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    TIP - Visit this page for the admin application guide! To become an admin at Steam-Gamers, you must be a frequent player on our servers, active on our forums, and well known by other community members. In order to apply for admin, follow these steps. You must have a forum account. Register here if you don't have one. Read and agree to the Admin Rules (link on the left navigation). Show the community that you possess good qualities of an admin. Submit an admin application with decent effort. After that, members will have the opportunity to vote on your application which will take place for roughly 1 week. As long as you have no recent bans, no one has anything negative to say about you, and you receive generally positive and constructive feedback based on members' experiences with you, you will likely get approved. Once a Director posts "Approved", they will contact you and your admin will be set up on all of our gaming servers. APPLY HERE For Members Responding to Admin Applications or Posting on Others Keep your posts on topic and polite. Off topic worthless posts will be deleted. You CANNOT simply post "^ this" if you agree with another assessment. Please write your own response to explain why you are voting the way you are. You should provide a reason why the person applying should have admin. Provide specific examples of why the person would be a good admin, such as past experiences and how the person has been helpful as a regular player. If you are voting reapply, try to give feedback on what they should improve on in addition to your reasons. If an application has been approved, you can feel free to post congratulations or offer advice as an admin if you wish. Some things to keep in mind when supporting applications Is this person active in the servers, and can they remain active on the forum? Does this person play by the rules, and can they enforce them? Does this person have a ban within the last 2 months or so? Does this person get along with other players/admins? If I don't see this person, is it just because we always play on different servers? If you have information about someone lying in their application, it's best to PM an IAO or a Director so it can be dealt with. "Abstain" and "Reapply" Votes Abstain means that you're not voting yes, no, OR reapply. You are simply stating that your vote should not count. You should abstain from voting if you don't know the person applying and/or don't have a solid opinion on their application. If you don't play on the same servers they play on, you should probably abstain in most cases. Encouraging more activity on different servers is fine, but should not be a solid reason to vote "reapply" or "no". Voting reapply means that you know the applicant and think they have potential to be a good admin, but needs time to improve on something like activity, attitude, etc. DO NOT vote reapply if you don't even know or play with the applicant If you do not know the applicant, you should abstain from voting so they still has a fair chance at admin
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