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Halloween Art Contest.

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Halloween Art Contest

Prize: 1st place: Steam game below $50.

2nd Place: Steam game below $25

This will be a photoshop contest.

You must make 2 types of images.


  1. Make a background image with a Halloween theme
  2. Make a Siggy with a halloween theme and use it all month.




  1. Do not use paint.
  2. DO not use paint
  3. You must use a photoshop type program.
  4. No simple cut,copy,paste. Take your time and render.
  5. No memes
  6. Keep it PG



Contest will begin on Monday the 11th.

On Monday the 11th, Post them here.

On Halloween, the voting will begin.

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Rule one and two are the same :o


I have some questions:

what's a meme ?

What does PG mean ?

For the background, you mean for example 1024x768 ?

Or is it something else?(in that case, more info plox)

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