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  1. Starting a GoFundMe for this. Competitive JB is otw.
  2. where u been :(

  3. When a new map loads up, say for example this happened on ba_jail_electric_razor_go, and it happened earlier today but in a weirder situation in jb_space_jail_sg_e2, you spawn inside a wall, and all you see is black. Idk but it seems to happen more when its the first round, but I obv got no explanation. I wanna say this has happened like 3 times to me in the past 3 days or so, and i saw it happen to many ppl earlier today, so it doesn't seem like a HUGE problem, if theres an admin to tp you out. But if there's not an admin on to TP you out, ur stuck till the end, or you slay for the round. Pretty sure its just the spawn locations fucked up. If this has been reported already, srry.
  4. dude, come back :(

  5. Stupid scrub yells at me to come back.


  6. Do you smack the back of your head sometimes and be like, "damn, that's pretty fucking good".

  7. hey send bobs i wanna see sexy bobs

  8. I know a man with good music taste when I see one :cool:

  9. somebody notices my good music :)

  10. am back scrub v lmao

  11. When u gonna come back REE

  12. Am I the only one that thinks it's broken that you can shoot into and out of the shower T room only with an AWP? Waiting for them to chase after you once you leave the Ts sight from the T room can delay the round. It's abused a lot, pretty cheesy. The only way to counter it is to simply wait. If this has been talked about before, sorry, I've only been back from a break in a week. Thanks...
  13. Best Canadian on SG.

  14. "The gun was camouflaged with his skin." -Bubblez