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Found 18 results

  1. i care about cosmetics alot in most games i play and i feel like when i buy items from the shop i dont know exactly what im getting, a way to help this problem is maybe adding a place in the forums where i can see the diffrent accessories and other items [just like the model page] i dont think im the only one who has this issue but i think it could be an easy fix
  2. The few times I have gotten on jb (new pc and all) i havent been able to see t models
  3. Would love to see custom weapon models as well
  4. bob on steam

    Answered bug

    none of the dz models have right click
  5. A lot of times in JB a T will gunplant their T buddy and that T buddy will get killed. Can this be removed if the T drops the weapon fast. Its really caner when you die because this
  6. As I am sure most of you notice when a free kill occurs on the server everyone starts arguing. I really hate this as it ruins the game. I came up with a hassle free way to decide the age old question free kill or not? If you are spectating the game a menu will pop up on a user kill it will read as follows. Fair Kill? Yes No if enough people vote no then a warning is issued if a set amount of warnings are issued then the user will be slayed. (again may be the most dumb idea ever) Thanks, Shy
  7. JB with alot of people can be alot of fun, but a really annoying problem is that with larger lobbies EVERYONE talks over each other. Which makes it nearly impossible to give orders, and off the mic orders and such. An idea which could be implemented is like a cap on how many people can talk at once for both the T and CT side. And this cap would only be used when theres a certain amount of players like 26+. I dont really see why and the cap wont be super low to the point its boring but to the point where people can actually hear whats going on.
  8. After playing jailbreak recently, I have noticed that a lot of new players are joining ct and being very loud and obnoxious. I hate to take action myself but I have warned people multiple times myself to not mic spam and to turn their mics down to no prevail. It only gets worse when the population rises and everyone is trying to speak over each other. I would hate to create a warden system and only have 1 random ct talk per round because that kills the fun, but I seriously think that something needs to be done about this issue. Either it being a larger punishment for someone who continuously mic spams or the warden system. Please give me your input on this matter as well.
  9. every time i get on jb i see at least person using voice coms binds and spamming and it might be one of the most annoying things ive seen while playing jb and i would just like to see it not be allowed or the people who do it be muted if they spam it too much.
  10. on summer jail i always see cts kill people who lose colors or 4 corners right away in the water to prevent them from taking the secret down there, is it still considered fk?
  11. Is it understandable to warning shot someone if they are taking detour to a location. sincerely, PopBob If a ct asks t's to go to that location
  12. To give context to my question, I was on Jailbreak and staff member ZeroTwo was issuing orders. Zero two ordered us to shift walk to his markers and be frozen upon arrival, and to continue doing so as each marker appeared. He repeated this order several times, so I adhered to it. He then interrupted that continuous order by telling all T's to freeze in place. After being frozen for a few moments, he told us to simply "follow his markers". I then asked, in voice chat, if we were allowed to bomb rush while actively bomb rushing. I was ignored and both a fellow prisoner and I were killed. He said his justification for killing us was because he repeated himself several times so therefore our disobedience was blatant. In conclusion he issued an order, interrupted that order with a separate one, then issued another that appeared to be similar but not inclusive, refused to specify the rules of that order after requested, and insinuated that since the orders were similar, although separate, that the same rules applied over. My question is was he justified in refusing to specify and killing us? #ZeroTwoBadmin #ZeroTwoSlander #SexWithZeroTwo
  13. Optional dg's can be hard to run and keep track of at the best of times let alone when its 4/18 on electric. I was thinking the server might benifit from a !dg plugin similar to !lr, that highlights t's chosing to play an optional dg. I also think this would make optional dg's more common, something that is a gap on the jb server at this point, and this could make some fun dg's more popular. It would need a rule to be amended, so you could not force t's to use the command
  14. so yeah using medic in an lr is cheating lr. is using medic in guntoss KOS? i had a situation with a fairly new player today that got me to "flip my lid" where on summer jail i dropped through medic and landed on a bed while going to my destination. a few seconds later i got sprayed down with the justification of "medic is KOS in LR". now i have used medic in gun toss more times than i can think of as gun toss doesnt rely on doing damage to the other party, and in fact sometimes you may need medic to avoid your lr rules being deemed unreasonable, i.e the ct is on 37 hp but needs 52 to survive the drop (or vice versa). kinda short but definitely not sweet
  15. I don't know how many times I have seen someone not see a rules for a lr in chat like first shot in a shot4shot or how impossible it is to give chat rules in gun toss. So many times have i seen a ct just blow someone's brains out because they haven't seen the rules of that lr because of how the lr system works and it definitely get lost in the chat. At this point some Terrorists use it as a strategy to get the CT to cheat the lr and slay the very next round. This is why i think it would be necessary for verbal rules instead of text rules because of the chat spam that usually happens during a lr requests. This isn't a major change for the rules but it would definitely eliminate such a loop hole for T's to abuse further. Thanks for Reading have a nice day!
  16. im making this thread to get other peoples insight into wether or not a CT baiting should be kos for a T. when i started playing jb it was Not KOS and was the cts fault when you got baited and tbh thats the way uh huh uh huh i like it uh huh uh huh. however i see the validity in having it be kos as bait can range from a stab to a backstab and most of the time you know you are going to damage a ct and can avoid it. i would definitely be in favor of this rule changing back but what does everyone else think
  17. I couldn't find where to put suggestion or just didn't care enough to look. But on most good servers with 2x gathering it comes along with 2x stacking ofc not for non stackables but at least for TC (tool cupboard) is should be 2x stackable (for example 5.56 ammo can hold 128 with 2x stack you could hold 256 in a chest). This would bring more people to stay on the rust server and just overall better