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  1. Tim

    Your first Anime

    Sword art was my shit plus FairyTale those were both good to watch
  2. Tim

    Your first Anime

    ......aye that anime brings back memories dawg
  3. Idk why im asking this question on the forums and not just an admin online but its kinda late and I was wondering how to change the color of your tag or if you can even change it
  4. I just recently watched The Doover but I need some new movies to watch
  5. When Im mad bored ill usually end up watching some minecraft videos cus thats the shit but one time I was just scrolling through my recommended and saw this shit
  6. Tim


    I would say watch Bobs Burgers on Netflix cus that shit is the funniest tv series ive ever watched but those fuckers at netflix decided to delete it and now im depressed.
  7. Tim

    Your first Anime

    My first ever Anime ive watched was Sword art Onlne which was the best anime I have ever watched but my other favorite is The Seven Deadly Sins movie and series.
  8. Tim

    Your Favorite Sport

    I play lacrosse and I snowboard a shit ton but im getting kinda bored of lacrosse and i like watching football and basketball more but next year Im starting basketball so get hyped.
  9. Synk

    Welcome to the forums b!