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    This is a group of the fans of the Trouble in Terrorist Town server.
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    WATER DRINKERS ONLY. NO LAMES ALLOWED. Currently most active group in SG!! :water: :water:

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    If you love Jailbreak, You'd join this group!
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    This club hasn't provided a description.
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    Asians taking over the world is imminent.
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    We Are the Real PC gamers. Lets not let mac users take sg servers. ----------- Join this group and we will win! NOTE: Everytime someone joins, 1 mac member gets banned from all SG servers. And ofc MAC SUCKS!
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    A group for SAs and Ex-Server admins!

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    For all you free-killing CT's and back-stabbing terrorist's, this is where the vents are never safe and entering the armory will definately earn you a bullet to the skull. Lets make this the most hostile, admin abusive, and whiney bitch group in SG! Join up, or I will fuck you up! Sincerely, your buddy. Blank
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    If you like anime feel free to join :D p.s. If you only like Naruto then stay out.
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    All of the other zombie escape groups looked dead (too many purple people). Well we are basically zombie escape addicts. Periodically will clean up the group every now and then.