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in new to sig making

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you use c4ds and no brush effects huh?


try searching for some brushes that u like....you can go to brusheezy.com or google free brushes....


a good method is to get hi-res renders....and give them a slight outer glow to make them stand out from a c4d. and borders, put a border around sigs....helps contain it instead of making it look like a cut-out.


most people who started out as new at sigs started somewhat like this, but now thier amazing at it.

if you need help with whatever program your using just let me know....peace

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I definitely agree with Chef, everyone started out like that but to be fair, your first 2 sigs are elite compared to the garbage I made QQ but keep practicing. The more sigs you make, the better you'll be at it and you're under good guidance. Bodybag is one of the best sig makers.

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