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  1. man of height

  2. im literally redownloading csgo just to get my surf and bhop awards, this better be worth it edit: WHY CAN I ONLY FIT 6 AWARDS I AM OUTRAGED
  3. grats on director tramp

    1. Trazz


      I will never identify myself as "tramp".

  4. mark my words mf's gonna make it to the olympics 





    para olympics because he's retarded

  5. I never talked to him or really knew him but that doesn't make this any less tragic. Rest in peace.
  6. R.I.P - Rest in Poverty 

  7. looks like you gotta quit SG since 20 scrolls got CA before you welp good knowing you urpy lurpy

  8. You know that's the point of wiping everyone's times, right?
  9. make me stay off yo profile ape 

  10. stay off my profile

  11. 98fa4dae660c6e4f2648cd71a196e79d.png 

    ai so where it at

  12. my bad i got to this a lil late but congrats @Andrewfor winning the public vote, hit up Black Rain#8465 and tell her whichever game you’d like, and @blackwolf0005 hit her up and you’ll get the other game. it’s unfortunate we couldn’t get more submissions but thanks to both of u for participating. and if forum awards come back and there’s a contest winner award, both of u get one
  13. Deadline's up, vote for who u think has the better story, the poll ends the 20th at 12 am est