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  1. you've finally mae ur forums account what do u even do for entertainment nowaddays

  2. ur a retard wont evne lie

  3. heaven later

  4. :drank:

    :drank: caught lackin O.o.o.o.o.


  5. :drank:



    give me money


  7. dont forget ur meds bro the doc said to take one every 5 hours and 2 before sleep

  8. Yeah bro you heard right, i fell down the stairs cuz ur mom wouldnt get off of me, hes addicted to me bro. U just worry about ur grades and let me worry about ur mom

  9. Everyone will be at my mercy when it comes to persuading people with noclue thought i was late but i will destroy these casuals unless i die
  10. is your beef frozen?

  11. do you good?

    heard you hit your head down the stairs yesturday

  12. Hey bro, your talking pretty strange, sure u dont got corona ????