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  1. ribbon test, welp forgot to do it oh well
  2. case

    command suggestion

    What he is talking about is a command usually known as !showclips where it would show invisible walls on maps you could use for bhop runs as seen in this image. (this is from another server but im pretty sure it is on SG aswell) You could use it on open maps where you can grapple on to the invisible walls for huge skips.
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  4. Roddy

    Case is a idot 

  5. dad I miss you

    1. 20 scrolls

      20 scrolls

      karma gamer 

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  7. case

    JB Juggernaut event

    You're right hypno! Really exciting event!
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  12. "Go back to GFL or whatever ZE server you play on" ~ Roddy Have fun on ZE little one