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    Traded in the golf and picked up this bad boy.
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    With the recent major decline of SG as a whole, I feel as if the unbans have gotten far too lenient. I understand that people should have multiple chances but for some of these guys it's just too much. I won't publicly name more than a few people but if it takes multiple perms/bans then I think it's safe to say that their contribution to SG is up. I don't see the mindset in unbanning these people who are "reformed" for 1 2 3 extra pop for a month before they get banned within that same month cause they felt like being quirky for a few minutes on a late night TTT/JB session. Not to mention that one of the guys who was just unbanned today is actively trying to get me falsebanned by pretending to talk to my "alts" as I am writing this. What's crazy is that the people unbanned before Steel (Me and Arctic Wolf) have not caused much trouble, instead we went on JB and populated the server enough to where it had 13 plus people which then became 18+. I even asked admins about the rules before killing people because I did not feel like breaking the rules/getting banned. With this new leniency it feels as if every rule that was enforced however many months ago when I was banned was thrown out the window essentially. Lastly, the fact that Dekay. was even allowed to apologize to the community/ZZL was ridiculous and it should not have taken 24 hours to say that we didn't want him back.
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    It was great to see that we could get both Jailbreak and TTT populated at once yesterday. I didn't make it into TTT, but I was on Jailbreak for a while. Dominic said Jailbreak peaked at 18 people in the game, and TTT with 15 at the same time. Great numbers! I wanted to see from everyone who was in either server yesterday, what's one thing that would have made the game more enjoyable, or something that you feel would've made the population last even longer? Does anything need to change? @Pog. @DabOfGravy @Myra @Dominic @Iota @The Real Slim Jim @triou @Strayyz @Nolan @sWz @Creten @Starlegendgod @touchy @ThatTamer @the baconator @janseen @cewr @ anyone else who was there
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    Unironically tho I felt about 70% of the admins were very active at pursuing rule breakers during that time and it makes it a much more enjoyable experience Also I know it's a very backwards strategy at first glance, but we need to shrink the map pool even further to the 5-10 most popular maps. One bad/unknown map massacres the server and I know it sucks to have such a high barrier for entry for new and probably objectively better maps, but I think our strategy should shift to adding a new map every 3-6 months and making it the new default map for when someone joins the dead server. It's similar to what Valve has done to get the pros acquainted with their new maps, they add just one at a time and focus 100% of their efforts onto it until it's widely accepted. This is much better than having a mapping competition and adding the top 3-5 entrants all at once, which then never get played because 1. they arent the default pick and few would willingly choose a brand new map they dont know and 2. they are so many other new maps to choose from its hard to get excited when they're all competing for the same spotlight. Again I'd give JB another few months of growth before implementing this strategy because one bad forced map could be the end.
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    Not exactly an introduction.. but it seemed like an enticing title. We'd like to introduce our new (not exactly) role: Supporter! The Board and our staff have been discussing the layout of our supporter system and how it fits into our current community structure. With the smaller player base and lower number of servers, we decided that having three tiers didn't make sense anymore. However, we've gone a step further and dropped it back down to one tier, similar to how it was pre-2016. Additionally, we've dropped the price by nearly half what it used to be prior to the addition of new tiers. Our new price is just a few bucks - $2.99! We dropped the price with the thought in mind that we need to account for there not being as many players around currently, with the added thought that we aren't exactly reliant on incoming funds, so there's no harm for us in making it more affordable. However, we'd greatly appreciate anyone who wants to sign up for instant monthly renewal and help SG out, a few bucks a month from a decent amount of people is more than enough for the time being. If anyone did have a constant subscription going, you'll need to renew it. So, this change obviously implies that any and all perks that were in any of the previous tiers have been combined into this one. As a Supporter, you'll have access to every donator perk we have available along with any new ones we think to introduce. This includes but is not limited to access to exclusive in-game player models, a wider array of in-game commands, increased store credit multiplier, various Discord perks such as creating private channels, and much more. We appreciate all of you who have been supporting the community up to this point, and those who choose to support it in the future! Our staff team is working to the best of their ability to ensure the survival and growth of this community. Lastly, I'd like to do a quick giveaway in honor of the unification of these donation tiers. So... let's say the first 5 people to directly message @Hawks on the forums and tell him he's too short will get a month of Supporter on me. Thanks everyone.
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    quit your job/leave school = consistent pop
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    Wake up babe it’s that time of the year again
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    Perfect time to bring back css mg
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    You are dealing with true morons. It's somewhat terrifying to realize that you don't really understand that. But yes, you're being clowned by clowns. Please avoid smearing that all over the SG forums when they're doing it to you in your personal life or on discord.
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    I understand where you're coming from and appreciate you having the nerve to speak up, which is exactly why I gave my explicit permission for you to come at this publicly. However, it's not unfair to point out that you're missing copious amounts of information, factors, and motivations. Before I get into it deeper, here's the fact of the matter: decisions are never going to be uniform. There is absolutely zero way to look back on every appeal and make sure we're staying consistent with decisions. There's too many appeals, too many factors, and the biggest thing - every time there will be a different set of people making the decision, all with different opinions. I'll give you a for instance.. I was not involved in any appeals regarding Slothy. However, I was heavily involved with Steel's appeal and argued for him to be unbanned. If I wasn't involved, maybe there would've been no one who spoke up to argue for an unban, and it never would've happened. So it's all about the hand you get dealt, and unfortunately there is no way to be completely fair and objective in every case. We aren't the Supreme Court, we'll evaluate a situation to the best of our ability but we're not cross comparing cases and ensuring that proper justice is served or anything like that.. we're just making the most informed decisions we can in the moment. I'd also like to remind everyone about the precarious situation we're in with the state of the community. You and Arctic Wolf going on Jailbreak and populating it is extremely appreciated, see the benefits we've reaped from unbanning you? In the past, we may not have been so lenient because we weren't struggling as a whole. However now, we're taking chances on people, with good reason too. I was unbanned 6 months ago or so, after being permanently banned for 2 years. Here we are 6 months later, and I've been a Director of the community for 2 months already. So if they hadn't unbanned me, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this. At the end of the day, it's what we're comfortable doing. If someone continues to cause trouble, they'll be dealt with accordingly. Slothy is on an absolute last chance basis before he will be forced out of this community for an extremely long time.. the rest is up to him. And if it comes down to that, it takes us nothing more than 15 minutes to ban him, send a message to the staff team, and then post to the public. If he ends up turning himself around, we're left with a solid regular that plays the server and promotes a positive environment for months on end. If he doesn't we aren't losing much time or energy.
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    Should ban Snatch Tee from this one
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    Anyone here still have this game, and would you play it? @Pyro Looga and I played for a bit a couple nights ago. Was fun to play a game I used to play all the time, that I fired up played in a while. If enough of us have it, let's get a game going sometime!
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    And we should make it a rule to make our names and person information private right @kit
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    I feel that some new maps would be nice, i wasn't there for it but playing the same maps over and over seems to make it boring
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    we need to get @Bubblezto find us more kids to babysit
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    5 man is absolutely horrendous, never play 5 mans. Duos and trios only nothing more only people id even trust in this community is @Reid99 and @Hawks kittenshmu
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    just take the L already lil bro..
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    I didn't mean to derail your thread like that nor do I really want to open fresh cuts about anyone's recent bans/appeals, and I'm sorry if it's coming off that way. Maybe my main point is that the reason you're seeing people who continue to get banned->unbanned->repeat is because there is an environment of toxicity here that is creating negative behavior, which to be honest, is probably also contributing to the decrease of people who really want to stick around. I don't pop my head into the discord too often but it honestly looks exhausting interacting with some people in this community who refuse to drop an inch of their ego and just respond normally to one another. Honestly the last line of your post makes me think you're kind of in that zone too, where you think nobody here is wanting to make friends. This is an internet gaming community for a niche set of custom gamemodes for CSGO (amongst other things), people are coming here because we have like minded interests in playing those games, which should hopefully make a lot, if not all of us, "friends." I guess I don't really understand why anyone would come into Discord or the forums and contribute in conversation other than to try and meet and interact with people. Maybe I'm out of touch
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    From what I remember Steel was upset about Scroll’s forced demotion and recent GG member punishments (I was banned so I watched the entire situation go down in a matter of screenshots). Regardless of whatever environment he was in at the time and even if he was egged on by admins he could absolutely just close Discord. But, instead he continued to carry on and alt plenty of times and throw playground insults at people over someone he had only known for a few months. His behavior was unacceptable and at the time he took little blame for his actions (See appeal before this one with Greggy). As for the Staff, yes, they should be punished as they are meant to defuse the situation but almost nobody community wise is going to take it seriously when you see someone with a green name who is probably 16 ask you to stop bullying an adult over Discord. Remember, this is the internet and people are at eachother’s throats 24/7 and criticize every possible move. Nobody is really here for the baseline of “making friends.”
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    Honestly this is just my 2 cents as someone who came off a relatively long perm but I've kind of read through some older appeals, and it's funny because it looks like a few of us in this thread alone have taken a few perms or more I'm not trying to target anyone specific when I say this but I've read appeals here and there and the reality is anyone can write anything and say how sorry they are but I think what you really need to look at is the root of why they were banned. Nothing happens in a vacuum here and usually trolling and shit is predicated by people creating that environment. That day or night or whenever it was when Steel got banned in Discord I was fairly surprised to see him being the only one who ate one because he was constantly being egged on from everyone including admins, and it was pretty obvious he probably just needed to sit out for a little bit and cool off, and I don't really think that was deserving of a perm. Though I'm not omniscient and don't know backgrounds so maybe I'm off base here. What I do know is that the way people act is really just a manifestation of their environment and the reality is if this community acted a bit nicer to one another these things would happen less and there'd be less need to perm anyone. I'm not really going to sit here and point at the BD's for that but I think people need to reflect, and this needs to be talked about in the appeals, that chances are if you're getting banned you need to be asking yourself why you are treating others this way, and ask yourself if you're just seeking validation from your peers. Some of the stuff I've seen posted in Discord is a complete mirror of the way I acted back in 2013-2016. I have put in so many appeals here back in the day and immediately after being unbanned I proceeded to hang out with the same exact people who validated my trolling and played culpability in it. Like to me back then getting unbanned was beating a charge and that was the fun of it rather than actually learning why people were getting tired of me. I don't know if there's just too many in groups or maybe a couple in groups that are very big but I can see many people being ostracized for even doing something as simple as posting a thread on the forums or posting something in discord. It's almost like there's a group of people groaning whenever certain people open their mouths, even when all they're doing is talking about something innocuous. If I had to make analogies, which I really hate, is at times this place can act like a prison block. If you're not trying to look hard and cool and bully people, you'll just be bullied. It's schoolyard behavior and even after a decade plus it's still not been curbed here, partially because many admins participate in it. I think the most frustrating part of it all is when I jump on the server (very infrequently as per my gametime on the servers) I seem to have a great experience but honestly I don't know if there's just other discords or private chats but it seems like a lot of people have too much history with one another and can't let it go on either side and that results in a lot of friction and people just acting out. What I don't think needs to happen is people timing out people but rather just trying to mend some relationships. I think I've failed really hard at that since I've been unbanned because people I used to hang out with have not really wanted to talk to me, and I think partially it's because I still have an ego and can't get over a hump of admitting that back in the day I was the one who was annoying and toxic in those relationships Sorry to make a long post, but just had this on my brain way before this was posted, just didn't think there was ever a right time for it until now
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    Obv I dont agree with most bans/unbans but yeah as long as dalerjon, i just lag, and dvd stay banned im chillin anyone who consistently shows they lie about maturing after more than 1 unban is a waste of human life
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    @Nolan@cewrWe manifested JBs success starting out with freekills on Damons map
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    not have people like slothy for starters . We just need to seed consistently like yesterday and we'll be ight.
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    Full group Factory run means only 1 random players is in the same map, easy farming/objectives as the (player) Scavs aren't really a challenge if you have decent gear. For any other maps, I tend to stick with 2, max 3 total players. Haven't played for 2 wipes now though.
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    this wrapped shit get serious get ready to die behind it
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    "my teachers allow airpods bro trust" ur bullshitting ill believe it when i see ur crusty ass 10,000 minutes
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    Never enough loot, not nearly good enough coms for a team kill to not happen, or someone just getting shot cuz they thought a random was their teammate.
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    First year in 5-6 years where $uicideboy$ or Frank Ocean aren't my number one. I'd like to think my ritual of listening to the entirety of YEEZUS every gym session boosted Kanye to be my #1 lol. As per every year, I now wait for last.fm for the real stats
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    I appreciate the effort Kataoka (please change back to something less zesty). :3
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    With a massive zombie-infested map and a massive community, Project Zomboid is an exceptional idea. yes I know this was suggested already but I have a lot of experience in the game After coming a long way since 2011, Project Zomboid still has an isometric view on the map and character, making it fairly unique for a zombie survival game. The Indie Stone developed the game greatly over the years with tons of realism, exploration, items, weapons, and more. The game settings and options are easy to manipulate to your liking through game options; but for gameplay, just use the sandbox game mode rather than the default game modes. Plus, administrating is simple through UI options and different mods. Mods are a great option to change up the vanilla game, whether you add more weapons or locations to visit. Project Zomboid can make you overpower people if you're willing to take all the risks. You can have all your skills maxed and a foolproof base with a metric shit-ton of guns and ammo including food like you've got everything settled for the rest of the game, though one scratch can ruin your life. Getting attacked by a zombie has a high chance of infecting you. Bear in mind that scratches are 7%, lacerations are 25%, and bites are a guaranteed march with the dead. That's only for damage received by a zombie. Environmental damage does not count. So, be sure to wear more clothing, but don't overheat and die from thirst. With exactly 26 skills to master to level 10, it takes a lot of patience and grinding just so you can get strong and wise. Traits and Books can multiply your experience level, but can also benefit other things for your character. However, positive traits have to be balanced with negative traits. These can be detrimental to your character, but some can be very easy if you know how to work around them. You can be a deaf burglar Olympic athlete, for heaven's sake. Nutrition is a huge factor in leveling up your Passive skills, including Fitness and Strength. Fats, Calories, Proteins, and Carbs contribute to your overall weight and gains. Eat up. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of buildings and points of interest to find containing things you need to complete what you want. Big-ass warehouses and malls, army surplus stores, cabins in the woods. The big city of Louisville. Go to unvisited places on your map and clear out any building you come across for gear and supplies. Don't worry, you can make your buildings too. Making small cabins into metal castles is possible, as long as you have the materials and experience. Multiplayer was recently released for the game and is genuinely a great experience when you have all of these factors in play, whether for cooperation or conflict. Make friendships or best bros, develop strong love bonds, or make deadly interactions and fight to the last breath when you encounter each other. Make truces. To learn absolutely every statistic and detail, visit the game's wiki page. (THIS GAME HAS LORE WOWZERS) https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page There's no real objective, as the game states when you start: "THIS IS HOW YOU DIED." All you're doing is delaying the inevitable. Do what you want with your character. Make an impact. Make your story. You don't have to always choose one path; get some different excitement. If you've read this far and need more explanation, here are a few ideas I had in playthroughs. Learn about medicine and heal your boo-boos and most importantly, your best friend's boo-boos! Have a big garden and feed your friends in the cute house you and your buddies cleaned up! Decorate your cottage-core room with that Spiffo plush you found in a wardrobe! Be everyone's best friend! Defend them from those hordes of meanies! Orrrrr..... Be a nomad. Let nobody find you. Live in the shadows, move quickly and discreetly between the city and the forest. Forage for food, and use trapping to your advantage. Make a stone hatchet and cut down trees for firewood; maybe make a cabin for the winter. Find a lake or river to fish in so you can bulk up. Risk eating something rotten just for the chance to live another few days. If this is what it comes to, quietly take down someone holding something that might help you live another week. OOOOORRRRRRRRRRR......... Burn piles of bodies and buildings. Rip the souls out of people with your favourite weapons. Steal their shit and arm yourself to the teeth. Be the worst motherfucker(s) in Knox County. Make people afraid of you. Betray people who love you just to benefit yourself. Feed people to zombies for an easy escape. Climb the ranks in your little gathering you call a clan. Butcher any prick who doesn't agree with you. So, overall, the amount of stuff in this game is perfect for a large population. After playing for nearly 500 hours, I still have much to explore and learn. It would make me the happiest if this were to come to fruition. I've had so much fun with other people, but SG would make the experience better; new stories to tell your friends after playing all day. If you're interested in playing this game, please add me on steam or message me on discord so I can help and play with you. I mean, look at how big the friggin' map is. (This link shows important POIs for specific loot too c:) https://map.projectzomboid.com/
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    @A Decently Paid Janitorfinna hop out the old folks home for this one
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    Ill play when streets drop
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    To add to what cartie missed, is how easily modable the game is. Takes all but a click, and a lot of the mods on the workshop don't change the game all that much, it still gives a very authentic vanilla experience.. with just more things that ground the game a little closer to reality.
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    Paul, Bread, and Vick, otherwise known as the ghosts of minigames past, will be visiting you next month Dominic.
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    Hey everyone, This has actually been delayed quite heavily, but Gumline has been permanently banned. We were originally going to ban him a few weeks back, following his continuous poor behavior on our forums and our servers. However, the discussion concluded and after a few days passed, he had disappeared for a bit. We still had intentions to ban him, but that coupled with the entire Board becoming extremely busy all at once + the forum downtime, it never came to fruition. But he recently started up again in the Shoutbox and we've decided to pull the trigger on it. Gumline has an immense history here for those that don't know. He's been permanently banned twice previously, with many, many infractions along the way. I've personally been apart of way too many discussions to count about him, and despite it all, I think he's hilarious and fun to play with. However, his behavior (specifically in our Shoutbox) recently is terrible for the atmosphere we're trying to promote and does absolutely no good for us especially in the current state we're in. It's unfortunate that he has all of a sudden popped back up at SG with such a fiery hatred for the community and the Board, but he isn't a special case by any means. It is quite the fall from grace in comparison to the actual decent version of Gumline that used to administrate Jailbreak, but being bitter due to old age catches up to all of us. (and male pattern baldness)
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    Stranger things have happened.
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    You're setting such a fantastic example, @Steel_. I'm one to comment as I have always been one to make underhanded remarks, though usually it's in the politics threads which are nothing but personal insults anyway, but attacking a former admin who is no longer around regardless of how they did is kind of cringe. Anyway. Lowkey this thread derailed from it's original point. As a reminder to the squad brains, this is a thread pertaining to Jailbreak. My opinion on going toward event focused population is the way forward. It doesn't even have to be Protect the President or like some fancy event, it can be as simple as "Hey on such and such date and time, let's pop jailbreak and hang out for an hour or two". I feel like taking a casual approach toward the servers at this point may be a good shift. Try and create a more laid back and relaxed environment and I'm sure more results are to come. Or not.
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    if a 1000 plus unique people joined but it still has 0 pop that should tell you something about the experience they had on the server
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    Squad: JB: Tbh JB is kinda popping off in comparison, the numbers do NOT lie. Squad is a dead af game for old people.
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