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  1. even though the mg battle royale event didnt do that good last time (10-12) players it was generally liked by the people who attended. I think if hosted again it would do good.
  2. minigames fun rounds was rly fun last time it was hosted. If i remember correctly it did pretty good last time. Fun rounds is bassically just a bunch of different effects while playing maps like diffeent fov, hp, speed,, ect. Any chance we can have another mg fun rounds event?
  3. Can we get a reset on the couples and make it a competition to get to the top 3 by the end of the month again. Rn noone rly cares bout couples points and also the couples event encouraged activity and I know multiple people who grinded mg to get to the top 3. Rn there's really no incentive to play mg so you only have the hardcore regs and and new players playing the server. Think it will help population and an overall fun competition.
  4. so recently there was a week long scrim event with each day having different stuff like mirrored maps maybe this can happen to retakes too like multiple day event with fun and werid stuff every day like auto hop, mirrored maps, wallhacks stuff like that
  5. I lost access to my old Teamspeak identity due to a password guess error ... I have a new one now but I have no idea how to link it or if an admin is doing that. I am looking forward to an answer PlamAtom - Tom (The German dude)
  6. "¿Donde Estas La Leche?" My idea is a surf deathmatch server for a weekend, surf deathmatch is a highly addictive and skill based gamemode, that i think a lot of our minigames and skill surf players would be able to get behind and enjoy. While our other regs will have a chance to show off how they strafe through the air like headless chickens, and the fact that they cant bhop without auto bhop. Pros: - its fast paced - skill based - we could have a points system with "rewards" like a badge or something for top players {i would be open to donating three skins as small prizes altho i am a broke boy so no neo noirs or -anything like that} - heaps of surf dm maps out there and there is already a hefty community for it so all going well it should bring in new players to our servers -Little need for direct admin enforcement, little to no rules that can be broken other than scripts or behavior of players. Cons: - heaps of ppl are bad surfers - chy is too good he will get #1 - i didnt {color=cornsilk} this post OG Maps: : surf_2_go : surf_japan_ptad : surf_legends : rebel_resistance : Greatriver New: Dust_Surf If you like the idea and know some surf dm maps please post them here in the thread, the less work for the events team looking for maps the better.
  7. Full map name: mg_smashcannonz_hdr, mg_smashcannonz_multistage Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? If u get hit a certain way by the cube u can get stuck in the floor and wall. When stuck you cant be killed. Issue on both maps stated above.
  8. What would it take to bring back the woody skin we had in TTT, I was saving up my credits for that skin specifically i'm very upset it was removed.
  9. Maybe after the One Deag event is over you can turn the server into a hide and seek server for a event. Last one was here. I remember it did well and its honestly a fun event trying to find people.
  10. I am not 100% sure but I think the last couples event for JB was here. I mean it seems like it would be a fun event to get people to get on JB and I mean why not have it it wouldn't do any harm. So if this comes out @ape chy will you marry me? But if this does apply don't add the marriage teleport cause that's kinda op.
  11. I have had this on my mind for a while and I have thought about a community Karaoke night where we can sing to our hearts content. This Event, if accepted, should take place within the [SG] Discord area. Although, this could be considered mic-spam, we could make a custom Discord Channel, within the [SG] one, labeled "Karaoke." Song requests are needed to get the party rockin', I sound so cringey smh, Song request should be played someone who is within charge of the Event or with a bot, or we could sing with no music. I am not gay btw.
  12. So this is very frustrating for me guys. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 just came out. So being I am a pilot in training, I thought I would go buy me a simulator and buy FSX Steam, X-Plane and MFS 2020 and install them on my sim. Well I can't for the life of me create an account with Steam. Maybe it's because I'm Emo or what not but this is ridiculous if you know what I mean. So after I installed Windows 10 on my sim computer, I installed the steam client to create an account. It asks me for my email address, confirm my email address then select my country and then click the box saying I'm not a robot and when I do that, boxes appear with pictures in them. They want me to click on all boxes with motorcycles in them. So I do, then a check mark ticks in the robot box and I go down and click I'm over 13 years old and click continue. Then the nightmare starts. : -o I get an error message saying (BAD CAPTCHA RESPONSE. PLEASE RE-VERIFY YOUR HUMANITY BELOW.) Now no matter how many times I try this over and over and over and over, it doesn't make any difference. I have gone on YouTube and watched videos on how to get around this issue and I've tried everything known out there to get around this. I have even reinstalled windows a second time and turned off my firewall in Windows 10. Still nothing. I can't contact Steam in any way or get on there forums because you have to sign in or create an account to use there support. It's ridiculous how hard it is to get an account with them. I don't have a VPN either. I just have Cox high speed internet for my home. Just so you guys know, for me to create an account for this forum, I had to do that exact same thing here on Steam Gamers. And I had no problem creating this account. So can anyone who knows Steam very well please help me create an account???? I want to buy at least $200.00 worth of games from them but I guess they don't want my business. :-( Thanks for any help.
  13. Since we already have already done other Gmod originating events why not throw in another with Murder Mystery, 1 person is the "Murderer" and has a knife, 1 person is the "undercover D" and has a pistol (Deagle or R8) and everyone else is inno and tries to survive. If the "Detective" kills the wrong person than they will drop their gun and the other inno's can pick it up. I think using the maps that came from Gmod like Clue for example would be great maps to keep in theme with the event.
  14. When I was Away On Vacation and Break , I came back and saw Clouds , Obama , Removed But I never saw Avalanche removed , It was a Great Map In my Honest Opinion But I never knew the reason it got Pop Pop Pop outa the nominate List.
  15. Since a lot of people have enjoyed the event and new version, I was wondering if the Events Team could consider extending the MGT another week to host a Build Contest.
  16. Full map name: mg_potatogames_03 Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? dogeball minigame dosent work. minigame is u throw decoys at each other and ur at 1 hp so the decoy when it hits u should kill u but it dosent. the decoys just go through u.
  17. Full map name: mg_multigames_devine_is_french Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? In the nades game you cant pick up the nades.
  18. So One day I decided to hop on jb , like once a week now , and I came on to find out people arguing and people saying if it is a Freekill if the Guard Kills a T for using a sound board of a Jihad , And I havent played jb for a while like 2 weeks now? So I dont remember most of the rules Since I was playing other servers and MG , So I want to find the answer is this a Freekill or a Genuine Reason to Kill Someone?
  19. Consider disabling auto-renewal for donations. If you look down the list of recurring supporters, I think anyone can easily spot out a good amount of people who probably aren't intentionally sending money every month. Some haven't played in ages, some left on bad terms, other times there's banned people who still have their donations being sent. I do recognize there's people (Ngo for instance, most likely) who want to send money consistently, but a bunch of other people are getting screwed over in the long run.
  20. Why can another detective destroy another detective's health station without permission? I was a detective and another detective destroy when i was healing. I couldnt do anything and basically wasted my credits.
  21. Map Fix Request Full map name mg_swag_multigames_v7 Type of map MiniGames Link to the map (v8 couldnt find v7) What the problem is On football if your hit by the wall you die
  22. Map Fix Request Full map name mg_swag_multigames_v7 Type of map MiniGames Link to the map What the problem is The soccer ball on the soccer minigame kills you if it hits you. Edit: Blood told me to make one then made one himself, oh well.
  23. I believe the last one was here couldn’t find one that was earlier. Seems like I pretty fun event and going off the comments looks like everyone had fun I would honestly like to see @Vanya as the only CT with a lot of HP on Legobels or Electric I honestly think Vanya will win. This is meant to be a JB event just for clarification.
  24. 4 v 4 Hypixel Bedwars Tournament There should be a number of 8 teams consisting of 4 players each which should lead up to 32 players total. There can be "Free Agents" like in SGSL. The winner would get an Award saying something like Hypixel Tournament (I Don't Know), and a bunch of credits. There would also be team captains and you would have to register via forum thread.