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  1. I bet Mark Hamill fucking killed it as Chucky, watching it this weekend with friends for sure.
  2. What's the song you'd play at your wedding? We running the karaoke like this. [video=youtube;05jV9d-tdX0]
  4. Favorite: 1. City Morgue (lots of ppl just call it hardcore hip hop but the only thing that makes ppl think that are the hi hats & 808s that trap music has. I just consider it Nu Metal with lots of modern hip hop, punk, and metal influence) ~ 2. Title Fight ~ 3. Slipknot ~ 4. The Casualties ~ 5. Pixies ~ Least Favorite: (besides #1 I don't really hate them, I either don't like something about the band or the music itself, since i dont hate any band rlly..) 1. Attila. (I don't give a fuck whether you think they're rock, heavy metal core, fucking polka, I can't stand their fucking music.) 2. U2 ~ 3. Creed ~ 4. Nickelback ~ 5. Coldplay (im srry it's just a lot of it doesn't resonate with me. i love viva la vida though) ~
  5. It's brutal in the context that you can literally pull up into the sandbox and just full out execute these people in any way you want, except that it's in VR, and there's a big level of realism added to it. It adds an element to it, makes it way more brutal to me. It's not he best graphically, just purely based on how realistic it is violence wise, makes it crazy bruta; as hell to me. Yea, Ik there are way more violent games if we're basing it just purely on how bloody, gorey, or like how shit is executed (especially like the new mortal kombat, or the dead space games, or even Hatred), but you can't lie and say this isn't one of the more realistic ones based on how they die and the models and all the other little things. That's why it's on par with the top ones for me. If this gets more mainstream, gets to the mass media, there's a shit storm to come. and yea ik its a shitty video, but i just chose whichever one from searching it up, and it wasn't one i had watched. So here's a better one showcasing it in it's glory. [video=youtube;Qm9jNW-h67k]
  6. Starting a GoFundMe for this. Competitive JB is otw.
  7. I'm getting lots of stick n pokes soon in the future of random assortment, small minimalist type shit. Professionally done I'm getting lots of cool artwork from whatever ideas I have and from other artists. Junji Ito especially, I'd love to have a tattoo from his art collection. I'd love music artist/group inspired tattoo since it's one of the only things that I actually care for in life. I have way too many ideas than what is displayed lol [ATTACH=CONFIG]19847[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]19849[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]19850[/ATTACH]
  8. I don't have recollection of it being very CT sided at all. (if kyle's there tho, might as well forfeit ) Especially Ts being the way they are now, I can bet they'll get used to it and start slipping away as usual. Everything else tho, hell yea. I'd love to see this map back, it was a favorite to lots and lots of regs.