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  1. Wtf? This disrespect is honestly very uncalled for and I did NOT laugh at this. Not cool man.
  2. this thread looks weirdly similar to the one All ts made
  3. That's exactly why you're in the meme. #Wawa4LG
  4. [video=youtube_share;_8872RyLhxE]
  6. Nimmy

    Grinch Model

    Agreed, I changed a bunch of models on MG for the same reasons. This could potentially be extremely confusing and has been a problem in the past on JB since Ts with blue models could just run behind real CTs and knife them. @All Ts did this for months. I have no idea why this would be added to the T side.
  7. Nimmy

    a true legend

  8. Model is temporarily disabled, I'll fix it this weekend or tomorrow.
  9. Nimmy

    MG Zombie Skin

    I don’t think skin chooser ever had this issue. I forgot why the skins got put back in the store but moving back to skinchooser is an option.
  10. Nimmy


    I support removal. I agree with @Dominics view. No purpose at all, just clutters the screen and helps cheaters.
  11. Nimmy

    Course Feedback.

    Honestly the plugin, if said plugin is out there would be a great idea imo, thanks for the suggestion @Dominic. To Karma, as I pointed out I want it to go back to the original course we had on the server when I managed. A timer, unlimited deaths, checkpoints, it’s pretty much just traditional course. Especially if we can get that plugin, that honestly would work great.
  12. Nimmy

    Course Feedback.

    Throwing in my 2c, however, some of it is a reiteration of some other points made. First of all, personally I believe the role of course on the server is to give that 1-5 people who start the server population up something to play untill more people join up then change to a MG map. A main problem on MG isn't keeping population, its starting it in the first place. Despite it being quite easy to jump start, people just don't enjoy getting on MG if no ones on cus there is nothing to do until people join up. If you've ever got on with 2 or 3 people, you can usually find yourself with 15-20 plus people in the next half an hour and it stays like that till it either gets too late and people go to bed, a bad maps comes on, ect. So, course would be a pretty good solution to that problem, however it seems to be taking over the entire server and costing us population. Before course was added, in MG primetime we had 20-25 people on, after course its around 10-15 from what i've noticed. In my opinion it's being played way too much, and tbh that keeps me off the server. I cannot stand playing course most of the time, esspecially in a system where if I fuckup one time I have to sit in spec for 5 minutes and wait for everyone else to fuck up. I would support one of two solutions to these problems, full removal, or adding a real timer and making it regular course like it was before and skimming down the map pool. We still have MG population and people who like course, so the ladder option is problably more sensible, however from what i've seen the opinions are about split among regulars and the population shows it.