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I AM TAKING REQUESTS! please see the link below for a list of cars




here are a few cars that i drive in Forza. I have been working on the paint for most of these cars for some time now and would like to see what people think of my work:



my pride and joy 1992 VW Golf GTi AWD. the car is blue with a red mid section, a white accent GFX, and an off white rear section. (paint time: 1.5 hours) Plate: YIFFIE (if any of these plates offend you... THEN SCREW YOU! i dont care :p)



my heavy hitting 2007 911 turbo AWD (997). the car is black with red tribal's on the right side and white on the left side. (paint time: 1 hour) plate: FURRY2



my 2000 Nissan S15. a drift car that i made in Juiced 2 that i thought would look cool in forza the car is red with a fade to black at the rear with tiger strips covering the rest of the car. (paint time: 2 hours) Plate: FURRY3

UPDATE! this car was sold to buy another car. more pics to fallow.



my 2002 2F2F skyline. this was a fun car to paint but needs some more shading on the side GFX. this car is white with 2 front strips on the hood and multi stripes on the sides. painted to look like the 2F2F skyline. (paint time: 3.5 hours) Plate: N/A

UPDATE: car sold to buy a different car. new pics to fallow.



my 2003 BMW M3 GTR NFS:MW. my fav drift car hands down. the car is snow white with blue GFX covering the car. (paint time: 4.5 hours) Plate: FURRY4



my 2003 VW R32. first project to have a plate on it. the car is black with gray tribal covering the car. (paint time: 1 hour (plate paint time: 45 mins.)) Plate: Was HG J R32. current plate: FURRY6



my 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 BB. it is painted with a purlescent red with a black tint. it has 2 white stripes down the center. Plate: N/A



This is my first try at taking two of the forza pics(you can only take a pic of one car at a time in singleplayer mode and there is no way to take a pic of 2 or more cars... stupped i think.) and putting them togeather.

yes i know. it needs some more work...




badly painted 1991 BMW E30 M3 paint time: 30 mins Plate: FURRY3



a 2004 Evo 8 with a cheap paint job. paint time: 30 mins plate: N/A



a 2000 mustang saleen S2810 custom paint and hood. modded body. paint time: 15 mins plate: FURRY5



a 2007 Lambo Gallardo. the car is gray with white tribles. Paint time: 30 mins Plate: FURRY! (first car to have the FURRY plate before the numbers were added) this car has been sold to buy the skyline. then the skyline was sold to buy the...



a paint theme of what my dads old VW Caddy pickup (for the people in the states who dont know about VW. its the rabbit in the US and the Caddy over seas.) looked like. wrong body stye but the paint is the same. the X's between the door and the rear window are for each first place win the truck came in. after 3 years the truck was retired and the number retired from the track for the "Baja Turck Enduros" Paint time: 45 mins Plate: 4Q (non german plate)



another take on the evo. thought i would try something new. tell me what ya think. paint time: 3.5 hours



another repaint of the evo... paint time todate: 4.5 hours



repaint of the R32. driving though Adenaur-Forst at the Nürburgring




a custom 2001 VW Bora Harlequin Paint time: 2 hours Plate: N/A



a 2000 Audi A4. custom painted to match Christian Miller's 034 Motorsports Audi used for Eurotuners ET GP08

paint time: 3 hours. Plate: FURRY7


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they all look epic but the awd and nissan look sort of the same and the skyline and bmw looks somewhat the same, otherwise they look sweet, 5/5


they do look kinda the same, but they dont at the same time. they might not be the best art work i have ever done but im trying. im working on a new project right now and i am hoping to make it better then what these are. im very proud of the 2 replica cars but they can be remade all the time. i want something that cant be replicatid. if you have any ideas of cars that i could try a paint sceem on feel free to leave me an idea.

here is the like to the forza 2 car list: http://forzamotorsport.net/news/announcements/carlist.htm


thanks for the comment ping :)

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i have a list of people... sad aint it? but thanks for the comment


Hey no prob! Sorry to hear that some people can't accept what others like.... Anyway I love the chevy man!

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Hey no prob! Sorry to hear that some people can't accept what others like.... Anyway I love the chevy man!


thanks! it is one of my fav drift cars. the sound of a 454 Big Block with Flowmaster's is priceless

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