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  1. Mining Away I don't know what to mine I'll mine this anyway In this minecraft day So beautiful And further down What's that I found? Mine Diamonds Mine Diamonds I'll mine them So far I've got two Too easy to mine With my minecraft pickaxe And shovels Hopefully they stay In my minecraft chests So I'm gonna make A lock on it Mine Diamonds Mine Diamonds I mine them So far I've got two All these diamonds Sitting carefully lay I'm getting worried If they might get stolen From my ender chest Wait who is that? Holy sheep it's Notch Mine Diamonds Mine Diamonds Now they're safe Now Now that they're safe Mine Diamonds Mine Diamonds
  2. Am I allowed to drop shot
  3. @Shy What do I get when I win?
  4. we are going to put everyone to sleep
  5. god let us have the extra four letters and by god we will use them
  6. @Timeplease click that non suspicious link I have dmed you on steam
  7. It would be cool if for a few hundred creds the innos can apply the flash bang effect on all the Ts
  8. could we possibly make the minecraft head smaller too
  9. Can we get @nate1111banned he has amassed too much karma