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    Hey everyone, As John mentioned in an older announcement, we had plans to swap dedicated machines from Canada to Virginia. Today, we have successfully transitioned all our servers over to OVH’s Virginia dedicated machines! We switched from the Montreal, Canada location to Virginia, USA, because players were experiencing abnormally high latency, and it was affecting the player population for all servers. By switching back to a US location, most of you should see a lower ping compared to the previous dedi, giving you a smoother gaming experience! This change will also allow us to experience an influx of newer players and hopefully see older players returning. We will be able to more easily reach players in regions such as Europe and Asia based on the new location. The following servers were moved, with their new IPs: Server Name IP Zombie Escape ze.steam-gamers.net ( Jailbreak jb.steam-gamers.net ( Minigames mg.steam-gamers.net ( Trouble in Terrorist Town ttt.steam-gamers.net ( Scrim scrim.steam-gamers.net ( Skill Surf surf.steam-gamers.net ( Retakes retakes.steam-gamers.net ( 1v1 Multi Arena 1v1.steam-gamers.net ( Bunnyhop bhop.steam-gamers.net ( Free For All ffa.steam-gamers.net ( TF2 - 24/7 2Fort 2fort.steam-gamers.net ( TF2 - 24/7 Dustbowl dustbowl.steam-gamers.net ( You can find a full list of all our servers in the servers tab: steam-gamers.net/servers For those who haven't seen the specs yet, here are the specs of our new dedicated machines: CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Cores & Threads 8 cores and 16 threads Clock Speed 3.9 GHz and 4.5 GHz with boost RAM 64 GB DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz Storage 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft Raid Big thank you to Liam Brown for helping to make this transition as smooth as possible, and another big thank you to BoTo for checking all servers to make sure they are stable so we can hop on immediately to play. We understand that this swap may or may not result in possible minor hiccups. If you experience any bugs or problems, please report them to the appropriate server subforum and reach out to the Server Managers in charge. Normally your favorites should update automatically with the new IPs within 24 hours. You can manually add the new IPs to your favorites if they haven't updated yet in 24h, or if you can't wait that long to play on our servers . Have fun!
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    Hey folks, I know this is long overdue and it's been several months since we did a MotM or SotM so lets get straight into it. These guys have all shown great dedication and support to the community over the last month and are now being recognized for it. Please hold your applause till the end when I've finished announcing all the winners, thank you. First we have someone who has been extremely active on Zombie Escape, a server that has been in the spotlight a lot lately and continues to grow and thrive as people like him pour hours of effort into making it a great place to be. Now we have this issue with MotM where a lot of people we want to nominate inevitably end up applying for admin and getting it, making it so they are no longer members. So we came up with a simple solution, wait until after we make the MotM announcement to give them admin. Please join me in congratulating @FanService on Member of the Month, even if he is only going to be a member for another 30 minutes or so. Next we have a bit of rare occurrence, as we are announcing three, yes THREE, Staff of the Month team members at the same time. Before you go thinking that we're doing this because missed a few months I'll tell you that this is not the case. As with Member of the Month, we're highlighting what is growing back into one of our "big three" servers, Zombie Escape. This server, after taking a big loss in both player count and staffing, looked like it was on it's last breath back a few months ago. Thankfully a few brave souls stepped in and said they could return it to its former glory, and holy shit they weren't kidding because now it's popping in there almost every night. @Takuto You came back and took up a role much more demanding than when you were previously staff here, and you did so confidently even though you knew you had so much work ahead of you. From your constant planning and ideas in the SM chat to your interactions with the player base, your actions do not go unnoticed by anyone here. @Paralyzed As with Takuto, you came back to take on a role that was knowingly going to be a struggle, even after all the time you've already dedicated to this place over the years. You have been able to offer incredible wisdom and guidance and really be the rock that the ZE SM team needed to get through some of the tough times you guys were presented with and come out on the other side. @ManiacThe champion, the legend, the 7 fucking rank, 2 time SotM absolute best bud I know...you've brought the energy that keeps everyone going. You showed up when we all needed it, starting conversations, planning meetings, and just being there as a smiling face even when other people were trying to keep you down. I never thought when we started talking back in May and June about you joining the staff ranks that you'd end up here, fuck ya bud. Every one of you 100% deserves credit and praise for all of the effort you guys have poured into ZE over not only the last month but since you guys stepped up when we came to you asking for help. Everyone please join me in congratulating these three on Staff of the Month! Okay, you can clap now.
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    Hey folks, As you guys may or may not know, after I stepped up to BD the IAM spot was left vacant to be filled at a later date. Since then, I have been filling the role of "acting IAM" while we decided who we would put into that role. After a lot of talking and deliberation we have decided to promote [REDACTED] to the role of IAM. So Yeah we'll let you guys know who that is in the next 1 to 3 months, 6 months tops. Maybe a year. Continuing along, Maniac and Steven are trying to stack their team full to the brim so that we can have a hunger games style Community Advisor fight to the death. Haha jk...I think. All of these folks have worked to make the community better in one way or another and have proven that they are capable of helping us grow as a community. Please join me in welcoming Arctic, rygor, Yang, and Silentguns to the CA team! Their responsibilities will include: Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects Handling player complaints and issuing bans Moderation of the forum Give awards to members on request Send group invitations to members on request Post in-game server problems on the forum Help in any way to make the servers fun Handle reported posts on the forums Lastly, we have some guy I don't really know joining us as a Server Manager, so yeah some nice words here or whatever. I don't really know what he does around here and till a few weeks ago I didn't even know he was old enough to go to college. Nonetheless, with Chad gone we're going to need someone to keep ZZL in check...so please join me in welcoming Dom to the SM team. Ha, take that ZZL! Oh yeah and his responsibilities will include: Verify that servers are operational Reboot dead/lagged servers Assist in training new admins Search for new maps for all servers Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site Edit map lists & rotations Beating the crap out of ZZL That's all. You can stop reading now. No really, stop. There isn't anything else. The IAM thing was a lie.
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    Slothy has yet again been banned for not being funny. He is now permanently banned on all platforms for being a general nuisance even after getting warned and banned. It ain't funny man...
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    11/1/20 General Gaming Subforum Changes Retired Subforums Garry's Mod Counter-Strike: Source PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Rocket League Overwatch Latest additions: Cyberpunk 2077 DayZ Destiny 2 FiveM (GTA V subcategory) Rust Sea of Thieves World of Warcraft Added game icons to each subforum: Icon in color = unread posts; Icon in Black & White = all posts read FPS - First Person Shooter Subforum Changes Latest additions: Call of Duty Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Valorant Added game icons to each subforum: Main Forum Changes Added icons to Servers section
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    I already posted this in another thread but I just found this section Enjoy x2
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all! Welcome to my beginners guide to Zombie escape! My goal is to give you a good idea on what to expect when first joining ZE and how you can start yourself as a ZE player! I'm going to try and keep this short as there is a lot of stuff to go over if you would like to learn more I highly recommend these other guides created by our players as well! Diryathings' Comprehensive Guide Brights ZE Guide for new players Now onto the guide! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Zombie Escape? Zombie escape also known as "ZE" is as simple as it sounds, you escape the zombies. Humans must escape by navigating a map to the end while defending each other from the horde of zombies that are always behind you. Maps range from a variety of difficulties and pose unique interesting challenges to the escapees such as Obstacle courses, Lasers, bosses and even random events like explosions in certain maps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First time logging onto ZE where do I begin? When you first join there are some things I highly suggest you setup or look at when first starting out. In chat type !guns this will give you a menu pop up that looks like this. I recommend you go through this and setup what you would like to use. Remember that you can use anything you want but there are guns better suited to defending in Zombie Escape those guns are: PP-Bizon - Mobile, easy to aim, high fire rate, high ammo count MP9 - Mobile, Boss melter Negev - High accuracy, Large ammo count, Boss melter M249 - Large Ammo Count Nova - Extremely high knockback (ZM Only weapon) You can buy these mid round by putting ! before the weapon name in chat Example: !Negev Some other useful commands with similar windows as above are: !Models [ For some free in game cosmetics ] !Volume [ If music is too loud, you can adjust it here ] !nominate [ Use this to nominate a map you enjoy for the next vote ] !rtv [ type this to start voting for the next map ] List of Maps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I play? First off there is a timer that will decide who is the starting Mother Zombie this is completely random but if you are a starting zombie you will have bonus HP, your goal is to infect all the humans! Zombie escape is a very teamwork oriented game, for your first time as Human I recommend asking what you should do or stick with the group of people running to the same area. Your goal is to survive and if you stick together and defend certain areas you will open up pathways to inch closer to the end! Depending on what map you are on you might encounter a ZM map these maps are typically a small defend a single area till the round timer runs out. These maps are for times when we have smaller population and usually grab players attention to the server. So if you ever need a map to nominate and have less then 10 people on do !nominate and look for the ZM section. Try to listen to your teammates! There is always someone saying "Fall back" or "Defend Here" and its for a reason! Teamwork is crucial in completing ZE maps and listening or letting people know where to defend yourself is always a good idea! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End And that's the end of the guide, short sweet and to the point! Again if you would like to know more or get really into ZE I recommend the guides linked above, they go far more into depth then I do here and cover lots more information! Other then that thank you for getting this far! I hope to see you all on ZE!
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    for a population that's fairly young, steam-gamers does seem to have a very vocal alt-right loving, bootlicking, christian conservative base. keep watching them ben shapiro "facts (certainly not faith!)" before feelings videos, embrace your ridiculously incompetent hollywood star of a leader, don't wear a mask, and keep digging down the semantic hole you've all fallen into. if this election and pandemic have proven anything, is that we don't live in the same reality and a good fucking portion of the population is delusional to the point where it's auto-destructive. nobody seems to be looking at any issue pragmatically, but you cover what you say in patriotism, unexcused racism/sexism/xenophobia with "logic" as a reason. its reached the point where nothing will convince you to believe in anything that isn't already drilled in your brain, medias that aren't outright conservative or alt-right become "fake news" and "biased" as opposed to what you get your info from, colleges and universities "convert" students into lefties rather than giving them an education, all while you guys get buried in debts so immense it ruins whatever american dream you believe in so much. some of you are just completely tone-deaf, outrageously blind to what is happening next door, to what some people in your own country (which you're so proud of; the greatest, etc.) are living through and experiencing, to the point where the proud boys aren't considered extremists? now someone like fucking bernie sanders is a "radical" "communist"? even joe fucking biden is "radical" and a "commie ally" now?! call me a pessimist but i've completely lost faith on the us. we up north depend so much on you guys yet we keep getting fucked, even at your own detriment, just to follow the party's agenda. oh and to those who are relentlessly attacking silentguns just cause he's european? immediately jumping to arguements like "unlike in your country keke"? you can go fuck yourselves with a dildo made out of semantic rubber, or whatever "facts and logics" material you prefer. we don't live in a fucking bubble, globalization's been a thing since the 18th century you dense imbeciles. you have a right to criticize venezuela? well i have a fucking right to give a shit about the election of one of the most powerful and influential country on earth. "but your country also has this issue/issues in general that you might even acknowledge and actively work to fix therefore you can't have an opinion on the international scene!" yeah fuck off. yall get a gold fucking medal in mental gymnastics. so many of the replies in this thread are so, so deeply embarrassing, it hurts to even think that people believe that shit. you guys should be on the free education side, cause some of yall need it, badly. i didn't come here to make an argument or even to take a position regarding the justice in question, whose appointment is hypocritical to begin with, nor am i going to respond to any attempts of righties trying to get some kind of "prove me that racism exists" bullshit. keep licking the status quo and regression, don't complain when it eventually hits the fan. embrace a dictatorship to own the libs.
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    First funtage I made since the game released. Been having a lot of fun playing this with people in the community. I recommend getting this game if you're bored and want something new to try. I look forward to seeing more CoD clips from people who have been recording their gameplay. People in the video: @ImHunterIRL @phoenix_ @Error. @Cept For Her @Creten @TheZZL @Roudy @Happy Man @Crow @PHNX @Polarzz Notable mentions: @Greggy G @Kieran I'll have part 2 up in a week or so because I still got more content to review. Hope you guys enjoy lol
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    11/16/20 Updates: - Updated the most recent rule to better reflect our intentions. It will now read - This now means ordering Prisoners to Crouch Walk is no longer allowed. We decided to make this change because the order was being abused and was making the game less fun for everyone. - Cleaned up the in-game !help !rules !info and added a Jailbreak Commands , Public Commands , and Guard Commands section. - Did the same with the !faq which now has a FAQ for New Players , FAQ for Players Coming From Other Servers , FAQ for Games , and FAQ for Last Requests.
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    Zombie Escape Shroomforest Event Hey there Steam-Gamers! The ZE team is coming at you with the first Zombie Escape event following the rank reset! We had a good run at sky athletics the last event so we're gonna give all 3 shroomforest maps a solid attempt! If you wanna grind up to the top of the leaderboard while giving Kuri, FanService, and Auto a run for their money you won't wanna miss this event! Hope to see you all there! When? Sunday, November 8th @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_shroomforest_p6 ze_shroomforest2_p6 ze_shroomforest3_p
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    Thank you to @eurofor making this incredible banner Similar to the Minecraft event, this event is a Space map themed event where we are going to play a bunch of space themed Jailbreak maps. During the event there will be a few astronaut and alien models available to everyone for the duration of the event, and we might even do some Low Gravity rounds! Maps jb_moonjail_sg_fix_1 jb_space_jail_sg_e2 jb_lost_planet_redux_v1b_sg When Friday, November 27th, 2020 6:30 - 7:30 EST Where IP: jb.steam-gamers.net Make sure to join our Jailbreak Steam Group to never miss another Jailbreak Event! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sgjailbreak Models Guards US Astronaut Dark Voyager Prisoners Xeno Soldier
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    athiests finding any chance to say god is fake
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    WHAT IS SEEDING? TL:DR right away: Randoms typically do not want to join a server with 0/100 players. This is why in Squad (and many other games), special efforts are taken to pull in randoms and regulars, in order to grow a sustainable mass of players for a full game. In SG there are two sets of additional seeding rules for pre-skirmish and skirmish. Jensen's range: 1. Do not PvP 2. Do not shoot down helicopters 3. Just try out your weapons on the non-player targets. Skirmish : 1. Play the center objective. If there is an equal amount of flags then the objective will be agreed upon by players or determined by the admin. 2. Do not go beyond the center objective, either attack it or defend it. You may claim your own flags before the center objective. 3. Please PLEASE do not build your HAB on the center objective, build it the next flag over. 4. Do not attack enemy FOBs and HABs. 5. Seeding rules apply until 25 v 25 and when the admin broadcasts that the server is LIVE. Remember, the objective of seeding is to build up a sustainable population. Please follow the seeding rules and do not try to make other players rage-quit. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? 1. We have a special discord for our Squad servers, join it and invite your friends: discord.gg/kgCTU492hb 2. Go to the "#seeder-assignment" channel and react to become a seeder: 3. You will now be notified whenever the server is officially being seeded. Of course you can contact an admin and request them to start a seed, if none are active. Initiative is welcome and will be noticed. 4. Be patient, our squad server is new and still establishing a player-base, this will take time. It might not always work but when it does, going from 3 to 100 can feel amazing. The best time to start a seed is even before people get home from work and school. If the server is empty, I personally just play minecraft on the side while I wait for a few other players to join. 5. "But Silent, Squad is an expensive niche game, I can't afford it" . Don't worry my friend, just bookmark the page and wait for the winter sale, if you like hardcore shooters then it will be worth the money: https://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ Thank you!
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    Zombie Escape Final Fantasy Event Hey there Steam-Gamers! Believe it or not we run Zombie Escape events every Sunday!!! This time we're gonna be going back to some old school maps and trying to make [SG] Paul proud by beating mako and wanderers, hope to see you all there! When? Sunday, November 15th @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_10 ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_v5
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    Thank you @n! for the amazing banner! Zombie Escape Minecraft Event Hey there, I'm back to introduce the upcoming ZE event this Sunday! To keep the ball rolling on the video game theme as of late, we're gonna be playing some Minecraft themed maps. We've got 3 on the list and I hope to see you all there to get the wins! When? Sunday November 22nd @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_minecraft_v1_1_p3 ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_3d ze_minecraft_universe_v1_4
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    CLIP OF THE MONTH Huge thanks to everyone who submitted clips this month. It was pretty fun to put together and I hope you all enjoy it. Like past months, the person's name who submitted the clip will be somewhere on the screen so if you wanted to vote, make sure to check who submitted your favorite clip. The prizes for best clip are as follows: 1st place - copy of Kona 2nd: 5k credits 3rd: 2.5k credits SUBMIT CLIPS FOR NOVEMBER 2020 HERE Enjoy! thanks @thuxysand @euro for the best thumbnail i have ever seen
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    Hey folks here are the challenges for week 4 and 5, sorry for the delay we've been working hard in the background to find ways to improve these challenge weeks as we continue on to the end. As this is week 4 and 5 and we're still behind by a few days, we'll likely extend the challenge out by one week at the end. Moving forward there won't be anymore delays and we will continue on with this format all the way through week 12! So a quick refresher, challenges can be submitted until the end of the challenge event. Some of these challenges will be easy to prove you did and others will be harder, but it's all part of the fun. The forms will explain all the requirements for each challenge and do not require all challenges to be complete to submit, should you only want to complete certain challenges. All challenges needed to complete week 4 & 5 are as follows: Week 4 ZE - Beat a hard tier map JB - As a prisoner kill 5 guards in one round TTT - As a terrorist kill 6 people including a detective in a round Bhop - Complete a Tier 3 Map on Normal, Prespeed-Allowed, or Segmented Surf - Complete surf_summer on Low Gravity Completion Form Week 5 TF2 (Dustbowl) - Get 10 Headshots with Sniper MG - Complete 5 course maps Retakes - Finish with the most kills during the map 1v1 - Finish a game with a KD 1.00 or higher Scrim - Win a game on Vertigo Completion Form
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    I purposely made this the thumbnail. @Charlierethe thumbnail shoutout (6:25 is for you) Video appearances: @Greggy G @Cept For Her @Polarzz @Error. @Hawks @ImHunterIRL @Acer @phoenix_ @PHNX @delirium @TheZZL @Crow
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    Hey so I’m taking a break from the servers because of some personal issues. I may get on every once in a while but it may only be for a short time. I will possibly me active on the forums and discord. Anyways I may be back on in a month or so. Until then, I will be seeing you on the forums kids. ;)
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    I think we should have an event where we bring back old maps such as, Obama, clouds, the original spy vs spy, among other maps
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    Last update im posting before release Thanks @Damon @20 scrolls for all the help and designs!
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    Congrats @Maniac @Takuto @Paralyzedyou guys have been bringing back ZE to the top @FanServicecongrats on MOTM (thank me later) and also congrats on admin it seems Feels only right to post this in here
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    Quoted from the FAQ, linked here: So, Yes quick switching is ok and CTs should not be killing you for this, However, holding it out for any longer than that will most likely lead to you being killed.
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    11/9/20 - Updated the JB Steam Group! Make sure to join it at the link here, https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sgjailbreak , to not miss out on events, updates, and population pings! - New models for Guards and Prisoners being added today, and old one's being removed! Added: Prisoner | Public | FREE Prison Gang Leader | Public | 15,000 Credits Tyrone | Premium Supporter | 15,000 Credits Female Guard | Public | FREE Riot Specialist | Public | 10,000 Credits Removed: - Batman - Red Rocket Racoon - SAS Agent - Zombie - Krueger - Punisher Changed: - The previous "Prisoner" model is now called "Striped Prisoner" and costs 5,000 credits All the active skins can now be found in this thread:
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    Jailbreak Models Here's a list of our current models available in !shop on Jailbreak. Get access to our exclusive Basic, Premium, and Elite supporter models by donating here! Prisoner Skins Prisoner | Public | FREE Striped Prisoner | Public | 10,000 Credits Prison Gang Leader | Public | 15,000 Credits Balkan Addict | Public | 10,000 Credits Pink Panther | Basic Supporter | FREE Tyrone | Premium Supporter | 15,000 Credits Pirate Admin | Admin Guard Skins Female Guard | Public | FREE Riot Specialist | Public | 10,000 Credits GSG-9 Addict | Public | 10,000 Credits Pink CT | Basic Supporter | FREE Superman | Elite Supporter | 15,000 Credits FBI Admin | Admin Limited Time Skins Guard Skins Terminator | Public | FREE Nazi Guard | Basic Supporter | 5,000 Credits
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    Oh I take special pride in this rejection letter. I remember when I took it upon me to write it. The other CE's told me not to "spend so much energy on such a blatant obviously rejected admin application." But I told them that "This is Bubba, lets have a good time. I'm sure he'll see the funny part in it aswell." And here we are, 7 years later having a laugh about it. Bubba, I barely know anything at all about you, let alone almost never played with you. But I hope you found some joy in this community and your place, admin or not. Thank you for the good memories of how YOUR catastrophical admin application made my day, as well today 7 years later. Swede out.
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    Why do you have to be so toxic for no reason? I can't seem to find anywhere in his post that mentions "black people doing bad things" and merely see him commenting on the destruction being caused. Whether it's 1% or 99% of protests, it doesn't change the fact that an estimated $1-2 billion in damages has occured. If you're going to start name calling and pulling things out your ass, you should at least cite your sources when you're going to make a claim as bold and vague as "... destructive ONLY when counter protests or police responded with violence first". What does that even mean? Counter protestors and police instigating justifies looting and burning down buildings that had nothing to do with it?
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    @Damonthanks for the banner MG Course Challenge Hey course players I'm happy to announce a competition for you all! Course challenge is where people fight for the best time on a specific course map. The course will be mg_holidayclub_course_v3. All you need to do to submit a screenshot of you beating mg_holidayclub_course_b3 in this thread (Make sure the chat is visible in your screenshot ). The winners are the people with the 3 highest times on auto normal (make sure you achieved this time in the contests run time November 1 - December 1 all times before this date will not be counted). Make sure to submit even if your outside of Top 3, since all players that submit will be rewarded with two custom Solider 76 Skins if we reach enough submissions! Rewards The people with the top 3 times will get to choose from the games below - Sudden strike 4 - Jalopy - Pathologic Classic HD Top 1 player will be awarded with a custom model of their choosing (make sure its an already made csgo model). Damon has final say in the models requested, and can have you reconsider. While your here you should join the SG discord. Bonus Challenge If we get 15 submission, all players that submitted a time will unlock: If we get 30 submission, all players that submitted a time will unlock:
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    I'm craving 7 days for free right now.
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    It's raffle time! So this is a big reminder that we rely on donated skins to host these raffles. So if you're looking to donate, please consider purchasing some nice skins and donating them for your supporter rank instead. This will help us make our raffles even better and give you guys better prizes to win. The window to buy tickets ends November 30th at 11:59 PM EST, drawing will be held soon after. Here are the prizes! Elite Supporter: AK-47 | Bloodsport (Minimal Wear) SGG 08 | Big Iron (Minimal Wear) Tropico 6 - El Prez Edition ($55) Resident Evil Revelations ($30) Ken Follet's The Pillars of the Earth ($30) Premium Supporter: AK-47 | Jaguar (Field-Tested) USP-S | Blueprint (Minimal Wear) Hearts of Iron IV ($40) American Truck Simulator ($20) RUINER ($20) Public: M4A1-S | Cyrex (Minimal Wear) StatTrak™ Music Kit | AWOLNATION, I Am The Surge ($20) INSIDE ($20) Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition ($15) What is this? Please read the recently updated FAQ All our raffles are funded entirely by member donations (For Elite Supporter, Premium Supporter or otherwise for free). If you would like to help out, please send Black Rain a trade request! (CLICK HERE) All contributions are greatly appreciated!
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    9th November 2020 Added a new Stripper config for ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v5_2. Added Server redirects. To bring up the menu you can use the following commands: !servers, !list or !serv. Added !dz command. This allows you to change your melee weapon (fists, axe, hammer, etc). This perk is only available to Basic Supporter+. Thanks @BoTo! Removed Anti-camp from the maps ze_atix_panic_v1 and ze_voodoo_islands_v8_5_p4.
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    The Halloween event is almost over so we wanted to give you guys one last day of fun before the event ends. This Saturday we will be hosting a Juggernaut event at 6:30pm EST! During this event, CTs get an increased amount of health and armour with reduced speed. Thanks to @TheZZLwe will also be buffing the jihad for the event to help Ts out a bit. RTD has been turned on for the remainder of the event so be sure to take advantage of that as well. Also wanna give a shoutout to @Chadfor all the work he's done as the JB AT for the past few months o7 When? Saturday October 31st, 6:30pm EST Where? Jailbreak IP: jb.steam-gamers.net While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    10/28/2020 Starting Karma has been reduced to 200. Karma Bans have been increased to 6 hours at 50 karma to address the bug of players being able to reach negative karma without being banned.
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    Ryzen 5 5600x and a 3070/3080. I'm telling you right now, you are not going to be able to get a 3070 or a 3080 next month. People have been attempting to buy these for months now with no luck. You gotta get really lucky when they restock or you gotta bot one. ZOTAC restocks their 3070s a lot but they aren't the ideal 3070 to get. A 3070 is a 3070 so if you want to get one, try for it. I'm in a Discord that tracks 3070/3080 drops and it pings you when a retailer restocks. If you're building or upgrading these days you are going to want to upgrade to a RTX Ampere card or the new AMD Big Navi cards. They're both extremely hard to get now because scalpers and bots are scooping up everything. You will end up paying a round $600-$700 on a RTX 3070 if you are desperate enough and can't nab one at retail. I've had a couple of offers so far for 3070s that I have turned down because I don't want to overpay too much for the card. I've been offered $600 that I absolutely regret not taking and $650 that I was more iffy on. I was also offered to buy a $560 MSRP card for $730 from some moron in the NVIDIA Discord. You just gotta get lucky... Browse /r/hardwareswap on Reddit if you want to buy one used or sealed. Like I said though, you'll be paying $600-$700 anywhere that is not retail. Here's a document that will tell you everything you need to know on how to secure a 3xxx card: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/14M3rQQSWW4OPgnRkxbMr1hTEBEwPm3449KINbJJgGA8/mobilebasic Good luck. I have been trying myself for a while. What @deliriumsaid about watercooling is true. I thought about getting an AIO but my dear friend @vinylshowed me the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4. It is an absolute bitch to install but it's worth it. I get really good temps compared to the stock AMD cooler and it is fairly quiet. It is absolutely massive though so you might have to check if you have clearance for RAM or whatnot. oh, and find someone with tiny hands to help you install it. I put this together for you. PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor ($299.99) CPU Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 50.5 CFM CPU Cooler ($89.90 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard ($184.84 @ Amazon) Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($109.99 @ Best Buy) Storage: Western Digital SN750 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive ($62.99 @ Amazon) Video Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB XC3 ULTRA GAMING Video Card ($559.99) Total: $1307.70 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-11-24 09:02 EST-0500 I put in the prices for the CPU and GPU manually because they are not in stock anywhere. It's going to be a pain to source either but it is completely worth it. No point in getting anything else if you aren't dying of desperation to get a new system. As for the case, get whatever you want lol. It's your preference and the design you like. I'm not going to shove a case down your throat. Keep your current storage and add that NVME I put in the list. I don't think I'm forgetting anything? You could look into getting another AMD Ryzen CPU. Those things are really great and you seriously can't go wrong with them. No point in getting an Intel CPU nowadays. You could also get a different motherboard. I'm not too knowledgeable on them but I picked that one based off of personal experience. Idk. Good luck, champ. Adding this: Ryzen 7 3700x is on sale right now for $279 at Best Buy. It is also a really good CPU and it is a nice alternative if you cannot find the 5600x. I recommend browsing /r/buildapcsales for some nice deals. Sometimes retailers make stupid errors and you can cop nice parts for stupid cheap prices. There are also times where there are just some really good sales that aren't marketed that well. I'm finding a lot of really good deals on things right now like cases, storage, CPUs, etc. and it isn't even Black Friday yet. Right now and Black Friday would be the best time to buy parts if you can, @fantastic.
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    You look like I could sell you a gram for $80
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    17 November 2020 Role Selection Changes Added Call of Duty role to #role-selection For all you gamers we added a COD role and channel to talk about all your gaming needs! New User Changes Added a captcha requirement for new users joining the discord New users will have to complete a captcha sent to them in DMs. This should help alleviate the troll/spam/bot accounts from joining the server
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    Remember its remembrance day today so at 11:00 take 1 minute of silence
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    11th November 2020 (re)Added a new rule: No intentional point farming. (See: https://steam-gamers.net/forums/topic/94447-ze-point-farming/) Changed the rule regarding misleading humans. New rule: "Do not mislead humans". Old rule: Do not purposely mislead humans as a zombie on maps in the Hard and Expert map categories / Do not purposely mislead humans as a fellow human.
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    Yo, Just had an idea to expand the SG brand that I think is pretty safe to invest into if there is interest for it. There is a website where you can make custom stickers and I think it may be cool if there were SG stickers out there because I'm sure there may be some interest in buying them. This website offers all kinds of stickers from vinyl, holographic, matte, brushed aluminum, etc. They come in all different sizes so there's a lot to mess with. Here is the website.
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    6th November 2020 Added a new Stripper config for ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v6_b09k2. Added a new Cvar command that (hopefully) fixes the ghost knifing issues. Added Bismarck (Azur Lane) as a new human Elite Supporter model. Changed Melee damage by humans from 6000 -> 4000. Replaced TOP 5 human model S-Sha with Emilia (Re:Zero). Replaced FREE human model Kumla FBI with Hunk (RE2). Replaced FREE human model Ash FBI with Isaac Security (Dead Space 2). Removed Premium supporter human model Tourist Kermit. Removed Premium supporter human model Left Shark. Disabled !ztele for humans on ZM_ maps.
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    Now I like you Silent, you're an alright guy. This is just propaganda. Wanna know what threatens my socioeconomic well being. People burning everything down around me while my law enforcement does nothing except hand them the keys to their headquarters.
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    Could you do me a favor and contextualize some of the buzzwords you used as low quality bait in your previous post. Now my history is a bit shoddy, but my understanding was that fascism starts with censoring free speech, rewriting history and disarming the masses not posting pepes on Facebook. Make no mistake, the idea that killing something living that you brought into existence is wrong is not a fringe opinion. Additionally, the de facto method of not having kids for thousands of years was...not having sex, making contraceptives very much a luxury item. Repainting ideas as "rights" because of some paradigm shift is just another way of calling out anyone in disagreement as morally bankrupt or evil.
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    I have come to find my self with a 3 month Xbox game pass and I don't want it so I will be drawing a winner in 3 days from now. To enroll just like this thread and good luck
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