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  1. And for a serious question, will the awards accumulated for said teams that are being discontinued, will we be keeping the forum awards for them @Caution ? Team Member/Team Manager? Prolly a dumb question tbh but would just be nice to have the answer in the open
  2. Long live the Marketeers! Marketing will rise again..
  3. Hey guys! If anybody wants to be apart of bringing some changes and ideas for the community, send in your marketing team application. We’re open to new ideas and would love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve our community. Link for the coolest of peeps
  4. If anybody may have new interest in applying for the Discord Team, the teams looking!
  5. @lynxie I am considering this tho my guy if you can find a good beat, let’s get this shit going lmao
  6. I can’t say the n word my guy, my flow’ll be off aha
  7. Hey everyone! We’ve decided to make a change to how the Stream Team will function and @Mikey. has been awesome enough to type up this post for you all to see! The main changes have been bolded so it’s easier for you all to see. — A long awaited change to the streamer team is coming. After a few long talks we decided this is the best direction to take this team in. Their new responsibilities will include: Streaming on their own channels to grow while repping SG media Stream on the SG channel when it comes time for events / Charity stream To try to help each other expand into new territories via games / game communities. As they will be representing SG through themselves while streaming, they will have to conduct themselves in a way they would here Moderating our SG Twitch chat A few perks that they have but will be made known are: Being a Mod on our SG twitch channel Access to media team making them banners / emotes They can promote their stream on SG platforms They will be able to have their streams tweeted / re-tweeted by SG twitter Have auto-hosting from SGs main twitch channel Use our SG panels / Scenes on their own stream Along with auto-hosting our streamers will be suggested on our twitch channel Being able to have some of their content posted on our youtube If you haven't followed a few of our socials already here are some links! Twitter: Steam Gamers (@SteamGamers) / Twitter Twitch: SteamGamers - Twitch Youtube: SteamGamers - YouTube
  8. Can’t wait to see you guys stop by and join our streamers, donations are going to a good cause!
  9. From my interpretation of Slim's post, I don't think he's talking about the harshness of punishment's against player's rather more "reverse favouritism" against players by staff. Personally I don't think that it's a prevalent issue but I'm sure there have been time's when a staff member/admin has been harsher with punishments based on past experience's as they should be with repeatably problematic players. @The Real Slim Jim If you could give more specific example's to help me better understand, don't have to give exact name's but it's a little broad to get the "full picture".
  10. I’m eager to see what discussions come up
  11. Ayo lemme get somma that forged battalion & the feisty furries one plz n thank you
  12. This event’s gonna be a jolly good time!