24/7 CAF + HELI

Managed by Infinityward and Kopsta

Server Info

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Server Overview

24/7 CAF fighting for the True North strong and free. Supported by helicopters, teams will fight to gain control of the territory. With an active admin roster and daily seeding, join us for some fun!

Server Details

CAF and an enemy faction battle for control over the wretched land.

Find more information about CAF on Gamepedia.

Server Rules

• Respect all admins and players alike.

• No hacking/glitching.

• We will not tolerate any form of disrespect or harassment.

• Absolutely no racism of any kind.

• No ghosting. (This includes giving away the location of your teams FOBs or revealing the amount of tickets your team has.)

• No Intentional Team Killing.

• Acknowledge ALL team kills in all chat.

• No spamming of any kind (Text/Voice), you may play music in local chat.

• No trolling/griefing.

• No Asset wasting. (Heli ramming and rotorclipping are considered asset wasting.)

• Squad leaders MUST have a designated Squad Leader kit, you must also have a microphone and use it in english.

• DO NOT create squads and immediately give away Squad Leader.

• All Helicopter squads are limited to 4 players total.

• All vehicles requiring crewman kit (BTRs, MBTs, BMPs, etc) must be manned by a minimum of 2 players.

• Infantry squads must be lead by an Infantry Squad Leader. (ex. The Squad Leader cannot fly a helicopter while leading an Infantry Squad.)

• No firing or placing mines within 300 meters of the enemy main. If there is a point within 300 meters of main or it is a smaller map (use your judgement) the distance is 100 meters.


Seeding Rules:

• The fight is over the middle point until its a 25v25.
• No Attacking other HABs/Points.
• If there is an enemy FOB on the middle point you may attack it, all other FOBs are off limit.
• Do not push past the middle point for any reason.