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Call of Duty 5 Sig Work

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Gah, I love your sigs but, the only critique I will ever give is the font. I usually can't read it and it doesn't go with the pic. That's the ONLY thing, everything else is perfect.

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dark.. u pick a color that sticks out the most on ur sig like the black as in on his face.. u take it and u make it ur font color. u take a font taht looks good.. nothing retro since its war and u put it on there.. its not that hard but what to do with the font is the hard part not putting the color and what font. =D

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I already know those websites drox lol. I just don't like to dwnld more text and text, I got a crap load. No matter how many times I changed the text, everyone seems to not like it.


Believe me dude, when I make a sig or anything that requires text it takes me just as long to find something that works as it does to make the sig. Its apart of making something that stands out, just look thru and find something that looks pretty cool, download it, and try it out. Its worth the time and effort ;) Also try adding stroke effect to the text to make it stand out better.

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