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  1. You asked for it so here you go... Make sure to bring your best Greggy persona! Map List ze_war_v1_4 ze_boatescape5_reloaded_v1 ze_sst_b2_1_p5 ze_licciana_escape_zrgbr_b3 ze_iamlegend_p3 ze_titanic_escape_v2_3_p ze_moon_base_p3 ze_p_5v_epacse_paceci ze_atix_panic_v1 ze_atix_apocalypse_p3 ze_timesplitters_p2 ze_mario_tower_v4_p2 ze_666_crazy_escape_b3 zm_krusty_krab_a3_csgo When? Saturday, September 25th @ 5pm EDT Where? If you have any good event ideas you can propose them in the #suggestions section on the Official SGZE Discord! If you are not already in our Official SGZE Discord, below is the link to join. Just click the image and you will be redirected automatically.
  2. THE ULTIMATE ZE GIVEAWAY!² Huge thanks to @Mikey. for blessing us with a Flip Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)! A knife worth around $300! If you want a chance to win this knife and you want to prove it to all of Steam-Gamers that ZE is the best of the best, you the players and admins need to commit to reach a server rank of 500 or lower by September 30th. What will help is to invite your friends whenever you're on, and spend an extra few minutes in each session you play just to keep the server population steady. A high and steady population will ultimately be what lowers the rank of ZE. If for some reason, we as a whole group don't get to the goal we set forth then don't worry, we plan on continuing this type of tradition until we reach our goal each month. - In the words of the famous @Greggy G How can you enter? In order to qualify for an entry in the giveaway, you must play 32 amount of hours on the server. AFKing in spectate will require double the hours. Thank this post so we can keep track of people participating. NOTE: IF YOU PURPOSEFULLY TRY TO KILL THE SERVER OR SABOTAGE OTHER PLAYERS' TIME PLAYED, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE GIVEAWAY. This includes: - Nominating troll or bad maps with the intention of killing the server - Being overly toxic, which will hurt the server overall - Anything else that would cause players to leave based on your actions -Point Farmers will be Slayed/Kicked/Banned During this event the points will be reset and as an added bonus the top 5 ranked players will be given a prize for the grind. Special thanks to @Maniac for providing some of the skins below for the event! Rank 1: StatTrak™ MP9 | Food Chain (Factory New) + 1 month player model of choice! Rank 2: StatTrak™ PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis (Factory New) Rank 3: StatTrak™ Negev | Loudmouth (Minimal Wear) Rank 4: Negev | Phoenix Stencil (Factory New) Rank 5: StatTrak™ PP-Bizon | High Roller (Minimal Wear) Additional prizes will be given away thanks to Mikey's donation! (4x) Steam game(s) or game skin(s) up to $20 in value M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested) WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THE ZE DISCORD
  3. Shoutout @miche for the banner :3 MG Map Testing As the title says, we will be testing out some new maps, this is actually a whole new game mode called fight yard! This mode is similar to deathmatch, but when you die you are able to respawn. When? Sunday , September 26 @ 5 PM EST Where? Maps? fy_simpsons_yard fy_vertumnus fy_poolparty Join the SG discord if you haven't already!
  4. We're gonna start off easy for our first map completion event following the reset! Come help us beat some maps this Saturday! Map List ze_portal_story_p2 (Easy) ze_shroomforest_p6 (Medium) ze_mako_reactor_v5_3_v5 (Medium) ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6 (Hard) When? Saturday, September 18th @ 7pm EDT Where? Zombie Escape IP: Our current map completion list can be found here. An archive of our prior completion list can be found here. If you have any good event ideas you can propose them in the #suggestions section on the Official SGZE Discord! If you are not already in our Official SGZE Discord, below is the link to join. Just click the image and you will be redirected automatically.
  5. I decided to run this mini event to level the playing field and give the little guy a chance to win some sweet TOP 5 prizes. Me, Nate, and whoever we choose to run this little event will announce a specific challenge on the server. Whoever beats the challenge wins x amount of points. For example: I can randomly join the server and say "Who ever infects the last human wins x points" Those points will then be added on to whatever amount of points you've earned by the end of the giveaway event. This instance will be sporadic When? Now until Thursday, September 30th Where? Zombie Escape IP:
  6. Tired of playing ze_saw_p3 all the time? Me too! Let's test a bunch of sweet new maps this Saturday Map List ze_paranoid_rezurrection_csgo1 ze_visualizer ze_war_v1_4 ze_blue_magic_castle_v3_1 ze_nameless_necropolis_v3 ze_hold_em_v8 When? Saturday, September 11th @ 7pm EST Where? Zombie Escape IP:
  7. Thanks @thuxysfor the banner De_fenestration MG is back with another interesting event to say the least. Your task is to save/protect hostages but with a twist. Instead of the CT side attempting to take back the hostage, they already have the hostage from the start. There goal is to bring the hostages back to the middle of the map while facing the T side. When? Sunday, September 5, @ 7 PM EST Where? Maps de_fenestration_v8 df_summit Video Join the SG discord
  8. ⸮nɘʜW TƧƎ MԳ მ @ ʜɈμ ɿɘdmɘɈqɘƧ ,γɒbɿυɈɒƧ ⸮ɘɿɘʜW Ɉɘn.ƨɿɘmɒϱ-mɒɘɈƨ.ɘz :ԳI ɘqɒɔƨƎ ɘidmoZ Ɉƨi⅃ qɒM ze_p_5v_epacse_paceci ƨlɘboM ƨɘidmoZ ƨnɒmυH
  9. Thanks @crazedkangaroo for the banner! Jailbreak Gang Wars & CT Rank Race Event The Gang Wars event is finally here! The event will last throughout August and the top 3 gangs will receive prizes. Along with gang wars, we will also be resetting CT ranks and the top 3 CTs at the end of the event will receive prizes as well. Also shoutout to @TheZZL and @Dom for actually running this event. Gang and CT Rank commands: How to earn points: When July 29th - August 31st Where Jailbreak IP: Prizes First Place: Unique Model for the entire Top Gang & Top CT* Second Place: 10,000 Credits and Beta Access to the new LastRequest plugin** for each participating member in a Gang & second placed CT Third Place: 5,000 Credits and a Factory New SSG 08 | Death's Head for each participating member in a Gang & third placed CT *Management has the final say regarding the model **Management will get into contact to the winners regarding when Beta Access can be revealed to the winners and when they can test Make sure to join our Jailbreak Steam Group to never miss another Jailbreak Event!
  10. A final goodbye to KZ! This Months Map! Free Nuke! An edited version of de_nuke, that opens up and removes barriers from spots that otherwise you could not get to. Here is a 3kliksphilip video on it: As a way to say goodbye to KZ, we decided to keep KZ on Free Nuke until the server is officially shut down. Thank you everyone who helped with the server, and played on the server! Server IP:
  11. Thanks @Nate.for the banner Scrim 2055 The premise of 2055 maps is envisioning the maps in the future. Make sure to try out all our favorite maps but in a run down state. Maps de_mirage_2055 de_overpass_2055 Downloads (make sure to place the maps in maps folder) Where When Sunday, August 29 @ 5 PM EST Join the SG discord
  12. We got some new maps to test and we need your guys help =))) Map List ze_jjba ze_FFXII_Mt_Bur_Omisace_v5_4fix4 ze_thousand_steps_b7_2 ze_honkai_impact_3rd_cyberpunk_cityv26_7 ze_mapeadores ze_voodoo_islands_p5 When? Saturday, August 28th 7pm est Where? Zombie Escape IP:
  13. Thanks @ThRzafor the banner MG Crazy Kart Join us for this great map while we race on kart and F-Zero races. So make sure to come for this Mario kart remake. When? Sunday, August 22 @ 7 pm EST Where? MiniGames - Join the SG discord
  14. Thanks @crazedkangaroofor the great banner! MiniGames Deathrun Deathrun is a gamemode that involves two teams, the "Deaths" and the "Runners". The runners try to complete the map while dodging traps the death team sets off. Maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 deathrun_bunker_a3 deathrun_sonic_shpdr deathrun_simpsons_ff_d_hdr When? Sunday, August 15 @ 7 PM EST Where? Join the SG discord
  15. Driven by a series of c-Virus outbreaks, a bioweapon which causes Steam-Gamers Disease, the majority of the communities' 10,000 people were infected through contaminated drinking water and were driven to commit brutal group homicides. To prevent the spread of both the virus and classified information elsewhere into the servers, the Board of@Director's imposed a large exclusion zone around Steam-Gamers, and the Community Advisors coordinated military operations within the city to euthanize the infected and rescue uninfected survivors. When? Saturday , August 14th @ 8 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_biohazard2_rpd_004_p3 ze_biohazard_manor_004_p4 ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b5 Models Nemesis Resident Evil 3 RMK Chris Redfield
  16. Thanks to @thuxysfor the banner! Do YOU like sitting in a corner of a map hard scoping and making children mad? Do you live in your mother's basement? This event is for YOU! Call of TTT is going to be four maps from COD games and you’re only allowed to use scoped weapons like the AUG, Krieg, AWP and more. AWPs will be on the map for everyone to use. This will only be for the duration of the event. When Saturday, August 7th @ 5 PM EST Where / Maps de_firing_range ttt_terminal_sg_v1 ttt_highrise_mw2_sg ttt_nuketown_sg_v1
  17. Guess we woke up in the past. Come join us where we will attempt to beat some all time favorites! When? Saturday, July 31st @ 6 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_v5 ze_Pirates_Port_Royal_v5 ze_Bathroom_v2
  18. Thanks @crazedkangaroofor the banner Admins vs Regs Hey, were back with another Admins vs Regs. Admins will be on ct side and Regs will be on T side. We might even switch sides so regs can boss around our admins! Where? When? Friday, July 16 @ 7 PM EST Make sure to join the SG discord Make sure to join the new and improved JB steam group
  19. Thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the banner TTT Unlocked is a brand new event being brought to the server. The main idea of this event is that the Detective and Traitor menus are going to be expanded with some newer and older items. Even some old items like the random teleporter will be brought back for the duration of the event. Where: Trouble in Terrorist Town - When: Friday July 9th (6/9/21) @ 5 PM EST Maps: ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5 ttt_dolls_sg_v1 ttt_community_pool_2017_v1_7 We also have a Discord that you should check out if you're not in it already : - )
  20. thanks @Nate. for the banner JB Map Testing Event The JailBreak Staff presents to you three new maps to be tested and possibly added to the server depending on how well liked they are. Make sure to attend to check out these awesome maps, and to voice your opinion on them! Maps jb_oasis_v2c jb_snow_hex_v1 jb_vipinthemix_csgo_hex_v4 Where? When? Saturday July 3 @ 7 PM EST Join the SG discord server now
  21. Do you hear that? That's the sound of the neurotoxin emitters emitting neurotoxin. Take down GLaDOS in a Portal themed map. See how Aperture Science is really running things. When? Sunday, June 27th @ 6 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_portal_story_p2 (Easy)
  22. Thanks @Clamorfor the banner MG Prop Hunt Back with another MG event and this time its a classic coming back. If you dont know what Prop Hunt is its a gamemode where the T's disguise themselves as props and hide while the CTs search for them. The props will have 5 minutes to hide from the CTs before the round ends. If a CT shoots a prop that isn't a player, they will take damage. When? Saturday , June 26 @ 7 PM EST Where? Maps? Mcdonalds ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5 ph_junkyard_sg_v2 Join the SG discord if you haven't already
  23. Jailbreak RTD event The RTD event is coming back to Jailbreak! It will be the same RTD plugin as last time with lot of cool dice rolls. All you have to do is type !dice and you get a random ability such as 1hp or invisibility. There will also be an amogus model available for FREE during the event! @Strayyz will be streaming the event so be sure to check out our twitch at FREE Model: When? Friday June 25th @ 5pm EST Where? Server IP: Join our discord to be notified of new events and announcements
  24. Zombie Escape Event #07 The critical security system has been shut down on Isla Nublar! Dinosaurs are roaming freely over the island and it has become a race for survival. Join us where we will attempt to steal the dinosaur embryos off the island while being chased by dozens of mutated zombies. Might even get a surprise appearance from Samuel L. Jackson. When? Saturday, May 29th @ 4 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_isla_nublar_p3 [Easy] ze_jurassic_park_story_csgo [Easy]
  25. JB Juggernaut If you don't already know how this event works the CT side is given a limited amount of players in exchange for increased health. We will also be buffing the jihad for this event. When? May 9 @ 7 PM EST Where? connect Join now