtom 3.0 Creten 3.0 Arctic wolf 2.6 Zero Two 2.6 dolo 2.6 Paggos 2.5 Dom 2.4 Greggy G 2.3 Roddy 1.9 Kyle 1.8 gween 1.7 Reid99 1.5 Hypno 1.4 WavY 1.4 Yang 1.2 f0x 1.0 Starlegendgod 0.8 Happy Man 0.5 Congrats to @All Ts(ur psychotic) and @ya boi, DM me what you want with your $50 (SG perks only). For those wondering our total hours wracked up were 337.7 hours across 50 people who participated. Not too shabby for a random weekend event, maybe we'll do this more often ;). Looks like we are all still stuck with Gator, but we will keep on our path to throw out this tyrannical man!
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    A W A R D S ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!! (BANNER CREDIT TO @Creten) Yeah so like I said, they are back and here to stay! These were removed temporarily when we moved to the new forums, as we had to completely remake them to work with the new builder. The awards have changed a lot from what we had previously, which is good because they honestly needed an update. You can look at and request awards HERE and that tab is also available from the forum pull down up top, but please make sure you are eligible for the award you are looking at. We had to rework the entire system so there might be a bug or two depending on what you're looking at so don't freak out if you find one, just tell a staff member (not me, do not ping me). STUFF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR VIEW AWARDS HERE REQUEST AWARDS HERE SPECIAL THANKS TO @thuxys@crazedkangaroo@Nate.@euro@williamc_d(for serving his country) @Benzene @Black Rain@John@Gator@Trazz AND@markisun35 Aight roll the end credits I'm done here..
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    Hello everyone, For this month we are going to shine a light on a staff member who many of you may not know. This gentlemen has been helping out a ton lately with plugins for the Surf server in particular. After a year of waiting, we finally have a system that gives you a line to follow based on the server record bot. It's like a racing line in racing games. It was awesome to see him drop it on us randomly in the Surf chat and we are all appreciative of him. It's always nice to see him asking what he could help with. Please join me in congratulating @Nano. for achieving Staff of the Month! This next gentleman has been carrying the Internal Affairs team this month and has been knocking it out of the park for a rookie. While he may technically not be eligible for Staff of the Month due to his managerial position, he is eligible for it for all of the amazing work he has done as an Internal Affairs Officer. He might have had a small hiccup within his first week but he sure has grown into the role and has been displaying leadership skills. Please join me in congratulating @Hawksfor achieving Staff of the Month!
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    Good Evening fellow nerds, As previously discussed we have been looking for ways to be more transparent as BDs and freely share what we are working on when possible. We had previously tried doing this with quarterly reports and will now be releasing our meeting notes minus a few subjects that don't need to be publicly shared. These meetings usually happen roughly once a month and therefore notes will be released similarly. Saturday 05/01/21 Notes: Possible Junior Staff Rank + Admin App Discussion - Grant the CAs ability to gather people that are on the servers and forums to join the Junior Staff rank and be called when help is needed. - Similar to Wawa's "call to arms" group. - Could call it recruits. Make feel them more obligated. - Target starting number: 10+ - Have them wear a tag similar to how SilentGuns has squad players wear a |SG| tag. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - There have not been many approved apps as of recently but it can be due to it being a bunch of kids. - The current admin app system has been fine. - Junior Staff rank could produce better admins as it'll be hand picked by the CAs. - Potentially have the Junior Staff rank be a prerequisite to apply for admin. Trying to Improve TT Team & Retention - Looking to recruit newer people to JTA that code as a hobby vs for a career to decrease burnout. - Post on reddit or ask around the servers. - [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] are looking into Source2. [REDACTED] can code in css and html. - Can pay people for temp projects if necessary. We don't want this to be a long term option as it'll end up costing us more. It would be best to have them be from the community. - [REDACTED] can maybe be a database guy in the future. Reviewing Recognition Ranks - John made a PowerPoint - General consensus was that it took awhile to decide what rank someone deserves. It does not actually take that long, at most 30 minutes of talking. Majority take less than 5 minutes. - Recognition ranks are meaningless if we had one rank. The point of the rank is to give recognition to one's work. It'd be awful to put someone like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on the same rank as [REDACTED]. - Proposal is to either go back to HG and LG or stick with our current system. - Use [REDACTED] as a tracking system for those that comeback into staff and then step down again. We can also make it where you retain your recognition rank. - [REDACTED] says they prefer to have one rank and if you get SM+ you get it. [REDACTED - Upcoming Event Discussion] Official Limitations On Staff Returning After Step Down or Demotion - Right now if someone steps down they must wait 3 months. There has no been an exception. Weird that there is no official rule for those that have been demoted or banned. - Case by case it is usually 6-12 months. 6 months from their demotion and a year from their unban. - Demoted from SM/IA you are barred for 1 year. If banned, 1 year from unban. - Demoted from BD/TA you're permanently barred from any level of staff. - Demoted from SA, CA and any other staff rank you're barred for 6 months. If banned, 6 months from the unban. - [REDACTED] - If [REDACTED] has an issue with someone coming back to a high up rank then we will likely tell them no indefinitely. Admin Activity Tracker - [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] Conclusion Send a bunch of warning PMs and be a bit more lenient on activity. Advertising Our Community - See if we can pay to run ads on websites. Make banners and go to websites to - Ads on Google? We are trying to advertise a gaming community, google is not a good spot as we may not be able to reach the targeted audience. It would be better to run ads on other websites or try and target people where games are discussed. - Pay for discord advertising (websites}. - DayZ servers can pay to have their servers on the top of the browser. We can see if we can do it for our Squad servers. - Figure out a value for a budget. Meeting Transparency - We are not fond of sit in meetings. [REDACTED] mentioned about taking notes then redacting certain parts and then publish the notes. - Quarterly reports can do well but they really only work if we have big topics to mention in them. - Using last meeting's notes in February as an example, we can rephrase what was stated and give the gist of what everyone said. - Sit in meetings just no. We would have to watch what we say for some topics as they cannot be public. I.e. demotions, team reports etc.... - Could try out more community meetings. It can cause drama with people giving opinions during the meeting and after. The topics are so generalized where they may not really be able to have any crazy input. - Use this meeting's notes as a test run. Forums Update - 4.5 theme is in development. Gator is just "fixing that bitch". Majority of it is done, only small things are left. Discord Team - Good idea to have a Discord Team since ours is growing. - [REDACTED]
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    Wow. I'm in total disbelief and at a loss of words. I can't wrap my head around it. I didn't get to say goodbye to him or anything. John messaged me back in March about it and I only just saw it now. John is writing this for me right now but when I get access to my phone or my computer I will write a better post.
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    I want to play SG ZE, so I'm gonna just set up a meet up so we can possibly get together and just play on the server. No try hard up the butt maps that we are forced to complete, no events, just chillin and playing on the server, No set time, just a set date which is Sunday May 2nd. Hope to see you there =)
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    Sorry to necro this, but I'm just now finding out about our friend's passing. Haven't checked up on SG in awhile, really didn't expect to hear this at all. Roux was such a funny mother fucker. There was hardly ever a moment when he wasn't goofing around and making TS light up with laughter. I'm really going to miss that racoon, his world famous merch, and his fire (often controversial) Twitter feed. Rest in Peace, roux.
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    Big Thanks to @nick for the banner! Shot4Shot Tournament! Welcome to S4S Tourney Event boys! Let me explain how this will go: I'm going to set 2 random players on different teams, and put them up against each other, both players will heave Deagles and they will fight it out in a shot4shot style duel, whoever dies gets eliminated and the other proceeds. This repeats until we have our Top 3 winners. When? Saturday, April 24th @ 7PM EST Where? Server IP: Password: S4S connect; password S4S Map: s4s_tournament Thanks to @Noxstar for the map & @20 scrolls for the edit. Prizes: 1st Place: 2 Month of Elite Supporter/ Factory New StatTrak™ Desert Eagle | Directive 2nd Place: 1st place prize that didn't get picked 3rd Place: 1 month of Premium Supporter (shoutout @TheZZL and the board for the prizes) See you all there! And good luck to the contestants!
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    May 9th 2021 Added zm_nuketown to the current map rotation. Find it under the 'ZM (Defend)' nomination category. ( @thuxys ) Added zm_mercy_hospital_csgo to the current map rotation. Find it under the 'ZM (Defend)' nomination category. ( @FanService ) Added 3 new human supporter models to freshen up the selection. Little Mac (Basic) Sweet Tooth (Premium) Summer Freak (Elite)
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    5/4/2021 Added maps ttt_minecraft_2018b1_sgfix_1 ttt_desperados_sg_final ttt_floodzone_2_v3 Removed maps ttt_minecraft_2018b1 ttt_desperados_sg_v6 ttt_floodzone_2 ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v5_2 ttt_office_sg_v2_1 ttt_rooftops_slayers_v2_fix1 We know that ttt_rooftops_slayers_v2_fix1 is a classic and also a loved map, sadly it crashes a large handful of players so we had no choice but to remove it for the time being. Until a solution is found the map will stay gone. Added Blackout, a new Traitor Item. It will cost 150 credits. When bought it will activate 3 seconds later, limiting their vision to only see objects and people extremely close to you. Reminder that this effects even yourself, so think carefully when using it. Lastly, it can only be bought twice between all of your T buddies and it has one use per Traitor. Removed old models. Added models for Star Wars themed karma contest. Reworded the following Innocent Rule to Reworded the following definition under Traitorous Acts to Thanks to @fozilla mirefox, @20 scrolls, and @Clamorfor the map fixes.
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    @TheZZL old screens logo was outdated, put this shit in NOW @Dom you too also open to critique
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    thanks @eurofor the banner! MG Fall Guys Recently, A fall guys themed map was made for MiniGames! It features 20 plus games many of which are inspired from Fall guys and multiple custom models. Make sure to come to try out this fall guys port. When? May 2 @ 7 PM EST Where? mg.steam-gamers.net Join now
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    Zombie Escape Event #06 Good afternoon everyone. I'm happy to announce that we will be bringing back bi-weekly events for the ZE server. Why not start it off with a map ported from one of my favorite games, SCP: Containment Breach. We'll have 2 exclusive models for you all to use during the event. Join us in hopes of beating the map! When? Saturday, May 15th @ 6 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_scp_containment_breach_v1_b02_cm4 Models SCP-049-2 Class-D Personnel
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    I spent almost 10 hours a day for 3 months doing nothing but artificially inflating ZE’s player numbers getting old regs and admins to pop in and keep the server up so ZE regs from different communities would come try us out again. I’m not throwing anyone under the bus or saying we didn’t do enough, when I say we all tried our best during that 3-4 month period in early 2021 I mean we literally lived ZE. I love ZE as a gamemode and it sucks that I truly don’t believe it can come back and survive anymore. Honestly as one of the people who literally spent 10 hour shifts in the server trying to make it successful I’m disappointed that we couldn’t make it work.
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    I am done with this online schooling BULLSHIT today with these assfuck teachers and assfuck deadlines. I will be on scrim at 5PM EST today until whenever I get bored or can no longer stay conscious. @3ni @Asher @Casual @Cept For Her @Clamor @Creten @Gentoo @Greggy G @Jackson @janseen @Kyle @Labarr @Nimmy @oSen @Pog. @spy @Takuto @ThRza @thuxys @Trazz
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    Jailbreak Community Meeting! Date: Saturday May 8th Time: 6:00pm EST Place: SteamGamers Hub Discord! Visit https://steam-gamers.net/servers/discord/ We're long overdue a good community meeting where we all get together and rage about the new generation of Guards, so let's have one! We want to be mindful to those that have finals/APs coming up so we're scheduling this the week after most APs, so the weekend of of 5/7. Using the poll above we'll decide which day and time that Friday-Sunday we'll have our meeting. Please vote on the poll so we can figure out what time is best for you guys to attend! Here's some of the topics we'll be discussing at the meeting: Agenda: Healthboost - @All Ts New Map Feedback jb_alex_3ni, jb_quake, jb_overcooked, Locking Larger Maps Based on Population - @delirium Mid-Round !fo - @Bacon Event Feedback Recently Closed Threads Q&A & Open Floor Server Rank and Thank You! Make sure to reply below if you have any topics you'd like to add to the agenda, or can't make the meeting and want your input heard. If you'd like someone to speak for you at the meeting, message a JB CA or SM.
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    I cannot contribute much to this server in terms of ideas (I don't like to impede where I don't have a lot of playtime), but it feels like this would require very little to at least be >1000 on Gametracker again which would help the community quite a bit in the long run. It is sad personally to see this server which was the forefront of the community, which had a lot of time put into it completely die off even despite all of the drama it has been apart of over the years. From my perspective it seems like the community felt alienated at multiple points where at other times regulars of the server would fly off the rails resulting in perm bans handed out like cotton candy. I think in part ZE has always felt like a 3rd party community because of how niche it can feel which might be why that feeling ends up being created whereas JB & TTT always had a little bit of a bridge in both being pseudo-RP gamemodes backed by in-game mechanics. Whenever I got on to assist in events or help the server populate the regulars were always friendly to me, although there was definitely a level of elitism that I can see could turned away others. A ZE Community Meeting as well as pulling up quality management when available could help the server be revitalized even if it's a slow roll at first. I'm not sure how many ZE players would even attend such a meeting, or who would run it. I considered not posting this because I know some people think the server is a lost cause, would rather be the noob who spoke out then watch one of the oldest servers continue to get beaten by Bhop and Surf. If a quality alternative is provided, people will play the server. Apathy breeds apathy and a Community Meeting is a way to break that feedback loop. CS:GO is near the most popular it has ever been, there is 1 competitor in the US- in this space and a partially if not fully functional server just sitting there. There has to be a way forward.
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    I really didn't want to respond to this thread nor did any other BD but I'll bite. We have exhausted our efforts with ZE. We have tried absolutely everything and talks of shutting the server down come up frequently but are eventually shot down by us because we think we can make something out of the server. You talk about bringing up quality management but the last team we had was absolutely stellar. Paralyzed, Maniac, and Takuto did everything they possibly could. They dedicated hundreds of hours (no joke, actually hundreds) to no avail. You couldn't ask for a better team. Para came out of retirement, Takuto is an extremely determined individual, and Maniac is absolutely charismatic. Mix that with help from BoTo and Cept and it is an amazing combo. Throw that team onto any other server and it would be #1. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that if these guys couldn't do it with the amount of time they sacrificed, who could? We don't have many staff members interested in managing ZE because they know what that would bring on. When the whole fiasco with those kind individuals who threatened Maniac and I went down, we originally thought of shutting the server down but no. We wanted to give it one more go. Almost a year later and hundreds of hours of work, here we are. Again, a month or two ago shutting down the server was brought up but it wouldn't hurt if we kept it up. Maniac and the team have held meetings in the past but they're mainly only attended by staff. We had Kuri who tried his darndest to get the server popping as well. We have had SO MANY CAs that were also interested in the cause. Anyways, this thread and my response or any response from any BD, LSM, or SM on the server is the same as it ever was. It's the same cycle over and over again and it's well documented in a lot of places.
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    5/6/2021 Added new animated role icons. Videos of them are in the spoiler below, look at the top right on each video for reference. Added !rules menu. This menu will appear upon joining the server, this was intended for new players. Thanks to @lynfor the rules menu suggestion and @thuxys, @Clamor and @crazedkangaroofor helping make the icons. Screenshots of the new !rules menu and videos of the new icons can be seen below.
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    Big thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the amazing banner! Prisonbreak RP Event Hello JB apes, here's a different type of event this time, and it's a complete shift from the usual style of our server, the event will be one map (it's quite the big map btw). The custom feature about the map is that Ts have an extra way to win the round. When? May 1st @ 7 PM EST Where? Map: JB_Bloodbath_in_Paradise If you haven't checked the map out by now, The extra way that Ts can win is by getting a key and escaping. See you all there boys!
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    On top of the great group of regulars we had rotating the pop out on the server, and highly dedicated staff TTT had it is looking like it could use some kind of infusion in cultured gamers to spice things up a bit. The addition of Karma gave people a feeling that they weren’t wasting their time on the server and helped them reach a sense of accomplishment. The Karma displayed through scoreboard was cross map and uncapped, and acted as an Elo system of sorts. I’m not saying TTT should be a much more competitive server than it is, but this is something that encouraged people to play over longer periods of time and at that time helped the servers population immensely. I personally think it didn't make people play too seriously whatsoever at the time despite that being some theory that emerged from seemingly nowhere. As a former GMOD TTT player I understand how Karma can be used as a judge worthy mechanic for players & admins a like as well as a strict mitigation tool for griefing... On the other hand It’s removal as an uncapped point system IMO was one of the worst changes to the server possibly ever. With the majority of rule breaking being done by new players I think the old system could flatout make a return and be fine. You’d see the same thing when you press tab, but regulars would of already reached the apex where they’re nowhere near lower points. If there is pushback on that idea, I’d like to offer alternative solutions. -> Server playtime over X amount will uncap Karma for the player. -> Both Karma as a point system and a good boy/bad boy meter. Only discussion to be had there is which one gets score menu priority, and if it’s possible that somehow both could. We have the time left plugin which is potentially another way to do this or ofcourse through chat messages. -> Leave any and all mechanics related to the current system, but uncap it to whatever number. Some additional ideas to play with, but which are a bit extreme. I’m not saying I want these, just putting them in the ecosystem: -> Do make it an ELO system, and make it have very large swings. -> Reward players over a certain Karma threshold with increased point rates. -> Recurring contests each month or every few months rewarding winners with a month or so whichever subscriber tiers. After contest is over return players to their original karma. Having your stuff wiped isn’t fun IMO. -> Forum award for those who win contest, I’m not entirely a fan of oversaturating forum awards but could work. Typed this up on my phone, but watching TTT kind of flounder is kind of sad. I love JB being at the forefront but these other servers don’t need much to get back to their former glory and Karma is tested by time. Worth a shot.
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    It might be worth considering reverting or walking back on this change slightly more, the admins have limited exposure to these players because they cannot be there 24/7 and as it is in someone's best interest to behave around staff members (of course when they know they're around). This is something similar to when we had admin recommendations, and it was in the best interest of the community to remove them. People can act like they're a central authority because they've played the servers for a few months every time an admin isn't on or when they aren't aware an admin is on. Everything from telling people to slay for rules that don't exist, micspamming, and so on. I look at several apps where admins themselves are making some extremely faulty posts that honestly a couple of years ago I could see being BTFO'd and removed by a member of the board. The only reason I mention this is to highlight that admins are normally just regular people who want to help the community, and on the other hand you have people with a huge ego who want to back it up with some power- the goal is to prevent those people from causing issues or getting rank. The admins are just as prone to post something stupid or help brigade a friend, they just aren't likely to post some stupid spammy bullshit that needs to be removed. It is much better to have it open to the public or if you guys wanted to walk it back slightly to see how it goes, consider closing it off to regulars+. Even then that change could be entirely questionable too, some people just don't use the forums and don't usually use any message boards at all. If the community is going to allow people to apply for admin with what is a small requirement and filter through that, but draw the line at letting people post their opinions and experiences that seems like a mild contradiction. Of course there is a line somewhere that has to be drawn and it is hard to find it, which is why I am giving feedback. People are hesitant to say anything about this change, I've spoken to a lot of people on Discord who seem to think it's not worth saying anything because the board either won't change their mind on it ever or because it's too early. To me that level of apathy is an issue. There's plenty of players with a lot of activity that are receiving a small amount of replies, and that is a very easy way (in my opinion) to create a system that is giving BD's & Staff very anecdotal feedback prone to manipulation & abuse of the system. I'm fully aware that the BD's aren't ignorant drooling NPC's that are going to read these threads and stamp them for approval. I'm also aware that once someone is made an admin it's not impossible that it will be removed, but the further the problem gets the worse off for everyone involved. This isn't to say SG is creating some trojan horse into the community with this system, but honestly to some level- if ignored, that could be true. There's definitely a blatant issue with not enough feedback or quality of feedback at hand. I think this has a chance to go too far, from what I heard it's being monitored but I wanted to offer some additional feedback. If this gets reverted I'll never post on admin applications again I promise.
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    thanks for the banner @Clamor! Bomb Party? BombParty is a solo based game, the objective is to create words from generated lettering. If you complete a word it goes onto the next person, and next person and so on. Once someone doesn't create a word they will lose one heart (You have three hearts in total). Once you have lost all of your hearts you will be eliminated and have to wait for the next round. When? May 16 @ 7 PM EST Where? SG Discord @ The BombParty Website (link will be posted in the discord on the day of the event) Join now to win forums contest winner award
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    Weekly Scheduled Scrim Event shoutout @Nate.for the banner This event will be scheduled every weekend and each game will be streamed. We plan to have casters for matches played. What to expect? With this being streamed on twitch, keep in mind to be within the ToS parameters. If the turn out ends up doing well, this could end up being something that we have every weekend. Where? SG Scrim server: connect scrim.steam-gamers.net:27015; password 321sg When? 5/16 Sunday 5-7:30pm EST @Strayyz WILL BE STREAMING THE GAME AT twitch.tv/steamgamers
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    Thank you @thuxys for the amazing banner ! A special shoutout goes to @eXtr3m3 and @Goku for giving me the inspiration to do this event! When and Where? April 16th - May 9th Jailbreak - jb.steam-gamers.net Models All models, with the exception of the models voted by YOU to stay, will be TEMPORARY! They will all leave the store & server after May 9th! We'll be setting a new precedent for event models from now to avoid any confusion. All event models not staying after the event will be marked as temporary, in-game, in the Jailbreak Models thread, and here in this thread. Event models will not cost as much as permanent server models! Check out the discounted prices below, these prices will not change: The Empire BattleDroid | Public | 1,500 Credits StormTrooper | Basic Supporter | 2,500 Credits Darth Vader | Premium Supporter | 7,500 Credits Revan | Elite Supporter | FREE Captain Phasma | Admin | 2,500 Credits Rebel Forces Chewbaca | Public | 1,500 Credits Ape Legionnaire | Public | 1,500 Credits Han Solo | Basic Supporter | 2,500 Credits Rey Skywalker | Premium Supporter | 7,500 Credits Princess Leia | Elite Supporter | FREE Events Star Wars Day Event! Join us on May The 4th for Star Wars Day, and two special models only available for that day, for FREE! The Empire Kylo Ren | Public | FREE Rebel Forces Obi Wan Kenobi | Public | FREE Sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord! Make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group!
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    With a suggestion made by @delirium found here, we've decided to make a form for community members to request to have their personal streams hosted on the SG Twitch channel. The form includes a few basic questions and if your request is approved you will be messaged on Discord. Approved applicants, please keep in mind and follow Twitch ToS as well as SG rules while being hosted. The request form can be filled out Here
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    4/23/21 Disabled HealthBoost from the Guard menu Increased HP given by the Medi-Shot from 50 -> 100 Increased price of the Medi-Shot from 200 -> 250 Decreased # of people that can purchase a Medi-Shot from 4 -> 3 Removed naturally spawning Medi-Shots for the time being on other maps like Arcade/Undertale Fixed brightness issues on jb_mountaincraft_v6-2 The long awaited HealthBoost change is here! Please comment feedback here, as we'll be discussing the HealthBoost at the upcoming Jailbreak Community Meeting!
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    Introducing: Solo/Duo/Trio! As most of you know, the Rust server hasn’t been doing so hot after we got removed from the server browsing list. One problem we noticed when we were at full pop was big groups were driving away smaller teams, to prevent this, we have switched our server to Solo/Duo/Trio. This means your group can’t exceed 3 people, these changes will be in effect starting tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST. If you need clarification or a refresher on the rules go here. That’s not all! We are also going to be hosting a playtime event starting tomorrow (April 15th at wipe) going to May 13th. Prizes include a $50 hat, a $17 vending machine skin, a rock skin, and a custom workshop skin included with all 3 prizes in our /skin plugin. Read more here. Hope to see you there!
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    APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/W1Bw2gZ2FoCUgDJe8 Command & Support Squad/Cell/Section Leader - @Nate. Medic - @A Decently Paid Janitor Medic - Open Direct Combat Rifleman - @Chad Rifleman - Open Rifleman - Open Fire Support Grenadier - @gween Automatic Rifleman - @colrite Marksman - Open Light Anti Tank - Open Specialist Machine Gunner - Open Heavy Anti Tank - @RemixedPixel Combat Engineer - Open Sapper - Open ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message a Squad Server Manager if you have questions. https://discord.gg/5bbQSJurrV
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    5/6/21 - Disabled pug_auto_kicker. You will now be able to spectate live matches. - Enabled rws balancer. By typing !rws <name> you can see their all time rws. A player's rws will also display during the player selection phase.
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    man i love falling for guys this event is gonna be great
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    4/23/21 Placed all 3 servers on tracking/voting websites (https://squad-servers.com/) More to come. Condensed a large amount of our Discord channels down. #role-assignment channel has been created to replace PMC & Seeder selection #servers has been removed and placed into #information #server-pings has taken the place of #seeding and #squadup #whitelist-information has been removed for the time being. Stay tuned for future plans on reserved slots/whitelisting. New welcome message upon joining the server (#visitors) Created a new role called Training which serves the purpose of being notified when admins or managers run training sessions. New recruitment message for the Squad community Discord server. Soon™
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    5/12/2021 Added Players gain credits upon tasing Innocents and Traitors. You'll gain 25 Credits when tasing an innocent and 75 credits when tasing a Traitor. Revamped TTT Steam Group, link for it can be found here. Events, changelogs, and other announcements will be posted there. Updated Main Page Updated Group Icon Updated Staff Removed martydom from the Traitor menu for the time being. Removed ttt_desperados_sg_final Added ttt_desperados_final_sg Thank you @Gentoofor the plugin
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    Thanks to @euro for the banner! May the 4th Karma Contest With May the 4th coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to release some Star Wars themed models as well as a karma contest! You don't need to give us any sort of proof of your karma, however you will need to have a forums account to claim any prizes you have won. When? May 4th - June 4th Where? ttt.steam-gamers.net Prizes 1st place: 1 month of Elite Supporter and 5000 Credits 2nd place: 1 month of Premium Supporter and 5000 credits! 3rd place: 1 month of Basic Supporter and 5000 credits! Models Grievous (T/CT) | Elite Supporter | Free Kylo Ren (T/CT) | Elite Supporter | Free Revan (T/CT) | Elite Supporter | Free Captain Phasma (T/CT) | Premium Supporter | 12000 Credits Darth Vader (T/CT) | Premium Supporter | 12000 Credits Obi Wan Kenobi (T/CT) | Premium Supporter | 12000 Credits Storm Trooper (T/CT) | Basic Supporter | 10000 Credits Chewbacca (T/CT) | Basic Supporter | 10000 Credits Han Solo (T/CT) | Basic Supporter | 10000 Credits Princess Leia (T/CT) | Public | 4000 Credits
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    As Trazz and I have said multiple times, we should not be punishing innocents for playing it safe or hiding. Their goal is to survive, they do not have to hunt traitors. They can hunt down traitors if they want, but we shouldn't be punishing them for it either. We do not need a last request or sudden death addition. Admins have the ability to beacon players if the round is taking to long to speed it up. Gonna lock this thread up now
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    Strayyz is going to run the stream for me this Sunday and pick a winner. Thanks to all those who participated! Going forward we're going to try and possibly integrate a plugin into the website for this, as well as getting me set up on Twitch (I know nothing about how it works). We probably will not do one for the month of May, but look out for June!
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    Bump - get your tickets! So far no one has participated, and at this point seems like an easy way to nab a $25 gift card, cause I’m giving it away even if only one person buys a single ticket!
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    Also agree. Players act differently when staff is around. Of course people can always PM staff issues they have with players but I think it would be more transparent to roll back these changes or find some sort of middle ground. A lot of the same things non-admins were getting criticized for posting is still getting posted by some of the contributers currently.
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    4/3/2021 Admin applications for TF2 are now found under the Admin Applications forum. 4/17/2021 Applicants for admin applications can now comment on their own app. Please note: Applicants are NOT allowed to comment on other applications if they have access to them. Any applicant that responds on applications that isn't their own will have their posts deleted and will be subject to punishment.
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    Yay! Big shout out to @Nate. @thuxys @euro @crazedkangaroo @John @Black Rain @BoM @Gator and @williamc_d.
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    Really wasn't looking to air out the dirty laundry that was ZE drama and inevitable implosion all over again, but you seem pretty insistent. There are a lot of apples and oranges comparisons happening so hopefully this will clear some stuff up. /sigh Was it entirely just the drama that caused ZE to be where it was now? no...but it was definitely all tied into the drama and individuals/groups related to that drama. While it may seem exhausting to hear that over and over again, it's sort of exhausting reading how quickly you're looking to dismiss something big that really undid a part of the community even after our best efforts to stop that from happening. Please read up on it if you haven't. Yeah no. Just straight no. A few months and insane amounts of effort and natural population we don't have currently, sure. As it is ZE is a beast that we just don't have the right staff and resources to tame right now, on top of being absolutely alienated/burned from the rest of the ZE community due to all that drama. It is not just a "okay guys lets get this server going" and then you sit with a group of people and get it populated. The whole game mode relies on people already knowledgeable and experienced and is in essence it's own RPG gamemode within CSGO that is not really comparable to any of our other servers. As it is we'd need strong staff and managers for it, sourcepawn based techs, and a slew of experienced regs to even form that initial 15-20 player base to build on. I promise we've looked at this from all the angles and it just isn't at all feasible right now to the point we really aren't allocating resources to it currently. I respect this, but unfortunately due to some poor decisions on the server managers over the course of late 2019 and most of 2020, great players(i.e. potential future staff) like this were not cultivated from the server and instead left completely detached from the rest of SG. Yeah it is 100% in a state of limbo currently, however we are sort of hopeful that in time there might be a new growth of regs that can create that natural population that is needed to really start building anything useful on. Maybe this is the start of that, who knows. As I stated previously, while I recognize not wanting to have to go digging through drama it unfortunately leaves me sitting here telling you that you're missing half the story without it. Drama and poor staff decisions / overall lack of communication with us(BDs & IAs) starting all the way back at the Pikajew ban and ending ~August-September 2020 are the reasons for the current state of the server. I'm more than willing to explain more of it privately...I just don't feel like opening up that box again in what should be some sort of positive or at least informative thread...rather than a drama gossip train. ZE really is in a league of its own in terms of style and pure necessity for certain types of players and staff to make it run properly, which is to say I disagree with its potential vs JB & TTT. The best comparison I can give is JB with zero decent guards, but we've experienced that before and the situation of ZE is even worse than that...so it starts to fall into the apples and oranges realm again. Similarly, JB had and has always had a huge tie in with the community as a whole and players who get involved with JB tend to integrate themselves heavily within the community which is drastically different than what was happening with the ZE playerbase over the course of 2020 and even prior. ZE has for the last few years always been that kind of odd child of the community when it came to really having the player base relate and integrate with the community...but it got quite bad during last year. ZZL is a great manager yes. Very similar to other things said throughout, this just seems to come down to a lack of having all the information, which is understandable considering you've been away for some time. I hope that this is a case of lack of information and not being misinformed, again feel free to communicate about any knowledge gaps I'm attempting to fill in here. In short: our servers bottoming out resulted in an oversight when deciding to switch to servers in Canada sometime in ~2019. This meant that anybody living below roughly Virginia or in Central and Western US time zones as well as other areas you can extrapolate from that got absolutely shafted on ping. CSGO/Valve being the geniuses that they are and sorting the server browser by lowest ping on default meant that we no longer gained new players from most of the country and elsewhere for the better part of a year. This was recognized as a problem in roughly August of 2020 and Remedied Oct->Nov 2020 which then led into new games Nov/Dec and Christmas, holidays, etc....leaving us to only recently begin seeing the results of our efforts. As I stated above, the ZE stuff happened around a similar time, so while all servers fell at the same time, there are different reasons for some of them rising and others remaining stagnant. We will always continue to applaud any efforts to revitalize any server or simply bolster an already thriving server and even though John brought it up a few times, we do not intend to shut down ZE at this time. Unfortunately, this one server in particular requires an intense amount of personnel resources that we simply cannot afford to put up at the moment when we have other plans and projects that have more potential for growth.
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    (I believe this is @ThRza's banner so thanks) What is Terraria? Terraria is a single/multiplayer survival game where the objective is to collect resources and gear to defeat bosses. That is an extremely oversimplified definition, as you can find plenty of walkthroughs all over the internet and YouTube, like this one here. I recommend you take a peek at it whether you are new or returning to the game, it will be very helpful. What is Our Objective? Our objective will be to at least defeat the Wall of Flesh boss and enter into hard mode. If we get really ambitious, we can knock out some of the hard bosses, but I don't anticipate us defeating the final boss. We will be playing on Normal mode to make it more casual and fun for everyone this go around. May look into a master mode event in the future if there is interest. When and Where? I will host a dedicated server on my computer that I will keep up during the duration of the event to allow players with different schedules to play when they wish, but I encourage you guys to cooperate! I will personally try to get a large batch of players together on Friday from 3pm-7pm and Saturday from 9am?? (If I get up that early lmfaooo) to 12pm when the event ends. Any Rules? - No throwing (intentionally dying during boss battles, destroying houses/throwing away materials) - You must start with a fresh character (no end game builds) - Don't take other's gear/materials without asking. There will be public chests everyone can use (I encourage the use of them as well) - Have fun! We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    4/15/21 Raised server slots to 46 Changed the command to view the Guard Queue from !vq and !queue to !q and !queue Increased the warmup time as a temporary solution to players not being able to play the first round Added a few new maps! jb_jailberd_v5_final_fix ba_jail_future_v2a
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