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  1. I wish MG was more active. Can't wait until i can apply again to try to help everybody. There's not a lot of new people i can help these days lmao. Wish you were more active aswell, but i'm pretty sure you have personal stuff going on so i won't blame you for that. If you read this, have a nice day man!

  2. When you're on a course, you can't type any commands to get weapons or change your style. There is no start zone and no timer and infos. https://medal.tv/clips/41067951/d1337CKxF51n
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    Minigame Feedback

    What is your favorite gamemode on Minigames? I like deathmatches and courses Are you a MG regular? I am i regular with a pretty high course rank and i've been playing since July. I just need to be more active in the forums Do you think MG is lacking some very needed plugins or functions? In my opinion, this is a great server and i do not know a lot about the plugin stuff. But i think it's possible to add commands to get other weapons than the USP-S, the Glock-18 or the Scout it would be could to replace these commands by the "!pistol" command like seen in KZ. Adding a "!gun" or a "!weapon" command for the primary weapon could be great for course map. A lot of people want to BunnyHop with other weapons. I have nothing to say other than this Thanks for reading i guess