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  1. Not for sale sorry :(, but i do have a great offer of a moldy bread would you like me to tell you more about it?

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    2. Moo Moo Viking

      Moo Moo Viking

      Ohh sorry it's North korean! with some ingredients from Ukraine Chernobyl 

    3. Bread


      hand it over

    4. Moo Moo Viking

      Moo Moo Viking

      So hostile, I will need to check with my political party if it's allowed :)

  2. When i have finished with the apartment i will come i should have more free time then!

  3. Don't you ignore me!

  4. You in my birth place boy?

  5. Yes! Bought my first apartment! Now i'm trying to get things back together

  6. I'm great!, like always just busy with work!

  7. Well the the great thing is Icelamd still won! We are the smallest nation ever to qualify in the world cup :) it's not fun to see it end in only three games we could have done better against Nigeria

  8. We still miss you :(

  9. I called you nice and you just call me a slut! I'm am always nice to you :(