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  1. i am the skyblock god u are merely a stepping stone.

  2. omf wtf wrap is on the team? imma lose it take me out too
  3. jay$

    come back cocaina boy

  4. jay$

    jb ct's

    Literally, back in 2018 a single admin could control the jailbreak server with a 20 player population, now literally there is 10x more admins due to post requirements being lowered but most of the time they won't care to do much smh I'm pretty sure a little more work for admins would be more rewarding as it is their job. Mutes would be handed left and right back then but now I'm not seeing any of those .
  5. jay$

    jb ct's

    Mate I didn't call "give new orders " toxic literally most players on t when they get killed next round they will literally be spamming chat for a player to slay or start harassing them or even screaming in the mic in those types of situations they need to be enforced but sometimes admins don't give a flying fk about enforcing it.
  6. jay$

    jb ct's

    Imo there is less and less ct's because literally the t's are so toxic always complaining and scaring them off. The easiest way is admins can enforce on t's on toxicity and MB they will stop switchin.
  7. jay$

    wya m8 i need ur settings on the aimlock

  8. where are you yo!

  9. Ill be a fwee agent My achievements: silver 2 faceitrank level 1 1500 matches .5 kd
  10. choked.



  11. jay$

    fkin noob

  12. jay$

    The Next SGSL

    I like the idea of a draft pick and @thump mvp of hvh? https://gyazo.com/7a4d2c8c2aba4094f369c59b4277305d https://gyazo.com/141b471f5666db0a9e6592aed239e5db
  13. jay$

    noob alert

  14. I was playing on another pug server and there was a RWS system and I thought it would be pretty cool to add one to our scrim server because then if you are captain you can know who to choose especially if you're new to scrim.
  15. Pred

    League of legends?? damn I'm actually sorry for you.