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  1. not sure about jb as i mainly only know for ttt but this is how it works on ttt if the server generates a message in chat at the same time you switch to spec it wont show the switch message on ttt at the start of every round it displays the [SG] Your karma is 99999 message and if you make the server send another message through console like !m it wont show "You cant use this as a dead player" message because of chat delay the switch message might also have absolutely nothing to do with the server messages through console and only displays within the games code but i cant really check right now
  2. bro cut out the ghosting

    1. Andrew


      yo it was tactical communications

    2. #1 BloodBlades fan fru!ty

      #1 BloodBlades fan fru!ty

      tactical and strategical callouts

  3. https://streamable.com/jxmt4e in this video i stated that i switched the map, but i actually rtved a course map without it switching, i corrected myself in this video and showcased how to do it easier to understand https://streamable.com/bmicyh and finally, here: https://streamable.com/u6u4su i show how you can go into third person which is really op in some cases on non course maps i forgot to mention that it prevents people from joining ct and only allows people on t side, so there is no way to use this to kill people, we got an admin to help us and force switch players to ct and it auto switches people to t side next round even works if people are new joining, everyone gets the glitch happened to them and it affects EVERYONE in the server
  4. fun event before, played it a bunch with you a while ago and i kinda wanna play it again
  5. add back big city immediately

  7. wasted 30 minutes of my time. reapply

  8. I dont have any say in this but it's probably because of the pixelmon minecraft server, it's a cool concept but I dont see how it got rid of EVERY player from ttt, ttt used to average 20-25 players at a time on a daily basis but now its just completely dead even when creten does make an attempt to get people on
  9. absolutely clapped last time this event happened, excited to clap again
  10. this is the guy that didnt even drop 1 kill in the wingman tournament I know this isnt about that so congrats roddy!
  11. @Cretennightmare batman, its already on mg i want it on ttt