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Found 85 results

  1. So I had this thought in my mind for a while where people are free damaging in TTT and when we kill them we lose karma. So I thought we could be able to set up a karma system where if someone damages you and you kill them you won’t lose karma since they damaged you.
  2. Please post any suggestions you have for the new forums here. BUGS DO NOT GO HERE! PLEASE USE THE BUG TRACKER!
  3. We haven't had this event in a while and the last one had a pretty good turnout. I figured more MG events would be good for getting pop back up and attracting new players. Here's the last event:
  4. Thread name says it all. Here are some models I think would be good for the servers that would want to use them. Gamebanana links are hyperlinked to the character's names. 1. Deku x Uraraka 2. Issac Clarke Security Suit 3. Donald Trump (this would be great for a protect the president event (*wink wink*) )
  5. I think having a haunted event featuring these 3-4 maps would be a great idea. ze_nightmare_dimension_p2 ze_luigismansion_p3 ze_slender_escape_rc2 and maybe ze_chaos_v7_4f thanks @Venom with helping me suggest ze_slender_escape_rc2
  6. Hello, so my friend started hosting a TTT server. And we wanted to install the !ws plugin. But when we installed it, then the knife worked and the gun skins worked from shop but it didnt work at the TTT maps from the guns spawned defaultly on the map. So basicly when I equip a map weapon the skin is not applied. I know several TTT servers with !ws plugin working. Could someone tell me how to fix it? Do I need some kind of plugin to make it work? Please we tried many kinds of things to try to make it work but nothing worked. Please I need help. Thanks for any kinds of replies.
  7. Hey all, wanted to suggest a simple but potentially fun event for TTT. Voice Radius TTT Yes it is as simple as it sounds. I think this would be a creative and unique way to play TTT compared to how we already do. Adding in voice radius would really change the elements of TTT, wanted to get a poll of people to see how many of you would actually like to try this out!
  8. A battle royale of 25 JB mains and 25 TTT mains. Winner gets bragging rights. Was originally a 5v5, changed to this because fortnite If not a battle royale, then a simple 5v5. 2 or 3 teams of 10 on both sides. Suggested by @Mace Picking which side you are on depends on which server you like more. Obviously, Im the most skilled TTT player and will draft my TTT men to war.
  9. So for those who don't know, SG ZE has a reputation among the ZE community for being a server which only fucks around and can never beat maps I think having a good tryhard event where we try and beat a bunch of hard maps would be a great idea and prove that we can beat hard maps . After looking at all the maps, and talking with some one who also plays ZE alot i think this would be a good map selection for a tryhard event 1. Lucy Escape 2. Frostdrake 3. Diddle 4. Santassination The Guy Who Helped Me Come Up With This Amazing Event Idea/Suggestion [ATTACH=CONFIG]21666[/ATTACH]
  10. Hey all just throwing an idea out here to see how people would like it! As stated in the title this is a Halo: Reach Legendary all skulls on speed run. We would have a week to complete the game by any means necessary. We could do groups or solo speedruns but I think groups could make good stream content. Rules would be No cheating/hacking No Pausing Runs have to be completed in a session to be a valid run Lemme know what you think.
  11. I think its save to say that a valorant tourney is must right now especially after the event we just had, sounds like a lot of people enjoyed it. or just more valorant scrims.
  12. I think depending on how this upcoming Valorant event goes, it would be cool to do a Valorant tournament if enough people were interested. It's obviously very popular and it would be good to branch out in to some other games.
  13. I'm surprised this isn't already a command, but all SG servers should have a !server(s) command. It would show all 11 servers SG has and their IPs. This would be a very useful command for new/casual players that might be interested in other SG servers. I don't think this would be hard to implement, and it's benefits far outweighs the time it would take to implement it. Additionally, I haven't seen SG take down servers that frequently, so editing the list wouldn't be a common occurence.
  14. Map Fix Request Full map name ba_canyondam_csgo_V7-2_sgedit_V3 Type of map Jailbreak Link to the map What the problem is The elevator in main cell kills T's if there are more than 4 on there. Tested it a few times and it always leaves 4 T's alive. Jumping on it did seem to kill you as well whether you were kept alive or not. Seems like a clipping issue because there were some invisible blocks around the elevator. Video-
  15. Map Fix Request Full map name ba_jail_minecraftparty_v6 Type of map Jailbreak Link to the map What the problem is The car can be pushed out and driven, it can kill people. (dont have a clip of that it got corrupted)
  16. Map Fix Request Full map name jb_obama_v5_beta_fixv2 Type of map Jailbreak Link to the map What the problem is Once you get to this part of deathrun you can't do the rest. There's these blocks that are supposedly supposed to be a trap that open and close, but instead they're static.
  17. I noticed a lot of members on discord playing chess a lot recently and was wondering if a type of chess event would be a nice idea to do. Maybe something like a chess tournament, or something of the like.
  18. Hand simulator is one of those games with difficult controls that people can just mess around in and make stupid jokes on, really fun with a group of friends. Not sure how good it is to set up lobbies and shit, and it might only support 8 players at once in some games but I still think people could have fun. Only $2 on steam too.
  19. I initially pitched this to Kieran, who said something along the lines of "No tournaments until SGSL is over", but I wanted to get everyone else's opinion. Pokemon Showdown is a Pokemon battle simulator which allows players to create team compositions without grinding for EVs and IVs and Eevees to make the perfect team. There was one done in the past by Senpai here, but since then there has been a new generation and some changes. The game itself is free online or downloadable here.
  20. Everyone always complains about certain cosmetics interfering with gameplay, specifically the minecraft head on JB and TTT. I think it makes sense to allow players to be able to turn off some of the remaining cosmetics like hats and masks in the store settings the same way aura’s and particle trails etc. can be turned off.
  21. I actually got this idea from a War Owl video ( ), but I thought it would be a good idea for an event. Essentially, you have one or more players invisible, and the rest have to figure out a way to kill them. It might be harder to implement for a large scale event, but I thought it was a cool concept. Idk, kinda reminds me of the old Predator movies, thought I'd just throw the idea out there.
  22. So recently I’ve been grinding for all the status awards on every server and I noticed how FFA DM isn’t on the list for playtime/status awards, I definitely think this should be added since then it would maybe encourage FFA DM users to come to the forums since a lot of them are very competitive. I’ve also noticed in JB whenever you do !statsme the time shown is incorrect, it doesn’t come close to whatever the gamestatsme stuff says on here, the forums. Another thing I’ve noticed is how the gamestatsme page is incorrect. My scrim thing says I have like 23 hours and 43 minutes but when I add my CT and T time I have 24 hours and 40 minutes and 18 in spectator. Lastly, I wish there was a command to see how many days you have on surf dm rpg if there isn’t already, I tried testing some and they didn’t work, that’s if we had any that I didn’t know about, itd make tracking our awards 20x easier!
  23. Map Fix Request Full map name ttt_westwood2_sg Type of map TTT Link to the map What the problem is You can see see through the wall next to the door,
  24. Not an original idea, I know for a fact this idea has been on the waters. I just would like to see if this could be given a little more attention on the table and hear from the community what everyone thinks about having an SG KZ server with map records, long jump stats, etc. Making this post to see what everyone's thoughts and opinions. EDIT 1: Thank you to all the replies and those who supported! I added a poll as suggested by @Che
  25. Map Fix Request Full map name ttt_dolls_sg_v1 Type of map TTT Link to the map only link I could find its an old version for gmod dont know if its the same What the problem is you can see through the vent under the bed and see people on the corner of the staircase