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Great Art

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With regards to EvInReaLife's intially misleading thread, i thought we might as well have a thread discussing the great artist's (i.e art not music :p )


Who are your favourite artists? Why? Any particular piece of work that means a lot to you?

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I wasn't misled by Evin's thread.. I was just being a smartass..


However.. I do think Bob Ross was an excellent artist.. (most likely high for most of it..) but still the guy had it all.. killer fro and the skills.



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BOB ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok well i WAS going to put the Bob Ross Family Guy video clip in here but those fuckers at youtube decided to oust it >:|


same lmao great minds think alike xD i even looked it up on myspace TV no one has the fucking clip :(

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Me! Shameless self promotion ahead. Check out my DeviantArt page to see my stuff. http://autumnvixen.deviantart.com/

Joking aside, I would probably say Alphonese Mucha. Created the Art Nouveau style. I have the background from one of his works tattooed on my back. Eventually i'm going to fill in the center with celtic knotwork from the Book of Kells


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Alex Grey






It makes my heart ache and my soul tremble to be one again. When I'm not in union, which sadly isn't often, just seeing visualizations of my past,present,future such as this brightens the fire of my soul.



And that precise feeling is what Alex Grey tries to convey into others, which brings me into a deeper understanding of another being

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