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need some opinions on my first works

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The last is the best. The lightning in the middle one is too much, and the first one is too messy.


I agree with your "first one" critique but, I actually think the second one is the best. 3rd one was good also. Keep trying this is really good for beginner work!

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Second is my favorite.

I do like the colors, but I feel like they jump around instead of blend.

Maybe use shades that are closer together or colors that blend well.

Otherwise, they're awesome.

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not bad svendy.. it takes time to get good at photoshop.. but u will get there.. as soon as u learn where the tools and things u can do on it are u can make stuff fairly easily.. when u have a broad idea of where most things are. I would say that u should do tutorials from gamerrenders.com =D

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