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    This is a list of rules all of our admins must follow. If an admin is caught breaking any of these rules they are susceptible to punishment. 1) Admins can not in any way use their powers to gain an advantage or negatively interfere with game play. 2) Admins that use their admin powers must tag up with [sG] and their normal name. 3) Admins cannot change the map without a vote that passes with 75% yes or more. 4) Admins can only use admin chat for making announcements or warning players. 5) Admins may not ban themselves or punish other admins for any reason. Contact IA+ directly instead. 6) Admins will lead by example and be as polite and courteous as possible. 7) Admins are not exempt from server rules and will be punished accordingly if caught breaking them. 8) Admins are not to make up or enforce any rules not listed in the rules for the respective server.
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    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! In the interest of transparency, we will post the regular members here who manage to get themselves banned - along with the reason.
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    Well, it’s my time to step down. As some of you may know, I’ve enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I just graduated high school a few weeks ago (party time amirite), so I’ve been relatively inactive. I graduated high school a semester early so I could join the USMC earlier, and so I could come back to graduation night and walk in my dress blues (aww yeeeea). While I don’t go to boot camp until February 14th, my activity is going to be gradually dropping until that day. I’m hanging out with some family / friends, having some going away parties (last times being drunk / laid for 3 months =[ ), and PTing like fuck. After boot camp, I go back to my city for a month-ish to help my recruiters with recruiting (herpa derp). Should have time off then, but I have no idea what is going to be happening. I’ve made a lot of friends here; some of you guys I like better than some of my RL friends. Hell, some of you guys text me / facebook me on a weekly basis. And, on one occasion, met up with someone from here in real life (road trip to find Litkey, amirite Bubbles?). It’s been a lot of fun playing here; throughout the various ranks I’ve been, leadership changes in the community, and different programs we’ve had over the past couple years, I’ve had a blast. But for now, I want to be put back at the first rank that I ever earned. I’ll be on here and there until early February, at which point I won’t be back on until…well I don’t really know. Probably May, but if RL is taking priority, then perhaps longer. If anyone wants to write me letters while I am in boot camp, PM me. Some of you already have me added on FB, where my address will be posted. Also, props to Cloud for talking with me for long hours about my decision to join haha. BTW, sorry to anyone I convinced that my avatar was actually me, I’m only 17, not 54 =/ TL;DR Fuck you guys, going to TNS
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    Enderspine has been banned for wallhacks [video=youtube;3cFC6-MC_kE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cFC6-MC_kE
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    With the roll-out of our newest server we've decided to hold a draw for 11 copies of SQUAD available to every member of the community so you can join us in the action! The only requirement to join this giveaway is that you must have a forum account and you can't already own the game! In order to enter the giveaway simply like this post and you will be entered into the drawing. The winners will be drawn live on the Steam-Gamers Discord using Wheel Of Names on 28 September at 7pm EDT so make sure to get your likes in before then! Best of luck buds! Thanks to @BoM@Black Rain@TheZZL@patrick@Kopsta for donating copies of the game and making this happen! CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS @ThRza@Pikach@TurtleManBaby@Happy Man@cbecho11@Rygor@Link@pupster@Spiritwind@Roudy@Chad Expect a PM shortly with details on how to claim your FREE copy of Squad!
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    ReyZi_Chan has been permanently banned from both the servers and the forums for making sexual advances to members of the community whilst being an underage boy pretending to be a girl of age.
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    I'm pleased to announce what is definitely a long overdue update for the CS:GO Store. This has been in the works for a few months now and contains a load of new content, and some new features as well. I hope you guys enjoy it, and look out for more updates coming in the near future. [table=align: center] [tr] [td] [gifv]https://gfycat.com/PoliteDazzlingIbisbill[/gifv][/td] [td][gifv]https://gfycat.com/NextBoilingAmericanwarmblood[/gifv][/td] [/tr] [/table] 27 Auras in total — Including 10 exclusive for VIP and Subscriber [table=align: center] [tr] [td] [gifv]https://gfycat.com/FrightenedFatalIguana[/gifv][/td] [td][gifv]https://gfycat.com/FarawayConstantGrayreefshark[/gifv][/td] [/tr] [/table] 20 Particle Trails in total — Including 6 exclusive for VIP and Subscriber [table=align: center] [tr] [td] Masks [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Hats [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td][/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td][/td] [/tr] [/table] Pets [table=width:800, align: center] [tr] [td] Settings [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Loadouts [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width:800, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width:850, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] In case you think certain items get in the way or you don't like the way they look, you can now toggle any effect or sprite based item from showing on your screen. [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] You can now save your currently equipped items to a loadout slot, allowing you to instantly re-equip that loadout on any server, saving you from having to equip the items individually over and over again. [/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 500, align: center] [tr] [td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] FAQ | Full Item List And finally, for the next four days from now until monday, you'll earn 2x credits when playing on our servers. Now go and fill them up
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    Join the fight for women's survival this October This month only, you'll all be pink! For this month, every $5 donated to SteamGamers.com - I will personally donate $2 out of my own pocket. Plus I will also donate $100 at the end of the month out my own pocket from us here @ steam-gamers.net Otherwise, please check out: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/breastcancer for more information. "Join the fight for women's survival is Cancer Research UK's breast cancer awareness campaign that brings together thousands of supporters to raise money to beat breast cancer. Join the fight for women's survival aims to help women stay breast aware and understand the risks of breast cancer." Males, you're also affected. http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinformation/Cancertypes/Breastmale/Aboutbreastcancerinmen/Mensbreasts.aspx Together we can beat cancer.
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    Greggy G has been permanently banned for refusing to wear a mask while on discord.
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    I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who is a part of this community. It's great to see the determination of people, the way people can just connect these days. We make so many friends online or offline. It's amazing that we can connect instantly, and make so many friends though any sort of communication. SteamGamers is a great example of this, I have no doubt many people have met some great friends on here, if they like to admit or or not. It amazes me everyday that people are constantly meeting new people, making friends, communicating, learning new things about peoples lives and way of living all over the internet. I can truly say that I've made better friends on here than I have in real life. It's the truth and I'm not afraid to admit it. Everyone has their arguments, their banters, disagreements. I'm no stranger to that. I've had my fair share, but running a community, keeping people happy is not the easiest thing in the world. I've made big mistakes in my life, online and offline. I've been successful but at the same time I've gone though hard times and failed. I've regretted things I've done, I've celebrated things I've done. If you put your mind to something, you will always achieve it. I've been sorry for things I've said, and not so sorry for other things I've done. Like all of us, mistakes are easily made. But it's the way you handle them and bounce back from them. Haggard could of never continued this community without the support from all the players. Nor will I ever be able to continue this community without the support from all of you. All the people who care for this community, all the people who cherish this place. It's my thanks to you from my heart to say that I appreciate everything that's happened so far. I'm sorry to all the people I've hurt in life. I'm sure you're all sorry for all the people you've hurt. but hurt just strengthens you for the next hurdle. I'm sorry to the people who don't agree with decisions I make, I'm sorry to people who've stopped enjoying the community because of a change I/we have made. I'm sorry to the people who've not been able to accept a change or alteration for a day or 2. I can try to explain all my actions, or I can just let it be. Does it matter what happens in the past? or what happens in the future? Does a good leader lead, or decide? A million thanks to everyone who've been loyal to this community, and a good luck to everyone who's parted and started to explore life. People who've gone to start their own communities, people who've been banned. This is what shapes life and this is what has made SteamGamers.com People can say what they want, or can judge this thread however they like. Good or bad, this is from my heart, and my heart only. Need be or need not said, we all need each other at one time or another. I'm the way I am, and you're all the way you are. I will always try my best to make everyone happy. I will always try my best to make this community entertaining for the users. Regardless of what I've said in the past, we're not the best gaming community, nor will we ever be. We're the community we want to be, our community. Not the best, nor the worst. Just us, steamgamers. In years to come people move on, people will start out in life, people may remember the fun years/months/days/hours they had in SG, others may forget. In 50 years from now SteamGamers will be long gone, but never forget the fun you had. I again express my thanks to all the players of SteamGamers.com Garf
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    Hello everyone... When Garfield was the owner of SG, he sold it off to an outside party: a guy named Amit. Amit tried to maintain activity at SG, but could not. He ended up selling it to another guy named Ryan. Ryan has no activity here at SG, and does not intend to have any. When Spartan was the president, there was a working relationship between him and Ryan. While Ryan may have owned the domain name, he gave Spartan and the Board the access they needed to do their tasks when it came to management, security, upgrades, etc etc. This access was cut from us about a few months ago. The only form of communication I have (or Spartan had) with Ryan was email. With that being said, the email conversations I have with him are incredibly frustrating. He either does not respond to my emails at all, or he will respond, but does not answer what I am asking him. We no longer have a relationship with the domain owner that enables us to do our job as members of the Board. With that being said, I sent Ryan an email at the beginning of this week (after months of trying to regain access), essentially telling him to either sell the domain to us or we will be forced to move our community elsewhere. Ryan wants an astronomical amount for the site. After trying to get him to negotiate with us, he has stopped responding to me altogether. So, this leads us into being forced to move our community somewhere else. As much as I would love to keep steam-gamers.net, we are no longer able to stay here. We have no way to protect this site if anything were to happen; we are relying entirely on an outside party who isn't even active here. I am not trying to make Ryan out to seem like a bad guy...I'm sure he has a busy life and all that jazz, but this third-party-owner scenario we have does not work anymore. You are probably asking yourself "What does this mean for me?" In all reality, the only thing we are changing is the domain name, with a slight change to our publicly displayed name. Due to potential legality issues, we have to change our name slightly, in case Ryan were to come after us. The logo will stay the same; floffypus owns that and all rights associated with it. Our new name will be SteamGaymers. Okay, not really. Seriously though, the new site will be Steam-gamers.net. Everything else will remain the same. The only other slight change will be the connection info for teamspeak (the connection info is; the IP is the same...but just in case you are using ts.steam-gamers.net to connect. All of the server IP's will remain the same. The forum layout will remain the same. All of your posts, thanks, avatars, etc, will be the same (save for posts that are made potentially in between the last backup and when we bring the new site up). We are going to be working on this over the next day or two. While this is happening, the servers won't be down. There will be some restarts happening to update all of the info in the servers to reflect the new domain...but that is it. Please pass this word around. We are going to be sending announcements in all the steam groups, so everyone is on the same page. If the forums go down, please try using the new domain to see if the new forums are up. However, we will still be sending a message on the steam group to make sure people get the word. If you are not apart of the group, please join it. I understand this is a big change, but in all reality, mostly everything will remain the same. We just need to move in order to provide the best support we can to you guys. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here, in a PM, teamspeak, or steam. We are trying to make this transition as smooth as possible, and we appreciate all of your constant support in pushing the community forward. Once again: New Domain: www.steam-gamers.net TeamSpeak IP address: Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Steamgamers
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    Insidious has been permanently banned for pedophilia. For those of you who do not know: I am held directly liable for the content that is posted on this website, on the teamspeak, and on the servers. That does not mean I will get in trouble based upon other people's actions necessarily - it means that if someone does something illegal and I know about it and do nothing to prevent / report it, I can be held criminally and civilly liable. This isn't even a debatable topic - seriously guys. Go into your search engine and type in 'Is it illegal to flirt with minors?' Then type 'Can website owners be held liable for illegal activity?' - I'm not going to poke around in your guys' shit randomly because I think I'm a private investigator, but if you do illegal shit here and we catch wind of it, we have to take action. Let this serve as a warning that we are not fucking around when it comes to this. To sum up this specific situation - A few months ago: Insidious was in a relationship with a 13 year old boy at this community. When myself / the other higher ups found out, we questioned Insidious (and he admitted to the relationship) and we eventually decided not to perm him - which was a bad decision by us, but told him to stay the fuck away from the kid. Insidious made a huge fuss when I told him he was no longer allowed to hang out with the kid in a public setting here at SG. Now: Insidious continues to make what may be construed as jokes to some people, but I, nor the Board, find it fucking funny. If you admit to dating a thirteen year old boy, you lose the ability to make pedophile remarks and jokes and expect them to not be taken seriously. That child that is calling him 'dad', that child that is flirting with him in public...that child is registered on the forums as nine years old. Insidious and him flirt with each other on here and off of here via steam. He also sent another member here a picture of the nine year old boy saying 'isn't he cute'. @SpikedRocker and I had a TeamSpeak conversation with Insidious about 5 minutes ago. During this conversation, after showing him this evidence, he defended that it's totally normal to talk to nine year old boys like this. He then accused me of being the weird one. I brought Spikedrocker along to this conversation specifically because Spiked defended him a few months ago when we were discussing punishments due to how Insidious was respected here at this community and overall how he had been a good admin prior to this. In fact, Spiked and I got into one of our most heated arguments about this. Not to have an 'I told you so' moment to Spiked, but because Insidious needed to hear that someone who was defending him not to long ago was extremely disappointed and disgusted in him. During the TeamSpeak conversation we had with him, he essentially said he was going to give his version of the story to anyone who asks - which is fine. We have proof as well as witnesses who were there during the TS conversations. And look, let me be extremely clear when I say that there is nothing wrong with joking around. I obviously don't want an environment where we are politically correct, but I was unfortunately pushed to a point where I was legally held liable for what was going on here. If that nine year old boy's parents found out what was going on between him and Insidious, I would be done. This website would be done. In a heartbeat. If any of you question the validity of this ban, I have no problem explaining anything further to you. Come find me. If you think I banned Insidious because I don't like him - I would have just done that two months ago. This would also be why I had Spiked do about 95% of the talking at our TeamSpeak meeting with Insidious. Liking or disliking somebody has nothing to do in this situation - if you and I are best friends and you do something like this, I will perm you if we have the proof. To the people (if any - I honestly do not know) who knew about this relationship and stood idly by without saying anything: I am extremely disgusted with you especially. You are what makes me have no faith in humanity. Please leave this community and do not come back. Kudos to those who said something. Insidious needs some severe, severe help...but we are forced to cut ties and alert the authorities with what has gone on. The kid was also banned, unfortunately, because we are backed into a corner where we don't have a choice. I completely understand that this portion may not come off as fair, but it's a shitty legal situation where my hands are tied.
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    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, we have not done too many events during the summer. Spiked and I have been pretty busy with IRL, as well as having more pressing matters to deal with at this place. One event that we did want to do, however, has been decided to last the whole month of August - which is this fundraiser. As some of you may know, @McBride recently had a child that was born with a rare, fatal condition. McBride has been around this community for a long time, so we'd like to show our support to him by donating 50% of our funds earned throughout the month of August to him. What he chooses to do with them - medical bills, a vacation, etc. - is entirely up to him. We don't usually do this kind of thing, but we hope that it has a great turn out. We wish nothing but the best for McBride, and I'm sure that many of you will show your support. We are saddened that the situation is what it is, but we hope that this will help. Thanks everyone for your support
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    Hi girls/guys. It's my time to say goodbye, Jager will take over for the time being. This is a repeat of what haggard did, he put too much time in to SG, and it was effecting other things in life. My life is pretty ace, but you couldn't imagine how stressful it is to worry about SG constantly, because if I like it or not, SG has been a big part of my life, and I've given much time and much effort towards SG. I'm not leaving, but I am. I won't be around much, I will still pay for the servers, every other question/inquiry needs to be sent to Jager. I will visit the forum, but not much.. I won't reply to PM's, so don't send them to me, I will notify the community when I'm back. I'm happy that I've heard a lot of feedback on how well I've done since taking over from Haggard. Thanks big boys!
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    Hello everyone! Today is a very exciting day in SG because we have successfully transitioned over to our new forums! As you can see, quite the changes have been made compared to our old one. We have left behind vBulletin and now are currently running our forums on Invision. Majority of the ranks are updated in names as well. We have made major changes to our donation system. Thanks to Liam Brown, all donations are once again properly accounted for in the monthly donation goal and are automatically processed. Compared to our old donation system where it would need to be manually checked, this new system is fully automated which will speed up the overall process. Another exciting part about the change in the donation system includes that we are introducing a third tier in our Supporter system! Starting now, you can now donate to become an Elite Supporter. More information can be found on our donate tab and the Marketing Team have provided more details about the new supporter system here. We have re-branded our logo once again by removing the infamous hyphen to become Steam Gamers and have re-launched our social media. We would like to thank all the staff involved in making this possible! The Design Team has done a beautiful job with the banners, the logo, the color schemes, and so much more to make our forums look amazing. The Community Advisors and Server Managers who have went out their way to test every nook and cranny to catch any bugs. The Marketing Team for the numerous discussions by recommending changes and upgrades regarding our brand and other general marketing aspects of SG. The Technical Team who have worked so hard with @Gator, @fantastic, and @Third to put together a fully functional and stable forums that we have been desiring for. Thank you to my fellow Directors for providing the support in every way possible from working on the technical development of the forums to working with all our staff on the front end. I cannot stress this enough but thank you so much to @Nishok, @Liam Brown, and@fantastic. These three men have worked countless hours behind the scenes and have given up sleep in terms of the heavy-duty technical development especially in the last 96 hours for the new forums. Majority of you guys don’t get see what goes on in the background, but us Directors know that Nishok and Liam Brown are always there to provide help whenever we require assistance. Thank you again for your tremendous dedication to SG and we are very appreciative that you both are part of our community. We thank you for your patience for the new forums. You may or may not come across some minor bugs that needs some squashing out, so feel free to suggest and we can handle them swiftly. We are also looking to implement some more features to the forums in the coming weeks. It’s been quite a journey and we know it took a bit longer than expected, but we’re very excited about this transition and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Steam Gamers.
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    Hello. I have already made a similiar thread for the AO+ This thread is mainly to avoid being spammed on steam with the same questions repeatedly why I'm no longer an AO, by the lower ranks. You may have noticed or even wondered where I've been lately. Why all ZE duties basically has been put on a hold. A while back I was diagnosed with a high degree of a disease called Ulcerative Colitis. It's a chronic disease where my own immune system are attacking my intestines. Since it's a "chronic" disease it means I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. There ARE medicines for it, but it only some what eases my pain and suffering. Since my instestines can't absorb nutrition as a normal healthy body can, I more quickly run out of energy and I even have to struggle to not go to sleep too early after work. In turn it makes my (former) role as an AO too much for me to handle considering my new situation. Therefore I have already informed (since earlier) the higher up staff that I am stepping down from my role as an AO. I want to thank all of you players who made it so fun to take care of this server. It has truly been an honor to play with you guys and yet you might see me around somewhat less active as a player instead. I want as well to make an extra big thank you to: @R3TROATTACK who always helped me out with plugins and fixes for ZE. Without him we wouldn't have for example VIP-escape mod as well the non-crashing transparent plugin! @Agent Wesker who kept bombarding me with great suggestions, his own map fixes/versions and as well suggestions for plugins. @Leon Mordecai with his cancerous amount of map-suggestions. Peace and love Crazy Swede
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    With both Astrum and Jagers recent stepping down posts, I figure it's my time as well. I tried to step down weeks ago after yet another disagreement with Garfield. Fairly clear how well that worked out as I got repromoted minutes after my thread. Both Astrum and Jager wrote cordial and well thought out posts, that simply isn't how I am. So instead, I would like to say thanks to the friends I have made here, those who have left, those who have stayed, those who made the servers fun. SG isn't so much about the highers up, but the player base. Without the players, the servers wouldn't be here, without the players, the servers wouldn't be very fun now would they? As much as populations and gamemods change, it's the players that make the experience more fun. It's getting all too reminiscent of Garfield part 2 and well I'm far too lazy to keep doing both AO and BD work. I'd much rather sit back and see what happens from here, and you know stop getting PM's to do work. PS. I'll probably still be on forums, otherwise what else will I do? Probably Escape too, otherwise though, find another AO to bother from now on. =] PPS. For the highers up, I'll still be available if you guys need tech help or have any questions.
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    Alright...let me just clarify my role. I'm NOT going to be president or anything. My role is related to Channelfuse, and I play a facilitator/advisor role which suits me. I'll spend a lot of time in these coming few week, and set up the new-look SG. Once that is done, I'll work on some other site. So, what after me ? Well, Charles will be involved in a more active cpacity than me, and he'll ply an important role at SG. Still, I believe SG should be run by someone who knows the communit inside out.... There were a lot of candidates....and the final selection does not mean others are not good enough for this role. But there was only one position, and I hope Paul does a hell of a job running SG.
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    Hello everyone, For those who aren't aware, Peanut Daycare is a group of individuals who are comprised mostly of permanently banned players from SG. There are some people who are not banned that are part of both SG and Peanut, and up until this point we've been fine with people being part of both. There are plenty of members who are part of both groups that do not cause us any problems, and we are not wanting to group everyone affiliated with Peanut Daycare and say they are all bad apples because it isn't true. However, from now on if you are part of Peanut Daycare, or have affiliation with them in some way, and you are found breaking our rules or tip toeing around the lines of our rules, or endorsing Peanut Daycare, you may end up permanently banned from SG. We are having to take this harder stance because we (the higher up staff) are tired of having to deal with the antics from Peanut Daycare and their friends. In case people are not aware of what Peanut has been doing over the past few months, they include spamming new accounts that spam racism, making accounts with members real names, editing pictures to harass members, using alt accounts to play in our servers when they are permanently banned, and attempting to DoS attack us multiple times. They attempted to DoS attack our TeamSpeak last Saturday during the meeting, and several of them attempted to disrupt the meeting by joining it undercover. We at SG are tired of dealing with it, and therefore if you want to be part of Peanut Daycare as well as SG, that is fine by us so long as you follow our rules. To those who are part of both and continue to follow our rules, they have nothing to worry about. We're having to take a harsher stance on this since this group and people from it are constant issues with our community, and we have to look out for our members to ensure they are not subjected to the antics or attitudes the people from that group tend to attract. Thank you, -SG Staff
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    Hello everyone, Sorry it has taken me a few days to wrap this thing up - it has certainly been a hectic month for me and I really haven't been around too much and had other obligations I had to attend to. Anyways, this is about the results of the August fundraiser we held for McBride & his family. Last month, we were going to donate 50% of our earnings to Mcbride for him to do whatever he wishes with. Including all PayPal fees and subtracting our monthly dedi cost, his portion came out to be $351.27, which we'll just round to $352. Congratulations to McBride and thanks again everyone for the turnout and the support. However, I want to be upfront when I tell you that I deceived every single one of you when I told you that we were going to donate 50% of our profits to McBride. Since this entire thing started, I have never intended to give McBride this amount, even when it was just an idea between Spiked and myself. Sorry, McBride, but you will not be receiving $352 from us. "But why, Caution? How could you tell us all that half of what we donate would go to McBride, then turn around and not give it to him?" Quite frankly, there are very few things around here that excite me anymore. That doesn't mean I dislike this place or don't have fun here, but anyone who has served as an AO or higher for longer than 6 months will quickly tell you the shift to a managerial role can be a difficult one. It's not really about playing on the servers and messing around anymore, it's about policies, punishments, meetings, managing, so on and so forth. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's easy to become burned out on it - so once again, thank you to all my AO's, TA's, BD's, and my VP who stick around running the show. Someone who was recently banned made some sort of comment about us being power hungry at the top...I can promise you that we could give an absolute shit less about that. We do the things we do because we've been around for a decade - most gaming communities cannot say the same. While we venture outside of our comfort zone here and there, we try and stick to our old traditions because we truly believe they work. Anyways, deceiving all of you, including McBride, excited me greatly. Why? This entire month, I was pretty ecstatic about the amount of money that we were going to receive in VIP / Sub / Credit purchases. Spiked was in on it with me the whole time, but other than that, not a soul knew (unless Spiked opened his big fat mouth). We had absolutely never intended on giving McBride 50% of our profits. Ever. When we started this fundraiser, we wanted it to be sort of a secret when we launched it. But, out of respect for McBride and his privacy, we obviously could not do that comfortably. So, after he said it was okay, we started the process to launch the fundraiser. I mentioned earlier that Spiked and I don't typically get too 'excited' about things around here as much anymore - launching this fundraiser was a bit different...but we still wanted more. Unfortunately, we lost the element of surprise just due to the nature of the event. So, instead of being up front with everyone about what our true intentions were, we kept it a secret because we wanted to be able to still have some sort of surprise. @McBride - you will not be getting $354. We never planned on giving you 50% of our profits...because, from the beginning, we always planned on giving you 100% of our profits for this month...which brings us to a new amount of $708. We just wanted to surprise you again in a positive way one more time. Good luck bro and I wish you nothing but the best =] To everyone who participated in the fundraiser: thanks for your help and thanks for your support. This was a true time for all of us to pull together to help a fellow community member, and you guys did an awesome job. I'm sure you can understand now why we tricked all of you Thanks everyone.
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    You must be a registered user of the forum to be able to use the forms to join the FREE raffle! please register here. Please READ THE WHOLE OF MY POST, BEFORE YOU ASK A QUESTION... AND THE GUIDELINES... Introducing the SG Raffle. Sponsored by Ngo FAQ are in the my second post, read the second post after you've read this whole post! All you have to do is join our GameTracker group! and it's so easy, just follow the instructions below! YOU must fill the form out to be able to enter! All you have to do his fill the Join our GameTracker form out in this link. Once we'e verified you've joined, you will get a ticket to enter the raffle! ( Once you've submitted the form, you will be taken to the LINK!) If you're already in the GameTracker group, please fill the Join our Xfire group form in this link, and you will get a raffle ticket. ( Once you've submitted the form, you will be taken to the LINK!) if you're already in both, PM me! REMEMBER, YOU DON'T HAVE TO FILL IN BOTH FORMS! JUST ONE!!! (BUT IF YOU WISH TO JOIN BOTH, PLEASE DO SO) You can also enter our other groups (you don't get a raffle ticket for doing so) Guidelines: Winners will be picked on the 20/08/10 LIVE on stickam @ 5PM GMT! (http://stickam.com/garfieldh) If you win, you may pick which prize (if it's still available ) Only 1 ticket per person (even if you join both groups) The SteamGamers.com management have the right to edit the Raffle without prior notice! Total of 3 winners.
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    After a higher up discussion among IA's and BD's, we have decided to ban Uno for 1 week for harassing multiple females on the forums/teamspeak. We do not take kindly to this kind of harassment and it can land us in very deep water if not properly dealt with. This is not the first time something like this has happened and will not be the last, so we warn everyone against doing something like this.
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    Hello all, Unfortunately, I feel it is necessary to give a warning out to everyone...even though this should be common sense. Twice now, I have had individuals use an entire month of subscriber, then open up a dispute with Paypal on the charges. While I am very open and tolerable towards giving refunds within the few first days if you are not satisfied with subscriber, you do not get to wait the full 30 days and then demand a refund. The problem with this as well is I have to manually check and make sure that each person is either paying for sub, has won it, has somebody else paying for it, or any other legitimate manner towards receiving subscriber benefits. So when someone demands a refund and does not at least send me an email or a PM explaining why they feel they are entitled to a refund, it is very shady. I will say this now: if there is SHADY activity involved with demanding a refund after you have already used your subscriber benefits, you will be permed, regardless of rank. If you feel you deserve / want a refund at any point in time, you can send me a message. I am typically very open about refunding money if someone is not satisfied or if someone has made an error, by chance (within a reasonable timeframe). What I do not tolerate is people scamming the system; this isn't fair for the community, and it especially isn't fair for those who pay for subscriber legitimately. Additionally, if you are found using somebody elses credit card, paypal, bank account, etc, WITHOUT their authorization, you will be banned (including family members). Essentially, if I see "unauthorized charges" linked to your paypal account, you will be banned. As an ending note, any type of shady subscriber ordeals, such as cancelling your sub and not alerting myself or another BD (remember, part of this is a manual adding / removing process) within a reasonable amount of time but knowingly continuing to milk the benefits, or anything that is deemed 'shady, but not bannable', I will more than likely not allow you to become a subscriber in the future. We appreciate everyone's donations greatly, but it is not worth the headache of dealing with someone like this. All of this is directed towards everyone, regardless of rank. Hopefully I don't come off as negative here. I just do not like people scamming the system to receive benefits that others pay for. It is not right and it is something I will not tolerate as the owner of SteamGamers. Ending on a positive note: thank you all who continue to donate and make this community run. We all greatly appreciate your contributions and are consistently doing everything we can to strive SG forward.
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    Glad you offered to sell it to a collective of BDs/AOs/CAs etc that may have been willing to put the community's interests before those of simply aggregating forum sites for monetary gain.
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    Instead of figuring out whatever the total amount was after PayPal fees, I just went ahead and did the full amount upfront. Gary Sinise is a great person and the foundation is amazing; it's honestly astounding to me that he's never been Time's person of the year.
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    Skins 10,000 Credits Auras 15,000-20,000 Credits Particle Trails 8,000-10,000 Credits Hats 5,000-6,000 Credits Masks 4,000-5,000 Credits Pets 6,000-7,000 Credits
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    Our birthday is coming up on February 28th and instead of us getting presents we are going to give you presents. Presents in the form of an epic raffle giveaway. We are wanting to have the biggest prize pool giveaway possible. We'll be holding this raffle on March 1st. We are going to be purchasing some special prizes from our reserved funds but we'd also love it if people could be equally generous and donate more games or skins to this pool. if you donate special things for this raffle, we'll be giving you free tickets to the public raffle (Amount of tickets to be determined, should have it soon). If you want to donate for this special raffle, please contact me via Forum PM or through Steam. This very special raffle will kick off a month long 10 year celebration here at Steam Gamers. As we get closer to March we'll announce more special things we'll be doing through out the month. So stay tuned as March will be a very special, eventful and exciting month for all of us here at Steam Gamers. Here is the prize list! What is this? Please read the FAQ All our raffles are funded entirely by member donations (For Subscriber or otherwise for free). If you would like to help out, please send me a trade request! (CLICK HERE) All contributions are greatly appreciated!
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    Okay folks, it's time to get serious for a minute. Two weeks back a fellow community member, roux, suffered a great loss when his house burnt down with all his personal possessions inside. Now roux and his family are stuck living out of their relative's house and trying to work with the insurance company to somehow recover from this horrible situation. Unfortunately, due to uncertain times with Covid and bureaucratic red tape they most likely won't see any money for a long time, and what money they do get won't be nearly enough to cover all of their losses. SteamGamers is a community first and foremost, and when someone in the community suffers we do what we can to help remedy that suffering. So, on August 29th we will be hosting another 12 hour stream similar to our charity stream, only this time all money will go directly to roux and his family to try and help them recover. I know the turnout was big at the charity stream and the support was even stronger than we expected, so we're asking you to bring the same energy and support to this stream. The schedule 12 PM - 3 PM Hawks 3 PM - 6 PM Acer 6 PM - 9 PM BoM 9 PM - 12 AM Hawks Saturday August 29th (all times in EST) There are obviously less people up there and longer run times. something we chose to do differently this time. I'm sure you guys won't complain though because I know you guys all love Hawks and he'll be up there TWICE. I really urge everyone to come and join in on the fun and hype of the 12 hour stream even if you can't donate any money. I look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday!
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    Dominic and Zayne were permanently banned from SG by unanimous vote for general unwanted behaviour, including poaching admins, advertising, and attempting to incite drama over accusing us of stealing. Constructive criticism is fine, baseless slander is not. We have 0 tolerance for that kind of behaviour here. Below are further details regarding the above. Take a look at the below admins at another unnamed community's new TTT server - what do you see in common? Several SG admins were contacted and asked to be admin at another community to help Dominic and Zayne launch a competing server. Note that their admin roster is entirely SG admins. Furthermore, both Dominic and Zayne decided to hop onto our TTT server this morning and advertise. Dominic's attempt to start drama is below. TL;DR: he accused us of screwing over people by having subscriptions (automatic donations). Interestingly, Dominic actually supported recurring payments as a BD. Prior to this permanent ban, Zayne was demoted from the Veteran rank for recurring attitude issues and impersonation of an admin while in the rank. He was expected to uphold a level of professionalism needed as both a former higher-up and Veteran, but failed to do so on multiple occasions. Copy-paste from an IA thread: Good luck with your new endeavour, but don't bring SG into it.
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    Hello Steam-Gamers, I am pleased to announce the Steam-Gamers Summer Charity Stream! The stream is going to be 12 hours long and will take place on Saturday, July 18th, 2020. The charity we will be raising money for and donating to is Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a nonprofit organization that works in the U.S. and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world's most vulnerable people. As you all are aware, COVID-19 has formed into a worldwide pandemic that has threatened and impacted countless lives. Direct Relief is constantly working to get life-saving medical equipment and medications to doctors and nurses to help fight COVID-19. Their work has supplied others with the tools needed to help save lives across the world during these hard times. We are looking for people to stream their favorite games in time slots throughout the day. If you have the hardware to stream and are interested in streaming fun games for this event, I highly encourage you to apply. Apply Here! Make sure to mark your calendars and spread the word about this stream. The more people we get involved, the more money we can raise to go towards this important cause. See you there! While I have your attention, please click below to join our Events Team Steam group!
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    Hello Gamers, I am excited to announce the Steam-Gamers Charity Stream! The stream is going to take place on December 21st, so mark your calendars! Since the stream will be 12 hours long, we will have 8 trusted streamers streaming their favorite game that we hope you enjoy for an hour and a half! The charity we will be hosting & donating to will be the Gary Sinise Foundation where their mission is to "serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. We do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities." If you are interested in being a streamer for this stream, there will be more details in the near future. Please come and watch or even donate for a good cause. Every dollar counts and each donation is greatly appreciated! See you there! Also, while I have your attention please feel free join the Events Team Steam Group
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    Thank you @crazedkangaroo for the banner! NEW TTT PLUGIN Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally arrived for us to release our new TTT plugin. This is a monumentous moment for all of us as staff members and for the rest of the community. With this release, we are introducing new items, a new karma system, and a new credit system. In the up and coming weeks, we are expecting a lot of traction with new suggestions, ideas, and improvements being made as more and more people become familiarized with this new era of TTT. We will be announcing a TTT community meeting very soon so hang in there. Now let us introduce our new items and credit system. Keep in mind these are not the only items we are working on at this moment. These are just the few we decided are ready for release with the least promise of breaking. The credit price value is also subject to change in due time. Stay tuned for new item discussions and reveals in the weeks/months to come. [table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center] [tr] [td] Traitor Item [/td] [td] Credit Price [/td] [td] Detective Item [/td] [td] Credit Price [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Hurt Station [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [td] DNA Scanner [/td] [td] 150 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Silent AWP [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [td] Radar [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Random Teleporter [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [td] Sprint [/td] [td] 25 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Drop [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [td] Health Station [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Martydom [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [td] Healthshot [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Missile [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [td] Taser [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Sprint [/td] [td] 25 credits [/td] [td] Kevlar+Helm [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Jihad [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] C4 [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Health Shot [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Radar [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Teleporter [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Tripmines [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Kevlar+Helm [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] 1 Hit Knife [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] M4A1s [/td] [td] 175 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] USPS [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] MP5SD [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [/table] Traitors and Detectives both start with: 75 credits Detectives killing Traitors: 100 credits Detectives successfully tasing a Traitor: 50 credits Traitor killing Innocents: 25 credits Traitor killing Detective: 100 credits Detective tasers are now a one time buy with an unlimited amount of uses with a recharge time of 30 seconds between each use. There are so many changes that have been made that a single thread wouldn't be able to explain and go into detail as to why and how it is the way it is. We ask you all to explore the server with an open mind and come to us with any feedback you may have. This project has been in development for a very long time. We've gone through many managerial changes during this process and each one of them played an individual key role in getting this plugin to where it is now. I would like to personally thank and congratulate @Trazz and @crazedkangaroo for pouring an INSANE amount of time and energy into this. If you find even the slightest enjoyment from playing on TTT, know that these two had a gigantic role in this. Thank you to all of our staff, past and present, who have been on this journey with us but we all know that this is only the beginning. Big thank you to the entire Modding Team for saving many maps and making them compatible with this plugin!
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    Xp/Slothy has been banned for a week for shitposting in admin apps, making joke admin apps and ban appeals, and shitposting in general. It's not hard to not be retarded, he knows what he's doing.
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    Hey guys, Sorry this is lagging behind a little bit, but we decided our SotM winner a week or two ago. In addition to the general staff of the month, they are also receiving the Presidential Award, which can only be given out by the President or Vice-President. Nishok has easily earned this award ten times over, and then some. During a recent security threat, Nishok went above and beyond to ensure that SG was safe, as well as everyone's personal information. In addition to that, Nishok has been around forever, and we were actually BD's together at one point. Nishok is arguably one of the most dedicated members of SG I have personally ever seen, and the amount of work that he has done on both the front of the house and the back of the house is beyond words. Nishok is part of a group of very, very few people that could easily have a BD position anytime they wanted, just because of the complete and total trust that he has from all of us. Congrats brother!
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    Deatheater has been banned for one month because he is clearly disconnected from reality. He went into CB and ranted and raved about how mean everyone here is, then went on a fit about not getting admin that ended in him getting banned for one month. He also threatened to not donate as much because of not getting admin, which led to him subsequently being permanently barred from ever receiving admin. I don't give a shit about your money, dude.
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    I would just like to remind the community, that trolling, bullying, or being abusive to another player for no reason, is against the rules. Simple... let me explain to the people who are going to argue against this.. If you call someone a dick to be nasty for no reason, you'll be banned. If you start acting like a dick bullying one person, then getting other people involved, you and the other people will be banned. I myself am going to start banning people for being pricks to other people. The Higher management team will follow suit. I encourage you all to use the report a post button, or alternatively PM myself with the thread link post if someone is being a total dick for no reason. Thanks. Garf
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    Hello everyone, The Board has been discussing a rework to our recognition ranks for a while now. Currently, the ranks being referred to would be Honorable Gamer and Legend. We felt as though we were missing something and that the gap between the two was too large. We've decided to implement another tier that will be a middle ground for this system. While this middle tier will have some general parameters, the Board will still be the deciding factor when it comes down to placing people in one of these ranks. This new rank will be called Veterans! One important thing to note with this change is that we'll be removing the Presidential Award entirely, as we no longer see a need for it. Laid out below is how each rank will be treated moving forward, generally. The lowest recognition rank you can receive is Honorable Gamer. This rank will pretty much remain the same. It can be given to previous staff members or normal members who have contributed to the community in a significant way, more than the average player. Admins will still be able to nominate people for this rank which will be reviewed by the IA team and the Board. This rank does not grant any admin powers. The next rank above that will be the newest addition, Veteran. The people eligible for this rank will mostly be server managers or very longtime admins, but it is still dependent on performance, attitude, etc. People in this rank will not be granted any admin powers, but will be granted perks similar to that of an Honorable Gamer. The last and top rank will be Legend. This rank is for people who have contributed to the community in an extremely crucial way, akin to our now removed Presidential Award, and kept a positive attitude while doing so. Previous Presidents, Vice Presidents, Board members and technical staff are who you'll likely be seeing in this rank, but it may vary further. This rank will have the equivalent of Senior Admin powers on our servers and will have access to the Community Advisors section on our forums. With this change, we've reevaluated all the people who were either Honorable Gamer or Legend and sorted them accordingly. We think we got it down pretty well, but there may still be people we need to look into. You may have lost your rank entirely in this process, you can reach out to a Board member for clarity on why. If you feel you've been misplaced, you can contact a Board member and we'll discuss it. Listed below is all the current holders of each rank. Our current list of Legends: Our current list of Veterans: Our current list of Honorable Gamers: As mentioned above, we've reevaluated each and every person who was eligible for one of these ranks. This has been an extremely long discussion, the Board has spent countless hours doing this. If you have any issues, please reach out to us so we can reconsider. Thanks everyone!
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    Hello everyone, Today we are making admin complaints public in the interest of transparency. The higher ups have discussed this and decided there's no real reason to keep them private anymore. However, the complaints you now have access to only date back about 6 months. This is because there may be information in older complaints that shouldn't be public. From now on, all new complaints that get made will be public. This does not mean you guys will be able to post in them though, that will still be restricted to anyone who is Admin or above and the person who posted the complaint. This leads us into another change regarding admin complaints. For quite a while now, we've had a policy in place regarding banned players making admin complaints, this policy stated: This has been removed entirely. It doesn't make much sense at all because we recognize that someone may think their ban is justified, but may think the admin handled it incorrectly. We will not instantly reject a complaint because someone is banned. In any case, we will listen to what you have to say about our admins and will act on it as we see fit. Lastly, we've removed the [Noproof] and [Expired] tags from their respective sections. The [Noproof] tag was just useless, but the [Expired] tag wasn't right for us to use. If someone appeals their ban and their ban expires, we will continue to review the ban to determine if it was unjust, as opposed to just slapping this tag on it and closing it. A ban could be 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, etc. but if the higher ups take too long to review it to the point that it expires, we will no longer push it to the side. We believe these three changes are steps in the right direction.
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    Manny has been permanently banned for posting inappropriate pictures, saying sexual comments, and failing to acknowledge previous warnings. Let this be a reminder to everyone - we do not and will never condone this type of behavior on any of our platforms. Regardless of age, you should not be engaging in overly sexual conversations or posting sexually suggestive content on any of our platforms, especially after being given countless warnings to stop. Just because you think something is funny or entertaining to you does not make it okay to say or post whatever you feel like. To come around and so jokingly say, "rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome", or, "catch me with a bunch of fucking Mexicans crossing the border" will never be accepted at SG, not to mention the countless other inappropriate comments and images posted in discord that have come up. While this is a gaming community and we want everyone to have fun, we have to be able to draw the line at a certain point. There are consequences to your actions and in this circumstance, Manny was permanently banned from them. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact an IA+ member. To clarify: The lyrics posted here were just a part of the reason Manny was banned, and yes you can say they're "just lyrics" however you'd be wrong. Posting something on one of our platforms about raping a pregnant bitch and then calling it a threesome is just wrong, disgusting, and absolutely unacceptable, lyrics or not. It goes directly against rules we have in place and looks horrible to anyone who comes along and doesn't know that those are lyrics. If you want to hide behind that piss poor excuse and not use your brain for half a second to figure out that you shouldn't be posting that, it's on you. This is the rule: "We do not allow posts or images that are overly sexual, gory, or disgusting." There is no unwritten line that says "oh well as long as it's lyrics it's okay". By the way, for anyone who is unclear on this, SB comments count as posts. Furthermore, there were about 10 pictures posted in discord that were either right on the line of being unacceptable or were well over the line. The pictures that we found absolutely unacceptable to be posting are inappropriate enough that we felt it best to not share them publicly and taint this post. Manny posted those lyrics and was warned to cut the shit and stop using lyrics as an excuse to make inappropriate comments. Mind you this all came up after he'd already been banned for two weeks for sexual harassment and disrespect. You would think at some point in there he would have learned his lesson, but he continued to cross the line of what is acceptable here when he posted those images in discord. Manny has come up way too often in discussion as a trouble maker and has been warned, banned, and overall been given the benefit of the doubt way too many times.
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    The 12 hour Steam-Gamers Charity Stream has come to an end and we would like to thank everybody for participating. With your help, we have raised a grand total of $1342.69 for Direct Relief. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to help the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. @Kieran & I would like to thank all the people that streamed and made it very exciting, @BoM, @Dreamz, @Bright, @Tyymunk, @Hawks, @Acer, @Macmine411, @EricTheGamer. We'd like to thank the Marketing Team, Events Team and Media Team for their contributions towards this stream, especially @thuxys because he created some amazing overlays/panels for us to use. Thank you to @Ned, @Strayyz and @John for laying out the foundation for this stream and future streams to come. We would also like to thank @fantastic and John for helping us reinvent the twitch channel and giving it some life. Lastly I would like to personally thank @BoM for all the hard work and determination he has put into this project. He helped everyone out and made this whole thing possible. We wish to be able to do this stream annually/semi-annually with different charities. You guys have been amazing and the stream was very entertaining. We will definitely be looking into what we can improve on so that the next one will be even better. Thank you to everyone who donated no matter how big or small. Here is a list of the people who contributed - TheZZL - $236 Hawks - $150 Steven - $120 BoM - $100 Frostbitten - $100 ManiacJak - $96.69 Roux - $75 Dreamz - $57.34 Alex - $50 Booch - $50 Cody. - $50 Dominic - $40.12 Gentoo - $30 Bacon - $25 Kieran - $25 Tyymunk - $25 Clamor - $20 Rygor - $15.08 Kopsta - $15 Acer - $10 Error - $10 McBride - $10 Ray - $6.66 Thump - $6 EricTheGamer - $5 Poke - $5 Strayyz - $5 Charliere - $3 Black Rain - $1.11 Polarzz - $0.69 Thanks @Cody. for requesting tts...
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    Gumline has been permanently banned for declaring himself the warden of the server after multiple warnings. It's permanent due to his history of bans. “One cannot step twice in the same river” – Heraclitus
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    Alright...i've worked on SG for 12 hrs straight. This is wht we have managed to do so far - 1- Upgrade SG to VB4 2- Install the new skin (minus the logo and status icons) 3- Set up servers page linked to the forum directly - http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/servers.php 4- Set up Arcade - http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/arcade.php 5- Set up GamerTags to be displayed in your profile page as well as postbit. Edit it here - http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/profile.php?do=editprofile 6- Set up new shoutbox 7- Added forum page (to be renamed to something better) for admin applications. 8- New Smiley Pack 9- VBSEO is installed. Will be enabled in a few hrs. These are SEO-friendly url redirection. 10- Ran a forum wide maintenance VB4 was key here. Things were promised when I took over......and it was vital that we have visible changes for the good. I hope we can put down any remaining skepticism to rest.... ------------------------- In the next few days, we will - 1- Set up new logo/status icons. 2- Add a new homepage 3- Add custom ban page 4- Add more static pages, as in the previous site 5- Add a scrim league 6- Add a Legend Usergroup 7- Start monthly contests /w prizes 8- Add forum rules, and appoint forum moderators. Yes, you can be banned, thread banned and kicked from the chatbox now if you don't behave. 9- Set up new donation system 10- Set up application form for SAs , as well as list the entire modus operandi to select them. 11- Add banners for SG so that other sites can link to us. 12- Add a paid membership system with added feature (no paid-4-admin ...sorry) 13- Add 1-2 new dedi servers and new games. 14- Add a ticket system to deal with bans, appeals and other support issues. 15- Restructure the forums and make it bit more compact than it is now. 16- Add apps for iPhone / android and BB 17- Add restrictions for new members while using PMs, posting links etc. 18- Set up the usergroup permissions and a separate page to explain each usergroup type. 19- Finalize roles for each top ranked member, so that SG runs smoothly and efficiently 20- Finalize plans for monetization to generate more revenue at SG
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    I decided to reply to this post instead of making another thread for the sake of keeping all of the information in one place. We recently had several situations arise involving sexual harassment which resulted in three people getting banned and one person getting demoted. Similar to the real world, we do not condone sexual harassment on any of our SG platforms. We should not have to tell you guys how to talk or act, but unfortunately people have done things that warrant more than just a simple punishment. An individual came to us with screenshots of pokes being sent in a Teamspeak channel that implicated a member of the community as saying that he had sex with another member. The pokes were sent by Strayyz, but changed to seem like they were actually coming from I'm Sad. After further investigation of the situation Strayyz was demoted due to his direct involvement. Regarding Phoenix_, we initially decided to demote him over the comment made with no intentions of banning him. It was only after his farewell thread in which he continued to insult the person who was being sexually harassed and then further comments in Teamspeak that he was banned. He chose to act as if there was nothing wrong with what was said and play it as if he was the victim in the matter. On top of this, he admitted that he was actively trying to get banned. While the comment may have been made months ago and it should have been handled then, it continued on to the present and there was a direct connection between I'm Sad's comments and all of the harassment that happened after. Manny has been banned due to a comment he made in the shoutbox towards the person who was being sexually harassed. The aforementioned comment was posted only a few days ago and was not the only thing that contributed to Manny's ban. He was banned previously in February because of general bad behavior and trolling and has continued to display a negative attitude towards the community since then. He was ultimately banned for this in addition to the recent sexual harassment issue. I'm Sad has been banned due to several cases of sexual harassment alongside being the reason for all of the previously mentioned cases. The victim came to us stating that they have received several screenshots involving sexual harassment despite leaving the community many months ago. While it has been said by multiple people that Sad wasn't actively participating in these cases of sexual harassment, he was in fact the original perpetrator. He chose to tell all of these people about his relationship with someone else and allowed them to continue poking fun at the situation to the point that it turned into sexual harassment. Allowing your friends to sexually harass someone based on information you give them does not make you an innocent person in this situation. His choice to allow it to continue and escalate without truly attempting to stop it or coming forward to a higher up contributed to his ban.
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    Hello everyone, Originally, I was going to post this in the SA section, but I decided not to because this really applies to everyone in the community, whether you are the person who is banning or the person being banned. So why not get everyone on the same page? No reason to keep secrets. Every once in awhile something comes across our path that makes us say "Wait...that's a rule? Where is that a thing?" If you guys know me personally and know the way I manage the community on the higher-up side of things, I like to have everything that is an official rule laid out for everyone to see. Back when I was an AO and Garfield owned this community, there was a lot of mismanaged crap everywhere. People were pulling obscure rules from long-lost threads created years and years ago. Plus my job requires me to read a lot of text written by lawyers, so I like to make sure everything is worded and phrased the exact way it should be: ie a rule saying you SHOULD do something vs. saying you SHALL do something, etc. Oftentimes these 'rules' get started by rumor. Sometimes these go on for so long that by the time someone questions it, the response is "Oh it's always been done that way." Not a valid excuse. The majority of the BD team has been here for 8-10 years. Black Rain is the newest one, but she's still been here for 4 years. For the most part, we pretty much can sniff out bullshit between the five of us. Sometimes, it eludes us, but the vast majority of the time it is caught by at least one of us. Sometimes there are situations so random that we have absolutely no rule for it, and for that, it falls under the golden rule of SG: I'm going off on a bit of a tangent from the original purpose of this thread, but I just wanted to give a bit of backstory so this didn't seem completely random. Banning a Player for Leaving the Server The point of this thread, 'unfair banning' is specifically mentioning something that I have seen a few admins do, varying across rank. As you can guess by the title, it's about admins issuing bans for players because they leave the server after committing some sort of deviation from the rules. Let me run two situations by you for example: Situation A) A player joins and mass-free kills a bunch of people and mic-spamming "I wish I was in Dixie" while typing racial slurs. He disconnects and leaves the server before an admin can issue a punishment. This situation is okay to issue a ban after they leave. They committed violations that would have gotten them banned anyways, and they were obviously just intentionally trying to grief. Situation B) A player is on CT on prison break, and headshots a T for disobeying a rule. The admin and the CT are arguing about the justification of the kill after the CT dies. The admin sets the CT to be slayed on the next round because he thinks the CT should have given a warning shot. The player disconnects right after being set to slay because he doesn't want to wait another 5-10 minutes to be respawned and play. This situation is not okay to ban the player for leaving. He wouldn't have gotten an immediate ban for this situation anyways. The point in admins using their powers against players is to deconflict a situation going on. The situation is entirely deconflicted at this point, and there is no reason (other than spite) to go onto sourcebans afterwards and ban him. As I said earlier, we choose the wording in our rules very carefully. If an admin deviates from this standard set of rules (because there are random situations that don't fall under anything we have listed), he is expected to use common sense and good judgement. If their version of common sense and good judgment is frowned upon by all 12 higher ups, well it makes us question their judgment. We could go over hypothetical situations all day and night, but I encourage all admins and players to READ the actual rules we have listed. This is not to encourage people to skirt around any rules intentionally, it's meant so you guys essentially know when you're being banned unfairly or when an admin is enforcing something they shouldn't be enforcing. If you intentionally skirt around the rules to make an admin's job harder, we will probably punish you out of principle. I'm aware that this has happened in the past, but it stops now. This has been discussed among the AO's+, and we have unanimously agreed that banning players for leaving the server is only legitimate in certain situations, mainly extreme ones where the player is intentionally trying to grief. If there are any questions, please let us know, but if I see a million hypothetical situations, I'm not going to keep entertaining them all, as that could go on endlessly. As an admin, if you are in a situation where you truly do not know how to handle it, I would recommend you messaging a higher up immediately. If you cannot get in touch with one, not taking action (or taking minimal action like a 5 minute or hour ban) may be the best way to go, and wait for further clarification. And lastly, "Avoiding punishments" = people who are trying to disconnect and reconnect to avoid a slay, a mute, etc. Not the same thing this topic, and that is okay to punish for seeing as it is an actual ban reason. Thanks SG's Management Team
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    I have purchased another Dedicated box for the community, I will not be asking the community for donations towards this dedicated server, the cost will come out my own pocket each month, which will be around $200/month. We would love to hear suggestions for servers, so we can test them out, and get the full joy out of this dedicated box The dedicated server will be up and running by next week. it will be able to hold roughly 10 servers, but for best usage around 5 or 6... I'm particularly interested in CS:S WARCRAFT MOD (?) Have fun gaming !
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    Hello everyone, It's time to introduce our Member of the Month for December! The Member of the Month award is given to a member that has gone above and beyond in a particular month to better the community and deserves special recognition for the work and effort they've put in. We don't give this out often, so when we do you know that the person is most definitely deserving of it. The recipient of this award will receive the following badge on the forums: This person truly earned this award for the work they put in during the month of December. On top of his in-game activity, his forum activity has been phenomenal. He's given some strong input on a multitude of threads including map suggestions, rule discussions, and overall ideas for our servers. Plus, his Santa hat volunteer work was pretty cool. Please join me in congratulating @crazedkangaroo as the recipient of this esteemed award!
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    Hello everyone, Back in 2016 we had a database breach because of an exploit in vBulletin. (This has been fixed.) Sadly some Encrypted/Hashed passwords and emails got leaked by this. Because of this we took the precaution and forced a password reset on everyone, to prevent unwanted people from being able to log into your accounts. So the next time you try to log in, you will need to use the "Forgot Password" tool to reset it with your email. If you are logged in with "Remember my password", then we suggest you to log out, and log back in to get the password reset prompt. If you are reusing the same password somewhere else, we urge you to change your password on that platform, too. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Sincerely, ~The Higher Up Team.
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    Okay guys a lot of events have unfolded over the past few days. Unless you've been living under a rock you obviously know that I'm talking about the proposed sale of SteamGamers to Amit & Charles. First of all, SteamGamers is not going to die. People need to calm down, a community of 300+ forum users/day with 10 or so servers that regularly fill up on a daily basis CANT just dissapear overnight. Sure at this moment in time things are in a turmoil state, which is why everyone needs to get a grip, calm down and pull together collectively as a community. We (the AO's + BD's) will be having ongoing discussions with Amit & Charles to see what can be done about SG's future. The AO's and BD's only want the best for the community and its members and this is what we will be trying to ensure over the coming days. If you take in anything over the past few days of what has gone on, take in this following line. SteamGamers is not going to die, stability is around the corner and we need everyone to keep cool and remain level headed. Don't jump the gun, we wont let this place go down. On a side note we will be holding a community wide ventrilo meeting Tonight, Saturday and Sunday (25th, 26th & 27th). Tonight - 8PM EST Saturday 26th - 8PM EST Sunday 27th - 7PM GMT So stay tuned, go shoot the shit on the servers and we will update the entire community when the situation develops. - The Board & Administrators.
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