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    14 years and we are still here going strong! This would not have been possible without you, the community, members across the world throughout all these years that have been supporting and representing SG online. A very big thank you to @Haggard the founder of SG, and thank you to @Atarian, the genius behind the forums. It’s the year 2021 and we are just getting started! Let’s kick off this anniversary with some amazing giveaways. Everyone is welcome to enter and the only way to enter this raffle is to simply thank this post. We’re giving away the prizes below: 1 month of Elite Supporter 1 month of Premium Supporter 1 month of Basic Supporter 10,000 Store Credits CS:GO Skin: M4A1 | Printstream (Battle-Scarred) CS:GO Skin: AK-47 | Legion of Anubis (Field Tested) Thank you again to everyone apart of Steam Gamers! Here’s to another 14 years!
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    “I just lag, not toggle” has been permanently banned for constant use of exploits, afk credit farming, and is suspected of wall hacking.
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    Hello everyone, With the recent release and success of Rust, we would like to give recognition to the people who busted their asses to get it out the door. These three gentlemen spent dozens of hours play testing, putting together rules, and setting up the framework for the server. The roles they played were pivotal in the success of the launch. These guys churned out the server in the span of a week and no lifed the server in order to find improvements. There's 15,000 messages in our Rust development channel, truly wild. We would not have been able to do it without them and their dedication will not go unseen. Please join me in congratulations @Steven., @Creten, and @gween!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SG! To celebrate 14 years of SG, we'll be hosting a six hour Anniversary Stream Friday, February 26th from 4PM-10PM EST featuring our Streamer Team! Come by the Official SG Twitch to hang out and play with our Streamers! Get excited for a special event during the stream, Supporter Hide and Seek! Title's: Little Nightmare Supporter Exclusive Hide and Seek! The Forest Among Us among other titles. (If you are interested in streaming during the 6 hour stream then send Mace a message on discord). Event: The Supporter Exclusive Hide and Seek Event will start promptly at 6 PM EST! Supporters, the IP is shown on the event announcement in the Basic Supporter Subforum. The server password will be released 5-10 minutes before the event starts in the event announcement, get online quick before the server fills up! Fourteen Years is an amazing accomplishment and it couldn't have been done without all SG's community members. Past, present, players & staff alike. Thank you all for finding a place at SG and here's to another 14 years! Viva La Steam (Hyphen) Gamers!
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    Hello everyone, I remembered to make this thread a bit earlier than last month. This gentleman has been an exemplary member of the community both before joining the Modding Team and after. He is the sole reason as to why we even launched our Crackhouse server because he was the one that ported it over! Some might say he is better than Scrolls and that might be the case but I don't want Scrolls to kill himself. Whether he's porting maps over or sending out map fixes, this guy never stops grinding. Please join me in congratulating @3nifor achieving Staff of the Month! Now, onto the member of the month portion of this post. This guy may have had a troubled past here but he has turned that around and has become a great and active regular for our Rust server. He is extremely supportive of the server and is constantly helping both managers out by keeping the population of the server up. Please join me in congratulating @Cody.for achieving Member of the Month!
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    Introducing Crackhouse! I'm honored to announce SG's very own Crackhouse server in CS:GO! The team here has been working hard on replicating that beautiful map and nostalgia from CS:S. The real credit goes to @3ni's initial suggestion and excellent map-making skill, without them we would've never imagined turning this into a server. I also want to especially thank @BoTo, @BloodBlades, @Maniac, and @Nate.for their input and advisement throughout each revision and edit made. Their hard work and talent is really what pushed this project through to the end. This is the very first proper Crackhouse server and map in CS:GO, so we hope to see great success out of this! What is Crackhouse? Crackhouse is a Team Deathmatch gamemode from CS:S, it was, and still is, very popular! It's focused around the classic map where the Terrorists spawn inside the house as crackheads, and Counterterrorists try to surge the house from outside as FBI Agents. Our server is TDM FFA, so you'll keep respawning and having fun! We're launching the server with two treats for everyone, a 2x Credit Multiplier for a week, and a Leaderboard Contest with exciting prizes! Server IP: or crackhouse.steam-gamers.net Crackhouse Topics Crackhouse Subforum Crackhouse Rules Crackhouse Changelog
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    Fixed it , @GentooI will be expecting this in the next update /thread
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    Hello everyone. After some further discussion, the Board has decided to allow CS:GO Server Administrators vote on admin applications. We are going to have the Community Advisors work alongside the server admins in order to get well written responses. Admin applications and votes will remain public.
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    I just want to give some feedback on some of the new maps added to TTT recently. ttt_sg_zlounge This is a fun map to play on for me. It's not too big and has a good amount of detail. The only issue with the map is that you can easily get on top of the roof. I recommend this map stays in rotation. ttt_banzai_bay_sg1 This map looks really good and works really well layout wise for TTT, but there are many issues with it. Small Issues: The water in the pool doesn't actually work like normal water in csgo, it doesn't stop fall damage. The birds are stuck in one spot and don't move (I know it's a game breaking issue, but it pointed out to me). Big Issues: With one simple boost you can get outside the map or anywhere on top the map. There are actually many different spots you can boost up from (Only 3 that I could find in my testing). Thanks to @ya BOI @lyn @Gentoo @Trazz Get with me later in a DM so I can share the spots I know about I would really love to see this map get played more in the future, but for now the bugs are game breaking. ttt_golf I personally don't like this map at all. It's too flat and kind of boring. I do like the concept of a mini golf course, but you can't actually play mini golf. Also the t-trap near the bridge doesn't work (I was told a fix for that was coming already). Also the t-traps I'm pretty sure are supposed to activated from a distance. I recommend just removing this map. ttt_kg_krustykrab_v1 A fun old ZM map turned TTT map and with it being a ZM map it has a lot of hiding for people to camp in. Along with the hiding places the map can feel huge at times and it can be hard to find players. Now I don't know a good way of fixing something like that unless we take hours on hours clipping things. Another thing about this map is that there isn't a lot of guns on this map. Just the ones in the front (see image above) and a AK or two on the ship in the back. More guns and nades placed around the map will greatly improve this map. Also one more thing is you can get stuck in the corner of spawn and not get out. I recommend this map stay, but with more guns. ttt_minecraft_2018b1 Good old map that got a new fresh coat of paint and some new goodies. I don't really have anything bad to say about the map. Definitely recommend keeping this map. ttt_salazar_castle_sg1 This is another map that's been around for a while, but I never liked it. It feels small and too dark. I believe the map would be so much better with the bottom section of the map restored and the night be turned to day again. I recommend removing it unless its reverted back to the older version of the map. ttt_warmcastle Last and probably the least of all the new maps. I do not like this map at all, for many reasons. Issues: The map is too small To many rooms with very little or nothing in it All the guns are in the courtyard and no where else, so it forces the gameplay one direction Its really, like really, yellow There's an anime girl trapped in the wall I recommend that map be removed as its not good. Maybe if there are future updates that improve it will be better, but it is still too small, lack details, and burns the color yellow into my eyes. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope in the future I can help out more with figuring what maps work best for the server and what ones don't.
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    2/22/2021 Added an updated version of Radar. It will now outline the players' model every 20 seconds for 0.75 seconds. The price is 100 credits Removed the Aug that detectives spawned with the M4A1-s. Changing your name will now be displayed in chat to all. Added the gold knife in the !dz weapon menu.
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    Hello, I have added Spectral Shiv (Ghost Knife) support to servers ZE, JB, TTT, FFA, BHOP, SURF and CRACKHOUSE running the /dz plugin. It took a bit to figure out how to work around the bug cause by the Ghost Knife.
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    Shoutout @Clamor for the banner! Shoutout @John GMod TTT is finally back! For those of you who are unfamiliar with TTT, it's a gamemode that's all about TRAITORS versus the INNOCENTS. A small group of Traitors are randomly picked each round and together they must kill all of the Innocents and Detectives. The Innocents do not know the role of anyone else except their own! The Detectives must work with the Innocents to find out who the Traitors are. Map List Map names and downloads are here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2387942865 When 2/13-2/20 Where
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    Hello! We are happy to announce that SG will now be hosting Supporter Exclusive Events! Our wonderful supporters show their support for SG month after month and now we are here to give back. As the big bold underlined words say, we will be introducing our Supporter Events! -So what would these events consist of & look like? These events will feature more wild events, supporters will have the perk of voting for the event that they would like to participate in, we are willing to go for the more outlandish event ideas that may be turned down for our standard events and Supporter Events will be streamed live on our SG Twitch channel! -How do I participate? The only requirement is that you must be a supporter to join in on these events. Exact details on how to join events will be included when the ET announces a new event. Thank you to all our Supporters for keeping our operations running and to all our community members for making sure that we can bring new ideas to the table to make your time at SG more enjoyable. Expect a thread in the near future with details regarding our first Supporter Event.
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    You've just responded to a three page thread about the change you're talking about, please do a little bit of reading: Not only do you have BOARD MEMBERS flat out telling you the reason why, there's discussion from said higher staff and regulars on this topic. Just...
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    SG is older then roughly 80% of all JB players. Literally a daycare at this point but nonetheless Long Live SG. Also sick event idea, definitely gonna be on for Hide and Seek.
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    Hello everyone, In an effort to continue finding ways to hit our goals and expand into other game modes as you've seen recently, I'd like to have SG venture a bit further into the world of raffling skins, separate from what we currently do with our raffle system. This new raffle would be completely separate (and, to be less confusing, would eventually be staggered in terms of time) from the current raffle system we do here via play time. For now, I'm just running a trial to see who would even be interested. Ultimately, it would be cool to have several skins going at once ranging in value, but for now we are just going to do one skin: a Factory New AK-47 Frontside Misty. Not only would I like to add additional skins to the raffle in the future, but also I would like to do things like taking suggestions from you guys and voting on skins that I purchase to put into the raffle. And having the big monthly winner choose the random method in which I draw the following month's winner(s). There really aren't a whole lot of limits to what we can do with it. The current ground-rules for this trial: It will be open from the moment I post this thread to 11:59pm PDT, March 31st. Each raffle ticket is $5. There are no limits to the amount of raffle tickets you can buy. Eligibility: You must be a forum member as of the time of this post, and you must be in good standing (not banned). If you get forum banned at all, for any duration of time, I will refund you your ticket and you will become ineligible. All ranks allowed to participate. You may buy tickets for other people, so long as they meet the eligibility requirements. I will fully refund any number of tickets you request, as long as it's done prior to the end of the raffle. Winner will be drawn shortly after; most likely the next day, unless something comes up for me. This will be to ensure that everyone who got in during the window gets sent a raffle ticket. I will draw the winner, and it will be done live (in some manner, haven't decided yet). Unless participants inform ME of a situation where they will be AFK, the winner(s) will have 72 hours from the time I post the results to claim the prize(s). Send me a forum PM for further details to claim. I am not going to hunt people down. In the event where a prize is unclaimed after 72 hours, I will publicly inform everyone that the person did not contact me and will immediately hold another live drawing to determine the winner (the person who did not claim the prize will still be eligible for the redraw). The minimum amount of raffle tickets purchased TOTAL, among everyone, is 10. In the event where there are not at least 10 total tickets purchased, I will either refund everyone's money or I will do the raffle anyways: that will be up to my discretion. If the minimum number is met, I will run the raffle. You MUST PM me on the forums with your PayPal email you used to purchase the ticket(s), so I can verify and give you the ticket(s). If you do not hear back from me please follow up. Anything not mentioned here that comes up later will be handled, disputed, resolved, etc., by me. Being that this is a trial run, I don't have any fancy new PayPal buttons just yet. For now, you can pull up this QR code on your phone's camera and it will redirect you to PayPal where you can purchase a raffle ticket. In the note, it would be helpful if you put what it was for, who you are on the forums, etc., for easier identification later. While I am in conversations with fellow BD's about my goals and expectations for this raffle, I am running this on my own...so please direct any questions to me. Hopefully there is a good turn out, and we can continue to move forward each month making it better and better as we see fit! Good luck and thanks everyone!
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    Thanks to @euro for the amazing banner! TTT Outcast Event Due to the success of previous TTT Outcast Event, we wanted to bring it back! Here is how the event works: There will be only one Traitor with several buffs. The Traitor will have bonus HP, certain T items will be free, and Random Teleporter will be active during the event! When Wednesday, March 3rd @ 5pm EST Where ttt.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maps ttt_highrise_mw2_sg_sgfix ttt_rooftops_slayers_v2_fix1 ttt_mcvillage_b3-c ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5
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    2/21/2021 Added ttt_banzai_bay_sg1, ttt_golf, ttt_kg_krustykrab_v1, ttt_minecraft_2018b1, ttt_salazar_castle_sg1, ttt_warmcastle Removed cs_mansion_w, sm_militia, de_edge_winter, ttt_christmastown_v1, ttt_cobertura_sg_v1, ttt_crummycradle_csgo_v1_1, ttt_damons_disco_v1, ttt_oregon_v1, ttt_parkhouse_sg_fixv1, ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1, ttt_richburg, ttt_teenroom_csgo_2, ttt_thetops_v1a, ttt_tumbleweed_v1_3 Only two players are required to begin a round now. Players with a communication ban will no longer be muted by default on the server.
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    02/27/2021 surf_cannonball & surf_mate - Maximum Velocity increased from 3000 to 5000.
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    Thank you@crazedkangaroo for the banner s/o @Poke for the event idea What is tf2 Randomizer? Team Fortrtess 2 randomizer is a mod that gives you a you a random loadout everytime you respawn. For example as a scout you could get sticky bomb launcher or as a pyro you could get a sniper with engineers wrench. The possibilities are endless! When? Friday, Febuary 26th @ 5pm EST Where? This event will be hosted on our arena tf2 server. arena.steam-gamers.net Join the SG discord
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    Today I woke up in a cold sweat, terrified. I instantly jumped out of my bed and checked the forums. Tunnel visioned - I went to 20 scrolls' profile. He was still a Community Advisor. Having just patched up my wall from the previous incursion into this individuals profile I was upset knowing what would happen in the coming seconds. My fist was going near the speed of sound from my perspective. My unbelievable amount of rage balled up in my right hand, honestly, it was scary. 1 second to impact, I was trembling. Finally, after what was forever to me, my fist met drywall. To me I absolutely shattered the newly patched up wall, the house was shaking from the amount of force being put into the structure. I could hear my parents yelling at me as I was recovering from the blow that was just dealt to the wall. Little did I realize that my fist never pierced the already weakened drywall, in fact - the punch nearly broke every bone in my right arm. My parents in reality were yelling to me asking if I was okay or not. We rushed to the hospital. I am now recovering in this comfortable hospital bed eating jello and watching George Lopez. You win this time 20 scrolls, next time you'll wish you were so lucky.
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    Thanks @crazedkangaroofor the banner Admins vs Regs Hey, were back with another Admins vs Regs. Admins will be on ct side and Regs will be on T side. We might even switch sides so regs can boss around our admins! Where? jb.steam-gamers.net When? Friday, February 19 @ 7 PM Est While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord! Make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group!
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    The map pool was getting awfully stale so we decided to cut some of the lesser played and depopulating maps, and replaced them with some new maps or a few that haven't been in our pool for some time. I'm going to address these individually before going into further detail. ttt_sg_zlounge This shit fire, although the roofs will likely be zoned off in the future to prevent delaying and head glitching that has been annoying to some on the map. ttt_banzai_bay_sg1 This is also fire. Nice small map that's good for low pop and has quick rounds on higher pop. I'll take a look at the problem areas, and they will likely be zoned. ttt_golf This map has been somewhat popular. The t-traps will be fixed as well as some out of bounds areas being clipped. This will stay in the map pool until we get a better idea of how often it's played and how much people like it (with working t-traps). ttt_kg_krustykrab_v1 This map has been pretty popular but does suffer from being huge and having a few stuck spots. Trazz and I talked about this before putting it in the pool, but decided it would be best to wait before editing it. This will be clipped and have portions underground clipped off. I have not seen arming as much of an issue, but with portions of the map going away, we'll consider rearming. ttt_minecraft2018b1 A princess map that isn't broken as hell or straight trash :D ttt_salazar_castle_sg1 The darker lighting actually comes from the earliest version of the map on the server. We brightened up a few especially dark spots, but the environment lighting could be further brightened. I see this map come up fairly regularly during lower pops, so this will likely stay unless it falls out of favor in the future. ttt_warmcastle This map is fairly bland, so it's likely that it will be removed as it's probably not worth the effort to rearm as well as populate with props. I don't think the layout is really that bad, but the map certainly feels a bit lifeless. We have some new and returning maps already that you'll likely see this week. Pretty stoked about some of these, so you'll just have to see. We will assess the map pool again in the future, paying attention to these newly introduced maps, but I think many of them just need more time to be digested by the server.
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    Steam-Gamers Zombie Escape Event #03 We are back to bring you another event on Sunday, 7:00 PM EST. We will be going through maps that have been created from the Zombie Escape mapping contest. The days before this event begins I will be putting these maps up for us to practice so hop on through the week and lets learn this map and see if we can beat it on Sunday When? Sunday, February 21st @ 7PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_cyberpunk_x ze_cursed_bear_tales With events scheduled in the steam group, I will be removing them since we had a change of plans, but we will still be tackling them week by week or every other week, keep up to date with us whether that be through the forums or Discord
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    Petition to remove the whole ctbuy menu Get me more likes then ^^
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    Skribbl.io is back once again due to high demand! What is Skribbl.io? Skribbl.io is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. One person is given a word to draw while the rest of the players try to guess the word as they draw it. Players get points for having others guess their drawings and correctly guessing drawings before the timer runs out.The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! When? Sunday, Febuary 14th @ 8PM EST Where? The event will be played on https://skribbl.io. We will also be hosting the event in the Discord in the events channel. If you are not yet a member of the SG Discord click the icon below to join! Thank you @shoiep for the amazing banner
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    2/9/21 Fixed a bug with the new Ratio Plugin that allowed people to bypass the Guard Queue. Added the Ratio/Guard Queue commands in the in-game menu. Added an advertisement for the next map at the end of the last round of a map. Removed the Scout and AK47 outside for balancing on jb_pyrenees_v1_2. Special thanks to our Technical Administrators @BoTo and @nanociaglia for their help on this changelog.
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    Thanks for the banner @Nate. Crackhouse GunGame ZZL rejected my offer of doing admins vs regs again so im forced to do this :(. Crackhouse gungame is exactly what it sounds, we will bring back an old gamemode and play it on the crackhouse map! How gungame works is players are tasked to kill each other with different guns, and each time you get a kill you rank up to a new weapon. The first person who finishes the gun list wins! Exp will be enabled from the main leaderboard plugin on the server! When? Wensday, March 10th @ 7 PM EST Where? crackhouse.steam-gamers.net Join the SG discord now ZZL is a clown
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    Zombie Escape Event #04 What's up, welcome to part 2 of the event, where we go into a pc case and go through all of the pc parts. We will also be catching up on things with an old friend named serious Sam. These maps maybe hard but with perseverance, teamwork, the drive to win and enough people, we can definitely come out on top. So I hope to see you all there When? Sunday, February 28th @ 7PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_PC Serious Sam: The First Encounter
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    Older than the average fortnite player, respect.
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    Petition to move stims health boost and tac grenades to page 1 of the buy menu as id assume they are the most used and most time critical items in the plugin
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    Thanks @thuxys for the banner Also thanks to @BloodBlades, @Damon, and @Dom for helping de_fenestration MG is back with another interesting to say the least event. I've been a lazy bitch and have been sitting on the one for a few months now so hopefully you guys will have as much fun with it as I did. WHEN? Sunday, February 21st @ 5PM EST WHERE? The CS:GO MG Server! mg.steam-gamers.net:27015 WHAT IS DE_FENESTRATION? de_fenestration is a popular twist on the regular old hostage gamemode made by 3kliksphilip. Instead of the CT side attempting to take back the hostage, they already have the hostage from the start. Their goal is to bring him back into the middle of an arena style map while facing the T side to win. If you want to learn more about the event you can check out some of the videos the creator made about it on his channel. Haven't joined the discord yet? that's disappointing... don't be disappointing, join
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    filing a copyright claim on the server as we speak
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    > pisses off shotgun nerds > steps down so can't be bothered to change it back
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    2/14/21 Added jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2 back to the server as the armory bug is no longer occurring. Added a cvar that unmutes players who have been auto muted due to a Valve CS:GO communication ban. Removed the rule prohibiting players with communications bans from playing as Guards.
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    this map is SO FUCKING GOOD. it's insanely t sided and it makes it so much fun to play. I love the risk reward spawn rooms for both teams and the amount of secrets everywhere. makes it feel like when we had the iso spawn on the electric maps and they opened cells before the guards came out of armory. one thing tho, why is the platform and ledges leading to the M4 KOS? I was told by @BloodBlades that @TheZZL said this was KOS, so i'm just interested in why that was ruled, because by that logic, in soccer on electric, the giant surrounding wall with the scout in it is KOS because it has a primary on it. overall love the map but there are some bizarre KOS rulings. I can understand if this was done for balance, but having inconsistent rulings across maps i feel is a big issue.
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    We all know TTT is a perfect gamemode, and nothing will ever beat that. However, I think some things could change to the server in its current state to make it even MORE exhilarating and fun. 1. Kevlar prices for Ts (and maybe detectives) - Before the price changes and the plugin change, kevlar+helm used to be the most popular option for Ts to buy at the beginning of the round. There was no question: you buy kevlar when you get T. This brought very little variety for other T items in the shop and made inno rounds very boring: wait for the T to shoot at you or get tazed and hope you can shoot enough bullets into them before they kill you in 1 shot with any gun. Since the new T shop, which brought a lot of variety to T items, I find that no one ever purchases kevlar, and for good reason. 250 credits is competing with M4A1-S, missile, and AWP (more on this item later), as well as the options for radar, tracer, and other cheaper T items takes away the viability of buying kevlar. I'd like to see it brought down at least 50 credits to bring it on the same level as the M4A1-S, but testing it with the new T shop items at the original 150 credits could be good as well. 2. KOSable items - Ah, the good days where literally having an AWP in your inventory would instantly get you killed. I know we've talked about bringing this in before, but we really should again. I don't know how to bring an argument to it other than it's more fun when holding an AWP instantly gets people killed. 3. New maps - They aight. Just look at @Clamor's post and I agree with everything he said, but I'll give my opinion. ttt_sg_zlounge - Fun map, and others enjoy it as well. ttt_banzai_bay_sg1 - Also fun, just fix the bugs that Clamor mentioned. ttt_golf - Isn't really fun at all to me. T traps COULD make it more interesting, but its layout just isn't fun. ttt_kg_krustykrab_v1 - What could go wrong with a ZE map? Besides the teleports that put you into a death trap. That's annoying. Same thing exists on ttt_murdertown_a3, but in the form of a T trap that anyone can use and it kills everyone. That should be fixed. ttt_minecraft_2018b1 - I mean it's just b5 with boats. ttt_salazar_castle_sg1 - Too dark. Not fun to play. ttt_warmcastle - I like it, but regs don't like it as much as other maps. Also the round timer is like 9 minutes. Keep implementing new maps, it makes everyone enjoy the server so much more. 4. Radar - The new radar is.. fine? I mean it works, but it's extremely hard to tell where anyone is when it flashes. You get half a second to see where people are, then you wait another 20 seconds and hope you're prepared to look for them. THEN, the outline sits in the middle of the map like it does when someone is tazed. I know that's a bug and that's bound to happen, but either the window of opportunity to see people with the radar should be increased, the cooldown between radar flashes should be decreased, or both. 5. New players - @lyn made an excellent point of bringing up a menu when a new player joins that informs them on the rules of TTT and how to play. Too often I see people brand new, 250 karma and all, get on TTT and start killing everyone in sight, get slayed, and leave. Sometimes it's intentional, but I can't help but feel that these guys are just getting upset that they were slayed without knowing what the hell to do. A quick little FAQ on the very basics, like "How do I play TTT" and "What can I kill people for" would help tremendously imo, because simply slaying them and asking them to read !info and !faq usually just results in them leaving. 6. Karma - So at the moment, karma is uncapped and does nothing but show how much you play the game (unless you're Clamor). I don't think karma bans should exist, as if anyone is getting that low on karma without an admin noticing, there's a bigger issue at hand than the karma system. I know there was thought putting in the damage penalty for having low karma, which is what I'm in favor for, but I know that's difficult to accomplish without hours of work from the tech team. That's just the change I would like to see to karma. 7. Events - Your's truly will be taking the wheel from here on out B) lmk of any event suggestions you have on discord or through this thread. 8. 1-hit knife - Make it gold pls :3 Let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for the read.
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    Thanks @Nate. for the banner! Crackhouse Leaderboard Contest With the recent launch of the Crackhouse server the team and I are happy to announce a contest for all u tryhards! The people with the most points on !top by the end of the month will get INSANE prizes. Where? crackhouse.steam-gamers.net When? Friday, February 19th - Sunday, March 21st Prizes 1st Place: Your name IMMORTALIZED into the map 2nd Place: 1 Month of Basic Supporter 3rd Place: 2,500 Credits Join the SG discord for updates!
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    Bruh it’s red and green.
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    14 fucking years, dang I'm old
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    Fo is simple dont use chat and you have 30 seconds to hand out most likely a step out and freeze order. Shorter fos wouldn't help much either. Some maps like undertale it takes like 15 seconds or something to be even allowed to open cells. On maps like razar where you can attack cts coming out of armory sometimes the lengethy 30 seconds gives time for the cts to settle and give orders. Also the no ws is pointless just keep the rules straight to the point having so many expectations just makes everything awkward and harder to understand for the newer players.
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    2/18/2021 Swapped out MyWeaponAllocator plugins. You may find that the format of selecting guns is a bit different now. Added forcebuy rounds. > These rounds have selections of a bunch of SMGs and deagles. > There will now be 4 pistol rounds, 5 forcebuy rounds, and then full buy rounds for the rest of the map. Removed shotguns. Removed CT church spawn on de_inferno.
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    anyone who actually marries a female for this event should just win
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    lol shut up! just dont get killed next time! talk about a load of baloney! someone didnt have their daily multivitamin!
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    2/27/21 Small changelog for today, Balance changes to jb_quake_a04d to make the map bearable for the Guards Removed the Bizon near Surf Replaced the M4A4 by the water with a Deagle Made the breakable secret near Deathrun stronger, meaning it'll take longer to break from now on Added a chat & name filter for obscene racial slurs It'll replace these slurs with [Bad Word], if you see any mistakes with this please leave us a Bug Report!
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    To give context to my question, I was on Jailbreak and staff member ZeroTwo was issuing orders. Zero two ordered us to shift walk to his markers and be frozen upon arrival, and to continue doing so as each marker appeared. He repeated this order several times, so I adhered to it. He then interrupted that continuous order by telling all T's to freeze in place. After being frozen for a few moments, he told us to simply "follow his markers". I then asked, in voice chat, if we were allowed to bomb rush while actively bomb rushing. I was ignored and both a fellow prisoner and I were killed. He said his justification for killing us was because he repeated himself several times so therefore our disobedience was blatant. In conclusion he issued an order, interrupted that order with a separate one, then issued another that appeared to be similar but not inclusive, refused to specify the rules of that order after requested, and insinuated that since the orders were similar, although separate, that the same rules applied over. My question is was he justified in refusing to specify and killing us? #ZeroTwoBadmin #ZeroTwoSlander #SexWithZeroTwo
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    Thanks @Nate.for the banner! MG Classic Event As stated in the name MG will go back to its roots and have autohop off for the whole event. So make sure to hop on for these css maps but with only scroll across dm and multigames! Maps mg_swag_multigames_v7_nc2 mg_ski_mountain_va3 mg_jacs_multigames_v1fix When? Sunday, February 14 @ 5 PM Est Where? mg.steam-gamers.net Join the SG discord
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    Guys I think we need a Kingdom Hearts event to bring @Tagwrack back.
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