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  1. Custom game overwatch 2 5v5, idk looks kind of suspect, could be an imposter
  2. With the new servers removed, there should be more space in the dedis to have enough room for a 1v1 server, as I have been interested in the past as a staff member to see if anyone would be interested in helping out. This thread is for overall interest in terms of would you like to see a 1v1 server and if yes, would you possibly help out in this. I would personally like to see if come back as for the main reasons why it was discontinued was the fact that it was neglected, and I did in fact make some silly changes as a manager, including adding cosmetics.
  3. i would really appreciate if someone could add some big boobies to the server i think it make the pop go up and more fun zero-two model big booba neptune maid yea thanks
  4. Brought to you by Cartoon Network; Swap around the themes for ZE and JB Turn ZE into guards vs prisoners for a weekend Turn JB into Weebs (protagonists) vs Zombies for a weekend >profit???
  5. Make a bracket for the contestants and pick out like 30 categories of music, artist, genre, time period, etc and spin a wheel to see what the category is for that round. Have both participants pick a song for that category and have the rest of the people participating vote on the song that best fits the category. Could have it streamed on twitch and have the twitch chat vote on it, not sure if twitch allows people to play music though.
  6. [Jailbreak] Seems decently self-explanatory, terrorist ranks in contrast to CT ranks. This has probably been suggested before, feel free to drop suggestions and critics. For CTs, you have military-esk ranks : Private, Sargent, Colonel, etc. For Ts, you could get a little more memes with it, going the way of mobile game ads/"what are ya in for?" 1. Crook 2. Petty Thief 3. Money Launderer 4. Gangster 5. Arsonist 6. Racketeer 7. Professional 8. Mob Boss 9. Jihadist 10. Michael Myers Obviously, this is only an example(put this list together in 20 minutes), but serves the same function as CT ranks do, allowing people to see how long they've been on a team.
  7. I know it's been an event before and I think it'll be fun.
  8. I'd like to see an MG hide and seek event, theres 1 to 3 seekers depending on how many hiders there are, we've had these events before but they've been prop hunt events. I'm thinking about an event where theres no prop aspect of it, but there is secret hiding spots all across the maps. There's different csgo map revamps of inferno, dust, mirage, cache and all different csgo official maps turned into minecraft versions of them, or just default csgo versions with openable spots in the walls, interactive doors that you arent supposed to be able to interact with. I've played these maps a couple times with some friends and on some of them we've had occasions where we play for hours at a time. It's fun to try and hunt for all the different hiding spots and fun to seek for the people hiding. I don't know for sure if an event has been submitted like this before, but I don't remember one recently so I'm gonna hope this gets turned into an actual event.
  9. I couldn't find or remember the last time we did one of these Minecraft Hunger Games Events. I remember it was a lot of fun with the streamers casting it, and overall was just a lot of fun. I'd like to suggest that we do it again since almost everyone has Minecraft, its near the summer, and the forums have become more popular since then. I think that it would be fun for a lot of people at SG to have another Minecraft HUNGER GAMES. Now this event has a little freedom for whatever the events people want to do. They can turn it into a minigames Minecraft event, but I feel the only downside to this is that it probably won't attract much viewers to the live if we are sitting there drawing in Mineplex (which was where the event was hosted last time). There could be a different event after or at a completely different date that would include those minigames because the Minecraft scene is more heavily focused on PvP which would be Hunger Gamer / Survival Games. Take my event idea into consideration please.
  10. Make a new discord stage and have people go up and sing one or two at a time, music could chosen via vote or the people singing. maybe everyone could vote at the end for who won? winner gets reward or smt?
  11. Hello everyone! As I'm sure all of you know by now that S-G has Tf2 server (shocking I know). But every time I check on the server it only has 0 - 2 players max. So the event idea is a "most damage event" VSH event. The idea is that the player who can get the most damage as the mercenaries (against the hale) could get a prize. Equally for when you play as the hale whoever gets the most kills as the hale can also get it's own certain prize. What do you all think? I personally feel this would be a great chance to get the ball rolling on the arena server and maybe it could have a consistent player base in the Tf2 community. Any feedback is welcome! I am very excited about this event is it does get approved! The idea is that the event would last two - three weeks to give players ample amount of time to get the numbers up! ALSO! For you medic players, since medic isn't a damage dealing class a way to keep players to playing medic during the event is either amount healed or number of ubers used.
  12. Hey here I am with my quarterly checkup. Here are some pretty nifty thrifty TTT event ideas since TTT events have sort of been dying out. My first idea for a TTT event would be a kind of just fun Vampire round thing that might be possible for a day or so. This plugin seems to just be a way to have a round where any damage you deal to someone you gain their health. With this plugin it also looks as if you can set the max health which is default 500 which seems like a decent way to balance it. With traitors most likely going to have more health it makes it so then the innocents would have to work together and use their numbers to take down the traitors. This can also be implemented with the famous Outcast event. The next Event Idea I have is adding some type of killstreak plugin into TTT for Traitors and Detectives. The plugin shows that it works with taking the amount of kills and matching that up with a console command to give weapons such as grenades which I believe can be replaced with T or Detective items in the store/menu. The small amount I read about it also shows that it can be set up for team kills and enemy kills so it should work in TTT in practice. I feel like this would be a new refreshing way to play with a different challenge for Traitors to push for more kills. This might be a little much than what we have done in the past as I know most TTT events exist in the realm of "*Insert Model Here* has been added and it has started our *insert bad pun referring to the model here* Karma Contest! This will be going from *Insert Date* to *How ever long enough it takes until TTT players get bored*!!!" Anyways though that's really all I have to say. I'll keep trying to think of ways to revive the dying TTT community.
  13. i like the star wars skins but i have a suggestion for how the supporter skins should work maybe instead of it not being possible for the lower supporter ranks to buy the higher rank supporter skins you make the skins buyable but expensive like 10k credits or higher and keep it free or at a discount for the rank the skin corresponds to
  14. Full map name: deathrun_bunker_a3 Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? one of the traps lets u launch on top the roof of the buildings. Also you can prob get behind the fence without a boost.
  15. Forum Suggestion! What if we did forum themes! For things such as Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and maybe even some holidays! Like for fall, we have orange leaves falling down continuously! Or spring, a bunch of flower's falling, etc! It'd be fairly cool or festive to have, brings you in a bit. If this was already planned- uh im dumb Welp, now I go cuddle with my dog- bye bye!
  16. Hey so I suggested this in the new forums suggestions thread, and unless I misunderstood, @Gatorsaid that if something someone wanted to suggest or already suggested was not covered in his final post of that thread, to just make a new thread for forums suggestions. So, since it was not covered in the final post, I figured that it would be worth suggesting again because it would be a nice QOL feature. As seen above, here is what I suggested. I don't really have anything else to add, just wanted to re-bring up my suggestion.
  17. So I had this thought in my mind for a while where people are free damaging in TTT and when we kill them we lose karma. So I thought we could be able to set up a karma system where if someone damages you and you kill them you won’t lose karma since they damaged you.
  18. We haven't had this event in a while and the last one had a pretty good turnout. I figured more MG events would be good for getting pop back up and attracting new players. Here's the last event:
  19. Thread name says it all. Here are some models I think would be good for the servers that would want to use them. Gamebanana links are hyperlinked to the character's names. 1. Deku x Uraraka 2. Issac Clarke Security Suit 3. Donald Trump (this would be great for a protect the president event (*wink wink*) )
  20. I think having a haunted event featuring these 3-4 maps would be a great idea. ze_nightmare_dimension_p2 ze_luigismansion_p3 ze_slender_escape_rc2 and maybe ze_chaos_v7_4f thanks @Venom with helping me suggest ze_slender_escape_rc2
  21. Hello, so my friend started hosting a TTT server. And we wanted to install the !ws plugin. But when we installed it, then the knife worked and the gun skins worked from shop but it didnt work at the TTT maps from the guns spawned defaultly on the map. So basicly when I equip a map weapon the skin is not applied. I know several TTT servers with !ws plugin working. Could someone tell me how to fix it? Do I need some kind of plugin to make it work? Please we tried many kinds of things to try to make it work but nothing worked. Please I need help. Thanks for any kinds of replies.
  22. A battle royale of 25 JB mains and 25 TTT mains. Winner gets bragging rights. Was originally a 5v5, changed to this because fortnite If not a battle royale, then a simple 5v5. 2 or 3 teams of 10 on both sides. Suggested by @Mace Picking which side you are on depends on which server you like more. Obviously, Im the most skilled TTT player and will draft my TTT men to war.
  23. So for those who don't know, SG ZE has a reputation among the ZE community for being a server which only fucks around and can never beat maps I think having a good tryhard event where we try and beat a bunch of hard maps would be a great idea and prove that we can beat hard maps . After looking at all the maps, and talking with some one who also plays ZE alot i think this would be a good map selection for a tryhard event 1. Lucy Escape 2. Frostdrake 3. Diddle 4. Santassination The Guy Who Helped Me Come Up With This Amazing Event Idea/Suggestion [ATTACH=CONFIG]21666[/ATTACH]
  24. Hey all just throwing an idea out here to see how people would like it! As stated in the title this is a Halo: Reach Legendary all skulls on speed run. We would have a week to complete the game by any means necessary. We could do groups or solo speedruns but I think groups could make good stream content. Rules would be No cheating/hacking No Pausing Runs have to be completed in a session to be a valid run Lemme know what you think.
  25. I think its save to say that a valorant tourney is must right now especially after the event we just had, sounds like a lot of people enjoyed it. or just more valorant scrims.