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    Slothy has yet again been banned for not being funny. He is now permanently banned on all platforms for being a general nuisance even after getting warned and banned. It ain't funny man...
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    11/27/2020 Removed the following rule under our Innocent and Detective rules: We've only removed the rule because it was poorly worded, caused confusion, and the goal of the rule is already covered under our definitions section. Please note that nothing rule-wise has changed, although this clarification may have changed how you or others have interpreted the rule. This rule was intended to stop players from calling KOSes on being in a certain location. For example, we don't want someone saying "KOS everyone in the yellow house" and then having everyone in that house get killed. Instead, you should always be designating KOSes by a name as identification, not a location. However, our definition of KOS actually covers this: So yeah, clearly the wording of the rule sucks and it is already covered. Therefore, we're getting rid of it. Some people understandably took the rule as not being able to use location as a way to determine who is the traitor. This is untrue. Just like with sound, if you can confidently determine someone committed a traitorous act based off their location, you can kill and KOS them for it. Please be careful and only kill with certainty. If you're wrong, you can be punished. We're also reverting back to an old policy when it comes to KOSes with the addition of this new FAQ: Stating someone is a traitor is no longer a valid KOS. This change should provide more consistency with the validity of KOSes. Let me know if you have any additional questions about this change. Gentoo will also be making a post later about KOSing to answer some questions we've been asked.
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    Thank you to @eurofor making this incredible banner Similar to the Minecraft event, this event is a Space map themed event where we are going to play a bunch of space themed Jailbreak maps. During the event there will be a few astronaut and alien models available to everyone for the duration of the event, and we might even do some Low Gravity rounds! Maps jb_moonjail_sg_fix_1 jb_space_jail_sg_e2 jb_lost_planet_redux_v1b_sg When Friday, November 27th, 2020 6:30 - 7:30 EST Where IP: jb.steam-gamers.net Make sure to join our Jailbreak Steam Group to never miss another Jailbreak Event! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sgjailbreak Models Guards US Astronaut Dark Voyager Prisoners Xeno Soldier
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    Thank you @vinyl for the amazing banner! Zombie Escape LEGO Event What's up ZE! Your favourite bud is back to host the next Zombie Escape Event this upcoming Sunday! This week we're gonna be doing a LEGO Theme and completing one of Takuto's favourite ZE maps! Hope to see you all there to get that sick map win! When? Sunday November 29nd @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_legoland_crackheads_p2 ze_fapescape_p5
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    26th November 2020 Added a new auto-zspawn feature on connecting. You will now auto-spawn when connected. Added a new transparency plugin to (hopefully) reduce some of the FPS/Server lag issues. Increased Hard Nomination requirements from 10 -> 15. Increased Expert Nomination requirements from 20 -> 30. Updated the !volume/music plugin. Volume is now set at 10 by default, unless the volume has been adjusted by the player himself. Disabled the !spawn plugin since it has been replaced with the new auto-zspawn feature. Disabled store tracers for the time being to see if it helps with the server lag issues on high pop. Disabled the !hide plugin for the time being since it's using 'SetTransmit' which can lead to performance issues. Thanks to @BoTo for applying most of these changes.
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    11/23/2020 Updated Timer to the latest version Removed Dynamic Timer in the HUD because it was buggy yes men, when time being cleared??? umm. first I procrastinate with bhop timed contest in december smile.
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    Chat orders are a zit on the face of this gamemode. We should be working towards phasing them out, not integrating them.
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    Thanks you for the amazing banner @thuxys! The three maps below are no longer on the server because either they were revamped, removed, or because of problems on the map, so we will do a little throwback for those of you who remember the original maps and for those of you that have never played them before. Depending on how these maps do during the event, they may be added back to the server. Maps jb_vipinthemix_hdr_fix jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2 jb_clouds_beta02 Where? Jailbreak - jb.steam-gamers.net:27015 When? Friday, December 4th @ 6:00 PM EST While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    iota/Aleks has been permanently banned for the fraudulent use of a credit card to pay for a subscription.
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    The plugin is not broken, it only enables once there are 20 people online and the requirement is 30 minutes of playtime. The whole point of a playtime requirement is to not only stump any hasty rule breakers, but also give new players adequate time to get acquainted with some of the rules; to expect every new player to have read all of the in-game and forum rules before they play CT is unreasonable. The point is to have new players get the basic understanding of our gamemode, then get on CT side and learn through experience. That's why it's important to kindly explain to people their mistakes and not have a tantrum in chat demanding a slay. The last discussion on raising requirements to get on CT side was here and was rejected for reasons best explained by @fantasticin this thread: So no, we will not be raising the requirements. However, we can discuss lowering the # of players required to enable the plugin, but I don't think that'll have any worthwhile effect.
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    To anyone who has been kinda sorta interested in getting Squad to play with the SG crew but didn't want to spend $50 on it (like myself), it is currently on sale for 25% off at $37.49 USD on Steam. Sale ends December 1st.
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    I think six hours is way to much of anything I would say maybe an hour to an hour and a half at most
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    Thanks @Damonfor the great banner! MG TF2 Hello im happy to announce a tf2 and csgo crossover event! We will be playing multiple tf2 maps with custom models. The ts will be spy and the cts will be engineers. Maps mg_arena_granary pl_barnblitz_v1_2 pl_badwater_v1 plr_pipeline When? Novemeber 25 @ 5 PM EST Models Blue engineer Red spy Join the SG discord.
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    Yep. We had a lot of fun doing this one, I know I did. Server almost hit cap which was awesome to see but part of me wanted to see that 64/64 absolutely. Thanks everyone that came out and played today and persevered playing despite our hiccups toward the end of the event.
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    11/23/2020 Added 3 new advertisements to advertise joining the forums, applying for the Streamer Team and Event Section of the forums.
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    If T’s are yelling over each other CTs can give the off mic order as well as use the command to mute terrorists. If its CTs yelling over each other, there’s usually an admin on so you could ask them to mute the CTs if they havent done so already or you could use !calladmin or make a player complaint. ZZL and I have no interest in adding this to the server. Like previous suggestions, we do not want to buff chat orders due to their problematic nature. Also, spontaneous freeze orders can get annoying, so we would not want to add a command that encourages them. As ZZL said in the last thread, the best solution is to repeat chat orders if you have a mic, especially if the T’s ask for a repeat. A !tfreeze chat command wouldn’t really help the server and would create more conflict between voice and chat orders.
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    This event was actually super fun, even with the lag. Shoutout to the server managers and @Reid99.
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    Other/Additional I'm just here to say this because I have had some people agree with me about this. I used to love mini games and the multigame maps were my favorite. What I don't like about the mini games server now and is also the result of why I don't play it a lot anymore is the auto bhop. I don't like how the auto bhop is on for all the maps because it makes it too hard to shoot people. I don't have fun shooting at people going 100mph around the map even though I can do it myself I would rather nobody be able to do it. I DO however feel it should be on the course maps so people can complete the maps in fast times. I think the server would be way more fun having everyone doing the basic walk, run, and jump without zooming around the map.
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    11/28/2020 Updated Timer to the latest version (again) Removed 2 Maps: bhop_miku_csgo (T1), bhop_synthetic (T5). Both crashed the server, thanks sprk. Added bhop_saturn. @Kit-Kat-Tat
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    clouds gang looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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    Good thing my event idea is being put into place!
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    The plugin is only supposed to lock out players with < 30 minutes of playtime only if there are a certain number of players on. I don't think the plugin is broken but if the player count is not reached anyone can go CT without having 30+ minutes played. There's a thing called experience and one wouldn't be a good CT without it, adding a larger restriction just makes people lose interest more and never teaches them how to actually play CT; sure, they might have an idea of what to do but when you're on CT vs when you're watching the CTs is a totally different experience. Also, rule reading shouldn't just be a "new player" thing as I constantly see people getting rules wrong then lashing out at other players, claiming they know the rules and saying "slay" repeatedly. I haven't seen much of people getting on just to blatantly rule-break and usually there are admins on to deal with the situations, in other cases it's just the lack of knowledge of the rules on the other part.
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    Huge recommendation. Have about 300 hours clocked in and I can 100% vouch for the game, even at full price. Come buy and help us seed the server <3
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    6 hrs was just a fluid number its just like a statement that it needs to be raised and I think that point stands I would be fine with a playtime of 1 or two but I just want it to be increased because it is needed and I think a lot of jb regs can agree with that .
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    Glad we could this out! good job guys also awesome banner @euro (sorry for the @)
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    What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? Multi Games Do you find the MG server environment to be toxic? As much as any other server What is your least favorite type of maps? Anything that isnt multigames or smee tower related Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? Store option to gamble credits Are you a MG regular? yes Other/Additional Too many game modes. Stick to multigames IMO
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    I'm gonna be straight and tell you that this is not going to happen. It has been brought up and talked about many many times and has been shot down for various reasons I do not feel like explaining publicly, but the CA+ know most of the reasoning behind it. That being said, we are working on something that will perhaps provide a middle ground and offer more moderation...but as with all good changes, it's gonna take a little bit of time to roll out. I'd like to squash a few misconceptions though, as I've seen them floating around quite a bit lately and it's not great for notably incorrect information to be perpetuated like this. First, being discord DND for most IA+ does not mean we are unavailable nor does it affect anyone's ability to get a hold of us. Most of us keep DND during the day because we do not want to hear the god awful fucking pinging noise of discord messages going off in 20...40...60+ channels in the staff discord. We still see messages, we still see pings, and most of us still respond rather quickly to either of those...whether our sound is muted or not. Second is the thought that the IA+ are these incredibly busy people and therefore we should default more stuff to the CAs, SMs, etc. Yes, the IAs are all mostly adults or close to it and therefore lead relatively busy lives, but they're also very capable of juggling all that and being readily available to tend to your pings, messages, and whatever the hell else you throw at them. Part of the selection process for IA+ is that activity...most specifically discord activity as it is where 98% of our discussions take place...and at this point its the primary communication platform within the community. Honestly at least half the CAs are notably less active and available during the day than the IA+ team...so it's really a moot point. We are aware of this growing consensus that CAs or CA+ should have more discord mod perms (message delete), and we understand that it's a little different than the kind of access they have on the forums...but there are reasons for that. Most of the time when discord issues come up, I've seen them handled within 5 minutes...which by all standards is fine and anyone expecting instantaneous results doesn't really understand what the fuck they're talking about. Adding more people to modding would not only...not make things get handled any faster or better, but it'd actually be a huge fucking headache for the IA+ team to sift through everything the CAs end up doing on discord. Again, I don't really want to get into all the reasoning or specifics behind it all...but it's where we are. So yeah, go ahead and discuss further if you want...but there are already plans in place to add onto the current moderation, just not this.
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    After the situation a few nights ago, we wanted to make a post addressing some things publicly and clearing up any misunderstandings people might have while giving some insight into the decisions we made. While we understand some people were unhappy with the decisions made, these were decisions made with the full weight of the board. John did not go off on some tyrannical mass banning and to think that is how any situation would go down is quite ridiculous. I suppose it's fair we start at the beginning of all this, or at least as far back as I'm willing to go. This whole issue that seemingly pitted the higher-ups here against the ZE community started back about a year ago when Pikajew was banned from our community. We are fully aware of the fact that some people believe he was wrongly banned, but at this point, it should be old news. The board at the time decided that Pikajew did not belong here based on pictures on his profile, as well as pictures and comments he had made over time. I was not around when this situation happened, but per request, I looked into it further. At first glance, it did not look like there was a lot of evidence supporting the ban so I can understand how some people would be upset. Not all the evidence of things done back then was preserved, with some evidence actually being deleted by ZE staff at the time. Nonetheless, there were multiple witnesses to Pikajew posting what at the time was considered "borderline" pictures (loli) and making inappropriate comments about those pictures or other subjects. I even had a conversation with Wesker this week where he told me and another BD that we should never unban Pikajew. Now I'm going to make a very clear point that the BDs are never obligated to show all the evidence we use to make decisions, and sometimes we couldn't possibly share all the conversations we've had or reports we've combed through. In this case, however, it was public knowledge that Pikajew was throwing around the word loli way too much and posting lewd loli images. Now you can argue that "it was just a joke" or "he didn't really mean it", but at the end of the day I'm pretty sure everyone knew he was riding the line of inappropriate. The board at the time found anything related to loli to be unacceptable and subsequently banned him. When it comes to loli, there really shouldn't be this "anime people" vs "non-anime people" situation, but somehow it still turned into that. Sure the board at the time was not that in tune with anime culture and viewed it as pedophilia, but they were not wrong to act on it. This is something that is banned in all general gathering places of the internet as well as being illegal in multiple countries including parts of the US. Yes, that's right, multiple countries that have made it illegal to possess (as well as create and distribute) sexual images of fictional characters who are described as or appear to be under eighteen years old. It's clear that the Pikajew decision started this rift and built a layer of distrust between ZE and the BDs (even SG as a whole), but it was a necessary decision. No BD team is going to unban Pikajew probably ever and plenty of people stand behind that, even if they're not the ones being the loudest about it. That distrust because of these decisions built and got twisted by people in the ZE community basically making people believe SG hates ZE, higher-ups are evil, etc. We were made aware of the gap in trust and things being said on both sides, but never with any substantial proof. Fast forward to about a week ago, maybe a little longer, several BDs are made aware of some issues centering around the ZE population. The primary issues we were looking into were the ZE population being harassed and called pedophiles. The issues weren't making it directly to us, but we heard rumblings loud enough we had to investigate. I went and sat down with a few of their more senior people in a private discord they have for ZE people (Cascade). The conversation went well enough that I thought there would be a positive future after some long needed TLC. There were obvious things that caused the ZE rift, most notably a lack of unity and trust between ZE and SG and a lack of strong leadership within the ZE server management. The latter leads into the former, which is to say the lack of strong leadership led to the rift between ZE and SG. It was clear that the SG ZE community was being led by a few ZE regs who were horribly misinformed or perhaps ignorant of how this place runs. Most notably was derpy, who in my ~90 minutes in discord with him threatened to pull the ZE population and go to a different community. Yes, you're reading that correctly, a reg was holding our players hostage. I'll be honest, on top of that, this was someone who was clearly misinformed about how certain things work in SG, particularly how we handle complaints of things happening as well as expecting us to unban people or strike/ban them simply because the demand for it is there. I get it, the person who has the loudest microphone gets heard the most, but hearing talk like that was really concerning. I understand that some people are friends with derpy, and I don't mean to out him as a horrible guy here, but there were some points where he was leading people astray. Having someone as a friend is one thing, but letting them lead you down a bad path is another. The ZE community go-to people are always going to be the SMs and CAs helping run it, and to rely on anyone else for accurate information or proper leadership will end poorly for you. This was proven not more than a week later when in a rage about an admin contest post derpy decides to "declare war" and start spewing nasty shit about SG. There were a few things that happened after that, all being encouraged and pushed by derpy and others involved. First, in an attempt to dismantle the admin contest, multiple people from Cascade made alternate accounts to vote on the admin contest. Messing with admin contest votes is petty enough, but breaking forum rules at the same time? Big no go. On top of that, suddenly people were pushing "A vote for Case is a vote for Fuck You John" which was started by derpy. Suddenly Applily is posting in the announcements section of the SG ZE discord, and after that, we pretty well had to shut the admin contest down. From there, we went to have a conversation with Bright and Wesker to see if we could get control of these ZE players as this sort of behavior was unacceptable. After a long conversation we had come up with an action plan going forward, but the BDs who attended still felt that the entirety of the BD team would have to get more involved. As I referenced earlier, there was a questionable lack of strong leadership in the ZE community beyond some regs, so it became a BD issue to solve. From there we banned derpy and mick for inciting this drama and pushing this ZE vs SG mentality even after we had reached out with him and maintained multiple open conversations throughout the week. There are going to be things that don't fall directly under a rule or previous precedents, and this is honestly one of those times. We saw derpy as a direct source of toxicity and negative that was dug deep into the ZE community and was seeping into SG as well. While you may not all agree with it when we see something like that we cut it out of the community immediately. Mick was banned for promoting this disruptive drama ridden behavior alongside derpy. Applily was demoted for posting the "A vote for Case is a vote for Fuck You John" in the SG ZE announcements, abusing the trust and access that was given to him. He was later permed after we received proof of him talking about DDoSing the servers. Case was demoted for leaking information from the staff discord as well as continuing to get involved and contribute to this ZE drama. The bans that followed were standard in a situation like this, and by that, I mean that when shit hits the fan IAs are often authorized to [temporarily] perm people causing trouble to stop the chaos as quickly as possible. After everything is calmed down then the IAs and BDs go back and re-assess who deserves what length ban if any. This was the plan this time as well, but unfortunately in the two days following this, near every person who was permed originally made alt forum accounts to send more toxic crap in SB, troll PM a BD, make a complete troll ban appeal, etc. It's unfortunate that in the end all those who were permed went and proved that they were rightfully removed from the community in the first place. If you didn't participate in all this shit after your ban and you're reading this, appeal and we will hear you out. All issues surrounding ZE are being looked into and evaluated by the higher-ups, including drama being started by our staff members. In the last few days, we've received evidence of our staff members adding to this drama as far as two weeks ago. I'm sure there have been plenty of things said and done over time, and if you have evidence of that please bring it forward. We do our best to investigate all situations especially those that are causing drama, but we need people to bring evidence forward through the correct channels for us to act on it. We are fully aware of negative comments being made and false accusations being thrown around, and we will look to issue punishments accordingly. We are completely willing to be reasonable and understanding in any situation, but when a group continues to act out and prove they're incapable of meeting us on that level we will always take action. That's not without its losses though, and as I'm sure many are aware we took a big hit by doing this. The board felt we were in a no-win situation, as we knew if we banned derpy shit would implode, but we also felt that if we let all this toxicity and negativity continue to grow the aftermath would have been even worse. When it comes to decisions made by the Board, we try to collect as much information as we can before making a final decision. This includes media, talking with involved/knowledgeable parties, and full-length discussions among ourselves to find the best solutions possible at the time. Understandably, these decisions may not make much sense or seem reasonable from an outside view. These decisions might not always be the best when looking in hindsight, but it's the best we can do with the information we have available. We'd also like to apologize for the late response, and we are aware that some of the negativity and fallout surrounding this situation built up as we took multiple days to release something public. That was not us blowing you off, just like this isn't us trying to save face with anyone. It's just how it goes sometimes, we're all really busy people and it's hard to sit down and get one person to write up all the thoughts of 6 people. On top of that, we had to continually field questions and conversations with people on all sides of the situation. Gator didn't even sleep the night it happened. I spent my entire workday Thursday talking to people. Black Rain was answering questions all day. Fantastic tried to engage in conversation with the ZE regs and coordinate with Maniac to keep an open line of communication. We also had to sort through evidence that had finally been brought to us regarding our staff acting inappropriately. We were all fucking exhausted and were just trying to keep up. As it always is, you are allowed to ask us questions, and we will always do our best to answer them all. To those of you who decided to step down or step far away from SG, I'm sorry it didn't work out how you had hoped. To those who are here and wondering what's next, all I can say is big things. Moving forward we will be continuing our efforts to support the ZE server and community. TL;DR - If you care you'll read it.
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    This is for the CTs that like to order the Ts to freeze via chat when everyone is talking over eachother. Nobody is looking at chat all the time for a ct to type "all ts freeze"
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    I like the idea but as @daftysaid "We should be working towards phasing them out, not integrating them". (Speaking of Chat orders) The existing !repeat and a !freeze, !tfreeze etc... would be a good thing but anything beyond that/chat orders in general are not good at all. T's aren't staring at the chat waiting for an order unless not a single CT has a mic which if that is the case, makes the game sooooooo not fun for the people in it.
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    Reminder that the event starts in less than 4 hours!
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    That would be a good addition, kinda like what happens when t's do !repeat but would there be some timer on how much cts can use this but overall a good idea also would help with the fking
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    This would be a great idea especially because some people don’t have mics on JB this would make it more easy for CT’s to give orders too.
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    What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? Multigames Do you find the MG server environment to be toxic? Sometimes What is your least favorite type of maps? Course Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? No Are you a MG regular? Yes Other/Additional No
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    What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? Multigames Do you find the MG server environment to be toxic? Sometimes. What is your least favorite type of maps? Course. Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? I think our plugins are pretty solid, except for the occasional bug that is found. When bugs are found and reported they are fixed swiftly. I would like to see redie if possible though. Are you a MG regular? I haven't been having as much fun as I used to, so my activity has dropped quite a bit from what it was. Other/Additional n/a
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    What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? Multigames Do you find the MG server environment to be toxic? No What is your least favorite type of maps? Long courses that have annoying traps that noone can beat. Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? redie Are you a MG regular? yes Other/Additional -
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    What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? Course Do you find the MG server environment to be toxic? Sometimes What is your least favorite type of maps? DM Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? Not really Are you a MG regular? Not currently but was Other/Additional I don't think our server is the problem itself, more like MG overall is dying. If you look at GFLs MG, they have been dying and were actually doing better than they are currently.
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    Favorite gamemode would be Deathmatch Regarding toxicity I haven’t really seen much toxicity on MG (may be because i’m not on a lot) Least favorite type of maps would definitely be Course I don’t really know many MG plugins so I wouldn’t be able to answer this Am I a reg? No, I play sometimes.
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    Hey everyone, so about a month ago I made a suggestion to allow Community Advisors to delete Discord messages if they have a good reason, like a message breaking the rules. Not recently, but around the time I made the suggestion we had a good amount of people making alts to spam mention, say stuff that’s against the rules (mostly racism), and just them genuinely being a troll. Usually we would have to go looking for an IA+, which a lot of them use DNS which mutes all notifications. We have I think 12-15 CAs, most of them are active enough to correctly and efficiently moderate the Discord. People sooner or later will find ways around the auto moderation system, like some people have in the past. I would rather message a CA that is there at the current time than message an IA+ for them to delete the messages later. Also, most of the IA+ have jobs and not as much free time as the rest of the community staff. Like I said in my suggestion in Discord, even if it may not be used often it would be nice for them to have. One of my main reasons I don’t see a reason for this not to happen is because CAs already get enough access to delete/hide forum posts, so I don’t really see a reason why they shouldn’t be able to delete messages. If someone were to believe their message was wrongly deleted, the IA+ can find who deleted it via Dyno which is already on the server. If I were to guess it already logs messages deleted. Give your thoughts on this, whether they be for it or against it I do not care. Anything is welcome. tl;dr Give CAs the ability to delete messages in Discord.
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    don’t catch you failing climbing over a fence again bud
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    11/12/2020 Added a plugin to exclude spectators from the percentage needed to RTV. Changed the map from surf_summer to surf_cyberwave on the Monthly Timed Surf Contest vote menu option.
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    10/27/2020 Per @Poobahs suggestion, Limited prespeed to 350 on surf_psychedelia. Raised the start zone and end zone on surf_psychedelia. Changed the max velocity to 5000 on surf_interference. Fixed the issues with unlimited prespeed on surf_premium. Also, added a few new maps: surf_celestial surf_cannonball surf_easy1 surf_easy2 surf_mate surf_secluded
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    Event Name: Hide and Seek Description: At the beginning of each round, Ts are given time to hide around the map. The CTs are released from armory after x amount of time (maybe 30 seconds) and have to hunt down and kill all the Ts to win. Possibly have checkpoints in the middle of the map where Ts can pick up utility and weaponry (which would give them an advantage but leave them with less time to hide). Length: 1 hour
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    9/14/2020 Added new supporter commands Premium Supporter: sm_stickers - Add stickers to your weapon. Choose a slot and pick a sticker collection. This is your only chance to have 4 Titan Holos. sm_glow - Wallhacks basically. sm_icons - Scoreboard icons that appear beside your name. Elite Supporter: sm_tetris, sm_snake or sm_pong - You can play these games in a menu on the side of the screen. It keeps high scores and allows you to compete with other players on the server in a leaderboard. sm_paint - Type !paint and then any word (use this wisely, please) and it will paint it!
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    8/13/2020 Added 5 new maps!
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