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    It has been a good run everyone, but it is finally time for me to go. I have been around Steam-Gamers for years now and it definitely holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately the stresses of managing the Zombie Escape server have begun to affect my mental and physical well being. I have come to the conclusion that despite how much this place means to me I cannot place it above my own health. I will still check in every once in a while so if anyone wants to reach out to me feel free. I have known so many of you over these past years so instead I will do a general call out. Thanks to everyone here that has been a friend to me, who has helped out the staff and especially those who have worked on Zombie Escape which is my favorite server. Hopefully the ZE server will be able to continue but if not it had a good run, recently a lot of people helped out in order to revive it which is greatly appreciated. Please all of you take care of yourselves and enjoy the time you have been given.
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    DerpySlerpee and micklandusa have been permanently banned for inciting drama involving Zombie Escape countless times. We are sick and tired of having to deal with drama surrounding Zombie Escape. Case has also been banned for 5 days for inciting drama and leaking info from the staff Discord.
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    After the situation a few nights ago, we wanted to make a post addressing some things publicly and clearing up any misunderstandings people might have while giving some insight into the decisions we made. While we understand some people were unhappy with the decisions made, these were decisions made with the full weight of the board. John did not go off on some tyrannical mass banning and to think that is how any situation would go down is quite ridiculous. I suppose it's fair we start at the beginning of all this, or at least as far back as I'm willing to go. This whole issue that seemingly pitted the higher-ups here against the ZE community started back about a year ago when Pikajew was banned from our community. We are fully aware of the fact that some people believe he was wrongly banned, but at this point, it should be old news. The board at the time decided that Pikajew did not belong here based on pictures on his profile, as well as pictures and comments he had made over time. I was not around when this situation happened, but per request, I looked into it further. At first glance, it did not look like there was a lot of evidence supporting the ban so I can understand how some people would be upset. Not all the evidence of things done back then was preserved, with some evidence actually being deleted by ZE staff at the time. Nonetheless, there were multiple witnesses to Pikajew posting what at the time was considered "borderline" pictures (loli) and making inappropriate comments about those pictures or other subjects. I even had a conversation with Wesker this week where he told me and another BD that we should never unban Pikajew. Now I'm going to make a very clear point that the BDs are never obligated to show all the evidence we use to make decisions, and sometimes we couldn't possibly share all the conversations we've had or reports we've combed through. In this case, however, it was public knowledge that Pikajew was throwing around the word loli way too much and posting lewd loli images. Now you can argue that "it was just a joke" or "he didn't really mean it", but at the end of the day I'm pretty sure everyone knew he was riding the line of inappropriate. The board at the time found anything related to loli to be unacceptable and subsequently banned him. When it comes to loli, there really shouldn't be this "anime people" vs "non-anime people" situation, but somehow it still turned into that. Sure the board at the time was not that in tune with anime culture and viewed it as pedophilia, but they were not wrong to act on it. This is something that is banned in all general gathering places of the internet as well as being illegal in multiple countries including parts of the US. Yes, that's right, multiple countries that have made it illegal to possess (as well as create and distribute) sexual images of fictional characters who are described as or appear to be under eighteen years old. It's clear that the Pikajew decision started this rift and built a layer of distrust between ZE and the BDs (even SG as a whole), but it was a necessary decision. No BD team is going to unban Pikajew probably ever and plenty of people stand behind that, even if they're not the ones being the loudest about it. That distrust because of these decisions built and got twisted by people in the ZE community basically making people believe SG hates ZE, higher-ups are evil, etc. We were made aware of the gap in trust and things being said on both sides, but never with any substantial proof. Fast forward to about a week ago, maybe a little longer, several BDs are made aware of some issues centering around the ZE population. The primary issues we were looking into were the ZE population being harassed and called pedophiles. The issues weren't making it directly to us, but we heard rumblings loud enough we had to investigate. I went and sat down with a few of their more senior people in a private discord they have for ZE people (Cascade). The conversation went well enough that I thought there would be a positive future after some long needed TLC. There were obvious things that caused the ZE rift, most notably a lack of unity and trust between ZE and SG and a lack of strong leadership within the ZE server management. The latter leads into the former, which is to say the lack of strong leadership led to the rift between ZE and SG. It was clear that the SG ZE community was being led by a few ZE regs who were horribly misinformed or perhaps ignorant of how this place runs. Most notably was derpy, who in my ~90 minutes in discord with him threatened to pull the ZE population and go to a different community. Yes, you're reading that correctly, a reg was holding our players hostage. I'll be honest, on top of that, this was someone who was clearly misinformed about how certain things work in SG, particularly how we handle complaints of things happening as well as expecting us to unban people or strike/ban them simply because the demand for it is there. I get it, the person who has the loudest microphone gets heard the most, but hearing talk like that was really concerning. I understand that some people are friends with derpy, and I don't mean to out him as a horrible guy here, but there were some points where he was leading people astray. Having someone as a friend is one thing, but letting them lead you down a bad path is another. The ZE community go-to people are always going to be the SMs and CAs helping run it, and to rely on anyone else for accurate information or proper leadership will end poorly for you. This was proven not more than a week later when in a rage about an admin contest post derpy decides to "declare war" and start spewing nasty shit about SG. There were a few things that happened after that, all being encouraged and pushed by derpy and others involved. First, in an attempt to dismantle the admin contest, multiple people from Cascade made alternate accounts to vote on the admin contest. Messing with admin contest votes is petty enough, but breaking forum rules at the same time? Big no go. On top of that, suddenly people were pushing "A vote for Case is a vote for Fuck You John" which was started by derpy. Suddenly Applily is posting in the announcements section of the SG ZE discord, and after that, we pretty well had to shut the admin contest down. From there, we went to have a conversation with Bright and Wesker to see if we could get control of these ZE players as this sort of behavior was unacceptable. After a long conversation we had come up with an action plan going forward, but the BDs who attended still felt that the entirety of the BD team would have to get more involved. As I referenced earlier, there was a questionable lack of strong leadership in the ZE community beyond some regs, so it became a BD issue to solve. From there we banned derpy and mick for inciting this drama and pushing this ZE vs SG mentality even after we had reached out with him and maintained multiple open conversations throughout the week. There are going to be things that don't fall directly under a rule or previous precedents, and this is honestly one of those times. We saw derpy as a direct source of toxicity and negative that was dug deep into the ZE community and was seeping into SG as well. While you may not all agree with it when we see something like that we cut it out of the community immediately. Mick was banned for promoting this disruptive drama ridden behavior alongside derpy. Applily was demoted for posting the "A vote for Case is a vote for Fuck You John" in the SG ZE announcements, abusing the trust and access that was given to him. He was later permed after we received proof of him talking about DDoSing the servers. Case was demoted for leaking information from the staff discord as well as continuing to get involved and contribute to this ZE drama. The bans that followed were standard in a situation like this, and by that, I mean that when shit hits the fan IAs are often authorized to [temporarily] perm people causing trouble to stop the chaos as quickly as possible. After everything is calmed down then the IAs and BDs go back and re-assess who deserves what length ban if any. This was the plan this time as well, but unfortunately in the two days following this, near every person who was permed originally made alt forum accounts to send more toxic crap in SB, troll PM a BD, make a complete troll ban appeal, etc. It's unfortunate that in the end all those who were permed went and proved that they were rightfully removed from the community in the first place. If you didn't participate in all this shit after your ban and you're reading this, appeal and we will hear you out. All issues surrounding ZE are being looked into and evaluated by the higher-ups, including drama being started by our staff members. In the last few days, we've received evidence of our staff members adding to this drama as far as two weeks ago. I'm sure there have been plenty of things said and done over time, and if you have evidence of that please bring it forward. We do our best to investigate all situations especially those that are causing drama, but we need people to bring evidence forward through the correct channels for us to act on it. We are fully aware of negative comments being made and false accusations being thrown around, and we will look to issue punishments accordingly. We are completely willing to be reasonable and understanding in any situation, but when a group continues to act out and prove they're incapable of meeting us on that level we will always take action. That's not without its losses though, and as I'm sure many are aware we took a big hit by doing this. The board felt we were in a no-win situation, as we knew if we banned derpy shit would implode, but we also felt that if we let all this toxicity and negativity continue to grow the aftermath would have been even worse. When it comes to decisions made by the Board, we try to collect as much information as we can before making a final decision. This includes media, talking with involved/knowledgeable parties, and full-length discussions among ourselves to find the best solutions possible at the time. Understandably, these decisions may not make much sense or seem reasonable from an outside view. These decisions might not always be the best when looking in hindsight, but it's the best we can do with the information we have available. We'd also like to apologize for the late response, and we are aware that some of the negativity and fallout surrounding this situation built up as we took multiple days to release something public. That was not us blowing you off, just like this isn't us trying to save face with anyone. It's just how it goes sometimes, we're all really busy people and it's hard to sit down and get one person to write up all the thoughts of 6 people. On top of that, we had to continually field questions and conversations with people on all sides of the situation. Gator didn't even sleep the night it happened. I spent my entire workday Thursday talking to people. Black Rain was answering questions all day. Fantastic tried to engage in conversation with the ZE regs and coordinate with Maniac to keep an open line of communication. We also had to sort through evidence that had finally been brought to us regarding our staff acting inappropriately. We were all fucking exhausted and were just trying to keep up. As it always is, you are allowed to ask us questions, and we will always do our best to answer them all. To those of you who decided to step down or step far away from SG, I'm sorry it didn't work out how you had hoped. To those who are here and wondering what's next, all I can say is big things. Moving forward we will be continuing our efforts to support the ZE server and community. TL;DR - If you care you'll read it.
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    Hey everyone We got a bunch of promotions lined up tonight so let's cut to the chase. First up, we're promoting someone who's going to be working with his fellow Event Coordinators in providing the SG community with some awesome events in the near future. Please join me in welcoming gween to the Events Team! His new responsibilities will include: Organize, plan, and run events Manage/Promote special events on our servers Manage and monitor gaming tournaments Make sure servers are ready for all special events Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community Work with the Server Managers to create events that cater to community interests Second, these next three individuals have been working very hard and absolutely earned the title of Community Advisor. Please join me in welcoming Astral and Dom to the team! In addition to these two guys, we have our very own Charliere coming back to the team! Their new responsibilities will include: Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects Handling player complaints and issuing bans Moderation of the forum Give awards to members on request Send group invitations to members on request Post in-game server problems on the forum Help in any way to make the servers fun Handle reported posts on the forum Up next, this grill has been a Community Advisor for quite some time and has expressed interest in helping at a higher level. She's shown great dedication in her rank and will be running the CA team with Maniac. The CAs have finally escaped Kieran! Please join me in welcoming Stephanie. to Lead Advisor! Her responsibilities will remain relatively the same, while taking on the role of managing her team. Moving on, we're sad to see Wesker and Bright step down, but we know that life takes priority and we're very grateful for the contributions they've made towards ZE. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and hope to see them return to SG again someday in the future. They left some pretty big shoes to fill in, however, we are very confident that these next three guys will make ZE great again! One man is a former Zombie Escape AO himself, while the other two guys are ZE veterans too. Please join me in welcoming back Paralyzed, and welcoming Maniac and Takuto to Server Manager! Lastly, we also have one more familiar face returning to Server Manager! Please join me in welcoming back Infinityward to the SM team! Their new responsibilities will include: Verify that servers are operational Reboot dead/lagged servers Assist in training new admins Search for new maps for all servers Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site Edit map lists & rotations Congratulations everyone!
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    @Kopstaand I are happy to announce a brand new Squad Server coming very soon! The developers are releasing a huge update soon, including a new faction and map! Squad is also going on sale from September 23rd - September 28th, so take advantage of that while you can. I'd like to thank @BoM, @John, and @Cautionfor allowing this to happen. What is Squad? Squad is a large-scale online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay. Two factions are tasked with Capturing and Defending flags around the map. Players can choose from a variety of kits - Rifleman, Machine Gunner, Anti Tank, Marksman, Sniper to name a few. Each team needs to build Forward Operating Bases around the map to respawn and rearm to get back in the fight. Squad has a plethora of vehicles, including - Tanks, IFVs, APCs, Armored Cars, Helicopters, etc. These vehicles are used to assist your team in attacking Flags and FOBs. How do I connect? We will post the server info on the release date. Important Links Buy Squad! Squad Subforum Squad Rules and Helpful Information Squad Changelog Squad Bug Reporting Squad Staff List Squad Admin Applications
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    9/14/20 Updated the Servers page with new banners. Thanks @thuxys!
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    9/15/20 All members (excluding those banned) can change their display name once every 90 days without DMing a BD! Go to the profile dropdown on the top-right of the page, click "Account Settings", and click "CHANGE" beside your display name. NOTE: Forum rules apply, which means no racism or anything distasteful please! We reserve the right to remove this functionality if there's abuse. NOTE: At this time we have restricted the ability to view display name changes. This is in case someone accidentally changes their name to something we don't want people to see (full name, etc.) NOTE (EDIT 2020-09-15 1:36PM EDT): We reserve the right to roll-back your name change if you change your name to something that causes issues. For example, taking the former name of an admin. Your 1-time name change will be used up and will not be refunded.
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    Thanks to @thuxys for the fire banner! Scrim Mega-Mashup Week! Whats up all you guys! Me and @Dreamz are here to bring you some more scrimmage fun! This time though it is going to be a little different! We present to you the week long scrim mega-mashup! "What is that?" you may ask, well, it's a week long event of different scrimmage events! If you still don't completely understand here is the list of events that will take place one after another, every day of the event! Events Monday - Mirrored Maps Tuesday - Bump Mines with Riot Shields Wednesday - Time Warp Thursday - No-spread, Headshots Only, EZ Bhop, Deagles and Knives (wow thats a lot to say) Friday - Third Person Where? On the SG Scrim Server! Server IP: Password: 321sg When? September 21 - September 25 @ 8:00 PM EST EACH DAY
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    Thank you to @thuxysfor the amazing banner! JB Superheroes Unite event Hey everyone, we have a week long Superhero themed event for you guys! There will be a bunch of limited time skins available in the store as well as a Roll The Dice plugin enabled throughout the duration of the event. Some of the RTD effects include things like triple jump, armor regeneration, infinite nades etc. The RTD commands are /rtd and /rtdmenu. Below are the models you can buy for the event. Big shoutout to @Chad for helping make this event possible and for coming up with the title When? Saturday Sept 19th - Friday Sept 25th Where? IP: jb.steam-gamers.net Models: Terrorist: Public: Punisher - 0 credits Basic Supporter: The Flash - 5,000 credits Premium Supporter: Green Lantern - 10,000 credits Counter Terrorist: Public: Spider-man - 0 credits Basic Supporter: Iron man - 5,000 credits Premium Supporter: Batman - 10,000 credits Elite Supporter: Superman - 15,000 credits
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    Also this completely crossed my mind but... this is one of my managers now? Like... Guys what the fuck?
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    Really exciting promotions, congrats everyone. Thank you to all the CAs I've worked with over the last few months. It's been a pleasure managing you guys. You finally escaped.
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    TTT Community Meeting Hello Gamers, As you may have noticed, we've made a significant number of changes to the server recently, and we'd like to have a discussion with you guys about it. We're looking for not only feedback on any of the changes we've made thus far, but also on future changes and the state of the server. This will help us guide our plans for the server and tailor it towards what you guys are interested in. The topics that may be covered are: -Credit/Item Rework -Auto-Moderation Karma System -Detective Strength and Meta -Innocent Menu -New Items and Old/Stale items -Haste Rounds -State of the Server If there's anything in particular that you as a player (or staff member) would like to discuss, you can bring it up here, or we'll have time at the end of the meeting to open the floor. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the changes and pushing our server forward together. When: Wednesday, September 16th @ 8PM EST Where: https://steam-gamers.net/discord Community Meeting Channel
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    16 September 2020 Redid Reaction Roles/Server Assignment (now found in #role-selection at the top of the discord) Added more game roles to assign yourself Added TF2 servers to server assignment roles Added a new Events role (choose this if you wish to be pinged for events) Created game channels for every game role selectable Redirected game updates into each game specific channel (except for FiveM and Tarkov(#BlameTheDevs)) Nuked server channels Added new #server-announcements channel for all server-related things to go into Moved #server-list to the top of the discord Added Player Complaint and Bug Report tickets in #tickets at the top of the discord Reordered channels and categories to better emphasize the use of text channels special thanks to @Noxstarfor his help
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    Thank god. Grats on the promos everybody, looking forward to amazing things from everyone.
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    YEAH YOU'RE FUNNY HA HA..... Congrats to everyone else! I expect to see a lot from you guys!
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    9/20/20 We have removed the "No Warden" part and re-added "Gangs". Back to:
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    Congratulations everyone! Welcome back @Charliereand @Paralyzed! @Dom @Astral Well deserved! @Steven.Predictable @Takuto@Maniac @Paralyzed It's going to be a long, difficult, road, but I'm confident you three are well equipped to face the challenges ahead. Just know you have all of SGs support behind you. @gweenMake some events, better than @Dom 's trash ones, thanks.. @Infinitywardso you're here to fuck it up again, yeah?
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    Creten punching air rn, congrats all!
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    9/19/20 Our donation goal has changed from $650 to $750 as we look to grow as a community. Thank you for your support!
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    This event has been canceled, thank you for understanding.
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    WHEN Saturday, September 19th @ 6PM EST WHERE Steam-Gamers Zombie Escape Server IP: ze.steam-gamers.net:27015 Get your blasters ready, it's time to escape from zombies.The server will be having a small event based off Star Wars trying to beat all of the maps. Come join the server and bring down the Empire MAPS ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 ze_starwars_v2fix_csgo3 ze_star_wars_prequel_v1
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    P.S. Assume this entire poll to be null and void.
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    Stephanie always existed. She tried to supress herself into becoming "Steven"
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    congrats GWEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN @gween @InfinitywardMODDING MMANAGER MOODING MANNGER MODDING MANEGER @Noxstar thank you for VOLUNTARILY coming to ze @Takuto @Paralyzed @Maniac CONGRATS ASSTRAL @Astral @DomFUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUU, grats monkey hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 @Steven. @Charliere conragts on CA
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    So at this point should i reapply for admin?
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    Science has confirmed that if your a campaigner you are also a mouth breather
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    Congrats everyone, well deserved!
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    Congrats to @20 scrolls and @WavY, they'll be moving onto the next round. Time for our second round of Senior Admins in round 2. The two admins with the highest votes win the group and will move on. Good luck! @splayd @Rygor @gween @Charliere @Edmund @HAXOR @PHNX @Case @Creten @Tagwrack @tides
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