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  1. @TheZZL please give your mom her credit card back
  2. @Damon please reschedule. Dong has just informed me that he will literally kill himself if you don't....
  3. @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong @Dong
  4. 4'10 and pure muscle baby

  5. aren't you like 4'10

  6. I could easily roundhouse kick you six times and get away with it.

  7. Erik man, I'm really gonna miss you. I am so glad that I got to see you in some of your final moments at the hospital. Rest in power, brother.

  8. Hey bro, sent you a private message to play some stuff since you said you play everything. Found this game "Dead by Daylight" that might be fun for us, hmu sometime!

  9. @Im Sad Differences aside, there is no questioning the work you put into making this happen. I know that you and I definitely didn't agree on everything but this couldn't have happened without you in your time as manager. @Ned @roux and @Gator I'm very pleased to have worked alongside you guys, in some capacity, to get the plugin(s) made. Countless hours were spent with you guys brainstorming ideas, working on development, and having discussions about the direction of the server. TTT would not be where it's at without the work you all have put in. @Trazz and @Greggy G You guys were the last managers I had the pleasure of working with before I stepped off of TTT. While I don't know if this plugin is actually the same one or a new one built from the ground up, the outcome seems all the same. Along with the guys I mentioned before, I spent the most time sitting in a channel with you guys hammering down the best way to get this thing done and pushed out to the public. The dedication you both have to the server is extremely admirable. I'm very glad to see that even through all of the many, many setbacks, you guys were able to finish the project. @crazedkangaroo I never personally worked with you on TTT but I'd feel wrong if I didn't include you in this. I've seen the work you put in and am glad that you were able to be part of this project. You've set some high standards in all the positions you held. All this being said, thank you to each and every one of you for the work you put in. I'd also like to thank all CAs and any SAs that were part of these discussions. You guys were key in a lot of the testing phases on the original plugin. It doesn't go unappreciated. Hoping to pop on the server sometime and see how it turned out. As a closing remark: Long live TTT, thank you guys.
  10. Instead of constantly crying for the old karma system to come back, which has been shot down for good reasons before, come up with something original please. You guys can’t have one or the other and also solve all your problems. Whether anyone admits it or not, you don’t want the old karma system, you just want some type of ranking system that displays progression. Karma is not meant to be a ranking system. Stop trying to make it one, thanks.