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    Hey everyone, After gathering a bit of input and having some discussion with the other BD's, we decided to do some rank restructuring. There's still more to come, but this is the first push. Ultimately, we're trying to take the ranks back to a 'simpler time', as we feel that there's a lot of clutter going on with the ranks and we are looking to cut down on that substantially - at least for the time being. First, we're gonna change up how supporter ranks work. We're going back to two tiers - one will be $3.99 and one will be $5.99. I know that there are a lot of people who have shut down their subscriptions, and I understand. Ultimately, I would appreciate keeping SG in mind if you're able to subscribe. It greatly helps out. While I can't say for certain we'll keep these prices forever, the prices won't ever change for people actively subscribing. I will never change the price of something you're currently subscribing to. More details on this will come out in a specific post by someone else, detailing what the perks will be for both ranks. This will probably take effect within the next week or so. Our donation goal is also now reflecting our new, anticipated operating costs. Next up, we are cutting almost all the 'teams', with the exception of the events team. Marketing team, design team, modding team, and stream team are all going to be removed. We greatly appreciate everyone who has participated in these roles and gave it your all, but they no longer fit the direction that we are currently trying to take the community. We believe that the majority of these tasks can be completed by people without needing to be on a team with a forum rank. Junior admins are also going away - it's just going to be a full blown SA from the start. We will also be removing applications for each individual game mode. There will just be one admin application process, and if you want admin on another game mode, just send a message to whoever is in charge of adding / removing admins for it. Last, but not least (for now), the Board feels like we owe the community an apology, in particular the older group of people who were affected by the change in the recognition rank system. This is a situation where we honestly had good intentions in doing it, but it did not turn out the way we had hoped. In the discussion of cutting down on general 'clutter', the three-tier recognition rank system came up, and we have decided to go in the opposite direction with it. We are going back to a two-tier system: Legend and Honorable Gamer. Legend will be reserved for staff members, meaning server managers and above, who served actively for at least three months in a higher-up rank. If that criteria is met, there is no BD input on this, outside of a forced demotion or other disciplinary situations. It's an automatic process with any type of bias removed. Some long-time admins may be given the 'Legend' status, but it is rare. Legends will keep SA powers on the server, but are equal in terms of not being able to use powers on them and whatnot. Honorable Gamer will be for anyone CA and below who resigned with at least three months as an admin or CA. Once again, outside of disciplinary reasons, this will be an automatic process and will not have input from us. There may be, from time to time, long-time members who will be given this rank without having been an admin. HG's will NOT have admin status. The Veteran rank will cease to exist. Everyone in the veteran rank will either go to Legend or to HG, depending on what ranks they have held. The new group of Legends will be: These are all the changes we are pushing out for now, but you can expect some more in the coming weeks. Thanks everyone for your continued participation on the forums, servers, and discord...and an additional thanks to those subscribing or thinking about subscribing. I appreciate your continued patience and motivation. Please let us know if you have any questions.
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    Sup guys, I'm gonna make this thread to reintroduce myself to those who don't know me at all so you don't think some random ass dude has been added to the server's management team. Also going to address some things about Jailbreak and discuss some things about the future of it, all from a personal perspective as I'm not speaking for my co-manager or any other Jailbreak staff. I've been playing SG Jailbreak since September of 2015 and with each stint added up, I've overseen the server's management for probably a few years. I managed the server in its prime alongside @All Tswhen we had the server at around rank #50 on Gametracker. With him and a few others, we transformed the server heavily with some of its longest standing plugins like, for instance, the first order plugin. At that time there was a lot more being done to assure transparency and player satisfaction - public to-do lists, feedback threads, community meetings, etc. - I'd like to see that all return. Obviously, Jailbreak is not currently in a good spot. I took this role because I don't like seeing Jailbreak given up on so easily. Say what you will about the nature of the population it garners, its always been one of the more consistent and valuable communities within SG. It's been one of the "big 3" at SG for years and as SG currently stands, it probably has the most hope of survival / revival. For those that want to help that happen, any and all help will be very appreciated, but I'm not gonna stand for settling for anything less than bringing the server back to life completely. The fact of the matter is that there is a still a large population on CS:GO that plays Jailbreak, large enough to warrant trying to bring the server back to life. And the other fact of the matter is that the server hasn't changed much in years, and that's where the problem lies. For instance, the new prisoner buy menu is a great addition to change up gameplay and keep things fresh - I think it needs major work, but it's a start and an example. We have not done everything we can to revive this server. The reality is that I don't have the time or drive that I used to. Honestly, I offered my help as a manager back in May and I would've hoped to have gotten it around that time so that I'd have a bunch of time to get things rolling, but that's just not how it played out. School starts back up soon and in all honesty, even in my free time, I will not be prioritizing this place. However, I told Caution I'd find the time to fix Jailbreak, and I think for the most part all it really needs is for me to give direction to the people that are passionate about it. If it ends up needing more than that, I'll give it more than that. I do still have some time before school kicks off, and I sat on the server by myself for like an hour the other day and came up with a very large laundry list of shit that I think needs to happen. The first thing on that list is definitely a Jailbreak staff meeting followed by a Jailbreak community meeting.. I think everyone needs to get on the same page about the direction we're taking the server and I think players need to be given an outlet to speak on it themselves. Assuming that will happen, until we get that planned out I've already began throwing some ideas at the Jailbreak staff for input. I could continue on with this but I don't want this thread to become more hard to digest than it already is. Thanks to everyone who has managed Jailbreak up to this point and everyone who has been trying to help it. Long story short.. lots of change needs to happen ASAP. If you want to talk about anything regarding Jailbreak (or anything else, I don't really care), best place to reach me is on Discord @ Dominic#4841 - I'm probably not gonna add anyone on Steam. Thanks.
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    being reg is in now there is no possible way around this
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    Some of you may have noticed a new channel has been added in the -- [Casual] -- section of the discord called #ai-art (Link to Channel). In this channel you are able to use the the MidJourney Bot to generate images based on prompts that you provide (See the pinned message in the channel for details on how to do this) I have been having a lot of fun with this bot and others have been experimenting with the Dall-E counter part which is waitlist based and then @thuxys suggested hosting an art contest so here we are. Details and Rules Submissions will be accepted for Three Weeks starting Right Now until August 26th. All submissions will go through this Dyno.gg form: Dyno Form You are only allowed ONE submission for the entirety of the contest, so choose wisely. I will personally vet inappropriate or non AI-generated art and reach out if your submission will not be accepted. MidJourney allows 25 free image generations before asking you to subscribe. If you have already used these free generations reach out to me and I will personally help you generate up to 15 Images. (This will only be available the first 2 weeks of the competition) Following the 3 week submission period, a 3 day voting event will occur on the discord in a new channel, with all submissions on display. The submissions will be anonymized to prevent as much bias as possible. If any ties occur by the end of the 3 days for the top 3 positions, a run-off vote will occur. Winners 1st: 1 Month of Discord Nitro 2nd: 1 Month of Nitro Classic 3rd: 1 Month of Nitro Classic I know we are trying out a lot of new things here so please let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns!
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    Server is down and out. Event Over! Here are the results: 1st Place: @triou 2nd Place: @ThatTamer 3rd Place: @touchy Please request your awards through here: https://steam-gamers.net/awards/category/4-general-sg-awards/
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    As of right now we have no intention of discontinuing any awards. I can’t see a reason off the top of my head why we would remove them.
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    ¸.•""•. ¸ ¸.•""•. ¸ ¸.•""•. ¸ Post this on the walls of the 12 prettiest Girls you know... If you get back 5 you're beautiful. .. ¸.•""•. ¸ ¸.•""•. ¸ ¸.•""•. ¸
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    In-game name: ThatTamer Time for submission: 57:39 Screenshot of time:
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    Hey everyone, This thread has been a long time coming, and admittedly I should have made it earlier. I'm making this so you guys can hear stuff directly from me, and not another BD. Not that I don't trust them to get the right info out, but hearing it from me and avoiding a middleman is long overdue. This is addressed to everyone, from the Regulars to the Directors. I've been reading and seeing a lot of frustration coming from everyone. Some of it aimed at me, the Board, the Server Managers, etc. Most of you won't see it, but even the Directors are frustrated. They're in Discord venting that frustration the same way that the lowest ranking members are. I get it. First and foremost, I want to immediately and up front address that SG is not in any danger of 'shutting down'. Yes, it is extremely ideal to have a situation where we are positive cash flow, but ultimately I am able to finance SG personally. When I took over the reigns from Spartan nearly 7 years ago, I knew that there might be a day where I would have to pay out of pocket for SG. I started playing on SG servers when I was 13 years old...15 years ago. Even though I'm not nearly as active as those days, believe me that SG will always hold a special place in my heart...meaning that to the point of sheer stubbornness, I would never stop paying for the lights to stay on here. What does that mean? Well, it does mean that I am going to be less likely to just 'hand' money out. That's not saying that I won't, it just means that I expect plans, details, etc., when it comes to spending money, because at this point it is coming out of pocket for the most part. If we can save money by going to one dedi (which is the current plan), I encourage that as well. This also allows more money to be given out to marketing and giveaways and whatnot. It also forces us to really go back to the basics and focus on fewer servers at one time, instead of spreading our attention everywhere. Beyond this, however, I really don't want anyone focusing on money. This sounds counterintuitive, but I believe that after establishing popularity again, it will shortly follow. I do want to see the donator setup continue to get revamped. I'm still in the Middle East and have a lot going on in my personal life, including starting up a business that blew up unexpectedly. I walked away from SG pretty much completely and entirely about a year ago, handing the reigns over to the BD team. I made sure money flowed where it needed to and when it needed to, and that's about it. I've been slowly adding more time for SG, but this is mostly done by catching up on changes, proposed changes, and just reading in general. I'm a firm believer in leaders passing recognition and taking blame, and I do fully take responsibility in letting SG get to the state it's in now. With the integration of me getting back involved in general community affairs, I do also plan on getting active again on the servers. This doesn't mean 4 hours a night or anything, but I do plan on hopping on. I've seen a few threads with the general premise of brainstorming how to get SG populated again. I greatly appreciate threads like these and think they're a great idea. I want to encourage that, outside of clear shitposting or just saying 'game over man, game over', none of the posts should be getting deleted or the threads getting locked. This is just going to discourage people from posting and contributing, and that's not what I want to see happen. There have been a few ideas tossed around in these threads that I have been greatly considering, including mass unbans and promoting people that were previously demoted. For those who have been around SG for awhile, especially back when it was ZM, there have been a few dark days like this. SG has been on the actual verge of being shut down in the past. It's never ideal and never fortunate, but we've always pulled through completely and solely due to the determination and general love for SG from the player-base (which is everyone). Once again, I greatly appreciate the hard work and brainstorming that everyone has put in, and please feel free to provide input and suggestions on how we can make this place thrive again, and feel free to tag me in stuff or send me PM's. If I don't respond within a day or two, please send a follow-up.
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    Hey guys, I just want to suggest a few things for JB. I have mentioned some of this at a staff level but I just want to bring some transparency to everyone so all could give input. 1# Revamping CT markers and add FD indicators It would be pretty good to improve the CT markers. Although we have 2 different CT markers to place for T's, that's about it. I would like to have lines markers for CTs as well as various different markers for some situations. Moving on from that, it would be good to have a function to highlight specific t's who have FD's(for example have them highlighted in green and get the SG logo on top) to really differentiate them from the server pop without having to remember on a verbal agreement who not to kill. I put a bigger emphasis on this as when the pop increases and a lot of things happen simultaneously(many things get lost on word). 2# Having Custom Days I liked how EGO had small minigames like hide and seek where ct's stayed in armory and then t's had time to hide in random locations. Ct's would get much extra hp which would hinder t's to engage with ct's. It would be pretty good to spice up rounds by temporarily changing the entire gamemode every now and then. Usually how it works is that it has a prompt of a new set of rules and altered ct’s/t’s in different ways. 3# increasing DG requirement (from 2:30 to [3:00 or 3:30]) Death games have been the bread and butter for JB since it was first introduced. Over the collective 10+ hours I have been on the server this week, there has not been more than 5 Dg’s in total. This is one major big flag that really needs to be fixed. There is also a rampant issue with the # of fd’s given on many maps(excluding certain maps with no DG’s). Although we as admins have the power to technically enforce against the repeat of fd’s, I believe that is a band-aid fix to a much bigger issue. Whenever admins stop repeating fd’s, it sometimes becomes extremely awkward for ct’s to find activities that do not include death games and when they find some activities it becomes stale fairly quickly. 4# Rework on Ctbuy and Tbuy system(by the time i'm writing this it’s prob resolved tho) Small convo i sent: I suggest reworking the ctbuy and tbuy system a bit. I do not like how you get a base amount of 500 credits which feels arbitrary to me. I would like to have both systems to have 0 credits then ct's/t's will gain credits through kills and assists. Maybe 100-150 credits per kill and 50 credits for assists(I view the amount here for t's specifically). That way gives ct's/t's a more incentive to be more assertive with their role and could even help change the tide of the round with the credits they grind. Last note I would want the Ct's to earn less credits in general due to the 1:2 ratio which could give ct's an advantage. Please give some input on some of my suggestions, every comment is much appreciated
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    Thanks @Valk for the banner! Goose Goose Duck Among us but with birds?? Goose Goose Duck is a animal-based game where up to 16 geese are trying to stop duck(s) pretending as a goose from assassinating them. The core game contains in-game voice chat, unique tasks/roles, and many more! How do I play? First sign up within the game(using your own Google account or in-game account) then put in the private code(that will be posted in the discord event channel) Where? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1568590/Goose_Goose_Duck/ When? August 14th @ 4:30PM EST I will be hosting this event through SG Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join the Discord!
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    I agree, this man cannot save anyone from the basement @WavY
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    i started my SG journey on ZE back in the good ol CS:S days. RIP ZE. You'll always have a special place in my heart.
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    All seem like good changes that will help simplify the community and help push it back to focusing on growth through interaction between members. Glad you guys decided to cut back the teams, and even JA. Wasn't expecting the recognition ranks or supporter rank changes, but a lower price point, and less bias is always a step in the right direction for creating more trust between members and higher staff. Looking forward to seeing what other changes may come to the rank structures in the near future!
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    Y’all took my shoutbox admin and now you shot down my discord admin? You’ll hear from my lawyers very soon. This is the last straw and you have forced my hand.
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    please get rid of purple, bring back light blue.
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    Thanks for the drip @Caution
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    I really enjoyed that NVIDIA Canvas AI contest that was held a while ago. I've generated about 50 really nice images that I like with DALL-E 2 so it's going to be fun figuring out what to submit. Thanks for this contest.
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    Hop on JB Tomorrow @ 4:30pm EST to test out new features and hangout!
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    Thanks to @nick for the cool banner! Hello everyone! Sad week it is.. but nevertheless let's say our goodbyes to Surf 24/7 and end off on a bang! This Week's map will be: surf_utopia_v3 (T1 L) Prizes for Normal map: 1st Place: Custom Skin on the "Easy Surf Server" + "1st Place Contest Winner" Award 2nd Place: "2nd Place Contest Winner" Award 3rd Place: "3rd Place Contest Winner" Award Important Note: If you get a better time and want to submit again, don't make a new post. Re-edit your post and fill out the form again. I will look at the submissions at the end of the month so there are no worries. Server IP: The contest will span from the start of this post until the server shuts down. Good Luck!
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    Bump Not long before the server's down, don't miss out!!
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    In-game name: triou Time for submission: 57:19 Screenshot of time:
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    In-game name: 114 Time for submission: 58:82 Screenshot of time: https://imgur.com/a/8TngN4u
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    Surf Event Submission In-game name: Time for submission: Screenshot of time: Submissions can be submitted in this manner.
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    Make me server manager I'll have this shit bangin' in 3 days.
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    Squad: JB: Tbh JB is kinda popping off in comparison, the numbers do NOT lie. Squad is a dead af game for old people.
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    What a sad set of responses. Someone, somehow, convinced a group of Steam-Gamers pessimists that North American CS:GO community servers have been wiped out. Could the decline of these servers possibly just be a temporary phase? Couldn't this be seen as an opportunity to sweep up the remaining population that enjoyed these servers? Edge Gamers has a Jailbreak server at #9, which surely means there's still a Jailbreak loving population that would play our server if it was actually good, right? They'll find a way around each and every question you possibly pose to them and convince them that Jailbreak is dead and it will remain that way... because they tried to seed it! Or... it actually needs some fucking changes? Did you guys know that the T ranks system, the most popular plugin in Jailbreak history, was added back to the server recently? I wouldn't really blame you if you didn't, because it was introduced with a two-liner in a poorly structured thread a month or so back, then introduced again with a one-liner in a changelog a couple weeks after that. Yes, T Ranks was reintroduced with not even it's own thread. Do you know how fruitful a plugin like that is? There should've been a gigantic announcement post hyping up it's release, a big ol' banner, and a huge fucking event with some incentives to go along with it. I played the server a few times since my unban, though I really don't have the patience to wait around for people to join. But CT ranks are still a thing! I wonder if we still run consistent events with that plugin too? Protect the President is a great event, Admins vs Members is always fun, do any of these get used anymore? If you guys were pounding the shit out of this server with effort; events, plugin improvements, so on and so forth, fuck even a community meeting at least.. then I'd say you can be pessimists all you want. But take your "seeding" and shove it up your ass. Do you know how much the little kids that play Jailbreak fiend for stupid little monthly events like who can get to the top of T ranks or CT ranks? Listing a bunch of random words like "updates, interaction, consistency" doesn't mean anything is actually being done. How do you fix Jailbreak? Passionate people in the ranks that matter, with the competence to direct that passion. If you're an admin or even a regular ass player and you legitimately want to help Jailbreak, reach out to the community and get feedback. Sort of like what Gumline is trying to do here, only no one is really taking him seriously. But also reach out to those kids that still play the server that don't really use the forums, try to get them more involved, and see what they'd like to see on the server. If all else fails? Start hail marying shit. Nothing's gonna happen if the server sits in the same state it's in and you just keep trying to force people to play it and love it. Add a warden system, allow nonstop deathgames, but don't be surprised when nothing changes and as a result.. nothing changes.
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