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No idea... this is happening a lot, where a population is suddenly gone/ there.


For example, minigames is just about ALWAYS close to full in the afternoon/night ish.

(30-40 people on).


And PB suddenly died, now sometime people come on during the weekends...



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Blacks Ops.


I know I'd rather play Black Ops than CS:S right now, everyone is talking about it and you simply must beat it. Then you play the Nazi Zombies and then once you get bored you go online and get owned.



After all that is done, you come back to CS:S within a month or two time and play CS:S some more.

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Where have they gone?


I just crush a lot?




I'm on mini games and Gmod...A lot of new games are out yo! Maybe it's time I visit Escape =)

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