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For all the mako lovers out there.

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V2 of mako reactor is out, this is with all the winners of extreme, and 7 difficult to get logos, over all the servers that won.

Theres quite a few things added but let me explain about the names and the logos first.

Theres in every train, a namelist of all the people that won extreme, including moi.

Then theres 7 logos, wich SG won 2 of, first of all, the best sephiroth killer, goes to our very own SG paul.

Then, the most extreme winner, goes to our home ze addict, ripperz.

Theres 2 materias added too, theres now gravity materia, it creates a black hole that sucks zombies in, pretty much like the singularity in paranoid, but without the pushing.

Next theres the electra materia, it does 100 damage a sec, and it's area of range and the time it lasts depends on the upgrade.

Last of all, theres another mode, we used to have extreme , now theres also EXTREME II however I don't know much about this and the difference between extreme 1, but I'm sure I'll notice later on, I'll edit my post then. xD


I'll put a request as soon as the map goes public.

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Well, it already is quite hard, even on easy to hold the zombies off at some points.


not really, if you have a good team unless the zombies outnumber you. If a zombie doesnt tag atleast 2 other people in the beginning its very hard for the zombies to pull a win out of it.

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