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Your Favorite Anime?

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Initial D too!!! Thats the first anime I got and its the reason I bought my 3000GT in stick. Oh yeah and Tri gun. Im gonna have my Firearms Id Card and pistol permit within 2 months. Lovveee imitating stuff I see in anime.

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love the choices and preferences.


If your a manga reader, you should check out "The Fourth Power"

If your an Anime series fan, you should check out "Fushigi Yuugi and Gasaraki"

If your an Anime Movie fan, you should check out "Spriggan"


Just some of my favorites that i hope you will enjoy.

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I'd have to go with Saint Seiya. Although it's the only Anime I've ever been able to sit through and even then it was in portugûes "Cavaleiros do Zodíac".

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