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    1/14/2022 the plugin is back - sg-weaponallocator.smx is taking its spot back on the server and will replace MyWeaponAllocator.smx, weapons not saving is fixed and this plugin has a lot more customization when it comes to loadouts stay tuned for what's to come shoutout @20 scrolls he is my favorite JTA
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    Finding a woman who loves u
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    This is a smaller suggestion post, it will probably be looked at and tossed but a suggestion is a suggestion- regardless whether or not people like that. But this is more of a post to compensate with ragdolls and the ability to move them. Instead of player Ragdolls, we have tombstones or another variation. I know that we've done this before, and I know that it's very similar to either Karma or eGO (idk which uses which) but if we change it to tombstones- and not as an event but more permanent, we could allow players to pick up Tombstones and move them around. Whilst making the game fun, and not all too different. 1. If a player finds a body, picks it up and throws it off a roof or to a spot where you can't ID it, it should be an automatic KOS, innocent or traitor. 1a. The issue with this is, it would make the Matchbox useless unless you want to remove a body stealthy from a far range and irretrievably. 2. If we style it to whatever model, like maybe players can choose the tombstone they drop when they die in the Cosmetics Shop it adds character to each different player. 2a. Issue with this is, if not done properly, tombstones could blend in with the map and players could potentially walk past unided bodied and get killed for it. 3. Picking up Tombstones should only be for picking up dead bodies and not props around the place. Tombstones could be shot and moved (slightly), but holding {USEKEY} wont send a tombstone flying. 3a. I don't know if we could even implement this. 3b. You can't/shouldn't be able to jump on Tombstones to get to glitch spots. thats all I can think of right now- of course this is for anyone to put their two cents in so go off.
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    League Of Legends Scrimmage! That's right, what you've all been asking for, a league of legends scrimmage. Players will 5v5 and play 1-3 depending on the enjoyment of players. You have to upgrade your skills in the bottom and play in one of the lanes trying to reach the enemy teams nexus, once there nexus is destroyed your team will win, simple enough. Where: Steam-Gamers Discord Events Chat. When: January 22nd @ 6:00pm EST. Make sure to join the SG steam group and discord while your still on this thread!
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    Just going to throw this out there before I read this again sometime this week and respond after seeing others responses, messing with ragdolls and dead player models outside of (maybe) changing the model of a dead body is a very far stretch. Messing with vphysics and ragdolls is something that most TTT servers other than us struggle to do, because changing one thing always leads to breaking another. We've tried fixing how messed up our ragdolls are currently, specifically with them limping through floors. Yeah so this topic is something we definitely struggle with. It took us so long to to update the Halloween dead body model last year that we didn't even get it out in time because of what changed every time we fixed something that we wanted different. Definitely keep suggesting whatever because right now we have more capabilities of adding stuff than we did a while back, but don't expect everything to be possible.
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    that is the easiest jump on vip where is the challenge?
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    MiniGames Deathrun Deathrun is a gamemode that involves two teams, the "Deaths" and the "Runners". The runners try to complete the map while dodging traps the death team sets off. Maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 deathrun_nuke_v4 deathrun_sonic_shpdr When? Friday, January 21 @ 5:30 Where? minigames.steam-gamers.net Join the SG discord!
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    fr ganga queen above 10k too like cmon bro!
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    Make this jump on jb_vipinthemix
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    what a hard challenge hey guys try playing jb for 3 minutes without going insane
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    Unwise opinion, you see, you are nor a event coordinator or even nearing as much of a gamer as me. You are mentally unstable which I'm sure all players can recognize by this comment. And adding onto this, L bozo just got caught in 8k hd with a 2025 camera of the highest of qualities + yb better, + your mom.
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    you already know mine since we basically play league everyday
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    yo hold on, YOUR nunu. nah nah I will be instalocking nunu
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    eltouchytouchy if i am correct i’ll check when I am home. hopefully i’ll have time to join this one!
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    Better join up so I can beat you
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    can i join my user is PINK PANDA REAL ill be jungle
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    Dumb fuck is still banned LMAOOOO
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    Actually you're wrong it's @Gumline
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    Will change the plugin to print these notices client-side only from now on, unless anyone thinks there's any merit to leaving it how it is.
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    Mirage for Traitors: Spawn a passive bot with your name that can be killed but not IDed
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    Maybe you could buy shots for the awp like maybe 100 per, i forgot the current price of the awp but maybe 50 75 or something.
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    Alright let me clear this up as somehow there is some confusion. You are not making a whole ass minecraft map, you are making a build in minecraft and submitting that. Me and Wunka will then RECREATE them in CSGO, and MAKE A MAP out of all the BUILDS you guys submitted. Also please keep submissions to like 1-2 (maybe 3 if the build is simple).
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    Karma X Steam-Gamers Me and Wunka over at Karma have decided to collab for a TTT X Minecraft event. You will have a month to make a build in Minecraft, and submit it by replying to this post. After the month is up, Wunka and I will take those builds, and remake them in CSGO in a community styled TTT Map. When? January 1st - February 1st How to submit Minecraft builds? 1. Press window + r, and type %appdata%. 2. Click on .minecraft folder, and then open the "saves" folder. 3. Locate the folder with your world's name on it. 4. Right click the folder, and click "Add to archive" (If you do not have WinRar, you can download it here), after that click enter. 5. Head over to Mediafire, click on "Upload files now", and drag and drop the .rar file into it. Then click the tab on the bottom right corner, and click copy link. 6. Then reply to this post, with the link, and some screenshots of the builds. SG RULES STILL APPLY, SO NO RACIST, NSFW, OR INAPPROPRIATE BUILDS
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    I say this with little sarcasm but him and most of the new "JB regs" go on and constantly break the rules & mic spam every single time I get on there. Constantly telling people they have to slay, making up rules, and so on. It's not really a stretch that there out of like 30 people on any given server you're gonna have 1 cheater tbh. Cheating on CS:GO is easy and idk how the game is still taken seriously outside leagues and so on. Really easy to ruin game for others.
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    Sorry but I will continue to cheat on jail break as it is quite fun
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