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  1. Starting a GoFundMe for this. Competitive JB is otw.
  2. where u been :(

  3. When a new map loads up, say for example this happened on ba_jail_electric_razor_go, and it happened earlier today but in a weirder situation in jb_space_jail_sg_e2, you spawn inside a wall, and all you see is black. Idk but it seems to happen more when its the first round, but I obv got no explanation. I wanna say this has happened like 3 times to me in the past 3 days or so, and i saw it happen to many ppl earlier today, so it doesn't seem like a HUGE problem, if theres an admin to tp you out. But if there's not an admin on to TP you out, ur stuck till the end, or you slay for the round. Pretty sure its just the spawn locations fucked up. If this has been reported already, srry.
  4. dude, come back :(

  5. Stupid scrub yells at me to come back.


  6. Do you smack the back of your head sometimes and be like, "damn, that's pretty fucking good".

  7. hey send bobs i wanna see sexy bobs

  8. somebody notices my good music :)

  9. am back scrub v lmao

  10. Am I the only one that thinks it's broken that you can shoot into and out of the shower T room only with an AWP? Waiting for them to chase after you once you leave the Ts sight from the T room can delay the round. It's abused a lot, pretty cheesy. The only way to counter it is to simply wait. If this has been talked about before, sorry, I've only been back from a break in a week. Thanks...
  11. Best Canadian on SG.

  12. "The gun was camouflaged with his skin." -Bubblez
  13. Anything else. seriously tho fav map on ttt is probably ttt_pool or clue
  14. The part where barry said the billboard is a roof made me die of laughter LMAO Since there is now a worst moments, i guess it's appropriate for me to quote my old video of the ducks getting slaughtered...
  15. That colors looks mighty fine

  16. Christinho

    Your IRL LR?

  17. Christinho

    JB with Tsuna

    Do you have a clip of me roasting you? @Tsuna
  18. Look, so I don't know why the video lags a bit towards the end, but the backstory behind this is that @Kitti gave the order "First one to type "quack" in chat first becomes the Momma duck and all you other prisoners that don't become the ducklings..." and i was the first to type it. They all started crouch walk following me, and I thought it'd be funny and amazing to go into the vent and have all the other guys follow me...and they ALL did. Also my bad if you can hear me chewing gum in the background. VIDEO >
  19. Just saying, I did make the title say "NSFW" for a reason. I could have told a higher up without doing that but I felt that I'd just be better to make the thread.
  20. Uh, not gonna lie this is funny as fuck, but I'd be happier if this was removed so I don't have to see a penis while playing the game. Never thought I'd see a penis with jiggle physics on JB.
  21. It's fixed lmaoooooooooooo
  22. My favorite orders were T orders, then they weren't allowed and then I realized how much of an ass I was for giving them lmao For real though now. -I hate when people say no steps out, face the back and freeze. It just farms warning shots and annoys all of the Ts. -I hate when CTs give a freeday and restricts the area where they're all camping, this is basically a lowkey warday. Example: jb_spyvspy, the armory isnt really hard to get into, get armed and all of the CTs leave the armory by itself, go into the deathcrate secret, restrict deathcrate area, and camp for the rest of the round. This is getting around the warday rule and completely allows it. -I love orders that the CTs and Ts both get to participate in. I don't have a specific example besides deathrun on maps. (deathgame) -I LOVE shoot or dont shoot (deathgame) It's really fun to play.