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Alright, I'm ordering my custom tags for my Astro A40's sometime this week. The only problem is I don't have any logos for them, this is where the graphic community here at steamgamers comes in, I'm holding a contest in which the winner of it receives $25 through paypal OR there choice of one game $25 or lower over steam. There will possibly be 3 winners depending on what I like from the people that present it.


tl;dr make me a logo and you could win 25 dollars.


As for the specifications here they are:


The first one needs to say "Project Ryokai" with some sort of abstract smokey design behind it. colors and everything is up to you.


The second one needs to say "HozTiL Gaming" and the rest is up to you.


Third one simply needs to have my gamertag "DELERIUM" rest is up to you.


Good luck.


Size: Has to fit nicely on one of these http://betacustomizer.astrogaming.com/gift/


Also, contest ends next MONDAY, so be sure you submit by then.


Contest Winners as follows.


1. Fullmetal

2 Floppypus

3. ConnorC


Post what you would like as your prize.

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Just had a quick go at doing some. Ive done the last two so far.

If you like the way either of them are going, or want them in any different colours just ask me.

Obviously these arnt the large files. Ive got the 300dpi files if you need em.





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