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    Introducing the Discord Team The Discord Team will be taking over the responsibility of moderation on our discord. Responsibilities include: Applying and tracking warnings Issuing Bans, Mutes, and Timeouts. Removing content violating Discord Rules Handling Discord Player Complaints Working with the IA team to handle unique discord issues from players Developing a robust discord protocol for moderation Occasionally providing input on the set up of the discord Q: Who can join the Discord Team? A: Anyone and Everyone Q: Who is managing the Discord Team? A: The current manager is @TheZZLwith additional oversight from IAM: @Infinityward Q: When can I apply? A: RIGHT NOW APPLY HERE
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    Hello Everyone! I know there hasn’t been any updates for awhile or anything since I became the Server Manager for TTT, but I will say I have things in the works for it! With me becoming Server Manager I will say the one thing I will be doing is Full Transparency between what I am looking at doing, but as well as what we do have in the works! I have currently finished my Server Manager Training, and started to do little bit of things here and there, I have added 3 Maps to the server already, they aren’t on the nomination pool yet as I’d figured we should do an event to test them out and if you guys wanted anything added to them! -ttt_treetops_mc_b1 by @fozilla mirefox -ttt_breakthrough_v2 by @fozilla mirefox -ttt_kaer_morhen_v1 by @Sully Figured one of the first changes would obviously be looking at our last suggestions and figuring what I can do and what I believe can benefit the server, I did take a look at the maps and believed they were really well made and seemed fun to be on. One of the things that was in the works while @Creten@gween and osen were the managers was the whole Sub-Role idea, I did originally help when the idea was first brought up but had to take a break from csgo while the process of getting the roles was being made, I am happy to say that we are gonna continue the idea, We currently have two already made and have 3 more in the works! 2 Innocent, 1 Detective, 2 Traitor Sub roles that are being created and will release more information on those when the time comes for them, but this also brings me to the question How would you guys like to test them? During an Event or want me to add them to the server for a set amount of time and we come back and re evaluate them to everyone’s liking? Feel free to let me know, and as well if you have a sub role idea don’t hesitate to send me a message or write a comment on the post! I am as well looking at changing the Karma System, I have grown quite bored of how we used Karma and want something else that brings a incentive to want to keep raising it as high as it can go. I don’t know if it can be done quite yet as @BoTo is already doing a lot for me and don’t want to make him run away from me, but how does everyone feel about making a title system for what tier of Karma you’re at? It’s a small thing but I think it may be a fun little feature, could as well help new players see who they can ask questions to while they’re on the server. The idea is kinda like how are bhop, surf, and course track Map Completions you can be assigned a title depending on what percentage you’re at on completing all the maps in our map pool, the way it would work is like for day you’re at 500 Karma you’re given the title (Noob) but if you get to 25,000 Karma you’re given the title (TTT Lord). Feel free to voice your opinions or if you have any ideas on what we can do with the Karma system! Thats about as much as I want to share at the moment with everyone, I got to keep some things for a much bigger post! Thank you for reading!
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    i know u gamers cant twerk so i made this for u guys take notes this is very important
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    Here are all the songs Please vote on your favorite(s). 1) ADHD by @Pheonix 2) Red Lipstick by @Steven. 3) Twerk Tutorial by @rygor 4) "i just wanted to upload the unfinished beat to be completely and brutally honest" by @John Since there is only 4 we won't be giving away all three awards. 1 or 2 tho will be given out
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    I've been itching to play some TTT the past couple days and playing eGo TTT, I can say the biggest difference is the clarity in the rule. As a player with no understanding of what TTT is, it's way easier to digest eGo ruleset because its honestly a dumb downed version of TTT where you can only shoot if someone clearly shoots at someone else. The gateway entry is set so low that anyone can just hop in and enjoy themselves and understand the rules in less than 5mins. In terms of administrating the servers, they're not any better than what we provided in the past. RDMing still runs rampant on the servers and when asking admins via @ its a 50/50 on whether or not they'll actually do something about it. I've played on full pop hours with multiple admins and the only time they really take action is when someone blatantly starts rdming. On the flip side our server allows for a lot of leeway in how we play TTT and in my honest opinion its way more fun because we actually allow our servers to act on information given to us. However, if you suddenly put yourself in the shoes of a new player you'll suddenly see how frustrating it can be. Any experience player will kill off sound or someone will randomly t-bait just to be funny and bam the new players dies. Honestly, 9/10 players will just disconnect after that bullshit because the amount of what if situation that are ok is fucking annoying to deal with. People wanna hop in the server and immediately understand the rules and enjoy the server. So, imo we need to start trimming the fat off the server rules making it clear and easily understandable. I'm pretty sure I said this in the past but the lowest point of TTT was when people started t-baiting and edging players to rdm because honestly the staff didn't do shit or just laughed it off. It's time to clamp down on some of those rules. Fucking get rid of t-baiting and make it a bannable offense, there's no fucking reason to t-bait as an inno or detective all it does it create confusion amongst players. Your job is as an inno is to fucking find and kill the traitors not act like a fucking traitor. Once people see other players t-bait for fun and cause rdm it allows the green light for other players to do the same. TLDR: fuck the t-bait law shits dumb as hell, like i said in the past create administrating team that doesn't play favoritism stick 2 the fucking rules, i want a wendys 4 for 4 ps: being an admin on ttt can be hard cause theres a lot of what if situations honestly wouldnt be against the idea of starting to just make rules simpler for both admin and player base sake even if it means cant kill off sound
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    4/23/22 -Added: Added Shotguns and SMGs to forcebuy rounds on retakes.
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    Update: !ready system - done captains/map veto - done automatic demo recording on live - done In Progress: pause option making sure spectators can't ready up command aliase Queued Up: Tracking stats web panel bug fixes courtesy of @R3TROATTACK
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    Buff jihads and make them more accessible and increase the max amount of them that can purchased at the same time Jihads are the only weapon T's have against Nazi CT's
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    -Wardays -Rank System -Advancing FO (This ties into the rank system. You have to have a certain amount of points according to the rank system in order to use it. -anime models please
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    For the sake of transparency here is what I currently have in the works: -new scrim plug-in designed with certain stats being tracked and a web GUI to go with it -captains pick and auto balancing based on adr features -removing password from server and opening it up to be a public facing scrim server -working with marketing team to potentially run SGSL over the summer open to public registration via reddit and other forms of advertisement - prizes are being deliberated on.
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    Hello so i took some polls in game and on the forums and i tallied up the votes and here is what is coming back (majority temp) to jailbreak There are 3 maps being added as of today those maps are jb_obama_v5_beta_fixv2 jb_marioworld_rsc_sgedit_v4 jb_peanut_v3r Still working on getting more suggestions for maps/plugins But for the plugin scene coming back is T ranks. T ranks have been brought back by popular demand. Let me know what else you would like to see come back/ be added to jailbreak
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    Im free bitches
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    This is how i find out you dont need to go around and ask people i just want to know what you find boring/not fun in maps and from their i can ask others if they feel the same about said map. also the suggestions was more for maps you would like to see get added if there was any confusion on that
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    May 1st 2022 Roles Consolidated #game-roles to be in #roles along with all the other roles Categories Replaced the [Fortnite] Category with a [Valorant] Category #fortnite-chat has been moved back to the [Games] Category and can be obtained by grabbing the @Fortnite role from the #roles channel Added a [Casual] Category Shuffled a few channels around along with this change Channels Added more emojis to channel names Added an #introductions channel for new members (Will be re-added soon) Added a Custom Starboard within #starboard
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    Valorant Scrim! Based on valorant's popularity we're going to have a Valorant scrim! It's going to be 5v5 with overtime first to 13! Each game will last from 35 to 50 minutes. We'll have observers swap in!! When: April 30th @ 6pm! Where: Steamgamers-Twitch To join: Add me, lorax#ARCN and I'll add you. For each map and games are first come first serve. Maps: Ascent Haven: Bind Game 1: Hawks, Janseen, lorax Game 2:Janseen, Spy., Hawks , Gween. kabLe, oSen, Baconator, Steel, Strayyz, lorax Game 3: Hawks, Janseen, lorax Join
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    uhhh I sorta forgot about this event but this is something I made like 2 years ago with a buddy of mine and I like it so we'll go with this.
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    Cool I'll be looking into applying to help keep things PG as we all know some ppl (not gonna name names) like to skirt boundaries
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    The LR plugin is extremely buggy. Feel like it being completely recoded or reverted to an older/more stable version might be best. Map fixes/edits/removals and as someone else stated- extending the FO plugin is probably a good idea. Removing unfun maps to not require people to RTV unfun shit & having maps that fit SG's more deathmatch style gameplay is generally always what I liked to do. When we added FO it was supposed to be a way for the player base to get over their unreasonable phobia of a warden system while we figured out how to make a better system than the warden systems the other servers used (because even we weren't fully convinced). 2020-2021 I learned Hammer WAY better than I had ever previously and I wish I had got more into using it & stripper configs when I was managing JB. New event ideas possibly using custom-made plugins rather than recycling the same 2-3 events we ran in 2017 could be cool. If you checkout some of the other servers they really enrich JB gameplay by adding some MG aspects to it with plugins. We had some very early non intrusive voting-style ideas for this in one of the JB Rework threads we made back whenever ago, might be looking at.
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    5/1/2022 Added maps deathrun_spy_vs_spy_sg Updated maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 to deathrun_iceworld_hdr Fixed invisible spikes and added cubemaps. Removed maps - Multigames mg_50arenas_v2_3_nc2 mg_minecraft_basebuild_fixed_cs mg_headshot_machine_multiarenas_v7 mg_mikis_multigames2_beta mg_galaxy_multigames_v5_nc2 mg_nature_multigames_v2 mg_misty_island_multigames mg_struses_games_v4_1 mg_skilled_or_lucky_multigames_v1 mg_modernworld_multigames_v1 Course can not be voted for after 10+ players. Deathrun is available once the server reaches 10+ players.
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    Finally things are getting done! All love to Zero Two. Also I will be posting some new maps I loved to see in here, just in case he needs any idea for new maps ;3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1595081703&searchtext=JB (Another minecraft map, not sure we need anymore tho XD) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=573890987&searchtext=JB (This map needs to be edited a bit, add weapons to armory and add secrets for the T's but all in all its a unique design and I'd love to see something like this) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682045550&searchtext=JB (This is my last recommendation and the only map I think will get in the map pool) If anyone has cool maps send them I wanna see them. (Note: PLEASE NO MINECRAFT MAPS)
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    In the future use this to make map suggestions/removal requests https://steam-gamers.net/forums/forum/38-map-suggestionsremovals/ That being said i can look into these maps for ya P.s Its not just me putting effort forth for jb big help is @BoTo for helping fix plugins and the players for jumping on and dealing with my pings in the discord
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    Just so you know
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    Thanks @Strayyz for the banner! Second Crucible Event Just like the first Crucible Event we did before, we're going to be playing through multiple gamemodes of Crucible, like Control and such! When? May 7th @ 6 PM EST Where? Destiny 2 - Events Voice Channel Gamemodes We're gonna start off with Rumble, and continue with other gamemodes based on what the players want. Join the Discord Server for more info about anything and everything SG related!
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    Eden hit the nail right on the head. Our servers ruleset and culture was geared towards a more free and complex experience. There wasn't any gaping loopholes/oversights in the rules, we've always been well aware of the consequences that came with having the rules we did, there was just no way of adjusting them without it bleeding into things we wanted to keep around. This mode of playing was more repeatable and while not friendly to new players, could be addicting to those experienced from other communities or that did decide to stick it out. The issue was that the community needed constant work to maintain. New players needed to be guided by staff or regs if there was any chance of them sticking around. Griefing trends also came up from time to time, and needed to be addressed. I'll be the first to admit that more should have been done to ensure that these didn't become an issue, but it was difficult sometimes with how the board regards rule enforcement. For whatever reason or in whatever way, the community wasn't maintained in the way it needed to be and the culture and player base has evaporated. Unfortunately, I think the time has come to put the old culture behind us and look towards something that's going to be more appealing to newer players and easier to manage. With the focus on newer players and simplifying gameplay, you are going to be playing a lot of catch-up but I think it will be worth the work. eGo's server is very sterile and watered down, which does give you many opportunities to outshine them if you can equally appeal to newer players. Things like a limited and simplified map pool, full right maps, lack of a tuned menu system, less fleshed cosmetic system etc are all things that you can easily improve upon. Writing this while eating ramen on my lunch break, I'll try to update it later.
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    I know this has been suggested before but I'm serious why don't we nerf grenades since they can be used as weapons to mass rdm?
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    Hey, hope you're doing well these days Hunter and these threads are always a good way to get feedback especially if you frequently ask for it. I'm sure TTT players who care will give you it. All of it isn't gonna be great but, oh well. I pointed this out like a dozen times in the past but the ruleset on this server is severely flawed and incomplete. For a time on the server it was just regulars/admins jerking each other off creating never-ending RDM chains & the management at the times solution was to do literally nothing about it but add useless content that no one ever really asked for. I suggested stuff like straight up making T-baiting against the rules for innocents and being stricter to how rules were applied. The changes to karma I also thought were silly, I felt like people could be better rewarded for their time on the server & that having a little number to indicate that wasn't such a huge deal. People liked it when it was on the server, especially when events were connected to it & it showed. These among other ideas were not popular. I think the reason was keeping the server content fluid roleplay wise, which I disagreed with. Jailbreak without rules would just be CS:GO with cells for example, so I didn't believe that creating a more rigid environment destroys the roleplay aspect or restricts people's fun. Most important thing to understand is that if someone joins and experiences any bullshit, they're going to straight-up leave a lot of the time. It doesn't matter what map your on, how many items you offer, how complex and rewarding the karma system is. The rules & structure of the server, especially with staff possibly being scarce during a startup period could kill it. The very best managers of this server, some friends of mine have been terrible at managing all of the above which creates more or less a natural limit to the player # when shit gets intolerable & chaotic. Not saying that the role of any one server manager is to buff up #'s in player count but generally speaking if no one is playing, the server probably sucks. I tried to argue the state of the server was unsustainable back when but when everything is going decent people are complacent & can blame shit management & bad numbers on things that have nothing to do with underperformance... like school, CS:GO trending down (which isn't true), or the way the winds blowing. It's great to have devs to create stuff for a server, but when the problems with a server on the base level are just that it isn't fun it starts to come down to the fact that server managers themselves are and have kinda always been pretty bad at listening to their players & maintaining a rule-breaker free, fun environment. The server managers get to design their own little games within the limits of SourceMod, but a lot of them don't really bother to do that. They spend time worrying about looking like they're doing things making 25 changelog posts or fixing things they break because there's always been little oversight over what the managers themselves are doing or people assisting them in their growing pains while they learn. Broken models. Maps not uploaded properly. Rules that make no sense. Plugins that are completely broken, and stay broken for months. The list goes on. First stuff we took as precedent when myself, Nimmy, Dominic, Delirium, etc. got ahold of Jailbreak was putting systems in place to make it less chaotic. Rebuffing rules, and making plugins to create more structure and lighten the load on staff. Considering the server beat out every single JB server at the time (70's on GT) other than I believe one other way larger community with a way higher slot-size and highly structured environment I considered it a huge success & thought it was fun as hell. Even more proud that it was the last server to be on it's knees as SG has died down as of late. We got offered a sponsorship from a Esports arm of a NBA org which considering none of us had any remote clue what we were doing in hindsight is really funny. Look at the way places like eGo do things ruleset wise considering they're one of the only US based TTT CS:GO servers left, take some community feedback into account, run events & create systems to lessen the bullshit people have to deal with when they log on. Content should only come after the existing server is stable IMO. Best wishes.
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    TTT Battle Pass Reach Karma levels to unlock seasonal cosmetics or purchase them in the store. Karma contest runs for 3 months, pass runs for 3 additional 'off season' months. Contest should be active during summer and winter break to maximize activity. There is no reason to have a karma system that doesn't get reset, but having accolades or titles that you can earn and stick around after a reset seems like a good idea.
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    ^ On top of that, allow staff members the power to reverse FO(if there aren't any quality orders given/enough time passed without orders or just being obnoxious with FO in general). T ranks based on CT kills would be pretty good to have as well. Random War-day rounds would be pretty good to spice it up the rounds(with enough pop to have it activated). Give t-buddy system to the public(if haven’t already).
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    more commands ex: line, color, and more CT oriented stuff
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    I want to see the karma system be changed or separated from the ranking system. You can just play for a few rounds and then have enough karma to rdm half the time without any punishment/indicator on you. Also I want to see the map not on Closequarters majority of the time, I know that the server auto switches to closequarters when there is no pop to get some more pop on the server but I don’t want to get on and have to wait just to switch maps. Playing closequarters constantly gets repetitive and is boring as fuck. Thanks bringing in new roles seems different and interesting
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    Shut up nerd. Keep the subroles in the server, don't do it just for an event. You'll probably want to evaluate the fairness and balance each roles by testing it longer term, as people figure out what is/isn't meta and figure out how to best use the roles. Plus I wouldn't bank on event turnout for TTT at the moment. Question - will everyone be a subrole or only select people on each team? Glad subroles is (hopefully) going to happen, I'll have to get back on the server once school is done. I also like the idea of the title system. TTT purists are malding.
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    omg omg omg @20 scrollsjust for you
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    Game 2 opposite team
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    Bump, event is today
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    Saturday, April 23rd @ 8 PM EST
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    Who's the fucking idiot who unbanned this autistic cuck
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    Just got confirmation that it's arriving on HBO Max on April 18th! Poll is out early so that we can finalize a date to watch together. Movie is 3 hours long so pick the options you feel that suits your availability. Poll closes on April 18th Batman ventures into Gotham City's underworld when a sadistic killer leaves behind a trail of cryptic clues. As the evidence begins to lead closer to home and the scale of the perpetrator's plans become clear, he must forge new relationships, unmask the culprit and bring justice to the abuse of power and corruption that has long plagued the metropolis. When? TBD Where? D I S C O R D Don't forget to join our official Steam group for updates on events!
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    Twas a fun event man
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    wait for the server to populate
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    seems fun will b there
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    highly recommend watching this movie if you haven’t already, good movie just be in it for the long haul
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    Hey guys the MGT is now over! Thanks to everyone who played! If you want to see more MGTs like this make sure to make a thread suggesting another modpack or something else in event suggestions!
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