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    Hello everyone, Little bit late but it's better than never! For the month of May we are giving Staff of the Month to a person who has been non stop grinding since he joined the Events Team and even more so as a Community Advisor. If you look up the word "hustle" in a dictionary, he is pictured there. He puts out amazing events and always participates in discussions and brings up great ideas. Please join me in congratulating @BloodBladesfor achieving Staff of the Month!
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    I got a raise yesterday, bought a new pair of Air Maxes, got a haircut. Setup my new speakers after waiting a week for XLR cables to come in the mail. Feeling good... day 38 without jailbreak.
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    Weekly Scheduled Scrim Event #2 shoutout @Nate.and @michefor the banner This event will be scheduled every weekend and each game will be streamed. We plan to have casters for matches played. What to expect? With this being streamed on twitch, keep in mind to be within the ToS parameters. Casters will be: Strayyz and Nate Where? SG Scrim server: connect scrim.steam-gamers.net:27015; password 321sg When? 6/13 Sunday 5:00-7:00pm EST @Strayyz WILL BE STREAMING THE GAME @ twitch.tv/steamgamers
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    6/10/2021 Added ranks on the scoreboard. Thanks to @Strayyz for the screenshot. Changed the point subtraction percentage from 0.5 - > 0.3 and you will now gain 2 points instead of 1 if you were round MVP. It should be EVEN easier to gain points now. Removed point gain/lose for picking up or dropping the bomb. Since you cannot technically do either there was no reason you should be receiving points for it. Removed SMGs from forcebuy rounds. You can now select an upgraded pistol, scout, famas (CT) or a galil (T). ----------------------------------- What's being looked into: • Maybe adding Ancient • Loadouts not saving • Increasing rank gap • Adding !rs/!resetscore as a Donor command.
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    back in my day we didn't have fancy ranks on jb. the only way to get RESPEKT was through being awesome
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    6/9/2021 Changed the server name from [SG] RETAKES | !KNIFE !WS | STEAM-GAMERS.NET - > [SG] 24/7 RETAKES | !KNIFE !WS | STEAM-GAMERS.NET Removed the point gain from planting the bomb. Changed the point subtraction percentage from 0.8 - > 0.5. It should be easier to gain points now. ----------------------------------- What's being looked into: • Maybe adding Ancient • Ranks appearing on the scoreboard. • Loadouts not saving • Increasing rank gap • Maybe remove SMGs from force buy rounds and replace it with galil and famas
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    (I believe this is @ThRza's banner so thanks) What is Terraria? Terraria is a single/multiplayer survival game where the objective is to collect resources and gear to defeat bosses. That is an extremely oversimplified definition, as you can find plenty of walkthroughs all over the internet and YouTube, like this one here. I recommend you take a peak at it whether you are new or returning to the game, it will be very helpful. What is Our Objective? Last time, we ran the game in normal mode, this time we are running the much more challenging master mode, where all enemies are a lot more difficult to kill, but you have a shot at more gear and rewards for killing bosses. I will be playing in the morning and in the evening, but I will be keeping the server up all day for people to come and go and contribute how they can. Our goal for the event will be to get into hard mode and beat the wall of flesh. I will continue the server after the event, but just in impromptu sessions. If you're interested in that, please contact me after the event. When and Where? I will again host a dedicated server on my PC at the time of the event and will hand out the IP then. The event will be next Tuesday, the 15th from 10 AM to 7:30PM. I will be keeping up the server this long since it will allow for good time for progress and a wide range of players to get a shot of logging on. Any Rules? Don't steal other's items. Don't grief and cause us to lose items, throw boss fights, etc. No exploiting or cheating allowed. We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    Yes and no. Let's say I see iso door open without anyone opening it from the outside. ZZL was the only person in ISO so I know he pressed the button. On a separate occasion, all of the Ts are in ISO and I see one of them jump up, so I assume they pressed it, but really it could have been any of them so I can't KOS them. You need reasonable proof to know that someone used a secret and KOS them. Having items from a secret is usually not proof as they can often be given to other players.
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    Thank you @phoenix_ for help with the banner! Ever watch a DeSinc Video, and wonder if you could play on the maps he played himself, or just run around aimlessly on maps older than the general population of [SG] Jailbreak? Well, your wonders have turned into a reality. This Friday we'll be playing some of the oldest maps in PrisonBreak history, and if you don't think this is enough just wait for the part two of this event coming soon™! Reminder, this event will be on CS:GO, not CS:S. Maps ba_jail_foxriver_go ba_jail_canyondam_v3b ba_jail_blackops_v3 Where? CS:GO Jailbreak - jb.steam-gamers.net steam://connect/jb.steam-gamers.net:27015 When? Friday June 18th, 7PM EST While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord! Make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group!
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    Thanks to @Acer and @Strayyz for the help setting up! Valorant Scrim #3 What's good everyone its that time again for another Valorant Scrim! We'll be playing two streamed games on our twitch channel with casting from, you guessed it @Strayyz! With the new map "Breeze" now out I am excited to see how players will come up with their own unique and exciting plays! How to join? Simply add me or Acer on Valorant, our tags are Hàwkés#NA1 and ac15CR#NA1 and then comment on this thread with what game you wish to partake in! We'll be doing sign ups this time around for the first two games and any further games will be first come first serve so make sure to snag that slot quick! Game 1 Game 2 Hawks Bom Error Wavy TheZZL Jin Gween Baconator Osen Hawks JMC Daichi Touchy Kable Kanye Arctic Wolf Clamor Osen Bom Dafty When? The Event will be on Saturday June 19th @8:00PM EST See you there agents!
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    JB POWER-UP EVENT Have you ever wanted to move across the map at double or even TRIPLE speed? Have you ever wanted to do it sideways like Phoon? Have you ever wanted to feel like you were on the moon and bounce around in low gravity? Have you ever wanted to feel like an absolute UNIT and have more health? It's your choice to use these powers for good or for evil. Be a Guard and maintain order and make sure chaos doesn't ensue, or be a Prisoner and make the Guards endure a living hell. The choice is yours! You just gotta show up WHEN? THIS FRIDAY!! June 11th from 5-6PM EST! WHERE? Our Jailbreak Server, of Course! IP: jb.steam-gamers.net Also make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group! We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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    I don't mind the idea and the suggestion that @Happy Man made for it. Main issue would be waiting on the plugin edit.
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    I always supported longer cooldowns between maps is beneficial to keep the server fresh with maps and not have the same maps on repeat 24/7. I remember the days where it was the rotation of the 2 razer maps, vipinthemix, summer jail, and undertale all day long. It was unbearably stale, and not fun, especially with both og razer and razer revamp having no minigames to play making it a literal hell for CTs to try and run, which is why you tend to see really heavy T-sided ratios on those maps. I think we have a good balance where we are now.
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    THERE IS A CATCH If you have owned nitro PREVIOUSLY, you cannot claim the nitro, but you can gift it to someone else
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    you've spent more time shit posting than @carrolltonhas spent on jb good thread for you
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY BRO THATSD ISNSNTANE!
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    See people this proves that becoming a ZE reg helps you become a better person and actually contribute to society Nate has made such a transformation
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    well no While most of what you said was true it doesn't really add up to what giraff is saying. If someone gets boosted on to medic and stays on a roof they are not kos if they use the vending machine secret they are kos. Since there's are multiple ways to get to this location kos as a ct if you see a t there coming from armory or garage you can't kill them since you truely don't know what way they got to the location of medic roof. Same for the map vip as if you get on top off the cells through the boxes or a kos secret if a ct does not know how you got there then the reasoning would be a freekill. I would wait for an sm response like @TheZZL to be sure of this situation.
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    Shorten the map rotation by removing garbage/unplayed maps and it could be feasible. There's at least one server better ranked than us that plays only one map and they're doing fine And I'll reiterate it for the 100th time... Shorten your map pool when the server is below x amount of players to maps that statistically boost population.
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    Poor Noxstar and Reid... all those hours testing maps honestly, it's better for them to actually make the account. all they need to do is sign up with their steam login anyways. everything is best documented on the forums and easier for the server managers to keep track of in one spot. it's really hurting the player themselves for not taking the initiative to sign up on the forums but can take the effort to enter the same* info on a google docs form
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    Fun Fact: The original jb_electric main cell layout with big cage and one-way with the cells covering the back wall was conceived in 2004. jb_electric_razor was made in CS:S and submitted to GameBanana in 2009. In other words, sorry ZZL, but in order to stay true to the title you're gonna have to add electric razor to the map list. Get fucked. You can't escape electric razor.
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    Late to the show so I can’t join a team but nevertheless gonna show my support for #TeamMG
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    6/12/21 BACK ON THE JAILBREAK TRAIN! Removed the following maps jb_lost_planet_redux_v7 jb_arctic_jail3_hdr jb_legobels_corp_v1d jb_space_jail_sg_e2 jb_mountaincraft_v6-2 jb_marioworld_rsc_sgedit_v4 ba_jail_future_v2a ba_jail_canyondam_v3b DON'T PANIC! These maps will still linger around the server in terms of events, rare fun votes, and more. We decided to remove these maps because they frequently killed population, and didn't do the server many favors. We definitely love the games they offer and their graphics, but maybe we'll bring them back another time. Re-Added jb_sg_dojo_v5-6_sg yeah this map gonna make me cry Changed the global limit of the Healthshot from 3 -> 6 Changed the amount of HP Healthshots give from 100 -> 50 Changed map exclusion rate from 8 -> 6 We're working on multiple things in the background, in the meanwhile if you have any suggestions or discussions to bring up please leave them in the Jailbreak Subforum!
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    I’ll join for game 2 as well if that works
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    Can I not be on @WavYteam all games
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    I think at the very least, jihad should require players to type a command in order to buy it. Too many monkeys fat finger it at the start of the round and don't even end up using it. Should be a conscious decision made by players. Other suggestions might be having the jihad as an actual item that can be picked up by other Ts after death or forced to be dropped etc. Hell, while we're at it, other types of jihads would be cool, incendiary, weapon drop, ice, emp that mutes all CTs for a short time, etc.
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    I'd also like to remind you the last time a little kid JB reg, just like you, who also used Rigby as his persona, was not very well liked around here...
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    My shitposts are entertaining! Unlike the 10 year old nazis!
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    You didn't have to destroy that mans whole life like that
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    Just because you got captain, doesn't mean you have a high amount of playtime on CT.
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    woah woah i dont no life anymore that was in my past
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    What Touchy touched upon, is pretty accurate. You can use logic in-game, but if you're wrong you will be punished, continue to make wild and false logical assumptions and an admin will crop it up to freekilling and you'll continue to get punished. The young tyrant himself put it well here: If you have any questions on specific examples feel free to ask, but generally just think whether or not you can determine they had to go through a KOS Zone to get where they are. Seeing someone on the roof of cells on VIP isn't KOS for example, as other than the vent and invisible texture you can climb up there three different ways if you include boosting.
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    Can you Kos someone when they use a secret but you do not see them use the secret?
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    People already have a hard time recognizing a missile in the air, changing this would almost make the chance of dodging or getting far away enough to where it won't kill you almost impossible. It would be an unnecessary plugin at as well. Appreciate the suggestion but I'm not looking to do this at the moment.
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    On TTT, missiles are just boring old sideways grey missiles. What if, our missiles were our grenade skin? So If I threw a missile, it's a flying fucking watermelon?!?! @Creten @Trazz
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    Probably best to just pm people instead of mentioning them in OP. They'll see the thread, believe me. Also, fairly unlikely that this would be implemented given the amount of effort required to edit the plugin.
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    I like this idea but i feel like you should be able to choose whether or not it was your grenade skin, or maybe there could be a separate category in the shop dedicated to missile skins.
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    That model right there is a perfect example of why no one plays ZE.
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    imo that idea would make the servers 10x more stale just playing the same maps over and over again is already an issue but doing this is gonna ruin any chance of other maps besides clouds, razor, revamp, vip, or undertale be played
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    this thread makes me want to just commit acts of aggression against the new jailbreak players.
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    Arena Intentional suicide to obstruct your team's chance of winning is prohibited. (This of course, is situational). If the entire server is being friendly, and just messing around having fun, then who really cares. Do not intentionally delay rounds. Both teams should be actively pursuing either the objective, or trying to kill the enemy team. 2Fort Extreme Spawn camping for extended periods of time is also not allowed. This, of course, is up to the discretion of admins. (This rule I don't have a very large support for, but consistent spawn camping of 5+ people can really kill the server, as it's important for admins to distinguish the difference between a 1 person putting sticky traps right outside spawn, vs a heavy, 2 medics, a sentry nest, and 2/3 demos dropping stickies constantly). VS A full team spawn camping. (I can't really get an example of what it looks like, but you get the point) This is really all up for discussion, but I suggest all of the rules be implemented in some shape or form. The spawn camping one is an extreme rough draft, and it can definitely be improved in terms of wording. thank you @Strayyzfor the help
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