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    You don't have to worry about getting a future position anymore, so that won't be a problem.
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    Hello everyone, As I mentioned in a reply a few days ago regarding changes in the admin application process, the Board has been busy discussing some changes to the community. Since our inception, Steam-Gamers has been a Counter Strike community. We've dabbled into some other games, but overall, Counter Strike has been our home. Because of this, our community has been built around being a Counter Strike community and that is reflected through our rules, policies, and rank structure. Within the past year, we've expanded from being just a Counter Strike community and have brought in TF2, Squad, and most recently, Rust. As we've expanded into these new games and look forward to expanding into more, we've found that the way we have some things setup and the way we do some things doesn't always translate between games. In order for us to fix this and adapt, we have to make some changes. The first change we made was to the admin application voting process. This of course isn't it's final form and will be tweaked as we discuss more and see how this change does. The second change is to discontinue the Junior Admin rank. The difference between JA and SA has always been very limited, revolving mostly around a select few "fun" commands for CSGO admins that were changed internally on the sourcebans side anyways. As Rust and Squad do not have any differentiating commands and simply only need one admin rank it is sensible that we revert back to only having one admin rank. In this way, we can make the function of the Server Admin rank virtually the same no matter if they are a CSGO, Rust, or Squad admin. We will still reserve the select fun commands for CSGO admins who have been around for 3+ months, we just don't need a rank to do so. This is in part to help us manage the community as it grows and in part to make the community more easily accessible and understandable to new people looking to get involved.
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    Introducing Rust! I’m happy to announce a brand new Rust Server coming very soon! I’ve been working on this server for the past month and a half with the help of @John @Nishok @Cept For Her @Creten, @gweenand @Wreck. If this server does well hopefully we can branch out to other style servers since our current one is a vanilla 2x server. There should be a rust sale going on for the winter sale in the near future starting next week to the week after Christmas make sure to grab it while you can. What is Rust? Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game set on an island with a heavy emphasis on bloodthirsty PvP developed by Facepunch Studios. The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Do whatever it takes to survive. How do I connect? Search Steam-Gamers.net | Vanilla 2x or type in console: “connect” and hit enter! The IP for the server will be displayed upon release! Important Links Buy Rust Rust Subforum Rust Tutorial for New Players Rust Rules and FAQ Rust Changelog Rust Bug Reporting Rust Staff List Rust Admin Application
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    Hello everyone, I know we are halfway into January and it is the new year but it is never too late to give recognition to those who deserve it. These two gentlemen have been outstanding staff members from the day they joined the team. They both might get made fun of a lot but they still push through and spend countless hours making the servers a better place for everyone. I cannot give you a number that would be worthy of describing how much this guy gets shit on on the daily. We might all make fun of this guy for being mute but we secretly love him for all the work he puts in on the Modding Team and everything he contributes for as a Community Advisor. As I mentioned earlier, this guy has been an excellent staff member from the day he applied for a position. Please join me in congratulating the person we use as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, @20 scrolls. Congratulations on Staff of the Month. I'm not done yet. This next guy has been destined to be in the spot he is in today. I am not even sure if this guy sleeps. He's coming up with new topics and contributing to discussions all day on top of maintaining Jailbreak and making it better for everyone. He may be the Jailbreak Server Manager but he is also so much more than that. I always see him working alongside his peers to help keep up with theirs servers. Some may find him to be annoying because of his work pace but he's just a hardworking individual who cares about Steam-Gamers a whole lot. He took his role as Server Manager and ran with it. Please join me in congratulating @TheZZLfor achieving Staff of the Month.
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    they wanted to make admin apps require a 90% approval and a $50 down payment this is the best i could talk them down
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    Hello everyone, After some discussions, the Board has decided to change the way voting on admin applications works. Previously voting was public and anyone could vote. In this new change, only CAs and SMs can vote. Applications and votes will still remain public. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here.
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    Too bad you're too ignorant to know we keep tabs of activity of all admin ranks across SG. CAs & SMs are not as inactive as you might think they are or will be. Some are excused for irl shit because things take priority over a gaming community rank, but doesn't mean they're doing fuck all in SG just because some of their activity has dipped.
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    Hey folks! In the spirit of Christmas and the winter season we are hosting a new community wide event to promote a positive way you can give back to your fellow gamers. Starting immediately you'll be able to use the link below to donate money towards this event, with the minimum amount you can donate being $10. Now comes the fun part, sometime between 12/17 to 12/31 anyone who donated money will receive a gifted game on steam of a same or higher value than what they donated up to a $30 max. This isn't to say you might not get let's say a $40 or even $50 gift if you're lucky, but we are only guaranteeing we will use up to $30 in donations per person towards gifts. So it's pretty simple, click the link below to donate between $10 and $30 to this event and receive a steam gift between now and the end of the year. If you'd like to donate more than $30 to help fund bigger gifts for everyone then you are welcome to do so. If you want to donate money and you do not want to receive a gift please DM me on discord saying so. Also make sure to add the SG bot steam account as we will be handing out gifts from there and update your wish list! We will also be selecting up to 5 people who donate to help us pick out what gifts people get throughout the next few weeks. Anyone who gets a gift will be PMed on the forums and will have it posted here in this thread. At the end of it all we'll make a big post showing where everyone's funds went and all the games that were gifted. Lets get this thing going! Give a Gift, Get a Gift
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    I could go on forever but I think you get the point. Yes, we occasionally get good responses from regs but most of the time it is responses like these that are not helpful. We see a lot of responses talking about forum activity but we do not even require that anymore. You don't have to have a certain amount of forum posts or have any kind of "active" forum presence. Some people just want to play the game and help deal with rule breakers. BoTo has like less than 30 public posts or something like that lol. If we were to remove all of the bad admin application responses then we would get an admin application with a bunch of hidden responses and what would that do? What a lot of people do not understand is that you are not obligated to post on literally every single admin application. They might not play on your server or you might have never interacted with them. People still decide vote on these anyways and they drop responses such as "never seen you on my server" or something along those lines. Again.. some people like to play just TTT. There's nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to play Surf. I didn't want to play Jailbreak or MG or ZE. I just played Surf so I applied for Surf admin. I have scrolled through a lot of admin responses and seen a lot of crappy and half assed responses from Regs and Admins and then I see a nice thoroughly written response from someone who is CA or higher. I've seen a lot of admin applications that are filled with useless posts but then I come across a post from ZZL, Arctic, Hawks, or any other higher up staff member and they thoroughly explain their reason for voting and their experience with said applicant. Often times these responses from regs or admins are saying they are in support for the applicant but then a higher up will say that they are in fact not ready for admin. Which response do you think we value more? The reg or the higher up? Higher ups have been staff for much longer and they know how things work. They know what to look for in an applicant. A lot of the people responding have never even been admin. Over the past couple of months the CAs have been telling us that the quality of our admins has been in decline and it is pretty clear to see in some cases. A lot of this supposed dick sucking that will happen has always happened. This change in system isn't gonna change whose dick is gonna get sucked. You apply for admin and a bunch of your friends reply in support of you and then we give you admin and you get 3 admin complaints within 3 months.
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    ITS FLIPPING 2021!!!! What's up everyone! It's new years time, and since we got no places to go this year why not join me and others from the community in a fun filled night for new years, we got a bunch of party games lined up to make the most of the last minutes of 2020 and its sure to be a blast! What games will we be playing? Among Us Jackbox 7 [or other versions!] Phasmophobia once we run out of games to play we'll all decide together what to play next so be there to make sure you're involved! When and where? Going LIVE ON DECEMBER 31st @ 9:00 PM EST @ https://www.twitch.tv/steamgamers SEE YOU ALL LIVE ON FRIDAY!
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    I've talked to plenty of people. They love the idea and I've tried testing it on my test server and got 10 players after 3 days of seeding. Mind you my server has no plugins other than guns and deathmatch. I only opened it public to test the theory. It would only require you to change to my version of crackhouse 24/7 and allow store items. I'm currently making this into a TTT map as well. There are no crackhouse servers anymore. CS has been pretty death matchy so i feel it could pop off again. CSS still has some populated crackhouse servers so maybe we can even steal their player base MY VERSION: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mvqzqpnizd4bdx0/cs_crackhouse_sg.rar/file
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    Thanks to @williamc_d @thuxys @euro @Nate. and @crazedkangaroo for the monstrosity you are currently looking at. SteamGamers Holiday Week Happy holidays everyone! In celebration of the holidays, we got a week of events for you guys to enjoy. Hope to see everyone there! When December 26th @ 8PM EST - Minecraft Bedwars December 27th @ 8PM EST - Jackbox Night December 28th @ 8PM EST - Skribbl.io December 29th @ 8PM EST - Golf With Your Friends December 30th @ 8PM EST - Among Us (Proximity VC) December 31st @ 8PM EST - Kahoot January 1st @ 8PM EST - Christmas Movie Night Where Events channel in the SG Discord, click the icon below to join!
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    Thought about streaming on Twitch? Well now's your chance! Streaming is a great way to have fun and play games while providing viewers with entertaining gameplay and moments! SG has had many streams with everybody's favourite Streamer, Hawks being at the forefront of them BUT, Hawks isn't a machine that we can drain content from 24/7. He's still gotta eat, sleep and work like everybody else so we're looking for Charismatic and Hard Working Members/Staff to make our Streamer Team one of the best Twitch Channels out there. What do I get out of joining the Streamer Rank? Well aside from joining the second best SG Team. You would be able to host streams on SG's Twitch Channel, you would get to bring up idea's & improvements for Twitch, you'd work very closely with SG's best team (Marketing) as well as the design team for creative ideas. You would receive the beautiful purple Streamer Rank to show off on the Forums, you'd get access to the #streamers chat on Discord with the most important perk out of them all. You would become a moderator on the Steam-Gamers Twitch to monitor streams, chat and to make sure everything runs smoothly. You will also be here to host/join in on our larger Charity/Fundraiser Streams and Event Streams! While the Streamer Rank does not come with any server commands, you will be making a larger impact in the community than "/mute <player>". How often am I expected to Stream? Being a SG Streamer is not a very demanding role. While there are times where you may be needed to stream such as with Charity/Fundraiser Streams, ideally SG will host 1-2 Streams a week (One stream being the minimum) between all the Streamers so you will have time to plan ahead, or ask a fellow Streamer to host a stream if your are unable to due to reasons. What can I Stream? Am I told what to Stream/Play? This should take some weight off your shoulders. NO! As a Streamer you are in control. SG is not going to force you to stream or play something that you don't want to. While you may stream "any" game you'd like, remember, you are a SG Streamer so you have to keep in mind that what you do represents SG. Also keep in mind what games are currently popular, what games will bring viewers and other aspects to grow the Twitch Channel. What would be expected of me? Not too much to be frank. You'd be expected to stream obviously, provide a positive experience for viewers to build our audience (Interact with viewers), partake in Twitch related talks within the team and enjoy your time streaming. No good stream starts off by the streamer not enjoying themselves so make sure you're in a positive mood before you start. That's about it. Can I promote my channel? Yes. One of the extra perks is that you can use SG viewership to grow your own personal channel. If any of you have questions about the Streamer Role or about streaming for SG in general then feel free to send me a message on the Forums or Discord. I'm active on both so it shouldn't take long for me to get back to you If you are interested in applying for Streamer then please, make an application. Streamer Application Form
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    Why change it now? I understand sifting through the shitposts and obvious squads of friends who come in out of nowhere to drop a support for someone who's probably not ready, but, why punish those of us who actually can provide solid input on candidates when it's clear who this change is actually about. You should restrict the subforums on a case by case scenario instead of a blanket 'we don't want to deal with this' solution that you're rolling out. On top of that this will only create a 'dick sucking' culture among hopeful applicants towards the staff. Anyways thanks for taking this into consideration.
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    Not sure if it was worth it for Steven to drop out of med school for this but this is pretty awesome.
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    1/15/2020 Changed Senior Administrator to CS:GO Administrator Updated 'Whos Online' widget with CS:GO, Squad, and Rust Administrator roles.
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    Shoutout to @Nate.for the banner! What is Raid Simulator? Raid Simulator is a server where you can go raid another group without having to build a base or farm for the explosives. There are two teams, the raiders and the defenders, the goal of the raiders is to get to the defenders TC and destroy it, and the goal of the defenders is to prevent the raiders from getting their TC. When? Sunday, January 17th @ 4:00 PM EST Where? na.raidsimulator.com:28015 We will also be in Discord, in the Events Channel when the event starts. If you haven't already, join our Discord by clicking on the icon below.
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    INTRO If you've noticed on the Squad discord, I added some new roles and ranks. These exist to highlight and reward dedicated Squad players in our community, as well as help make for better staff picks for the servers. This will also give any future SM a better picture of the member-base. Most of these come with new special discord roles and colors, but only two come with whitelist. RANKS Operator - This rank is awarded by management to dedicated and active members who have contributed significantly to our Squad servers. Loyalist - This rank can be requested by members who belong to the TOP 30 most active players (PLAYTIME) in a server. This is awarded based on activity of the previous month, for 1 month. This is a WHITELIST rank. Lieutenant - Has 300+ hours the servers OR is endorsed by a Operator as an active Squad Leader. Sergeant - Has 200+ hours on the servers. Corporal - Has 100+ hours on the servers. Private - Has 20+ hours on the servers New discord channels: BONUS - LOYALTY RAFFLE - FEB 5 I am raffling a 30 Euro game between next months' Loyalists . Here is what you need to do: Be among the TOP 30 most active players on SG Squad servers in January. All times are cumulative. Join the Squad Discord: https://discord.com/invite/c7agZA9aZv Request the Loyalist rank in the Squad Discord in Febuary. ??? Potentially profit. *All raffles are currently out of my own pocket. Don't expect them every month.
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    JB Protect the President Shoutout to @Nate. for the banner! It's back baby, you know how this works! One guard as President, increased HP, and a pistol. All of the prisoners have to kill the President. If the President is killed, the guards have failed their objective and lose the round. Where? Jailbreak- jb.steam-games.net When? Friday, January 15th @ 7:30 PM EST While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord! Make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group!
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    1/14/21 Player times have been wiped. Will be adding a few new maps later today. Player ranks have been wiped as well.
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    This event is all wrapped up, and while there really weren't many participants it was fun to do and we'll probably look to repeat it again next year. A total of $245 was contributed for this event, however many people opted to not get gifts, resulting in the people who were left getting pretty nice Christmas gifts! Thanks to all who contributed, any extra funds will be used for future giveaways, prizes, etc. Gifts given out: John - hardspace shipbreaker and zero hour. Also donated part of his would-be gift to a rust giveaway. what a guy. Crawfish - RS6 Deluxe Edition, Sea of Theives, Phasmophobia Leon Mordecai - Sakura Gamer 2, Sakura Knight, Sakura Knight 2, Sakura Knight 3, Sakura Succubus, Sakura Succubus 2, Sakura Succubus 3 (YOU FUCKING FILTHY WEEB!), DOOM, & DOOM Eternal. We gave you the last two in hopes of pushing some manly shooting and gore on you after all those weeb games. Disgusting...I need to go shower now.
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    Well, after the replies from John and yourself it's clear that this change is more understandable. Not that applying for admin really has any effect on me anymore, but I guess when I was looking at it from my perspective this change didn't make much sense. To be fair, there are CA+ who interact with applicants outside of the game servers on Discord and the forums and can probably give some sort of input. I don't fully agree with this change still (not that it really matters, lol), but I'm excited to see what's coming in the future.
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    Thanks @crazedkangaroo for the banner! Trouble in Christmas Town It's time for another karma contest, just in time for the holidays! Once again, this will be an uncapped karma contest and will last a month. You do not need screenshots, but you will need a forum account to claim any prizes. Our server will also receive a Christmas/holiday makeover for this contest, including some holiday themed maps and models! When? December 21st 2020 - January 21st 2021 Where? ttt.steam-gamers.net Prizes 1st place: 1 month of Elite Supporter, 5000 credits, and a personal model! Model will not be custom made, so look for a model that is already ported to CSGO. 2nd place: 1 month of Premium Supporter and 5000 credits! 3rd place: 1 month of Basic Supporter and 5000 credits! Maps ttt_closequarters_xmas de_dolls_csgo_xmas ttt_highschool_v1_sgxmas ttt_sg_winterfrost_festive Public Models Santa (All) - 12k credits Basic Supporter Models Grinch Red/Blue (T/CT) - 12k credits Premium Supporter Models Natalie (T) - 12k credits Sophia (CT) - 12k credits Elite Supporter Models Jack Frost (All) - 12k credits Models are not permanent and only available for the duration of the event.
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    The event has ended! Congrats to the people that placed in the top 3 gangs and top 3 CT time spots. First place gang and top CT, PM me on the forums or on discord with the model you want (it has to already be ported to CS:GO). The 2nd and 3rd place players will receive their credits within a couple of days. Thank you to everyone who participated, we plan on doing another gang wars event sometime in the future so be sure to watch out for that. Top 3 Gangs First Place: idiots: @Byte@chy@Blossom@janseen@Vanya Second Place: gamergurls: @.touchy@R3Flex@Snoopy@dolo Ranee Third Place: shitters: @jin@Zero Two@aureli@Fl1ck@ThatTamer Top 3 CTs First Place: Kitchen Woman (STEAM_0:0:487319135) Second Place: @R3Flex(STEAM_0:0:90217509) Third Place: MR DEF (STEAM_0:1:440504657)
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    1/4/21 Added a new rule stating players that have received communication bans from Valve are not allowed to join CT. Click here to learn how to get your ban removed. Updated model prices. Public models are now 15k credits, Basic and Premium supporter models are 18k-20k and Elite supporter models are 25k. Moved the awp in awp secret on ba_jail_electric_revamp_f3 from above the garage door to above the window like on ba_jail_electric_razor_go_pb Removed Snow plugin Grinch, Natalie, Santa, and Jack Frost models from the Jailbreak Winter event Removed ba_jail_electric_revamp_winter, jb_spy_vs_spy_xmas_v2, jb_winter_jail_sgxmas and replaced them with the normal versions ba_jail_electric_revamp_f3, jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2, jb_summer_jail_hdr_fix
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    12/28/2020 Rust server added to servers page and factored into player count https://steam-gamers.net/servers/rust
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    why would you make an event specifically for @TheZZL. you know he has all of these saved for no reason
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    Thanks to @Nate. for the banner. TTT NUKE EVENT Hey everyone, its finally time to do another TTT event. As a return to TTT events, we thought it was appropriate to introduce a new one. The theme of this event is a nuke. The C4 has been upgraded so it kills everyone on the map. The item will of course cost more since it will kill everyone. You'll need to get a pretty big handful of credits to buy the item. MAPS: ttt_apehouse_modern ttt_tumbleweed_v1_3 ttt_nukehouse_sg_fix1 ttt_nuketown_sg WHEN: JANUARY 15th @ 5:00 PM EST WHERE: ttt.steam-gamers.net
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    The Community Advisor "20 scrolls" is a horrible human being. Just yesterday I was berated by him for no reason - talking about how I am an insane person and should stop typing in the #general chat in discord. He then went on his microphone with me in the channel going on a tirade about how he should have been staff of the month the previous 16 months(?). 20 scrolls may sound insane from this I understand, but he is much worse than this. He called me the 'n-word' just a few minutes ago. I was bawling my eyes out while he was typing this to me over and over again, he wouldn't stop... Please remove Staff Of The Month from him.
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    Correct. We'll be setting this up over the next day or two. Yup. However, everyone who was JA will still need to wait until they reach 3 months of admin and submit what was the "SA Promotion" form in order to received the extra permissions that came with SA.
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    Unfortunately some who do make solid input in votes will be "punished". Restricting to a case-by-case basis isn't a feasible option as there isn't a fair way of making a criteria to determine who would get it and you'll have members who feel they should be included but aren't. Doing a blanket change is the most fair way of implementing this change. Why would they? Team Managers don't have authority in our admin structure. To quote another Board member from when we were discussing this, "it's like the supervisor of the bakery department determining the inventory for the meat department". As I mentioned in my reply to deli about this, having a whitelist of people who can vote and aren't CA+ wouldn't be fair as it'd just be personal opinions on who would be eligible. If we favored just supports/reapplies from CA+ anyway, it'd pretty much be this system anyway. This is a great example of making a judgement without the facts. We're not just changing who can vote and calling it a day. We're well aware of how many CA+ vote and how much they play/what servers they play. We've communicated our expectations to the CA+. Again, we've communicated our expectations. With ~30 CA+, there shouldn't be apps that receive 3-5 replies. If that happens, we'll notice and it'll be fixed. This has been long discussed. It was just a coincidence that Rust and Squad had a similar process to this beforehand. As I've mentioned above, we've made server activity expectations clear. We're well aware that this system wouldn't be effective if changes weren't made to CA+ server activity. If there is something that we absolutely must know, it can always be PM'd to an IA or BD. I'm also curious what you would consider "something serious can fly over your heads" as I can guarantee we research each applicant enough before approving an app to know if there is something serious. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - While I expected some people to be unhappy, I wasn't expecting so many, so I should have mentioned in the OP that this is the first step towards some further changes that are still be discussed. As those changes are finalized and pushed out, it'll be clear why we've decided to move towards this voting system.
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    >not spending new years with your girlfriend and streaming for steam-gamers instead a man of principle I see
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    Welcome to SG's first scavenger hunt! @phoenix_ has graciously offered to give away gifts in celebration of Christmas, so give him a huge thanks for this treat! Now let’s get to the best part. Phoenix and I have been working on a sweet-ass scavenger hunt for everyone to participate in. @crazedkangaroo has made a sick Christmas themed SG logo that you will need to look for on the forums. Thank you, crazed! I placed the logo in 10 different forum posts. Phoenix and I have come up with ten clues to help you with your search. No, we didn’t make the clues too easy All clues are located in the public areas of the forum so nothing is inaccessible. You will race against your fellow community members for the opportunity to win a game of your choice from Steam for up to a specific amount. There is a form down below to submit for entry. Use that form to input all the links for where you found each post associated with the matching clue. Since this is a race to the finish line, the first three people who get all ten answers correctly will win. Here are the prizes: 1st Place: Steam Game up to $30 in value 2nd Place: Steam Game up to $20 in value 3rd Place: Steam Game up to $10 in value Clues 1. A reference more people should read before flooding a certain forum, causing more work for BDs. NOTE: I FUCKED UP THIS ONE IN THE FIRST 20 MINUTES AND I FIXED IT. IT WILL BE FOUND IN THE SAME SECTION OF THE FORUMS JUST NOT THE SAME THREAD IF YOU FOUND THE WRONG THREAD. 2. If Gordon Ramsay didn't make your mouth water over this, then I don't know what will. 3. Without the sauce it's a 4/10, but dipped in sauce it's 9/10. 4. He made it as a contender for worst appeal in SG for being a fucking bitch. Too bad his ban appeal handler forgot to sign and date the award. 5. "But!!! She's 500 in the anime section! I promise!" 6. The original admin app accepted% runner 7. Reject modernity, embrace rock. 8. Wow guys! The new forums look great! 9. Crank out the balloons and blowers; it's going to be the big one-four real soon! Extra Hint: President Shadow remembers this better than Black Rain 10. Cat ears and a maid's dress; just his usual everyday outfit. DO NOT spoil the answers for people in this thread. You're welcome to laugh at the clues if you figure it out, but no cheating by giving away the answers. Remember, this is a race to the end. Be quick if you want to secure that first-place prize. Have fun and happy holidays! 😊 >>SUBMIT HERE<<
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    13 January 2021 Role Selection Changes Renamed #role-selection to #roles under the [Information] category Moved game roles to a new channel called #game-roles under the [Games] category This helps specify the area to find access to game-specific channels and makes navigating #roles easier Removed Squad server roles from #roles Squad based pings have mostly been reliant on the Squad game role, so having the server roles was redundant Be sure to check out our squad discord at https://steam-gamers.net/servers/discord/ Information Changes Fixed some inconsistencies in the #information channel panels to reflect recent/older changes in the community/discord Game Changes Added new game channels and roles, including #warcraft-chat and #league-chat for WoW and LoL respectively Removed #fivem-chat as the channel and role were not being used
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    Consensual you say? Still banning you. Uh Oh. Paragraph indent... This gon be a long one fo sho. For real though. I'm in favour of the change but do agree that it will need some tweaks & improvements in the future for this to run efficiently and as you guys planned it to. There has been a noticeable quality drop in the lower ranks of our staff and I hope this change will better vet our ranks. Not going to be naming individuals but there has been staff members including myself that believe that there needs to be a better system of granting administrator to individuals and the quality of our administrators. I am in no way saying that our administrators are bad or are unable to perform but there have been some questionable applicants that I and others have seen. When it comes to "shitposting", yes that is a reason why I support the change to higher ranks. When I'm looking for someone that I would support for being a quality administrator, I don't want to see 20 hidden posts of "SUPPORT! GREAT GUY", "REAPPLY, HE TRIED TO ABDUCT ME. jk support." or someone putting images of random stuff. We're there to look for a quality person that could help our servers, not childish antics that make the applicant look like they hang out with children and only want powers because "it's cool". Now applications are judged by the applicant and not "always" the people voting but association is still looked at. If I were in charge of applications and I had the choice between someone who had 10 responses from individuals that took the time to write quality response's and gave legitimate reasons to promote them vs someone who got 30 responses like the examples I listed above, I would promote the first guy because I have a higher level of trust in their capabilities and maturity level. (Solely based of the responses given/association) Now. Regulars are vital in keeping the servers running and are key in bringing in new players by interacting with them and making them want to come back but Regulars don't have the same amount of commitment or investment in SG as people holding higher staff ranks. (Yes there are some that are invested by playing everyday but this is a different level of commitment) If 20 Regulars just all at once drop SG as their go to server, yes it takes a large hit by removing parts of our playerbase but if 10 SM's drop SG all at once, everything goes into chaos. (Who's going to run the server? Who's going to provide updates to it? Who's going to make sure that any bugs are fixed for the players? Nobody) So while Regulars, JA's & SA's may have more personal experience to give for an applicant, CA's SM's etc... have a higher level of standards for who they want to administrate on their servers and their community. If something is "Need to Know" for an applicant then PMing is a useful feature to have your voice heard, if you PM giving a truly terrible experience with an applicant then giving that information to a "Voter" will most likely cause them to reevaluate their stance if they had a positive opinion prior. I would support a change to make SA's able to vote on applications but would leave JA's out of the discussion. JA's more often then not are still Regulars with minimal powers to keep the servers clean, they haven't been around (on a staff level) long enough to provide true insight on changes that would improve the community as a whole. ie. Picking out new staff members. People (of all ages) tend to admire others higher than them and will tend to befriend or communicate with them in order to raise their own social standing. I see quite a lot of people doing it whenever someone is promoted to JA and a lot of the time I see JA's and sometimes SA's fall to it and end up supporting them when said person applies for administrator even though they would not be a good fit. Staff at higher ranks are often older, don't fall for it and will keep their personal opinions of people aside while making decisions that affect the community. (I've reapplied/rejected people who I have not one issue with personally but on a staff standpoint I know their either not a good fit or simply not ready yet) Overall, I'm hopeful for this new change and hope it fixes existing issue's that SG has been having.
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    12/25/20 - Merry Christmas everyone! This map has been requested more times than @20 scrolls asking girls out on dates unsuccessfully... welcome jb_clouds_pg back to the map pool! - Increased the price of the Monkey skin back up to 5,000 Credits since our Christmas Day Event is over. - Also, Changed • No spamming of any kind (voice or chat). to • No spamming of any kind (voice, chat, radio, or skins).
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    yeah except instead of the weird part where you have to figure out what a person likes based off their forum name, we do it for you gotchu pretty sure @williamc_d likes eating dogs
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    While I can understand the logic behind this, I think it would really be best if the system we had in place for years remained put. Since the discontinuation of admin recommendations from other staff members, there has been no fundamental change to how voting on admin apps works (iirc). While there are people who shitpost and people who get their friends to make a cluster of supports/reapplys on certain people I think it's still valuable to take into consideration the opinions of those who aren't CA/SM. Firstly, why were A/SAs excluded from this? They could give just as good, if not better input on players that apply for admin because I am sure they play with the people applying as much, if not more than certain CAs and SMs. For instance, why should someone who exclusively plays ZE only get a realistic chance of getting a reply from a total of like 5-6 people? Even better an example, why would you limit someone who exclusively plays bhop to only really get valuable feedback on the application from two people at most? Secondly, while As/SAs/CAs/SMs may have many interactions with players in the server, what if a reg/member has had an interaction with an application that was overwhelmingly negative or positive that they wanted to share? Silencing people here does more harm than good if you ask me. I understand there are plenty of responses on applications now that lack substance, I still think it's worth revisiting this and giving people the power to give their two cents on applicants.
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    1/3/21 We've go a few additions today that should help with the QOL and mood of the server. Increased CT Timer to 45 minutes, and plugin now enables at 16 players online instead of 20 With this change we hope that it helps newer players understand CT side more before jumping right into it, and also help them better understand the rules with more time being on T side. Fixed lighting issues plaguing some of our maps, @20 scrolls just never learned proper coding and doesn't understand you need a CLOSE BRAKCET at the end. No but seriously, thank you Scrolls! Added a new rule stating We've seen a lot of issues come with Guards taking the first order just to give sub-par orders through chat, or take the first order and mess up the flow of the round because they can't type fast enough. This change should hopefully clear up the confusion that takes place during First Order when it's given via chat, and also gets rid of the chaos that comes with it.
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    Rust is on sale for $26 RIGHT NOW till January 5th, make sure you pick up yourself a copy of the game for endless fun and opportunities. https://store.steampowered.com/app/252490/Rust/
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    History in the making. Excited to start playing on [SG] 24/7 Detroit! Thanks to the rust team for putting in the work to make this possible!
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    thats not entirely true as I am always on everyday even though i just had a daughter recently and dont really have much time to play but i still hop onto spec while holding onto my daughter and watch you and afterpot rdming each other on 1/5/2021. I'm always on spec even though you guys think we're not on watching, we are. although im not so sure about the others i know that i am. If i see a good candidate who enforce rules and have a good attitude and is being helpful, i will recommend him for admin. If i see someone like you or afterpot who rdm each other not caring about the rules, i will reapply
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    Worst decision possibly ever made. Yes people can support boost someone out of nowhere but really doesn't do anything since its the higherups and people that have real playtime that make the quality posts on the admin applications and judging that I don't think I've seen a lot of CA's and SM's other than ZZL and Astral and sometimes scrolls on jb this will fuck over the jailbreak community and their ability to actually go for admin since they have no one to go off of. You know who plays the most on the servers that gives input on admin apps those people that you are trying to get rid of. REGULARS. REGULARS play the most out of all CA's and SM's and now you aren't going to get the real shape of a person your going to get single digit occurrences that the CA's and SM's have experienced. I encourage you to change your vote and to repeal this awful rule.
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    Big fan of this change considering Rust and Squad have been using this admin application method for some time now but I'm curious to see how it will play out for CSGO. Also no more dealing with shitposts in applications
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    1/9/2021 Revised our definition and FAQ sections in our rules to provide more clarification on what is considered association. Association is now defined as the following: The "known" traitor has to be committing a traitorous act for the suspected traitor to be killed off association. You can't kill someone for being with a KOSed player, because KOSes aren't really universal and cause issues. The FAQ for association has also been updated for this definition, which you can find in the FAQ of our rules thread. Added ttt_sg_zlounge.
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    The server did pretty good for the first day, really proud of what Steven and the others created. We averaged about 15-23 people on the first day which is a lot better than other servers already. Hopefully we can continue to pop the server and grow. I will be doing a Rust giveaway soon for those that don’t have it. When the Winter sale starts get ready for a giveaway. I know me and a lot of others plan to continue playing for a while to boost pop and just play in general. Even with low pop, a lot of us had fun.
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