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Found 8 results

  1. ive been wondering about these 2 new rules that i have been hearing and i have seen a couple of diffrent ways people put it out there and i wanna find out which one is correct so the first thing is that people said there are no more cell rules but i really dont know what they mean by that can yall help colaborate on that i see some people are unknown to this fact but i dont know please help ! the other one is crouch walking orders meaning (all ts crouch walk to [etc...] ) first i saw people said you can crouch walk then they said you couldnt can i please get some clarification please ! Have A Great Day.
  2. So I know on JB there are pistols. You can’t shoot someone for having it just if they hold it out or shoot it. But with primary’s if you pick one up and drop it your kos. Now this is getting to be more annoying with the kill hungry CT’s cause even if you drop the primary they kill you. I’ve seen admins and good regs handle the situations better where they tell them to drop the primary instead of killing them. Which leads me to my point I think the rule about primary’s being kos should be changed to where you have to tell them to drop it and if they don’t in 1-3 seconds(CT’s choice) then you can kill them. Now yes there are a lot of problems cause I know this is a server based on REBELLING but I think people are civil enough here to handle this new rule.
  3. So I’ve been wondering are we allowed to kill a T if he knives the ct he won against in a guntoss lr?
  4. 1. So i have had alot of arguments about how jb when you say Standard rules that means that you are saying no rocket toss, no bhop, no throwing after hit the ground ect but people are telling me that bhopping is considered in standard rules i mean if this is true i wanna know this cause i have let lots of people win cause of this 2. Also in lrs i experience where people give these very confusing things like throw towards awp secret ct first rocket toss only after hits the ground it is really weird stuff like that so i'm just wondering if there is something called a T confusing order in lr cause i always get confused and somehow end up losing because i have no idea where to throw.
  5. i wasnt able to find a pinned post about this in @Gator's rules discussion mega are you able to give T's orders in an active lr to protect your own ability to stay alive. if no: some sitiuations are t baiting so you are being put in a postition to break the rules i would argue this mostly applies to gun toss
  6. if the order is "go to x place no jumping" and you have to jump to get out of the place you were ordered to be beforehand is the ct giving you a "kos" order
  7. I haven't been playing for like a week, but in the previous thread, Benzene said this: "Even if you do misclick, by cheating the LR you are making it so that the T who you accepted the LR from has the right to kill you. If you accept an LR by accident, and you're trying to hunt down rebelling Ts it usually isnmt that big of a deal, and usually the T who LRed you is patient enough to wait for you to finish. However, this does mean that if they run towards you and try to knife you you're not allowed to kill them, because you cheated the LR." According to the Rules thread, it says: "Cheating during an LR as a Prisoner is considered rebelling, as a CT it is not allowed and punishable." What the fuck does "punishable" mean in terms of a T? CT's used to frequently cheat their LR to either gain back health or to delay rounds, are you saying T's had full right to kill them? If so, then that needs to be clearer in the rules, because currently I'd get sprayed down by other CTs before I would be able to kill a CT who cheated LR.
  8. So recently I've ran into a problem , and it is whether you can lr or not in Simon Says if Simon never said. Is it considered like freekill or not if you never say "Simon says lr" or something to that degree but someone inthe deathgame does so.