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    With the roll-out of our newest server we've decided to hold a draw for 11 copies of SQUAD available to every member of the community so you can join us in the action! The only requirement to join this giveaway is that you must have a forum account and you can't already own the game! In order to enter the giveaway simply like this post and you will be entered into the drawing. The winners will be drawn live on the Steam-Gamers Discord using Wheel Of Names on 28 September at 7pm EDT so make sure to get your likes in before then! Best of luck buds! Thanks to @BoM@Black Rain@TheZZL@patrick@Kopsta for donating copies of the game and making this happen! CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS @ThRza@Pikach@TurtleManBaby@Happy Man@cbecho11@Rygor@Link@pupster@Spiritwind@Roudy@Chad Expect a PM shortly with details on how to claim your FREE copy of Squad!
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    Greggy G has been permanently banned for refusing to wear a mask while on discord.
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    Hello everyone! Today is a very exciting day in SG because we have successfully transitioned over to our new forums! As you can see, quite the changes have been made compared to our old one. We have left behind vBulletin and now are currently running our forums on Invision. Majority of the ranks are updated in names as well. We have made major changes to our donation system. Thanks to Liam Brown, all donations are once again properly accounted for in the monthly donation goal and are automatically processed. Compared to our old donation system where it would need to be manually checked, this new system is fully automated which will speed up the overall process. Another exciting part about the change in the donation system includes that we are introducing a third tier in our Supporter system! Starting now, you can now donate to become an Elite Supporter. More information can be found on our donate tab and the Marketing Team have provided more details about the new supporter system here. We have re-branded our logo once again by removing the infamous hyphen to become Steam Gamers and have re-launched our social media. We would like to thank all the staff involved in making this possible! The Design Team has done a beautiful job with the banners, the logo, the color schemes, and so much more to make our forums look amazing. The Community Advisors and Server Managers who have went out their way to test every nook and cranny to catch any bugs. The Marketing Team for the numerous discussions by recommending changes and upgrades regarding our brand and other general marketing aspects of SG. The Technical Team who have worked so hard with @Gator, @fantastic, and @Third to put together a fully functional and stable forums that we have been desiring for. Thank you to my fellow Directors for providing the support in every way possible from working on the technical development of the forums to working with all our staff on the front end. I cannot stress this enough but thank you so much to @Nishok, @Liam Brown, and@fantastic. These three men have worked countless hours behind the scenes and have given up sleep in terms of the heavy-duty technical development especially in the last 96 hours for the new forums. Majority of you guys don’t get see what goes on in the background, but us Directors know that Nishok and Liam Brown are always there to provide help whenever we require assistance. Thank you again for your tremendous dedication to SG and we are very appreciative that you both are part of our community. We thank you for your patience for the new forums. You may or may not come across some minor bugs that needs some squashing out, so feel free to suggest and we can handle them swiftly. We are also looking to implement some more features to the forums in the coming weeks. It’s been quite a journey and we know it took a bit longer than expected, but we’re very excited about this transition and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Steam Gamers.
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    Okay folks, it's time to get serious for a minute. Two weeks back a fellow community member, roux, suffered a great loss when his house burnt down with all his personal possessions inside. Now roux and his family are stuck living out of their relative's house and trying to work with the insurance company to somehow recover from this horrible situation. Unfortunately, due to uncertain times with Covid and bureaucratic red tape they most likely won't see any money for a long time, and what money they do get won't be nearly enough to cover all of their losses. SteamGamers is a community first and foremost, and when someone in the community suffers we do what we can to help remedy that suffering. So, on August 29th we will be hosting another 12 hour stream similar to our charity stream, only this time all money will go directly to roux and his family to try and help them recover. I know the turnout was big at the charity stream and the support was even stronger than we expected, so we're asking you to bring the same energy and support to this stream. The schedule 12 PM - 3 PM Hawks 3 PM - 6 PM Acer 6 PM - 9 PM BoM 9 PM - 12 AM Hawks Saturday August 29th (all times in EST) There are obviously less people up there and longer run times. something we chose to do differently this time. I'm sure you guys won't complain though because I know you guys all love Hawks and he'll be up there TWICE. I really urge everyone to come and join in on the fun and hype of the 12 hour stream even if you can't donate any money. I look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday!
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    Dominic and Zayne were permanently banned from SG by unanimous vote for general unwanted behaviour, including poaching admins, advertising, and attempting to incite drama over accusing us of stealing. Constructive criticism is fine, baseless slander is not. We have 0 tolerance for that kind of behaviour here. Below are further details regarding the above. Take a look at the below admins at another unnamed community's new TTT server - what do you see in common? Several SG admins were contacted and asked to be admin at another community to help Dominic and Zayne launch a competing server. Note that their admin roster is entirely SG admins. Furthermore, both Dominic and Zayne decided to hop onto our TTT server this morning and advertise. Dominic's attempt to start drama is below. TL;DR: he accused us of screwing over people by having subscriptions (automatic donations). Interestingly, Dominic actually supported recurring payments as a BD. Prior to this permanent ban, Zayne was demoted from the Veteran rank for recurring attitude issues and impersonation of an admin while in the rank. He was expected to uphold a level of professionalism needed as both a former higher-up and Veteran, but failed to do so on multiple occasions. Copy-paste from an IA thread: Good luck with your new endeavour, but don't bring SG into it.
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    Hello Steam-Gamers, I am pleased to announce the Steam-Gamers Summer Charity Stream! The stream is going to be 12 hours long and will take place on Saturday, July 18th, 2020. The charity we will be raising money for and donating to is Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a nonprofit organization that works in the U.S. and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world's most vulnerable people. As you all are aware, COVID-19 has formed into a worldwide pandemic that has threatened and impacted countless lives. Direct Relief is constantly working to get life-saving medical equipment and medications to doctors and nurses to help fight COVID-19. Their work has supplied others with the tools needed to help save lives across the world during these hard times. We are looking for people to stream their favorite games in time slots throughout the day. If you have the hardware to stream and are interested in streaming fun games for this event, I highly encourage you to apply. Apply Here! Make sure to mark your calendars and spread the word about this stream. The more people we get involved, the more money we can raise to go towards this important cause. See you there! While I have your attention, please click below to join our Events Team Steam group!
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    Thank you @crazedkangaroo for the banner! NEW TTT PLUGIN Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally arrived for us to release our new TTT plugin. This is a monumentous moment for all of us as staff members and for the rest of the community. With this release, we are introducing new items, a new karma system, and a new credit system. In the up and coming weeks, we are expecting a lot of traction with new suggestions, ideas, and improvements being made as more and more people become familiarized with this new era of TTT. We will be announcing a TTT community meeting very soon so hang in there. Now let us introduce our new items and credit system. Keep in mind these are not the only items we are working on at this moment. These are just the few we decided are ready for release with the least promise of breaking. The credit price value is also subject to change in due time. Stay tuned for new item discussions and reveals in the weeks/months to come. [table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center] [tr] [td] Traitor Item [/td] [td] Credit Price [/td] [td] Detective Item [/td] [td] Credit Price [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Hurt Station [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [td] DNA Scanner [/td] [td] 150 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Silent AWP [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [td] Radar [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Random Teleporter [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [td] Sprint [/td] [td] 25 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Drop [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [td] Health Station [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Martydom [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [td] Healthshot [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Missile [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [td] Taser [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Sprint [/td] [td] 25 credits [/td] [td] Kevlar+Helm [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Jihad [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] C4 [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Health Shot [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Radar [/td] [td] 50 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Teleporter [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Tripmines [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Kevlar+Helm [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] 1 Hit Knife [/td] [td] 100 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] M4A1s [/td] [td] 175 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] USPS [/td] [td] 75 credits [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] MP5SD [/td] [td] 125 credits [/td] [/tr] [/table] Traitors and Detectives both start with: 75 credits Detectives killing Traitors: 100 credits Detectives successfully tasing a Traitor: 50 credits Traitor killing Innocents: 25 credits Traitor killing Detective: 100 credits Detective tasers are now a one time buy with an unlimited amount of uses with a recharge time of 30 seconds between each use. There are so many changes that have been made that a single thread wouldn't be able to explain and go into detail as to why and how it is the way it is. We ask you all to explore the server with an open mind and come to us with any feedback you may have. This project has been in development for a very long time. We've gone through many managerial changes during this process and each one of them played an individual key role in getting this plugin to where it is now. I would like to personally thank and congratulate @Trazz and @crazedkangaroo for pouring an INSANE amount of time and energy into this. If you find even the slightest enjoyment from playing on TTT, know that these two had a gigantic role in this. Thank you to all of our staff, past and present, who have been on this journey with us but we all know that this is only the beginning. Big thank you to the entire Modding Team for saving many maps and making them compatible with this plugin!
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    Xp/Slothy has been banned for a week for shitposting in admin apps, making joke admin apps and ban appeals, and shitposting in general. It's not hard to not be retarded, he knows what he's doing.
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    Hello everyone, The Board has been discussing a rework to our recognition ranks for a while now. Currently, the ranks being referred to would be Honorable Gamer and Legend. We felt as though we were missing something and that the gap between the two was too large. We've decided to implement another tier that will be a middle ground for this system. While this middle tier will have some general parameters, the Board will still be the deciding factor when it comes down to placing people in one of these ranks. This new rank will be called Veterans! One important thing to note with this change is that we'll be removing the Presidential Award entirely, as we no longer see a need for it. Laid out below is how each rank will be treated moving forward, generally. The lowest recognition rank you can receive is Honorable Gamer. This rank will pretty much remain the same. It can be given to previous staff members or normal members who have contributed to the community in a significant way, more than the average player. Admins will still be able to nominate people for this rank which will be reviewed by the IA team and the Board. This rank does not grant any admin powers. The next rank above that will be the newest addition, Veteran. The people eligible for this rank will mostly be server managers or very longtime admins, but it is still dependent on performance, attitude, etc. People in this rank will not be granted any admin powers, but will be granted perks similar to that of an Honorable Gamer. The last and top rank will be Legend. This rank is for people who have contributed to the community in an extremely crucial way, akin to our now removed Presidential Award, and kept a positive attitude while doing so. Previous Presidents, Vice Presidents, Board members and technical staff are who you'll likely be seeing in this rank, but it may vary further. This rank will have the equivalent of Senior Admin powers on our servers and will have access to the Community Advisors section on our forums. With this change, we've reevaluated all the people who were either Honorable Gamer or Legend and sorted them accordingly. We think we got it down pretty well, but there may still be people we need to look into. You may have lost your rank entirely in this process, you can reach out to a Board member for clarity on why. If you feel you've been misplaced, you can contact a Board member and we'll discuss it. Listed below is all the current holders of each rank. Our current list of Legends: Our current list of Veterans: Our current list of Honorable Gamers: As mentioned above, we've reevaluated each and every person who was eligible for one of these ranks. This has been an extremely long discussion, the Board has spent countless hours doing this. If you have any issues, please reach out to us so we can reconsider. Thanks everyone!
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    Manny has been permanently banned for posting inappropriate pictures, saying sexual comments, and failing to acknowledge previous warnings. Let this be a reminder to everyone - we do not and will never condone this type of behavior on any of our platforms. Regardless of age, you should not be engaging in overly sexual conversations or posting sexually suggestive content on any of our platforms, especially after being given countless warnings to stop. Just because you think something is funny or entertaining to you does not make it okay to say or post whatever you feel like. To come around and so jokingly say, "rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome", or, "catch me with a bunch of fucking Mexicans crossing the border" will never be accepted at SG, not to mention the countless other inappropriate comments and images posted in discord that have come up. While this is a gaming community and we want everyone to have fun, we have to be able to draw the line at a certain point. There are consequences to your actions and in this circumstance, Manny was permanently banned from them. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact an IA+ member. To clarify: The lyrics posted here were just a part of the reason Manny was banned, and yes you can say they're "just lyrics" however you'd be wrong. Posting something on one of our platforms about raping a pregnant bitch and then calling it a threesome is just wrong, disgusting, and absolutely unacceptable, lyrics or not. It goes directly against rules we have in place and looks horrible to anyone who comes along and doesn't know that those are lyrics. If you want to hide behind that piss poor excuse and not use your brain for half a second to figure out that you shouldn't be posting that, it's on you. This is the rule: "We do not allow posts or images that are overly sexual, gory, or disgusting." There is no unwritten line that says "oh well as long as it's lyrics it's okay". By the way, for anyone who is unclear on this, SB comments count as posts. Furthermore, there were about 10 pictures posted in discord that were either right on the line of being unacceptable or were well over the line. The pictures that we found absolutely unacceptable to be posting are inappropriate enough that we felt it best to not share them publicly and taint this post. Manny posted those lyrics and was warned to cut the shit and stop using lyrics as an excuse to make inappropriate comments. Mind you this all came up after he'd already been banned for two weeks for sexual harassment and disrespect. You would think at some point in there he would have learned his lesson, but he continued to cross the line of what is acceptable here when he posted those images in discord. Manny has come up way too often in discussion as a trouble maker and has been warned, banned, and overall been given the benefit of the doubt way too many times.
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    The 12 hour Steam-Gamers Charity Stream has come to an end and we would like to thank everybody for participating. With your help, we have raised a grand total of $1342.69 for Direct Relief. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to help the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. @Kieran & I would like to thank all the people that streamed and made it very exciting, @BoM, @Dreamz, @Bright, @Tyymunk, @Hawks, @Acer, @Macmine411, @EricTheGamer. We'd like to thank the Marketing Team, Events Team and Media Team for their contributions towards this stream, especially @thuxys because he created some amazing overlays/panels for us to use. Thank you to @Ned, @Strayyz and @John for laying out the foundation for this stream and future streams to come. We would also like to thank @fantastic and John for helping us reinvent the twitch channel and giving it some life. Lastly I would like to personally thank @BoM for all the hard work and determination he has put into this project. He helped everyone out and made this whole thing possible. We wish to be able to do this stream annually/semi-annually with different charities. You guys have been amazing and the stream was very entertaining. We will definitely be looking into what we can improve on so that the next one will be even better. Thank you to everyone who donated no matter how big or small. Here is a list of the people who contributed - TheZZL - $236 Hawks - $150 Steven - $120 BoM - $100 Frostbitten - $100 ManiacJak - $96.69 Roux - $75 Dreamz - $57.34 Alex - $50 Booch - $50 Cody. - $50 Dominic - $40.12 Gentoo - $30 Bacon - $25 Kieran - $25 Tyymunk - $25 Clamor - $20 Rygor - $15.08 Kopsta - $15 Acer - $10 Error - $10 McBride - $10 Ray - $6.66 Thump - $6 EricTheGamer - $5 Poke - $5 Strayyz - $5 Charliere - $3 Black Rain - $1.11 Polarzz - $0.69 Thanks @Cody. for requesting tts...
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    I decided to reply to this post instead of making another thread for the sake of keeping all of the information in one place. We recently had several situations arise involving sexual harassment which resulted in three people getting banned and one person getting demoted. Similar to the real world, we do not condone sexual harassment on any of our SG platforms. We should not have to tell you guys how to talk or act, but unfortunately people have done things that warrant more than just a simple punishment. An individual came to us with screenshots of pokes being sent in a Teamspeak channel that implicated a member of the community as saying that he had sex with another member. The pokes were sent by Strayyz, but changed to seem like they were actually coming from I'm Sad. After further investigation of the situation Strayyz was demoted due to his direct involvement. Regarding Phoenix_, we initially decided to demote him over the comment made with no intentions of banning him. It was only after his farewell thread in which he continued to insult the person who was being sexually harassed and then further comments in Teamspeak that he was banned. He chose to act as if there was nothing wrong with what was said and play it as if he was the victim in the matter. On top of this, he admitted that he was actively trying to get banned. While the comment may have been made months ago and it should have been handled then, it continued on to the present and there was a direct connection between I'm Sad's comments and all of the harassment that happened after. Manny has been banned due to a comment he made in the shoutbox towards the person who was being sexually harassed. The aforementioned comment was posted only a few days ago and was not the only thing that contributed to Manny's ban. He was banned previously in February because of general bad behavior and trolling and has continued to display a negative attitude towards the community since then. He was ultimately banned for this in addition to the recent sexual harassment issue. I'm Sad has been banned due to several cases of sexual harassment alongside being the reason for all of the previously mentioned cases. The victim came to us stating that they have received several screenshots involving sexual harassment despite leaving the community many months ago. While it has been said by multiple people that Sad wasn't actively participating in these cases of sexual harassment, he was in fact the original perpetrator. He chose to tell all of these people about his relationship with someone else and allowed them to continue poking fun at the situation to the point that it turned into sexual harassment. Allowing your friends to sexually harass someone based on information you give them does not make you an innocent person in this situation. His choice to allow it to continue and escalate without truly attempting to stop it or coming forward to a higher up contributed to his ban.
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    You don't have to worry about getting a future position anymore, so that won't be a problem.
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    --->>>retro-host.net After weeks of tireless deliberation we have struck a deal with retro-host.net and I am proud to announce we are now officially partners. As part of this deal all of our members are able to enjoy 15% off of any server hosting by using the code STEAMGAMERS at checkout. Retro Host offers high performance game servers at a reasonable cost hosted out of Germany and Texas as well as other server types. This deal was brought to us by an outstanding SG member and fellow businessman who runs Retro Host when he's not here helping the community. I'd like you guys to give a round of applause to @patrick for working diligently to bring this idea to the table and helping cultivate this partnership.
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    Kayden has been banned for a week for posting a lewd picture containing lolis.
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    Hello everyone, Please enjoy while you read this exciting thread. Today we'd like to announce Staff and Member of the Month awards for July. We've had an incredible playerbase who dedicated themselves to discussions and suggestions throughout the past month, and an extremely dedicated team of staff who've supported us in existing and new endeavors. A huge round of applause for those who've enjoyed our community and continue to do so while making SG a better place for everyone. That being said, let's launch into these month's awards. Let's start with Member of the Month! This person was incredibly helpful during our charity stream that happened to raise $1300 for COVID-19 relief. Along with dedicating his time to stream, he has been an over-all exemplary community member. The team expressed their excitement in seeing their passion for the community and the effort they have been putting in, and we'd like to recognize their contributions to SG! Please join me in congratulating @EricTheGamer for being Member of the Month for July! Next up is our Staff of the Month! We actually have two individuals this month who worked diligently. These gentlemen have put in a magnificent amount of work. This person has spent many countless and painstaking hours adding hundreds of maps to BHOP. He has been a massive help with our move to Discord and is always finding more ways to improve it. Not to mention his star-studded performance on the Modding Team. They've have done incredible work behind the scenes and is always participating in discussions. Their helpfulness and dedication deserves recognition for the month of July. And so, the higher-up team would like to recognize their effort with the Staff of the Month award! Please join me in congratulating @Noxstar for being Staff of the Month for July! Onto gentleman number two.. This person has been a longtime member of the community and definitely knows the ins and outs. He has been a massive help ever since he became a Community Advisor and he has even been busting ass on the Marketing Team shortly after joining. This gentleman is active in every single discussion and has an amazing work ethic. A lot of his work has been behind the scenes but you guys will be seeing it in fruition soon. Their helpfulness and dedication deserves recognition for the month of July. And so, the higher-up team would like to recognize their effort with the Staff of the Month award! Please join me in congratulating @ManiacJak for being Staff of the Month for July! Thank you everyone for continuing to make this place the fun community it is, and we're excited to see what efforts are shown in June. Once again, congratulations @EricTheGamer @Noxstar @ManiacJak !
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    Hello everyone, Today we're doing a joint announcement, as we've agreed upon a recipient for both the Staff and the Member of the Month awards for April. All of you members are doing great things, the debate for the winner this month had tons of names in the pool and it was tough deciding. We encourage you all to keep up the great work and truly appreciate the effort you guys put into the community. The staff portion was even tougher, you're all working so hard and we're at one of those points where all of our staff teams are flooded with plenty of qualified people, all busting their asses for this place. Again, we truly appreciate the work you guys put in, trust me when I tell you we recognize it. Now into these awards, starting with Member of the Month. This person has been very active recently, especially in the past month. Not only is their server activity great, on the forums they're constantly helping out by chiming in on suggestions, reporting bugs, and overall being very beneficial with their posts. We're all very pleased, not only with the effort this person has been putting in, but with the consistency they've shown. There's not much else to say besides the fact that this person is a fantastic member. Congratulations to @EpicFP for being Member of the Month for April! Next up is our Staff of the Month! The fact that this person has gone above and beyond is undeniable and extremely evident. Their impact on our servers has been immensely helpful. Their activity, input on discussions and constant events has helped our Zombie Escape server out in drastic times. The passion and dedication they've shown for moving this place forward has caught everyone's eye as they've been relentless in their pursuit to assist in any way possible. This person has not only been a great staff member, but also a great community member. Congratulations to @Bright for being Staff of the Month for April! Once again, thank you to everyone for contributing to this community's continued prosperity, staff member or not. While we're publicly recognizing these two people, there are tons of you who help out here daily and we are insanely grateful for each and every action taken to better this place. Thank you all. Please join me in congratulating these two!
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    New 2Fort and Dustbowl Servers! @Greggy G @Damon and I are happy to announce the launch of our brand new Team Fortress 2 Servers. We will be launching a 24/7 2Fort server and a 24/7 Dustbowl server. The game is FREE TO PLAY. You can go pick it up right now in the Steam store. It is a very fun game and I have spent the last two days slaving away to release this. We hope you guys enjoy it. We have GameMe set up on the servers so that you can climb to the top of the leaderboard. There are some cool plans in store for the server that will be coming out in the coming months. What Is Team Fortress 2? Team Fortress 2 is an online action FPS game filled with various game modes such as Payload, Control Point, and many more. Two teams, RED and BLU, fight it out to compete as the best team and win rounds. There are nine unique classes that provide a broad range of tactical abilities with a variety of player skills. TF2 also includes character and weapon customization where you can tweak your favorite class to suit not only your gameplay but also style and personal taste. What Are 2Fort and Dustbowl? What is 2Fort? 2Fort is a Capture the Flag map. Two similar forts face each other, separated by a contaminated canal of deep water. A covered bridge spans the stream and battlements exist on each fort, providing excellent positions to assault oncoming players. To win, a team must repeatedly capture the opposing team's Intelligence by picking it up from deep within their fort and carrying it all the way to its own base until reaching the game's capture objective, while preventing the enemy from achieving that same goal. What is Dustbowl? Dustbowl is an Attack/Defend Control Point map. The goal of the attackers, team BLU, is to win through a series of stages in order to win the map. Within each stage, the attackers must capture two control points, A and B, which are held by the defenders, team RED. Point A must be captured before the attackers can assault B. The timer is increased by 4 minutes and 30 seconds for every point capture and once a point is captured it is locked and cannot be retaken by the defenders. How Do I Connect???? Connect to 2Fort using 2fort.steam-gamers.net OR Connect to Dustbowl using dustbowl.steam-gamers.net OR Important Links Team Fortress 2 Subforum Team Fortress 2 Rules Team Fortress 2 Changelog Team Fortress 2 Bug Reporting
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    Hey everyone, As John mentioned in an older announcement, we had plans to swap dedicated machines from Canada to Virginia. Today, we have successfully transitioned all our servers over to OVH’s Virginia dedicated machines! We switched from the Montreal, Canada location to Virginia, USA, because players were experiencing abnormally high latency, and it was affecting the player population for all servers. By switching back to a US location, most of you should see a lower ping compared to the previous dedi, giving you a smoother gaming experience! This change will also allow us to experience an influx of newer players and hopefully see older players returning. We will be able to more easily reach players in regions such as Europe and Asia based on the new location. The following servers were moved, with their new IPs: Server Name IP Zombie Escape ze.steam-gamers.net ( Jailbreak jb.steam-gamers.net ( Minigames mg.steam-gamers.net ( Trouble in Terrorist Town ttt.steam-gamers.net ( Scrim scrim.steam-gamers.net ( Skill Surf surf.steam-gamers.net ( Retakes retakes.steam-gamers.net ( 1v1 Multi Arena 1v1.steam-gamers.net ( Bunnyhop bhop.steam-gamers.net ( Free For All ffa.steam-gamers.net ( TF2 - 24/7 2Fort 2fort.steam-gamers.net ( TF2 - 24/7 Dustbowl dustbowl.steam-gamers.net ( You can find a full list of all our servers in the servers tab: steam-gamers.net/servers For those who haven't seen the specs yet, here are the specs of our new dedicated machines: CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Cores & Threads 8 cores and 16 threads Clock Speed 3.9 GHz and 4.5 GHz with boost RAM 64 GB DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz Storage 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft Raid Big thank you to Liam Brown for helping to make this transition as smooth as possible, and another big thank you to BoTo for checking all servers to make sure they are stable so we can hop on immediately to play. We understand that this swap may or may not result in possible minor hiccups. If you experience any bugs or problems, please report them to the appropriate server subforum and reach out to the Server Managers in charge. Normally your favorites should update automatically with the new IPs within 24 hours. You can manually add the new IPs to your favorites if they haven't updated yet in 24h, or if you can't wait that long to play on our servers . Have fun!
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    iota/Aleks has been permanently banned for the fraudulent use of a credit card to pay for a subscription.
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    Gumline has been permanently banned for harassment and disagreeing to cooperate with warnings to stay away from certain individuals.
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    Hello everyone, As I mentioned in a reply a few days ago regarding changes in the admin application process, the Board has been busy discussing some changes to the community. Since our inception, Steam-Gamers has been a Counter Strike community. We've dabbled into some other games, but overall, Counter Strike has been our home. Because of this, our community has been built around being a Counter Strike community and that is reflected through our rules, policies, and rank structure. Within the past year, we've expanded from being just a Counter Strike community and have brought in TF2, Squad, and most recently, Rust. As we've expanded into these new games and look forward to expanding into more, we've found that the way we have some things setup and the way we do some things doesn't always translate between games. In order for us to fix this and adapt, we have to make some changes. The first change we made was to the admin application voting process. This of course isn't it's final form and will be tweaked as we discuss more and see how this change does. The second change is to discontinue the Junior Admin rank. The difference between JA and SA has always been very limited, revolving mostly around a select few "fun" commands for CSGO admins that were changed internally on the sourcebans side anyways. As Rust and Squad do not have any differentiating commands and simply only need one admin rank it is sensible that we revert back to only having one admin rank. In this way, we can make the function of the Server Admin rank virtually the same no matter if they are a CSGO, Rust, or Squad admin. We will still reserve the select fun commands for CSGO admins who have been around for 3+ months, we just don't need a rank to do so. This is in part to help us manage the community as it grows and in part to make the community more easily accessible and understandable to new people looking to get involved.
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    Good morning everyone, As I referenced in my previous announcement, we've got some major community changes slowly being implemented. I've got two topics on the list today: Ban policy & Racism. I'm going to talk about our change in our stance on racism first, because it will lead into the next portion regarding bans. For those of you that have been around for awhile, you saw how hardcore our 'No Racism' rule was. People were instantly-banned in some scenarios, or banned heavily oftentimes. In an effort to try and see if there would be some comfortable breathing room by relaxing on that rule, we changed it up to allow racism - but give admins the discretion on how far is too far. The intent was basically to allow light joking, banter, etc. We knew that there would be a few people who took it too far (like with anything), but after letting it play out for awhile, we're ready to change it up a bit again - mainly because it caused confusion among members and admins alike on how far is too far. While the old mentality was too far in one direction, our rule as it stands today is a bit too far in the opposite direction: so we're trying to find the spot in the middle. Racism Effective immediately, we're changing the stance on conduct normally deemed as 'Racism' in SG. Admins and higher, there will be additional threads listed in the admin sections to reemphasize this. Moving forward: Forums - Not allowed in any capacity, meaning no slang, jokes, etc. Music and whatnot in the appropriate section(s) is fine. Discord - Not allowed in any capacity. In an effort to partner with Discord, we are not allowing any and all racist slang, jokes, pictures, etc. However, if you're in a private channel among friends and no one reports anything, did it actually happen? I'm going to leave it at that. Servers - To be straight up with you guys, I had a hard time wording this. I can explain the point we're trying to get at all day and night, but someone will always loophole around whatever we post. We stole this from another community's rules because, honestly, they worded it better than what I could think of. Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Small jokes are fine. Use of the N-word with the hard 'R' is strictly prohibited. To be frank, the hard 'r' was a huge issue, and that's what we're trying to solve. We all like to mess around and tell jokes, but that in particular is not what we stand for or what we encourage people to do. If this continues to be an issue, we will reevaluate our stance and discuss as needed. We have also done away with the 'Bannable Words' list. We all know what should and should not be on that list, so there isn't a need for us to publicly display that. In addition to this, the ban length and general punishments for 'Racism' are going to be lessened, which leads into the next topic: change in ban policy. Ban Policy This is going to be two-part, covering ban policy in general & ban lengths. As it stands now, here are the basic admin rules regarding ban lengths and whatnot: Moving forward, this is what it shall be: You're going to notice a few changes here and there. Mainly, some time lengths got swapped around, we added a 'case-by-case' section, and also incorporate bans that are less than 12 hours. The point of this is not only the aforementioned, but also to restructure the actual '3 strikes, you're out' process we have here. From now on, we're going to handle bans a bit differently as a whole, including leading up to an eventual perm. So, let's dive into it: Time-out bans / Cool-down bans: Any ban length that is less than 12 hours. These bans will not count against somebody's 'record', and are meant to sort of serve as a period of time for a player to chill out for a bit. Sometimes 5 minutes works, and sometimes a bit longer is needed to get the point across. The equivalent to this is how sometimes we will issue a warning to an admin prior to issuing an official strike. These will typically be (but not limited to) handed out on a real-time basis in the servers. There will be situations where someone will be issued multiple cool-down bans without the admin knowing, and at that point just make an increase request. This is not saying that someone can't get multiple cool-down bans, but that it really shouldn't be continuously used if the point is not getting across. Ban #1 & Ban #2: 12 hours to 7 days. These should fall typically closer to lower-end of the spectrum, with the first offense being inside of the windows listed in the table above, and the second just being somewhere @ 7 days or less, depending on severity. Ban #3: 2 weeks to one month. If it is the same offense committed three times, this should be one month. If it's different crap, fall somewhere along the two week line. Ban #4: Three months, regardless of same or different offenses. Ban #5: 6 months, and we will stop saying 'permed' in these instances, instead simply saying 6 months. Someone who is actually 'permed' will be decided upon by the Board (with the possibility of extending this decision to the IA's) and listed in a Do Not Unban list in the higherup section. These will be a bit more uncommon. Extreme offenses, such as doxxing, DoS threats, harassment, sexual harassment, death threats, etc., will be handled on a case-by-case basis. While there are definitely times where these will be permanent, there are also situations that have arisen where we issue something shy of a permanent ban; it's completely dependent on the situation. Additionally, 'alting' on a server after being banned will issue a kick to the player instead of a perm. The point of this is because we may not know if someone is intentionally going to the extent of alting, or is just genuinely confused about why they can't connect to the server. Someone going to the lengths of resetting their IP, changing connection locations, using a VPN, etc., will probably be deemed as intentionally alting and will be bumped up to the next step in the banning process, meaning if they were on ban #3, they will now go to ban #4 for intentionally alting. This will be deemed by the board and / or IA's. Ignoring admins has been moved as well to bans that are less than 12 hours - ie, cooldown bans. While there is merit in the frustration that can occur behind somebody not complying with what you are asking them or telling them as an admin, 'ignoring admins' is a gigantic, catch-all loophole that can be used to circumvent one of the appropriate ban reasons listed above. Instead of taking this away entirely (because of the aforementioned merit), we are just reducing the length of time in which people can be banned for it. If it happens multiple times, it will be addressed - but the point is that people shouldn't be being banned for days on end for 'ignoring admins'. If there isn't a legitimate reason outside of this to ban someone, you should check with an IA, a BD, or just another admin on the legitimacy of the ban itself. The Board fully retains the right to change this process, apply it in a different aspect, or make exceptions when deemed absolutely necessary. While this policy is meant to cover 99% of ban situations, there are going to be people and offenses that will be handled differently due to whatever the unique nature of offense is that may come up. It's a huge change, but ultimately we are hoping to have a tad bit better player-retention by allowing a bit longer of a punishment before going straight to the perms. What this means for players currently permed on a three-strike process (or other): We will need to reevaluate the situation, but they did commit the offenses while the old policy was in place. This will be a case-by-case basis, but anyone may feel free to appeal their ban, regardless of when your appeal date was given (unless you were told not to appeal at all because it is simply 'no'). We will evaluate how they fall into this lineup, but we are not going to go out of our way to unban people who do not appeal. Please let us know if you have any questions.
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    With the charity stream coming up tomorrow we decided to introduce our newly revamped social media along with our future plans for it. The entire marketing team, as well as a multitude of people from other teams, have worked hard to really help revive our social media. Some final adjustments are being made and YouTube is still "under construction", but you can expect a lot more activity on all of these platforms from now on. Along with that, you'll notice that we also have a new logo which is a little more refined and fit to match some of our upcoming projects. Expect to be seeing it around more as we transition everything over to the new logo. I can't really explain how much work went in from start to finish with all of these projects along with all the things that will keep happening behind the scenes, but I am truly grateful. The mere existence of this team can be credited to a whole bunch of people in the community, both those who have come and gone and those who are still here. I find this to be the culmination of everything the Marketing team has been working towards, and a true win for SG that is going to help us launch this place to new heights. Thank you, truly. Join the Marketing Team today! 120IQ+
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    @Kopstaand I are happy to announce a brand new Squad Server coming very soon! The developers are releasing a huge update soon, including a new faction and map! Squad is also going on sale from September 23rd - September 28th, so take advantage of that while you can. I'd like to thank @BoM, @John, and @Cautionfor allowing this to happen. What is Squad? Squad is a large-scale online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay. Two factions are tasked with Capturing and Defending flags around the map. Players can choose from a variety of kits - Rifleman, Machine Gunner, Anti Tank, Marksman, Sniper to name a few. Each team needs to build Forward Operating Bases around the map to respawn and rearm to get back in the fight. Squad has a plethora of vehicles, including - Tanks, IFVs, APCs, Armored Cars, Helicopters, etc. These vehicles are used to assist your team in attacking Flags and FOBs. How do I connect? [SG] STEAM-GAMERS | US EAST | NEW PLAYERS WELCOME | 24/7 Fallujah + MEA Important Links Buy Squad! Squad Subforum Squad Rules and Helpful Information Squad Changelog Squad Bug Reporting Squad Staff List Squad Admin Applications
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    After the situation a few nights ago, we wanted to make a post addressing some things publicly and clearing up any misunderstandings people might have while giving some insight into the decisions we made. While we understand some people were unhappy with the decisions made, these were decisions made with the full weight of the board. John did not go off on some tyrannical mass banning and to think that is how any situation would go down is quite ridiculous. I suppose it's fair we start at the beginning of all this, or at least as far back as I'm willing to go. This whole issue that seemingly pitted the higher-ups here against the ZE community started back about a year ago when Pikajew was banned from our community. We are fully aware of the fact that some people believe he was wrongly banned, but at this point, it should be old news. The board at the time decided that Pikajew did not belong here based on pictures on his profile, as well as pictures and comments he had made over time. I was not around when this situation happened, but per request, I looked into it further. At first glance, it did not look like there was a lot of evidence supporting the ban so I can understand how some people would be upset. Not all the evidence of things done back then was preserved, with some evidence actually being deleted by ZE staff at the time. Nonetheless, there were multiple witnesses to Pikajew posting what at the time was considered "borderline" pictures (loli) and making inappropriate comments about those pictures or other subjects. I even had a conversation with Wesker this week where he told me and another BD that we should never unban Pikajew. Now I'm going to make a very clear point that the BDs are never obligated to show all the evidence we use to make decisions, and sometimes we couldn't possibly share all the conversations we've had or reports we've combed through. In this case, however, it was public knowledge that Pikajew was throwing around the word loli way too much and posting lewd loli images. Now you can argue that "it was just a joke" or "he didn't really mean it", but at the end of the day I'm pretty sure everyone knew he was riding the line of inappropriate. The board at the time found anything related to loli to be unacceptable and subsequently banned him. When it comes to loli, there really shouldn't be this "anime people" vs "non-anime people" situation, but somehow it still turned into that. Sure the board at the time was not that in tune with anime culture and viewed it as pedophilia, but they were not wrong to act on it. This is something that is banned in all general gathering places of the internet as well as being illegal in multiple countries including parts of the US. Yes, that's right, multiple countries that have made it illegal to possess (as well as create and distribute) sexual images of fictional characters who are described as or appear to be under eighteen years old. It's clear that the Pikajew decision started this rift and built a layer of distrust between ZE and the BDs (even SG as a whole), but it was a necessary decision. No BD team is going to unban Pikajew probably ever and plenty of people stand behind that, even if they're not the ones being the loudest about it. That distrust because of these decisions built and got twisted by people in the ZE community basically making people believe SG hates ZE, higher-ups are evil, etc. We were made aware of the gap in trust and things being said on both sides, but never with any substantial proof. Fast forward to about a week ago, maybe a little longer, several BDs are made aware of some issues centering around the ZE population. The primary issues we were looking into were the ZE population being harassed and called pedophiles. The issues weren't making it directly to us, but we heard rumblings loud enough we had to investigate. I went and sat down with a few of their more senior people in a private discord they have for ZE people (Cascade). The conversation went well enough that I thought there would be a positive future after some long needed TLC. There were obvious things that caused the ZE rift, most notably a lack of unity and trust between ZE and SG and a lack of strong leadership within the ZE server management. The latter leads into the former, which is to say the lack of strong leadership led to the rift between ZE and SG. It was clear that the SG ZE community was being led by a few ZE regs who were horribly misinformed or perhaps ignorant of how this place runs. Most notably was derpy, who in my ~90 minutes in discord with him threatened to pull the ZE population and go to a different community. Yes, you're reading that correctly, a reg was holding our players hostage. I'll be honest, on top of that, this was someone who was clearly misinformed about how certain things work in SG, particularly how we handle complaints of things happening as well as expecting us to unban people or strike/ban them simply because the demand for it is there. I get it, the person who has the loudest microphone gets heard the most, but hearing talk like that was really concerning. I understand that some people are friends with derpy, and I don't mean to out him as a horrible guy here, but there were some points where he was leading people astray. Having someone as a friend is one thing, but letting them lead you down a bad path is another. The ZE community go-to people are always going to be the SMs and CAs helping run it, and to rely on anyone else for accurate information or proper leadership will end poorly for you. This was proven not more than a week later when in a rage about an admin contest post derpy decides to "declare war" and start spewing nasty shit about SG. There were a few things that happened after that, all being encouraged and pushed by derpy and others involved. First, in an attempt to dismantle the admin contest, multiple people from Cascade made alternate accounts to vote on the admin contest. Messing with admin contest votes is petty enough, but breaking forum rules at the same time? Big no go. On top of that, suddenly people were pushing "A vote for Case is a vote for Fuck You John" which was started by derpy. Suddenly Applily is posting in the announcements section of the SG ZE discord, and after that, we pretty well had to shut the admin contest down. From there, we went to have a conversation with Bright and Wesker to see if we could get control of these ZE players as this sort of behavior was unacceptable. After a long conversation we had come up with an action plan going forward, but the BDs who attended still felt that the entirety of the BD team would have to get more involved. As I referenced earlier, there was a questionable lack of strong leadership in the ZE community beyond some regs, so it became a BD issue to solve. From there we banned derpy and mick for inciting this drama and pushing this ZE vs SG mentality even after we had reached out with him and maintained multiple open conversations throughout the week. There are going to be things that don't fall directly under a rule or previous precedents, and this is honestly one of those times. We saw derpy as a direct source of toxicity and negative that was dug deep into the ZE community and was seeping into SG as well. While you may not all agree with it when we see something like that we cut it out of the community immediately. Mick was banned for promoting this disruptive drama ridden behavior alongside derpy. Applily was demoted for posting the "A vote for Case is a vote for Fuck You John" in the SG ZE announcements, abusing the trust and access that was given to him. He was later permed after we received proof of him talking about DDoSing the servers. Case was demoted for leaking information from the staff discord as well as continuing to get involved and contribute to this ZE drama. The bans that followed were standard in a situation like this, and by that, I mean that when shit hits the fan IAs are often authorized to [temporarily] perm people causing trouble to stop the chaos as quickly as possible. After everything is calmed down then the IAs and BDs go back and re-assess who deserves what length ban if any. This was the plan this time as well, but unfortunately in the two days following this, near every person who was permed originally made alt forum accounts to send more toxic crap in SB, troll PM a BD, make a complete troll ban appeal, etc. It's unfortunate that in the end all those who were permed went and proved that they were rightfully removed from the community in the first place. If you didn't participate in all this shit after your ban and you're reading this, appeal and we will hear you out. All issues surrounding ZE are being looked into and evaluated by the higher-ups, including drama being started by our staff members. In the last few days, we've received evidence of our staff members adding to this drama as far as two weeks ago. I'm sure there have been plenty of things said and done over time, and if you have evidence of that please bring it forward. We do our best to investigate all situations especially those that are causing drama, but we need people to bring evidence forward through the correct channels for us to act on it. We are fully aware of negative comments being made and false accusations being thrown around, and we will look to issue punishments accordingly. We are completely willing to be reasonable and understanding in any situation, but when a group continues to act out and prove they're incapable of meeting us on that level we will always take action. That's not without its losses though, and as I'm sure many are aware we took a big hit by doing this. The board felt we were in a no-win situation, as we knew if we banned derpy shit would implode, but we also felt that if we let all this toxicity and negativity continue to grow the aftermath would have been even worse. When it comes to decisions made by the Board, we try to collect as much information as we can before making a final decision. This includes media, talking with involved/knowledgeable parties, and full-length discussions among ourselves to find the best solutions possible at the time. Understandably, these decisions may not make much sense or seem reasonable from an outside view. These decisions might not always be the best when looking in hindsight, but it's the best we can do with the information we have available. We'd also like to apologize for the late response, and we are aware that some of the negativity and fallout surrounding this situation built up as we took multiple days to release something public. That was not us blowing you off, just like this isn't us trying to save face with anyone. It's just how it goes sometimes, we're all really busy people and it's hard to sit down and get one person to write up all the thoughts of 6 people. On top of that, we had to continually field questions and conversations with people on all sides of the situation. Gator didn't even sleep the night it happened. I spent my entire workday Thursday talking to people. Black Rain was answering questions all day. Fantastic tried to engage in conversation with the ZE regs and coordinate with Maniac to keep an open line of communication. We also had to sort through evidence that had finally been brought to us regarding our staff acting inappropriately. We were all fucking exhausted and were just trying to keep up. As it always is, you are allowed to ask us questions, and we will always do our best to answer them all. To those of you who decided to step down or step far away from SG, I'm sorry it didn't work out how you had hoped. To those who are here and wondering what's next, all I can say is big things. Moving forward we will be continuing our efforts to support the ZE server and community. TL;DR - If you care you'll read it.
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    DerpySlerpee and micklandusa have been permanently banned for inciting drama involving Zombie Escape countless times. We are sick and tired of having to deal with drama surrounding Zombie Escape. Case has also been banned for 5 days for inciting drama and leaking info from the staff Discord.
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    Scrolls is banned for the day because he REFUSED to admit his love for roux on mic. Un-fucking-believable.
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    Hey folks, I know this is long overdue and it's been several months since we did a MotM or SotM so lets get straight into it. These guys have all shown great dedication and support to the community over the last month and are now being recognized for it. Please hold your applause till the end when I've finished announcing all the winners, thank you. First we have someone who has been extremely active on Zombie Escape, a server that has been in the spotlight a lot lately and continues to grow and thrive as people like him pour hours of effort into making it a great place to be. Now we have this issue with MotM where a lot of people we want to nominate inevitably end up applying for admin and getting it, making it so they are no longer members. So we came up with a simple solution, wait until after we make the MotM announcement to give them admin. Please join me in congratulating @FanService on Member of the Month, even if he is only going to be a member for another 30 minutes or so. Next we have a bit of rare occurrence, as we are announcing three, yes THREE, Staff of the Month team members at the same time. Before you go thinking that we're doing this because missed a few months I'll tell you that this is not the case. As with Member of the Month, we're highlighting what is growing back into one of our "big three" servers, Zombie Escape. This server, after taking a big loss in both player count and staffing, looked like it was on it's last breath back a few months ago. Thankfully a few brave souls stepped in and said they could return it to its former glory, and holy shit they weren't kidding because now it's popping in there almost every night. @Takuto You came back and took up a role much more demanding than when you were previously staff here, and you did so confidently even though you knew you had so much work ahead of you. From your constant planning and ideas in the SM chat to your interactions with the player base, your actions do not go unnoticed by anyone here. @Paralyzed As with Takuto, you came back to take on a role that was knowingly going to be a struggle, even after all the time you've already dedicated to this place over the years. You have been able to offer incredible wisdom and guidance and really be the rock that the ZE SM team needed to get through some of the tough times you guys were presented with and come out on the other side. @ManiacThe champion, the legend, the 7 fucking rank, 2 time SotM absolute best bud I know...you've brought the energy that keeps everyone going. You showed up when we all needed it, starting conversations, planning meetings, and just being there as a smiling face even when other people were trying to keep you down. I never thought when we started talking back in May and June about you joining the staff ranks that you'd end up here, fuck ya bud. Every one of you 100% deserves credit and praise for all of the effort you guys have poured into ZE over not only the last month but since you guys stepped up when we came to you asking for help. Everyone please join me in congratulating these three on Staff of the Month! Okay, you can clap now.
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    Hey gamers, We're always looking for new ways to entertain you guys and girls and give you a reason to play in our servers. Now I know we've done all sorts of giveaways in the past for games and credits and all that, but I'm pretty excited to tell you about the giveaway for these challenges. First I'm going to explain how it all works so you know how to get yourself entered into this MASSIVE giveaway. Every week we'll be releasing 5 challenges that span across various servers, increasing in difficulty as the weeks go on. You'll see weekly challenges rolling out all the way to 12/28 totaling 60 challenges, with the winners being announced and prizes being distributed soon after. Throughout the challenge weeks they'll be different twists and turns as well as extra prizes to be earned, but ultimately you'll want to participate in the challenges to the very end to have the best chance at winning. If you complete 30 out of the 60 challenges you'll be entered into the giveaway 1 ticket (chance) of winning and if you complete all 60 challenges you'll get 2 more tickets. There might also be opportunities for more tickets along the way so be on the lookout. Now onto the prizes: Grand Prize: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x + Compatible Motherboard (thank you @patrick) (3) Runner Ups: Custom SG Themed Gaming Mousepad* (design pending) * keyboard and mouse not included On top of all that goodness we're also releasing some new SG TF2 themed skins to bring a little bit of TF2 to CSGO, one of which can only be earned for completing the all the challenges. Every person who completes all 60 challenges over the next 3 months will receive a custom EXCLUSIVE SG SKIN. Challenge Weeks Participation Skin These 3 skins will be available for purchase in the SG store during the span of the challenges SG Sniper (20,000 credits) SG Pyro White (30,000 credits) SG Pyro Black (30,000 credits) I'd like to thank everyone who helped contribute to this project, including but not limited to the CA, SM, MKT, & Modding team. Special shout out to those working closely on it: @Kieran@Kopsta@Trazz@Damon@20 scrolls@Infinityward@Black Rain@patrick
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    Hello everyone, It's once again time to announce our staff of the month. The Staff of the Month award is given out each month to a staff member that has gone above and beyond and deserves recognition for the effort they've put in. The recipient of this award will receive this badge on the forums. This person has been grinding away at Media Team requests ever since he joined the team with no signs of slowing down. They have contributed and done their part for future releases and has put in an extraordinary amount of effort providing very high quality assets for a plethora of different projects. He carried the Media Team (no offense BoM) for a period of time in which it was at its lowest and now he will be managing it. We are very thankful for all that he has contributed to the community and would like to appropriately recognize his efforts by presenting him with this award. Please join me in congratulating @thuxys as the recipient of this esteemed award.
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    Hey everyone, There will be a community meeting tomorrow, June 15th, at 12 PM PDT (daylight savings time, yo) in Discord . In this meeting, I will be specifically gathering thoughts on the honorary system - having an open dialogue on this is way easier than doing back and forth posts that repeat the same exact information. I'm curious on what thoughts are of where it stands now, why those with issues have certain issues, etc. I will also be gathering thoughts on the switch to Discord as well. So if you are neither here nor there about the honorary system change / the switch to Discord, feel free to skip this meeting. I don't think there's a whole lot else to brief, but I will be adding a suggestion form to be sent directly to my inbox, and my inbox alone. Standby for that. In the meantime, if you can't make the meeting - feel free to PM me your thoughts. I will read them during the meeting and respond with my thoughts to them, and give you an IOU for a TS conversation at a later date. If anything, this is really more of an open dialogue between me and the rest of you guys about some of these changes. Not so much of a meeting where we're briefing stuff.
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    Hey everyone, Effective today, we are removing the 10 posts and one month forum account requirements for admin applications. While there won't be any requirements before posting an application, please make sure to still be active on the forums to have the best chances of getting approved.
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    Hello everyone, We haven't done one of these for a little while, but someone has caught our eye and we've decided to roll one out. The Staff of the Month award is given out each month to a staff member that has gone above and beyond and deserves recognition for the effort they've put in. As the month is coming to a close, it's about time to give it out. The recipient of this award will receive this badge on the forums. This person actually holds not one, but two ranks that normally vote on this award. However, the BD team has unanimously agreed to handle this one on our own and give it to this person. In every position they've held at the community so far, they've done a tremendous amount of work and have portrayed an unmatched passion for doing well in their rank. They've taken each promotion and ran with it, exceeding our expectations and earning our respect. We're very happy with how far this person has come, so without further ado: Please join me in congratulating @John as the recipient of this esteemed award!
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    Good afternoon everyone, As I have mentioned a few times now, we are actively engaged in expanding SG. This is starting to branch out into several areas - many of which are leaps of faith, trial and error, etc. New servers, expanding beyond PayPal (on my to-do list is creating a bank account for SG since a lot of things require one of my personal debit cards anyways), new policies, etc. It may seem like it's taking awhile to push stuff out, but we're just getting to it when we can. The ban system was a major overhaul, and next on the list is probably revamping how we handle admin strikes. There's a reason that I am trying to get some of this stuff pushed out soon, or at least begin conversations of what it looks like. It's not really a secret, I just haven't shared it publicly yet I guess, but I intend on resigning from my position in the federal government to pick up contracting in the Middle-East for a few years - starting sometime in the next few months. What that looks like for my activity...I'm not entirely sure. I'm hoping it actually allows me to be a bit more active because it seems the schedule is much more consistent. Having been to the Middle-East before, I know not to plan on that too much though until I get there and see what's up. As always, in the event of my extended absence where I cannot be reached, Gator has the ultimate and final say in any and all matters pertaining to SG. I feel like it is important to start getting a lot of these changes started, if not to at least see what works for us and what doesn't. Moving to a better automated payment system was a huge load off (thanks Liam) - but I do want to initiate some sort of 'If you're not set up in x amount of days, we'll give you more' type of official policy before I go. What that looks like...I'm not entirely sure. I've kind of already been doing that as is once it hits 2 weeks, but it hasn't been much of a problem lately save for a few oddballs. Anyways, if there are some major changes to the overall community you'd like to see or bring up, feel free to post a thread or send me a message. If it's worthwhile, I'll add it to the discussion and maybe purchase a game or something for unique ideas that haven't been brought up. While SG is a great place that many call home, there is a lot we can still do to better this place. We're all in this together and we are our only limits to how far we can take SG. salam alaikum Thanks everyone!
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    Hey folks! In the spirit of Christmas and the winter season we are hosting a new community wide event to promote a positive way you can give back to your fellow gamers. Starting immediately you'll be able to use the link below to donate money towards this event, with the minimum amount you can donate being $10. Now comes the fun part, sometime between 12/17 to 12/31 anyone who donated money will receive a gifted game on steam of a same or higher value than what they donated up to a $30 max. This isn't to say you might not get let's say a $40 or even $50 gift if you're lucky, but we are only guaranteeing we will use up to $30 in donations per person towards gifts. So it's pretty simple, click the link below to donate between $10 and $30 to this event and receive a steam gift between now and the end of the year. If you'd like to donate more than $30 to help fund bigger gifts for everyone then you are welcome to do so. If you want to donate money and you do not want to receive a gift please DM me on discord saying so. Also make sure to add the SG bot steam account as we will be handing out gifts from there and update your wish list! We will also be selecting up to 5 people who donate to help us pick out what gifts people get throughout the next few weeks. Anyone who gets a gift will be PMed on the forums and will have it posted here in this thread. At the end of it all we'll make a big post showing where everyone's funds went and all the games that were gifted. Lets get this thing going! Give a Gift, Get a Gift
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    Q3 Report In an effort to increase the transparency between the Board and the community, we decided to release a quarterly report detailing some high-level initiatives, issues, and other areas of interest. While there will be topics that we can't disclose as they are either tentative or too sensitive, you can expect a good chunk of content from these reports. These reports will cover what happened over the past few months, and what we look forward to addressing and releasing over the next few months until the next report. Growth In the past few years SG has been relatively stagnant in terms of community growth. We've always done about average in comparison to other communities - neither extremely better nor extremely poor. We've attempted growth in the past through mediums such as SCP: Secret Laboratory, Minecraft, and other games, but these efforts never lasted long and within a few short months the plug was pulled due to lack of interest. This quarter, the Board re-evaluated this strategy and determined that in order to see the community grow like we want it to, we would need to put our best foot forward and begin to go into games with the long haul in mind. As such, our expectations for proper planning prior to server releases and initiatives into new games have risen. Every half year or so, we'll look to run a fundraising stream where we can raise money for new servers. Along with other sources of revenue (new donation tiers, etc.) having a set pool of money before we launch a game enables us to keep that server going for as long as possible without financial worries. Starting this past quarter in the months of July to September, SG saw significant growth in numerous areas, particularly in our Squad servers. In September, we moved quickly to purchase a Squad server for 24/7 Fallujah. Many factors go into a decision to move forward hosting servers such as the ease in getting the server started, its burden on the community, and the expected conversion of players on the server into players in our community. This last point is particularly important - we can host all the servers we want, but if there aren't enough people who are actually participating in our community from these servers, we don't actually grow as a community. We've seen enough growth and success with our first 24/7 Fallujah server that we purchased a dedi in Virginia (east coast) and opened two other Squad servers: 24/7 CAF + HELI along with 24/7 NEW PLAYERS | BEST MAPS. On the topic of growth: this quarter we introduced some changes to our rank structure by adding an IAO Manager position and a Streamer position. The Streamer position will be touched on later in this report, but the IAO Manager position is special as it aligns with our goal of moving day-to-day duties off the Board where possible. Giving the IA team some form of independence while keeping the Board close enables the Board to move faster with "big picture" ideas such as community growth. As we continue moving into new games and growing our community our rank structure will need to change to accommodate this. As such, next quarter we look forward to planning and potentially implementing a division system to increase modularity and independence where needed. The implementation of divisions is dependent on our needs and changes in the next quarter and is by no means a finalized decision. Community Image As our community grows our image needs to grow with it. These past few months, the Marketing Team and the Board have began steps towards increasing our social media presence along with our streaming presence. With the regular use of Twitter and Twitch, our community will be able to reach our playerbase even when they aren't gaming and reach new people as well. The establishment of a Streamer team within the Marketing Team means regulars in our community can pursue their passion of streaming with the support of our community while increasing our outreach as well. In the previous section we talked about community growth; as we look to venture into new games where hosted servers may not be a thing, the forums and Twitch will be incredibly crucial to tie our community together. In the interest of growth without restrictions, BoM and others in the community continue to work on our Discord server. Through multiple discussions between players, staff, and the Board, we've come to realize that our initial vision of having everything on one server simply isn't sustainable. No matter what we do, at some point the Discord will become cluttered and difficult to navigate for players. As such, we've decided to move towards having separate Discord servers on a case-by-case basis. For instance, Squad needs several seeding channels along with other relevant channels as we increase our presence in Squad, and so we've opted to set up a separate Squad server. Rest assured, BoM and the team are taking steps to ensure these separate Discord servers will remain tied to our main Discord server. Our web presence can be significantly improved as well. fantastic and the Technical Team continue to work on improving our site and integrating server stats as much as possible. This includes highlighting our servers in a cleaner way (one which makes for better SEO), creating a more consistent and modern look across legacy sites (CT Bans, ENTWatch), and adding more value to our site as a whole. Challenges As the Board continued our work in expanding our community, we've taken time to reflect on our existing community and game presence as well. Last month many of you heard about the situation with Zombie Escape. While it's unfortunate things ended up the way they did, we're able to launch a new presence in Zombie Escape and revamp our approach with how we're communicating with regulars and ensuring the server remains a fun place for everyone. With Paralyzed, Takuto, and Maniac at the helm, we have a great balance of the technical and social knowledge needed to get the server off its knees and active again. These past few months, SG has seen low population across our CS:GO servers as a whole. While there are many factors that can be attributed to this, the one we could control the most was where our dedis were located. At the start of this year we moved servers to Quebec and we saw numerous reports of people having increased ping. The CS:GO server browser sorts servers by ping; thus, it can be assumed that we dropped lower on many people's lists. The reason for the move was better hardware for a lower price, but having done a postmortem on the move, the Board and TMs came to an agreement to begin moving our servers from Quebec back to the US East Coast - namely Virginia. It takes quite some time to get things moved over and working again. With the co-operation of our TMs and server managers to inform players of the IP changes, we're confident we'll see some growth after our move. We've also faced some serious burnout and shortage of helping hands at the higher-up level, particularly with the server managers and technical team. The staff who make it to this level often need to juggle their passion for our community with their duties in real life, and so we've worked towards making things more efficient in our community. This includes working on proper communication between staff ranks, a streamlined system to talk to the Board when needed, and re-evaluating priorities within the staff team. On the technical side of things, we've advertised our JTA and TA positions on AlliedMods, a popular community for modders of SourceMod. We've seen some interest come from this, and look forward to continuing to bring on help! If you're interested in applying for any staff rank, our door is always open - please apply here! The Road Ahead In the next few months we plan on continuing our steady path in growing our community further. Through the initiatives above along with exploring options in Rust and DayZ, we're excited at what the future holds. We'll continue working on communication between the staff and our community, ensuring that input is taken and used as much as possible. Although we're moving fast, we'll look to ensure we have solid plans when moving into new initiatives and due diligence is being done. Our community and staff team are exceptionally strong, and with the incredible support that was shown in the last quarter, the future is bright for SG.
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    Shoutout @BoM for the sweet banner! Hello everyone. As a joint effort between the Events Team and Marketing Team, we've taken it upon ourselves to help cheer you guys up during these trying times. We will be running several mini events including a movie night throughout the week. A thread for the event of the day will be posted accordingly. Participants will have a chance to win some really awesome prizes in the raffle. We will be giving away 3 games at first and once we reach the donation goal, we'll be giving away more games. Hopefully, we can all get together as one and have some fun while everyone else is going crazy. Some of the events have limited slots so make sure you get there before it fills up! Events 3/30 - Grand Theft Auto V Sumo! 3/31 - Minecraft Bedwars! 4/01 - MiniGames Regulars vs. Admins & Fun Rounds! 4/02 - The Hidden Source! 4/03 - SurfDM Climb To the Top! 4/04 - Garry's Mod Melonbomber! 4/05 - Movie Night! Prizes We are going to be raffling away some awesome prizes. In order to win these prizes all you have to do is participate in the events and submit screenshot proof in the thread of the event. You will NOT be entered into the raffle if you don't submit a screenshot. For every screenshot, you will receive 1 raffle ticket. For example, if you only submit screenshots of Bedwars and Sumo, you will only receive 2 raffle tickets. The most amount of raffle tickets one could receive is 7, unless we reach the donation goals. We'll be giving away even more games once we reach a certain donation goal. We are going to start off with these three titles and once we reach the donation goal of $100, we'll move onto the next tier. For every tier we reach, everybody participating will receive +2 raffle points. All of the money donated during the week goes towards unlocking more games!
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    Introducing Rust! I’m happy to announce a brand new Rust Server coming very soon! I’ve been working on this server for the past month and a half with the help of @John @Nishok @Cept For Her @Creten, @gweenand @Wreck. If this server does well hopefully we can branch out to other style servers since our current one is a vanilla 2x server. There should be a rust sale going on for the winter sale in the near future starting next week to the week after Christmas make sure to grab it while you can. What is Rust? Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game set on an island with a heavy emphasis on bloodthirsty PvP developed by Facepunch Studios. The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Do whatever it takes to survive. How do I connect? Search Steam-Gamers.net | Vanilla 2x or type in console: “connect” and hit enter! The IP for the server will be displayed upon release! Important Links Buy Rust Rust Subforum Rust Tutorial for New Players Rust Rules and FAQ Rust Changelog Rust Bug Reporting Rust Staff List Rust Admin Application
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    Slothy/Xp has been banned from all platforms for one month for trolling and breaking server rules.
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    Hello everyone, Please enjoy while you read this exciting thread . Today we'd like to announce Staff and Member of the Month awards for May. We've had an incredible playerbase who dedicated themselves to discussions and suggestions throughout the past month, and an extremely dedicated team of staff who've supported us in existing and new endeavors. A huge round of applause for those who've enjoyed our community and continue to do so while making SG a better place for everyone (:. That being said, let's launch into these month's awards. Let's start with Member of the Month! This person has been incredibly helpful to our CAs and ATs by filing countless bug reports and chiming in on suggestions. Along with making player complaints and being a fun person to have on the servers, this individual has proven to be a key part of our community. The team expressed their excitement in seeing their passion for the community and the effort they have been putting in, and we'd like to recognize their contributions to SG! Please join me in congratulating @gween for being Member of the Month for May! Next up is our Staff of the Month! This person has spent months dedicating themselves to the success of our community. Working both in front and behind the scenes, this individual has proven himself to be a key contributor in discussions and gracefully handling multiple tasks and servers at once. They've gone above and beyond in their duties to ensure every server is doing well in the community. On top of their promotion to Internal Affairs, their helpfulness and dedication deserves recognition for the month of May. And so, the higher-up team would like to recognize their effort with the Staff of the Month award! Please join me in congratulating @Trazz for being Staff of the Month for May! Thank you everyone for continuing to make this place the fun community it is, and we're excited to see what efforts are shown in June. Once again, congratulations @gween and @Trazz !
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    did I do this right? [video=youtube_share;nhZ86YTiWYk]
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    I want to try and get more into what I think about the change. I'm trying not to think of this emotionally, but I hope to help you understand where most of us are coming from. SilentGuns mentioned he's been admin 10 years. I've been admin for 7 years, to this day. Many more have been admin longer. Obviously SG doesn't play as big of a role in our lives as it did five to ten years ago. But it seems jarring. There are lots of questions that swirled around my mind: "Do you not trust us to execute our job?", "Are they worried we're taking up room that could be used for SAs?" etc. I know to a lot of members, I will sound entitled. But I just want everyone to understand that SG itself has genuinely been a part of my life for 9 years and for many more, it's been a part of their lives for longer. Due to this, think I feel what a lot of others on this list feel; a mix of betrayal, anger, and understanding. There was a huge disparity between Legends to begin with in terms of 'accomplishments'. Hell, I'm one of the few who never actually made it past CA. But I know I worked my ass off in that brief time and really contributed to the PB community. SilentGuns was the unwavering pillar holding up our continuous attempts at Minecraft. Veggie was the admin who taught me how to play PB. ExRev was the first damn person I met and we held that PB community together like glue. I don't want to put words in people's mouths, but I think everyone on this list genuinely believes that they deserve, at the very least, admin powers. It's hard to judge people off of their rank. I know I contributed more to in-server culture and fulfilling signature requests than I did "big picture" things or posting on the forums. And it's hard to come to terms with the fact that a small group of people - many whom some of us have never played with - have judged our contribution' to the community in a fair, holistic manner. I don't want to attack anyone's judgement - that's rude and unfair. I can only imagine how difficult it is to judge about a hundred players from many different eras based off of their achievements years ago. I just want to try and express how I genuinely feel. This makes it seem like the past 7 years of administrating the servers was all for naught. Where I see a huge issue is that a majority of the new Vets/HGs who have been demoted are still relatively active. No we don't play every week anymore - but when we do play, we still uphold the integrity and respect of the admin position. And that is what hurts the most. You're telling us that after all our hard-work and my past 4 years of being a Legend that, suddenly, we don't deserve it anymore. I think there are better ways to differentiate the individuals in those lists. There are some names: bethy, TCP, Haggard, Spraytan, etc. that are so essential to SG's history, you could put them in an SG Hall of Fame. They can keep their higher admin powers; they've earned lifetime achievements. That should not detract from the Veterans' contributions though. No, I did not found SG. Nor, was I President of SG. But yes, I made a difference, if not to SG, then to the individuals in our servers and I feel let down that all I get from that is some funny purple text. I appreciate the recognition of being a Veteran and I'm proud of everything I've done for the community. I respect the time you've put into this decision and hate to be the one to argue it. But I firmly believe that we have earned your trust and respect to uphold the rules and integrity of SG. Thanks for reading this all if you did. This isn't as life-changing as it seems - I'm just feeling a lot of different emotions right now. Appreciate all you hard work at least I still have an emoji
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    Blake is permanently banned for beating the shit out of @HAXOR. And being an asshole.
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    Hi everyone, There is a long list of crap that the BD's are discussing, which mostly covers major changes as to how we operate as a community. Instead of waiting for us to finish discussing everything, we're just going to push out changes piece by piece as we get to them. Most of us have been pretty busy lately, so it's taking a bit longer to get through everything. Effective immediately: JA's will no longer be required to undergo admin training. We encourage people to reach out to other admins for help, techniques, tips, etc. We also encourage other admins to help out JA's when they see them in the servers. Maybe step back a bit and walk them through how you'd handle a situation in admin chat. This isn't meant to be micromanaging - think 'on the job' training. As always, please reach out if there are ever any questions. There will no longer be a discussion for demotions for JA's who receive a strike within their tenure before becoming SA. While this had good intentions, it is doing us more harm than good because people are afraid to use their powers during that timeframe. JA's will now be held under the same exact system as SA's. After 90 days, just reach out to a BD and we will promote you. There is no discussion that takes place...you will be promoted right away. The point of the 90 day wait is to give some time to gain 'street smarts' with your new powers and abilities and not to go overboard. The jump from JA to SA serves as adding a few more tools in your toolbox. I encourage everyone, of all ranks, to reach out to new JA's during their time and see how they are doing, and if they need any help. There will be no official process for this, but please feel free to reach out and check how people are doing. Additionally, to make it abundantly clear: the goal of a 'punishment' system is not to remove an admin. The entire point of it is trying to fix shit at the lowest possible level that we can. Admin retention is our priority; we're not trying to remove people. Any questions, please reach out and ask.
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    Cody/Krumzie has been banned from discord for two weeks for disrespecting multiple players and staff members. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated from anyone on any of our platforms.
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    Hi everybody! It has been 2 years since the last giveaway was done by @ TheCharizard, and since it did so good, we've prepared another giveaway for all of you guys! @Black Rain will be giving away all of the skins and games, so make sure you give her all the love! and thanks The skins that will be given away will be: PP-Bizon | High Roller (Factory New) PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis (Minimal Wear) StatTrak™? Negev | Power Loader (Field-Tested) StatTrak™? Negev | Lionfish (Well-Worn) Along with the skin giveaway we will also be giving away 5 games for you lucky winners. The games include: This giveaway will be hosted over the next three weeks, and will be ending on May 8th. In order to enter this giveaway: - Have 24 hours of playtime on the server (Spectator time counts as half) - Thank the post so we can know who enters NOTE: IF YOU PURPOSEFULLY TRY TO KILL THE SERVER OR SABOTAGE OTHER PLAYERS' TIME PLAYED, YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GIVEAWAY. This includes: - Nominating troll or bad maps with the sole purpose of killing the server - Being overly toxic, which will hurt the server overall - Anything else that would cause players to leave due do an action you did Enjoy the time on the server, and have fun!
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