Free For All Deathmatch

Managed by Dreamz and TheZZL

Server Info

  • Game CS:GO
  • IP Address
  • Players ?/?
  • Map ?
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Server Overview

FFA (Free For All) is a deathmatch gamemode that puts players against each other with any gun of their choosing. The goal is to kill anyone you see to score kill streaks, with each kill granting you a full ammo clip and some health regained. You're on your own in this server, pal!

Server Rules

• Respect all admins and players alike.

• No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).

• Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Small jokes are fine. Use of the N-word with the hard 'R' is strictly prohibited. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags.

• Do not have confusing names or names that can't be pronounced, subject to admin discretion (includes invisible & foreign characters).

• No advertising other servers, clans or websites.

• Do not evade or avoid punishment.

• No hacking/scripting. This includes hyperscrolling, aimbot, wallhacks etc.

• No ghosting.

• No exploiting.

• Do not abuse the !calladmin command by reporting players for fake reasons.

• Do not point farm (hotkeying, afking, scripting) while afk or not playing.