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  1. Stop changing ur name + Weeb + L + Ratio



  2. this is a dumb name

  3. 7 Days to Die, Dead Rising 4, Call of Duty: WWII Absolver,please
  4. being able to fuck up @Pyro Loogaand @Zero Twoin the same server, is the best christmas gift ever. I will do gods work and destroy you.
  5. Legacy.

    Surf DJ Event

    big boy is slumped.when he’s up he will pay for his sins. might have to be moved to another day.
  6. It's left clicking with any weapon. It's 100% a bug and shouldn't be kos.
  7. so uh. yea events tomorrow, you should all come
  8. fun event. going to be fun seeing people rage
  9. fun! about to shit on you @Pyro Looga. that’s my only goal