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I have been hearing you guys talk about what to do with text. I found this thing on gamerenders that tells you where to put it since most you don't. I'm not pointing this thread directly to people that put text in the wrong spots such as the bottom corners, I'm just trying to help you guys improve to make your sigs looks better. Well the post got removed from gamerenders so here is another one of the same thing. http://www.animeonline.net/f30/photoshop-signature-text-tips-38416/.


Now for the people that don't know what to do to the text for cool effects. Most people don't if you look at a lot of sigs on gamerenders most are just one colored and stuff. People make them hard to see, but there are some good ones. Lauren and I just experiment with texts and other stuff, so yea it might take a while to get a cool looking text but at least you have a sig that has cool looking text instead of a good sig with a text that draws away from the picture and stuff.

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i allways use white text and when do the wind style from diffrent angels to make it look cool and when change color balance and when u make a new text but in black over the white text

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