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  1. toe lookin ass bitch

  2. wireless or wired?

  3. @Fuze everytime someone gets promoted
  4. I'm just here sippin my tea

  5. I don't know if it's just me but I can clearly see the difference between the people that got LG and Veteran. Not to be a dick towards you but I would not trade or even compare a single LG with you. Just know the only legacy you left behind is a dead ark server and other failed projects(dark rp, rust). Once again, not to be a dick but some people are just more deserving than others. Personally I believe there are still some veterans deserving LG but hey it is what it is.
  6. salam aleykum

  7. Bitch boyyy

  8. If you're not sure why would you suggest it. It's fine as it is. If anybody has a problem with that little window then work on yourself and not on the server.
  9. god damn man I remember when that shit happened. feelsbadman but now you're qualified enough to play on darnias maps jk i know youll take it with humor keep your head up chief
  10. answer me coward