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  1. thanhda3

    ZE needs help

    I'm sorry but all the maps are outdated and I also see a variety of rejections in all the links. I wonder if you are actually listen when the knife hitreg issue has been cover for nearly 6 months and there still no movement of admins or modding team whether it could be fixed or not. All I hear from admins is that the problem from cs:go not server and frankly I'm amazed how capable of building lie it is. Toxic is one thing but jumping in trash-talking with no understanding of the situation make it even worst. The reasons why SG die I have listed all out. Whether you can read this and fix the server is up to the server and its capability. I don't questioning anything more as far as I see, everything has been going off track since the start of unreasonable banning.
  2. thanhda3

    ZE needs help

    Let me set this straight.First of all, UPDATE your fucking map pool, try to listen to players base stop malfunction when talking to players. Secondly, fix your knife hitreg and many bugs that get report. Finally, stop doing retard things that make people quit ze on SG that make them go to others' server Oh and btw other server(mainly JB and TTT) stop shit-talking when you don't even understanding what is happening and you are not even in the event itself in ze. There's nothing wrong when people can't beat map. Problem is in the server's system itself. Start from Pika's problem. P/S: If you delete this post then you are not even listening to players.