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  1. Can we just stop with the confusing orders. It’s quiet obvious that people are saying them to make confusion. I haven’t played in months but I know this was a problem then and telling by the JB threads being posted, it’s still a problem. JB used to be easy to play and easy to start playing because people gave reasonable orders, now it seems the opposite. From when I played, new players would join then some would leave after 3 rounds because of the unreasonable orders and just dying because they don’t understand something. I feel like if JB community could just make reasonable orders and orders that people can understand, JB could be fun as hell like it used to for me and other players.
  2. Since this thread is hard to understand, here's it simplified: Am I allowed to order the T's, "Floor is Lava, 5.. 4... 3... 2... 1..." and then warning shot any T's still on the floor after I finish counting down? [video=youtube_share;DrSCI0Imtvg] Skip to 0:13
  3. Is Pixel Surfing an exploit? I just wanna know so I don't get banned. if you don't know what it is heres some vids.
  4. Had a re read of rules to look for something on ratio for cts/ts and couldnt see anything i normally play on server when 10 people on is alot, never had a problem with ratio (3-4:1 // 2 cts to 6 or 7 Ts) and normally there arent enough people wanting to play ct. nor are there usually admins. played a three hour straight streak of jb with a 2:1 or worse ratio the whole time. admin sat on ct with 2:1 ratio. like i said i dont see anything in the rules about ratio. seeing as how we dont have a warden system the ratio is kind of {the warden} right? The controlling factor for rebel if thats a better description. some clarification on whether there is a set way to approach ratio or if its just admin discretion would be nice, also who TF likes playing ct or t on a 2:1 ratio
  5. It annoys me whenever were on spy vs spy we have the ct's give a freeday no deathcrate every round than every ct rushes to the deathcrate secret and camp there all round I just wanted to know if this is considered actually enforcing or not.
  6. There is no rule for how long it takes for a secondary to be pulled out for it to be KOS. I find this problematic as there is nothing stopping a CT from killing a T when all the T did was hit "Q" twice. I feel that there has to be some rule in place for approximately how long a T can pull a secondary out (not shooting) for it to be KOS. Sometimes, a T may accidentally pull it out and then switch back, but then is killed by a CT. Sometimes, a T pulls it out to drop it and then is sprayed down by CTs. Having a time limit rule for how long you can pull it out for would benefit from people getting killed for the dumbest reasons possible. The rule could also suggest that if you point it at a CT, you would be KOS, but if you just pull it out, you should have a set approximate amount of time to switch back before being KOS. This would allow non-rebelling Ts to have time to pull out their secondaries and drop them, and would also decrease the confusion and chaos that follows after a T is killed for just hitting their scroll wheel/number keys. I would like to propose an outline for the rule (can/will be changed probably) - Ts are KOS after pulling out a secondary/zeus for ~ 2 seconds - Ts are KOS by pointing the secondary/zeus at a CT - Ts are KOS by firing their secondary/zeus
  7. What is considered as blatant disobey? Is dropping down from top to bottom cell at vipinthemix/electric blatant? @Noxstar said that it is counts as Blatant, but I asked other admin and he said that its not blatant and its only ws. Is on summer jail going through medic to disco when order is not to go blatant same here i got 2 different answers from several admins? Is going to sauna on elecric_revamp when its fd no past first cell blatant? I just want to make sure because I got different opinions from different admins. And addition: if at gun toss CT failed to jump can he re-do, or its up to T? @Noxstar maybe you don't remember it was like 3 weeks ago. What error said, I meant it differently i know that it is cause t is going in opposite direction, i meant it in different way. @Benzene got my point, what's the key point when disobey/delaying becomes blatant
  8. I've noticed recently that a lot of CTs haven't been giving enough time for Ts to LR, and since there's not really a rule about it, the only thing I can really do is tell them to not be a dick and to give a reasonable amount of time to LR. An example of this is when a deathgame is activated, and by the time 1:15 left on the clock last request is activated. I've seen several times where a CT would say "exit the deathgame and LR by 1:10", and proceed to warning shot most of the prisoners, who simply weren't given enough time to get out of the deathgame, type in the command, choose their specific last request and who they'd like to do it with. I've also seen scenarios where the remaining Ts are frozen, and the guard will still only give them like five seconds to LR. I propose adding this rule: "Whest Request is activated, Guards can force the prisoners to LR, but must give them a reasonable amount of time to send an LR request" I believe that 15 seconds is ample time to send an LR request, and people who haven't in more than fifteen seconds are probably either purposefully delaying or didn't hear the order, in which case a warning shot would be appropriate. Let me know what you guys think about this rule being added.
  9. Would the order "All T's do your cell games till (time period)" be considered a KOS order because some of the cell games teleport the T's out of there cells therefore making them KOS so would this be considered as a KOS order.
  10. Atrix

    JB T Delay

    Although I haven't been super active the past few weeks, every time I get on JB I tend to see this problem happen at least once. There will be a T sitting in a far away corner not doing anything but crouched and staring at the ground. The T will sit there for the entire round doing nothing, for the sole reason of wasting peoples time. Like most human beings I value my time. It gets pretty old watching CT's look for this one T for 3-4 minutes. In terms of the JB rules, if a T really wanted to sit in a corner and waste peoples time he/she could. He is consider rebelling in the rules which makes it the CT's job to find him. I get the CT's need to do a better job of keeping track of the T's which I totally agree with. However I don't like the idea of allowing people to ruin the flow of they game because the feel like it. You can chalk it up in anyway you want, but sitting in a corner on purpose to slow down the game shouldn't be allowed on any server. This is a very specific problem but when it does happen it can kill a server population. Nobody wants to sit and do nothing while some random T is squatting in a corner. I think if a T is purposefully delaying the round he should subject to punishment from an admin. If a T is camping and waiting but plans on rebelling than I see no issues but if a T sits in one place for more than 2 minutes then he should be consider to be delaying. Again this is a very specific issues so I doubt a change to make this happen would be completely necessary, but I think its a solid idea that can help keep the flow of the server in a positive direction.
  11. There has been some confusion in the past on whether or not there are implied rules for LRs, but specifically for gun toss, especially since gun toss was recently fixed and added to the list of possible last requests for prisoners. As of now, there are no basic rules for gun toss, and there are no implied rules. This means that if a prisoner sends a gun toss request to a guard, and the guard accepts before they give their rules, then basically it's a free for all. The prisoner / guard can rocket-toss, knife their gun, or run halfway across the map and throw it. I know that it is the prisoner's responsibility to state any rules or restrictions they have for the last request before it starts, but I'd like to suggest adding some basic rules that are implied if prisoners do not give any specific restrictions or rules. These could be overridden with a custom gun toss. 1. The prisoner must specify who goes first (can be said before or after sending LR), and the guard must follow suit. (thanks @Poke) 2. The gun must be thrown before the player touches the ground if the gun is thrown off of a place that is not on the ground. If the gun toss is being conducted on the ground, then the prisoner must specify the boundary which the guard must throw from behind (for example, run to first cell and throw your gun before you pass the beginning of first cell) (thanks @Poke again) 3. The LR-ing prisoner and guard must toss their gun using the "drop weapon" button (g for most players), and cannot rocket-toss (E + G) or knife their gun. 4. The LR-ing prisoner must clearly state in which direction the gun is to be thrown. 5. The person who throws the gun the farthest in the stated direction is considered winner of the LR. I just want to see other people's opinion on these basic rules. Again these would not be THE rules for gun toss, just some basic rules / guidelines to follow when LR-ing to avoid any possible confusion and/or complaints for freekilling.
  12. If I ask for the first shot is the CT allowed to "give me first shot" by shooting me in the body because when I ask for the first shot I want the first shot, not to the body or the head, I want the first shot to inflict damage to one another.
  13. So today I was playing prison architect as a CT, gave a first day freeday, then a guard fell off the pedestal in front of armory and used the button to extend the stairs to get to armory. A T followed him onto the stairs, so I blew his head off. For reference, according to the rules it states "• CTs can kill Ts for being on a ladder/stair if it is KOS. Ladders/stairs are apart of what they connect to which means if a ladder/stair leads to armory, it is KOS." and "KOS zones include: - Areas or things that connect to armory (armory catwalks, armory stairs, etc.)" Not to mention on maps like summer jail and vipinthemix, it's well known that those stairs which lead to armory are KOS. Anyway, after I killed the T, I was informed by two admins that if stairs or a platform are retractable/extendable, they aren't KOS, even if the platform/stairs lead to armory. This makes 0 sense because if the reason you want to make an area KOS is because it leads to a place with infinite primaries, then why would you change it based on if it can move or not? Originally I was going to go into further detail about why this rule doesn't make any sense, but after looking through the rules I can't find it anywhere. If someone can find the rule for me, please let me know so I can edit this post into more of an essay on why the rule needs to be removed. Not going to snitch on the admins who told me this, but they know who they are.
  14. During the LR phase toward the end of the round when a T can send a "Last Request" to a CT, A strategy to guarantee a kill used by many T's is to start a s4s and shoot at a CT they are not in LR with. Many times the CT they are shooting at has no way to defend themselves due to the fact that the T gets a free deagle shot that could end up going straight into their head, the only possible way a CT can prevent this is to wait 3 seconds and tell the T "stop delaying" from witch the T can either shoot at their LR partner within 3 seconds after the command is given or shoot at a random CT of their choosing whos at 40 heal and would die to a body shot. As @Vanya stated to me, its against the rules to just flat out dome a T aiming at you when its there shot but i truly believe that shouldn't be the case. A solution could be that a ct is aloud to shoot at a T in a s4s LR that is aiming at them for a certain period of time. An example is shown in this video where the CT is at low enough health to die to a deagle shot and proceeded to dome the T for consistently aiming at them. [video=youtube_share;RLz4x1mEs-Q]
  15. It has been brought up to me by @TheZZL that CT's can give the order stop delaying LR (which I knew) but then he said the T has 3 seconds to stop delaying the LR (the CT can be nice and allow the T to "line up there shot") but regardless 3 seconds is enough for someone to say "Give me a second" before they get sprayed down so can the time be extended to maybe 5-10 seconds so that the T maybe has a second or two to shoot their shot or just make the order "Stop delaying the LR shoot you shot by (time)"
  16. Sometimes for example T's spam the LR button to you and then you accidentally accept it. I was wondering that if you were able to cheat the LR due to the fact that you did not mean to except it. I think this would be okay if only the people that had 100 HP could do it because its not really exploiting the LR its just misclicking and you wouldn't gain much from accepting the LR like HP.
  17. Would this order imply not to crouch because there is no such "AFK Freeze" which is no mouse or no keyboard so I dont see the issue with crouch when you can knife because technically crouching/knifing are both a movement same for looking around therefore both of them would not be being frozen but yet you get shot for crouching. Now if the order is to not crouch then obviously im not gonna crouch but the confusion is that when people with bad microphones dont speak loudly or you cant understand them and then you dont know if they say crouch or freeze or etc. You are going to crouch assuming they said crouch because you font want to get warning shot for something that you didn't hear. However, the definition of being frozen is "incapable of being moved" so I see why we wouldn't be able to crouch whilst "Frozen" but if we can look around doing 360's and knifing mid air I don't think there would be a big issue allowing us to crouch as well.
  18. I think the fact that you don't need to uphold pardons is annoying and I feel like we should make it so you have to uphold pardons but there are some instances I think I need to address with this new rule, like if the the KOS player to drop ALL weapons and they have a pistol when they come back you can kill them and so on. The KOS person has to fallow all the "rules" to be pardoned like (name of KOS player ) crouch walk to big cage stuff like that, and also only one ct needs to pardon the player. Feel free to give more ideas to add to this or remove thanks for your time
  19. Happy Man

    JB LR

    if the last CT says to Freeze and LR, and to freeze if you aren't in an active LR. If you send a request, and start moving, (say moving out of isolation or from big cage) can you still be killed?
  20. I've always thought that distance orders weren't allowed on Jailbreak, and I have been enforcing that. For example, I always thought that CTs aren't allowed to tell a T to "back up" or to "get away from them". However, I was reviewing the rules, and I saw this posted by All Ts: "A CT may ask a T to step back or back away from them." I'm just wondering if anyone could clarify what kind of distance orders are allowed and which aren't.
  21. As defined in the rules: in theory allows a T to be killed if the CT slays themselves for whatever reason or if the participating CT gets killed by another T. I think this leaves a big grey area for LRs and is something that should be clarified by changing the wording of this rule. Instead of : I think it should be something along the lines of While this is a bit wordier, I think it's a necessary clarification to have since I think it's bullshit that I've been seeing multiple instances of CTs slaying after losing gun toss which cheats the T out of their reward for winning, and I've seen multiple instances of Ts being killed for "completing their LR" because the CT participating gets killed. As always, please share your thoughts and concerns on this if you would like. Edit: This was brought up HERE and said it would be fixed with the new LR plugin, but the problem still remains.
  22. In JB there was an issue that has happened alot since I came back from my break. When a ct is trying to kill a rebeller in iso on razer for example, it's a tight room therefore not alot of space to move. If one of the Ts gets a gun and starts shooting out of iso (also happens In medic) there is sometimes a CT that essentially tries 1v1ing the T that's shooting. If it is be on back wall and this happens the ct shoots into the iso trying to kill the rebeller but this can cause crazy amounts of "crossfire", in some cases killing half or more of the T team. This kind of thing also happens If there is a big group of people running at a CT and either traps them or get close enough to knife, one T knifes and agian in some cases the CT sprays at the rebeller killing (depending on the amount of T chasing him) a lot of the T team. The CT then says "it was crossfire", problems like these look like mass free kill depending on the sheer mass of Ts that die in situations like these. Would in these situations be crossfire or just blatant mass free kill. Should this result in some sort of punishment.
  23. In the jailbreak rules it says, "Special orders are orders given that don't address all of the Ts and ask them to go to a location. This can include telling a portion of the Ts (not all) to go play a death game, go to the bottom of cell stairs, etc." I believe that rule should be updated to involve the dropping of any secondary and or throw their HE grenade, smoke, etc. Considering you have to directly tell that T to drop his secondary weapon and or throw their grenade and or smoke. Because there have been CTs telling Ts to throw their grenade and or pistols into their cell at the beginning of the round or throughout the round. When CTs tell that specific T to do the special order you are directly giving that individual(or multiple) Ts to do that order you have given them while having other Ts do another order. Because saying "Prez has a free day in soccer" is a special order, but saying "Prez throw your grenade into your cell and drop your pistol to me" is exactly the same because you are directly addressing that person.
  24. Ok so I think this has been discussed before if it has please put the link to the discussion and I will read it if it hasn't been discussed I would like to talk about when you give a fd no past first cell, I would like to know where is blaiten disobey. A lot of people say it is when you pass isolation door I don't think this is fair because, this is so close to first cell I really think it is unfair for the blaiten disobey to be just past isolation door. In my opinion I think it should be when you pass fountain or maybe at the start of medic / start of sauna. Please tell me your thoughts. Once again if this has been discussed please send the link to the discussion.
  25. Hello guys I am here to tell you the magical story of why I always die in FO. So I do !Fo the second I join and CT and are alive. I get that you can't do special orders in first order because you guys want to prevent giving fd's constantly or someone that hates someone else and gives all the t's freedays or kos orders to kill them. I do believe that asking someone to drop a secondary is allowed and that a ct can type in team chat like FO dude please ask so and so to drop his pistol. It's just broadening there horizons to kill us and it isn't that fair. Especially, when FO sometimes lasts for 60 seconds even 30 seconds is enough to kill the entire team if your that co-ordinated.