Managed by  Damon

Server Info

  • Game TF2
  • IP Address
  • Players ?/?
  • Map ?
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Server Overview

Arena removes the ability to respawn and is round based - just like Counter-Strike! This encourages a new set of playstyles and certain combinations of mercenaries. Battle it out and try to win as many rounds in a row as possible.

Server Rules

  • Do not use or advertise hacks.
  • Do not exploit or abuse commands and or glitches.
  • We will not tolerate any form of disrespect or harassment. This includes using the rules or a lack there of to harass another player.
  • Do not disrespect players and admins alike.
  • Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Small jokes are fine. Use of the N-word with the hard 'R' is strictly prohibited. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags.
  • Do not impersonate an admin. This means that you cannot have the "[SG]" tag in your name if you are not an admin.
  • Do not scam.
  • Do not spam voice or chat.
  • Do not advertise other servers, clans, or websites.
  • Do not evade punishment.
  • Do not use inappropriate sprays. For example: gore, pornography, lolicon, or racist sprays. We reserve the right to remove any spray.
  • Do not harm your team for extended periods of time. For example: Do not block sniper views or make teleporter traps.