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    This is not a joke, you're all retarded.
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    For all of you who play on the Steamgamers Minecraft server :)
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    We Are the Real PC gamers. Lets not let mac users take sg servers. ----------- Join this group and we will win! NOTE: Everytime someone joins, 1 mac member gets banned from all SG servers. And ofc MAC SUCKS!
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    A group for CAs and Ex-Community Advisors!

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    For all you free-killing CT's and back-stabbing terrorist's, this is where the vents are never safe and entering the armory will definately earn you a bullet to the skull. Lets make this the most hostile, admin abusive, and whiney bitch group in SG! Join up, or I will fuck you up! Sincerely, your buddy. Blank
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    Love it or hate it, we all have to deal with it, join up.
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    We are people that like our sex with humans, our jpgs to be LOL, and our politicians NONFAIL and our economy free of congressional gangbang. We think tards come in many varieties, and unabashedly oppose them all. We think that you should read the "for new users" and maybe even the forum and site rules before saying "I Can Haz Reg!?" and that taylor swift songs shouldnt be played on 5 stations at once.... seriously, its ear rape.
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    R.I.P. Billy Mays (1958-2009) "For only $19.99"
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    For those whose names begin with the letter f who are, or have been, admins.

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    For those of you who smartly went with Android OS phones.
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    For loyal dedication to spamming.

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    For outstanding forum activity!

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    This is a group for u who wanna kill all trolls. Thats why its called TrollPatrol ;) When ur in this group you'r allowed to kill all trolls here on steamgamers. So invite all ur friends and lets have some fun ;)
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    fuck them brits and fuck their tea