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  1. Map Suggestion Full map name am_loot2 Type of map 1v1 Multi Arena Link to map download Additional Information It's a new version to a map already on the server. Screenshots attached Yes
  2. Full map name: jb_pyrenees What server is this suggestion for? Jailbreak Link to map download: Additional information: Just found out that the map won that jailbreak mapping contest from a while ago checked out the map besides it being pretty big i think it might work for the server Screenshots attached:
  3. Map Removal Full map name mg_velocity_tower_csgo_v1 Type of map MiniGames Why should we remove it It has become a hub for delaying. Because of the autobhop and the various bosters people just bhop around causing the dead people to wait long periods of time each round. This causes people to leave as watching people bhop for 15 mins isnt fun.
  4. Full map name: mg_grilled_v2 What server is this suggestion for? minigames Link to map download: Additional information: I also made this map! I want it added for the same reason. This is a remake of my first map ever made. Screenshots attached:
  5. Full map name: mg_simpsonsroad_nomusic What server is this suggestion for? Minigames Link to map download: Additional information: This map is really easy, all of the SR's are exploited, and it's just a course point farm. Screenshots attached:
  6. Map Fix Request Full map name ttt_mcvillage_b3-c Type of map TTT Link to the map What the problem is The T room door does not work
  7. Full map name: jb_pipeline What server is this suggestion for? Jb Link to map download: Additional information: seems like a fairly good looking map with lots of gun secrets and secrets that have multiple states. wasnt too laggy armory is a bit bunk tho :/ need new maps Screenshots attached:
  8. Full map name: jb_oasis_v1c What server is this suggestion for? Jailbreak Link to map download: Additional information: My first jb map part of the jailbreak mapping contest, it's not bad ig Screenshots attached:
  9. Map Suggestion Full map name jb_pyrenees Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information jb_pyrenees Mapmakers Notes: Games: Inside - Dodge Obstacles: Ts have to dodge obstacles. - Strafe Climb: A short climb, but hard enough to satisfy kz players. - Obstacle course: A nice race. - Surprise Gift: Ts have to dodge different attacks, such as explosive barrels and lasers. - Soccer: Every good map has a soccer. Outside (down) - Falling Log: Ts have to dodge the falling logs, the game is getting harder and harder. - Shooting Range: Teleports 2 random Ts, the fastest to destroy targets win. - The Dilemna: Ts have to choose between 2 choices, the smallest group lose HPs. - Reflex Tester: Ts have to press their cube ONLY after that the middle one explode. The first one win. - Karting: Ts have to drive their kart to the end! Outside (upper) - Laser Tree: Ts have to dodge various attacks from the tree. - Easy BHOP: A simple bhop but with AUTO Bhop enable on each tile. Vents: Vent opposite of "Dodge Obstacles" inside of the fenced-in area which lead to a vent underneath maincell stairs, which leads to a vent in armory. In-Cell Secrets: A useable mini-door in the NexusNation cell that leads to the room beside the cell Smoke inside of the Steam-Gamers Cell Flashbang in the EGO Cell HE Grenade in the CLWO.EU Cell The CLWO.EU Cell and its adjacent cell are connected Vent in the Top-Left cell (next to the EGO cell) which leads to a sewer system, follow down the room straight and you can enter the vent above the barrels which leads you to the CT-Catwalks/Outside - Turning left instead of going straight leads you to an elevator room with a Glock Secrets: Scout above maincell in the corner of the two walls MP7 In the corner above Shooting Range MP7 in the barrels above and behind the game banana sign USP-S underneath the stairwell leading to Bhop/next to Soccer HE Grenade behind the forklift at Obstacle Course Glock inside the medic at maincell MAG-7 And vents above armory accessible from the outside Grabbing a C4 From either three locations (Inside the boxes of Soccer, on the roof of the CT-Catwalk above Special Deliver and Obstacle Course, or on the grass above Easy-Bhop) and dropping it inside the Elevator (accessible through following the vent in the top-right-back cell and turning left at the end of the sewers) grants a buff based off of where the C4 Came from -Soccer grants partial invisibilty or 500Hp -CT Catwalk grants 500Hp -The Grass/Bhop grants speed Galil behind the start button of "Laser Tree" Deagle in the CT-Catwalk above Special Delivery and Obstacle Course Final Notes: I like the layout of the map, the spawn is small yet contains secrets for the Prisoners to bust out their cells. Guards have catwalks and advantage points to help them overcome the challenge, and the map contains unique deathgames and secrets. I believe this is a good map to add to our servers. Screenshots attached Yes
  10. Map Suggestion Full map name jb_desertstorm_v1 Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information Jb_desertstorm_v1 Mapmakers Notes: Games: Skipping (Special thanks to BoinkBeats for the custom track) Terrorist Shootout Custom Hunger Games / War-day Arena (Teleporter inside the heli above cells) Military-themed Platform Obstacle Military-themed Training Course Pit Obstacle Disco Game (Another thanks to BoinkBeats for four additional original songs) Hungry Hungry Hippos Various jump games / Wall Climbs Soccer Deagle toss platforms Connect Four Abandoned Building Lava Game Car Game CT-based Choose your Destiny. Vents: Vents from Bottom left cell leading to armory Vents from the back of the warehouse in Car Game leading inbetween Car and Escape Climb Warehouse Final Notes: While testing we weren't able to visualize any guns, but the map feels open enough to support many weapon secrets. The Warday/Iraqi Warzone feature enables Friendly Fire when it teleports the Ts into the arena, we could find a way to disable that/only allow it to work on the Prisoners inside the game. It looks like a good map that would fit our server. Screenshots attached Yes
  11. Map Suggestion Full map name ba_jail_arctic_v1 Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information ba_jail_arctic_v1 Games: Bhop Platform Obstacle Pool Platforms Ice Skating Boathouse Climb Nade Game Snowball Toss Bottle Shootout Disco Laser Game Basketball Soccer Kitchen Lava Game Roulette Cell Secrets: Zeus in Cell #1 HE Grenade in Cell #5 Secrets: Two medishots in Medic in maincell AWP above and outside of the visiting room catwalk (Use stairs for access, the AWP Overlooks Soccer/Basketball) USP-S inside the pool entrance/work room HE Grenade on the picnic table inbetween Iceskate and the bridge Scout on the top of the lighthouse P250 in the control room of Nade Game Unknown secret: If you enter the door at the bottom of the lighthouse and grab the knife with the green chicken, you gain speed Vents: Vent inside of "Visting Room" which leads to the pool door room and armory Vent at the far stall of pool bathroom leading to the sewers and an MP9 and USP-S Map Specification: Multiple CT-Only buttoms/doors Working Radar The water outside will damage you (2 HP/s) Climb with checkpoints Final Notes: When first looking at the map, it looks large and overwhelming with the outside section, however upon futher inspection you'll see the map is not overwhelming at all. The map has an adequate amount of deathgames and secrets, more than enough to satisfy our players. I like the map, I suggest we test it on our servers. Screenshots attached Yes
  12. Map Suggestion Full map name jb_alter Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information this map is similar to a popular map that got removed jb_clouds and I think it will be fun to have a map like that back in rotaion Screenshots attached No
  13. Maybe make it so you can run a command and see how many of each lr you have won and how many total lr wins you have. This isnt desperately needed and without it wont be too big of a deal but It would be a cool and useful command.
  14. This is something I would usually bring right to the ATs as an idea, but this topic is something I feel the people that would be affected by this most should definitely share their opinions and further suggestions on this. This isn't some full-fledged idea since this is literally a shower thought, but anyway... So I understand we have more or less wrapped up the discussion of a possibility of a warden, but I think this could be something that would provide a balance of keeping the chaos that our server thrives on while being able to maintain some sort of order when populations are high and the server is hectic. Another thing that was brought up when discussing the concept of warden at the CA+ level was how to make warden unique and attract players instead of being just another Jailbreak server with a warden. What I bring to the table is the concept of a Head Guard which is essentially a First Order+. This ideally would be activated when the server hits 30 pop where the teams would be around 10:20 ratio. This would include: 1. Having the powers of !fo as it is now, but then the ability to override any order by another CT until the 2:00 mark. This would allow for the Head Guard to maintain order if CTs tried to give repetitively shitty orders, or if they were conflicting with each other. The Head Guard would give the final say on an order so there would be no questions. This would go until 2:00 so the head guard has the option to choose & run a death game without confusion from other CTs. This also allows the other CTs to give orders past the 2:00 mark where the round is more than likely at the point of getting close to LRs or it's full of rebellers where more voices are needed anyway. 2. (Potentially) Having some sort of color change to their model while they are Head Guard This would create a risk factor for taking Head Guard by making you stick out like a sore thumb. Higher risk means more power. ----- Potential Questions: Would any other CT be allowed to give special orders or run a voluntary death game? Yes, but the Head Guard would be able to revoke the special order like any other CT could as well. Couldn't someone abuse this to give bad orders over and over again? Well technically yes, but a way of avoiding this is by setting the cooldown to this feature to somewhere between 3-5 rounds per person. This would prevent frequent abuse. If someone were abusing this to the point where it disrupted the server, I'm sure an admin could handle the situation properly. Could freedays be given during the time of First Guard? Yes, the rule should stay the same about freedays, but I think this would be one instance where another CT could override the Head Guard. If the Head Guard took head guard to spam a freeday order, a normal CT should be able to give real orders. ----- This idea isn't complete by any means since I'm writing this at 3:15 in the morning and I thought of it in the shower, but please share your thoughts and feel free to add to this idea and we can see where this discussion goes. This could lead to something or crash and burn, but it can't hurt to generate discussion. Not only does it get people actively debating on something, but it could also generate ideas people didn't even know they had. Thanks for anything you input in advance.
  15. Last one was here I think. It would be a fun knife fight event and honestly I have my money on @The Hatfor winning this one.
  16. Killing 3 T's as an innocent gives you a tazer. It breaks after 1 use. @Vanya happy
  17. So I have been thinking right. You know how you can sorta see if someone is alive or dead because their body hasnt been ided. I feel like a good new traitor item could be that a T can buy this thing that shows them as dead on the scoreboard. I feel like this could make games more fun when people think its just a 1v1 when it could be a 1v2. This can make for some big brain plays if the T's work together they can maybe convince someone they killed a T because he would show up dead on the scoreboard. I think this should cost maybe like 150-200 credits but I dont really know what to call it. Let me know what you guys think !
  18. Map Suggestion Full map name jb_dystopian_b6 Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information It is a map that has multiple deathgames and minigames and includes a decent selection of secrets. Screenshots attached No
  19. Map Suggestion Full map name Jb_buyukisyan_dark Type of map Jailbreak Link to map download Additional Information Games: KZ - Football - Tower - DeathCrate - Bhop - Surf - True&False - Fly - Pool - Car - Roulette - Russian Roulette Adjustment The map is now daytime. Adjustment Map textures changed. BugFix Some errors corrected. Screenshots attached No
  20. I don't know if this possible, but when an admin is disguised their karma should change to random karma to make it less obvious that they are an admin.
  21. I feel like we should do a fun event that everyone can enjoy dont really know what this event would be but its 4th of july we gotta do something fun mostly because all of us are going to be staying at home. Maybe like a karaoke night or some shit that would be fun.
  22. Okay I know this seems like a joke but I honestly think it would hilarious if everyone had a week to get the highest karma reddit post as possible; no boundaries or restrictions on how they do it. Prizes could be like the winner gets to choose a model to put on one of the SG servers or something. We could do any subreddit we want or focus on a single subreddit like r/Chonkers . What do you guys think, too stupid or actually interesting?
  23. How about a new JB event, where there's only deathgames. Here are the rules: - To play, you have to be on T side (reason: collision) - you get X amount of lives. ( If you die during a deathgame you lose 1 life. ) - Everybody votes on a deathgame (Ex: say we do it like so: Gag the Ts, first 3 deathgames that pop up in chat after Ts being ungagged are the ones being voted on in a Vote (sm_vote), if a deathgame has been played, it can't be played again for the next 4 deathgames.) Maps for this event? Don't really know many because of fuckin electric maps lmao, but here are some maps that I know have loads of deathgames: -jb_moonjail_sgedit -jb_arcade_b4 Any thoughts on this? Please post below ;)
  24. So today we did retakes but knives only and this was super fun and I think the people that would attend this event would enjoy it
  25. I think we could have events like double credits and points during weekends, as a weekend madness event.