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Well, after getting some new fonts for Paint.net, which is a free picture program similar to Photoshop, I began doodling around with the program. I can make simple signatures with simply words, haven't tried much with pictures yet. If anybody wants me to make one for them, post here. I am not very good at it yet, but I hope that with practice I will be able to make some very interesting signatures.



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Paint.net isn't the best, but I find it easy to use.

I just stick with what works :d


I'm installing G.I.M.P, it looks..."Interesting."


As for photo-shoppe', I've tried it(trial versions FTW), and it was fun :d, but I Never got the hang of it during the 3 day trial. Although it does look quite intriguing... Almost...Very Tempting...So shiny yet mysterious...




Couldn't figure out GIMP lol

Too complicated for my inferior brain.

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