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Halloween MS Paint Contest

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For those of us not photoshop or artistically inclined!

Prize: 1st place: Steam game below $20.

2nd Place: Steam game below $10




You must ONLY use MS Paint!


  • premade images are no good
  • fonts are fine if you don't want to spend the time writing it out.

Shit you should abide by:

  1. Use fucking MS paint
  2. USE fucking MS paint
  4. Don't use photoshop, paintshop pro, or any actual graphic program

  5. Don't use any premade images!
  6. Memes are funny

  7. If it's inappropriate, use spoiler tags
  8. Save it as a .PNG to keep the image quality better!

Contest starts now, and ends on Halloween. You can enter as many times as you want, voting will be after I remember the contest is over. I'll probably do a public poll to choose the winners, haven't decided yet.

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