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Found 521 results

  1. Full map name: mg_switch_course_hdr What server is this suggestion for? MiniGames Link to map download: Additional information: This map is bad and not liked. Every time its played its rtved in the first 5 mins. Overall not fun map and just not liked. Can we remove it. Screenshots attached:
  2. Full map name: Mg_Pokemon_Adventure_V2_course_hdr What server is this suggestion for? Minigames Link to map download: Additional information: This map just isnt a good map in general we never ever play this map and its just way to hard and long of a map Cant find out how to get link to map download Screenshots attached:
  3. Map Removal Full map name mg_minecraft_winter2018 Type of map Minigame Why should we remove it Map is rarely played on the server. I'd like the servers opinion on this. Should the map be removed or not? Link for the map:
  4. Full map name: ttt_spaceship_v2_sgfix What server is this suggestion for? TTT Link to map download: Additional information: The map has been a server kill lately, it doesn't get as much love as it used too. Please vote if you want the map removed or not, if you have anything extra to say about the map also add that. Screenshots attached:
  5. Map Removal Full map name ba_mlcastle_se Type of map Jailbreak Why should we remove it Map just isn't played at all, when it is it's rtvd. It had it's glory days around a year ago, but now no one plays it.
  6. Map Removal Full map name Map: ttt_slender_sgfix_1 Type of map TTT Why should we remove it Personally I really am not a fan of this map because its flat, when lights are off its pitch black and when you use your flashlight most of the time it glitches and puts your shadow in front so you can't see anything. I've heard people so many times say to "rtv this map" or "why did this map get voted in", I don't like it and others don't like it so I think its time this map be put on the shelf for a bit and maybe bring it back in the future.
  7. Map Removal Full map name ttt_ts_slayers_chinese_v2 Type of map TTT Why should we remove it I ask people about this map and the general consensus is it sucks. It used to be relatively popular 2 years ago but now very few people play it. A lot of people complain when the map gets nominated. Problems: - Way too small (I know cq is too... but the players like the map a lot more) - No open area/too closed off - Flat map with like one building - Weird "gun spot" thing where you run over a platform to get a gun and half the time it doesn't work - not even worth fixing cause the map sucks regardless
  8. Map Removal Full map name jb_clouds_sgedit Type of map Jailbreak Why should we remove it - Absoloutely kills server pop. - Still has this map fix request open, and it's the only part of the map people enjoy. - Door of RLGL/Obstacle Course kills As much as I advocated for this map to stay on the server, it seems none of the playerbase like it. We'll have over 20-25 people online, the map gets nominated and selected (so atleast half the server wanted it) and then on map switch only 12 people connect. I've seen it happen more than once, and before tonight. I don't know if it's the "phase" we're going through or people can't rebel on any map that's not revamp, but the map kills the server population even at peak hours. I personally just wanted to repeat that I want this map to stay on the server, but there should be some consideration if it's worth keeping it on or. not.
  9. Map Removal Full map name bhop_linear_forest2 Type of map Bhop Why should we remove it Um I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it crashes the server every time the map is voted. Yesterday and today I tried playing the map and got the retrying public thing in console and then bhop_bedtime, the default map is up, with everyone kicked off.
  10. Map Removal Full map name mg_kc_coruse_v1-3 Type of map MiniGames Why should we remove it Buggy, overall not a good map and community distaste.
  11. Map Removal Full map name bhop_spokywinter Type of map Bhop Why should we remove it It's dark, has many weird, protruding collision spots, and multiple parts of the map don't have correct triggers to reset you when you fall. Please remove
  12. Map Removal Full map name surf_morbid- Type of map Skill Surf Why should we remove it Am I missing something? I don't play surf much so I have no idea but this is just weird. The map is probably broken and needs a fix. Otherwise, it is way too confusing for any of us to know what to do.
  13. Map Removal Full map name am_brickwork Type of map 1v1 Multi Arena Why should we remove it It's shit. Kills pop, will get RTV'ed if someone tries to start a RTV train. Ex: Tonight there was full pop, switched to am_brickwork and by halfway through the map, server pop was at around half.
  14. Map Removal Full map name ba_jail_soar_b5 Type of map Jailbreak Why should we remove it The map's been on the server for over a month (Added 12/18/19) and only has a little over an hour and a half of playtime. Generally, it doesn't seem like an interesting map people want to play. If we compare it to jb_marioworld_rsc_sgedit_v4 it has less time than it even though soar has been on the server for three weeks longer. The map often loses in split vote decisions, and I have yet to play on it for longer than 10 minutes because it gets rtv'd. I think this, along with a few other, map(s) should be removed due to them/it simply oversaturating the map pool. If we had fewer revamp/razor maps there's a slight chance that it would be played, but considering we have 5 variants of the same popular map I don't see that coming any time soon. The map was recently played again on 2/4/20 and got double rtv'd after roughly ten minutes.
  15. Map Removal Full map name bhop_spooktober_sgfix Type of map Bhop Why should we remove it Dogshit map, no one on the server liked it, it was causing lag for everyone, and it had a warmup glitch message
  16. Map Removal Full map name ba_jail_canyondamn_go Type of map Jailbreak Why should we remove it The better version of it is on the server now. If we were to keep both it would most likely confuse people, because some games are deathgames on one version and not on another.
  17. Map Removal Full map name surf_akai_final Type of map Surf Why should we remove it Map instantly crashed the server upon choosing it, I don't know if this can be fixed but @Love. said that this has happened multiple times.
  18. Map Removal Full map name am_precision1 Type of map 1v1 Multi Arena Why should we remove it Maps spawns are big poopy. And some spots are so dark you can barely see the other player.
  19. Map Removal Full map name bhop_trix Type of map Bhop Why should we remove it The map randomly teleports you to random stages so sometimes you complete in a minute and half with 8 stages. Other times you can only get 3 stages and get 30 seconds times. Also the map just sucks in general.
  20. Map Removal Full map name am_banana_20 Type of map 1v1 Multi Arena Why should we remove it Map was a factor in killing the population during today's event. It was very much disliked due to it being heavily CT-sided if you just had the Krieg and got to the logs. The map is more crouch and prefire then "aim." This nees to be updated as well:
  21. Map Removal Full map name mg_cutie_multigames_v1 Type of map MiniGames Why should we remove it Good portion of the playerbase doesn't like this map, most of the minigames on this map are either boring or broken. Just play rainbow race or tazer once and tell me that this map is well made.
  22. Map Removal Full map name mg_50arenas_v2_3 Type of map MiniGames Why should we remove it A bland deathmatch map that I haven't seen played in weeks. It's just taking up space on our nomination list at this point.
  23. Map Suggestion Full map name ttt_canyon_b1 Type of map TTT Link to map download Additional Information insanely large map, dark and unfun for all players to play. some ladders on the map arent even functional and it is often delayed. also, for some odd reason, low population server enjoys to pick this map despite it being one of the biggest maps. Screenshots attached No this is supposed to be a removal request. im sorry
  24. Map Removal Full map name jb_prisonbreak_galaxy Type of map Jailbreak Why should we remove it This map is never played on, like ever. Plus, more than half of the SG JB COMMUNITY dislikes this map, it is not wanted. one of the most unplayed maps on SG JB Just get rid of it, it kills the server when played.
  25. Map Removal Full map name ttt_floodzone_V1 Type of map TTT Why should we remove it Map gets RTV'd everytime it's voted for. Map is so foggy that you can barely see 10 feet in front of you. Every round is dragged out as long as possible because of the size of the map and view distance. T's are unable to find innocents and detectives. Radar rarely works well enough to see the enemy players. Easy to get stuck in the water without being able to find a way out.